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Started by Cohollow, June 23, 2019, 06:18PM

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:blob: Blob Character Mod :blob:

Remember how long the first boss fight with Blob was in XML1? I sure do. Built to be a powerful tank, Blob will not be moved by the efforts of his enemies. The flabby wrestler smashes onto the scene with multiple earth shattering powers, and effective defensive buffs and passives. Add this go to Brotherhood bruiser to your team, and clear the field!

Add this file to reduce the skill count of shared skills like mutant master, and to add the striker passive that i will be adding to some characters!
Shared Talents:,10916.msg199255.html#msg199255



Heavy Fist Increased melee attack with knock back.

Execution - Relatively basic like most starting attacks. Blob steps forward, and swings his right fist. Heavy Fist can be used to hit more than one target if they are close enough together.

Belly Bounce Blob knocks back multiple enemies with a belly thrust.

Execution - Has high knockback, and effects i wide range in front of Blob. It's fast execution is great for quickly clearing out enemies that obstruct Blobs movements. Good for setting up his travel attacks.

Flesh Bomb Blob leaps forward, curling up into a ball, and damaging enemies on contact. (Rapid Tap)

Execution - Flesh Bomb has the fastest recovery time of all his AOE attacks. It's relatively quick execution time, and travel distance makes it a good way to reach more mobile and range based targets. It also chains to other attacks and powers rapidly, making it a good leading strike.

Belly Flop A belly flop that has a chance of doing a 'Deadly Strike'. (33% instant $HP loss)

Execution - Another attack with useful travel closes the gap on enemy targets. It has a good AOE allowing it to make contact with multiple enemies for a good chance to apply deadly strike. The knock back of this power clears enemies from the area where Blob lands to afford him time to recover from this attack.

Stomp  Blob slams his foot down, sending out a stunning concussive blast.

Execution - A very useful attack for crowd control and interruption. The blast has a long range allowing Blob to keep out of the center of dense mobs. Ranged powers are uncommon to bruiser type characters making Stomp rather unique and useful. Great for keeping enemies in place before executing other attacks.

Rump Rumble Blob sits down, causing knockback in a huge radius. Does reduced damage and knockback to further enemies. (Double Jump)

Execution - This power has the largest AOE of all his powers, allowing him to spread damage to all targets in the area. The closer an enemy is the more damage they will take, and the closest enemies are launched into the air. Once unlocked, this power can be executed by double tapping the jump button, for easy access and execution.


GRAVITY BOMB Blob smashes the ground, dealing massive physical damage to all nearby enemies with a chance to slow them for a time.

Execution - Functions just like most radial Xtremes. The slow that can be applied to the enemies affected by this Xtreme allows for great mob control.

IMMOVABLE OBJECT Makes Blob invincible, and doubles his damage for a time.

Execution - Well suited for use while on the move. Able to go from area to area while this Xtreme is in effect, this power makes great use of your X's.


Rubberized Recoil Blobs rubbery skin reduces damage received, and reflects some damage back at attackers.

Execution - This buff makes Blob a great meat shield. Great for keeping Blob from getting knocked out during his longer attack recoveries. Blob leaves himself open to attacks often, giving this buff ample opportunity to reflect damage.

Bully Taunts enemies, getting them to fight with reduced stats.

Execution - Effective at drawing in pesky ranged and mobile enemies. Very useful for bringing enemies into the most effective range of Rump Rumble.


Thick Skin Increases natural resistance to elemental, radiation, energy, and mental damage.

Execution - Helps to build up Blob as the team tank with reduced incoming damage.

Wrestler Gives a natural attack rate, and defense rate increase.

Execution - Adds more defense than attack to make his speed trait more effective for protection at lower levels.

Glutton Increases max body trait.

Execution - By increasing the body trait, Blob not only gets increased health, but has a better chance of healing double the health with health packs. The increase to this trait helps free up more trait points for other areas while keeping his body trait at a comfortable level.

Might Can lift heavy objects and damage reinforced walls.

Execution - as expected

Mutant Master Increases EP regeneration rate.

Execution - as expected

Other Features

- Immune to stun and knockback.
- can throw Wolverine.
- Any feedback would be wonderful, let me know if you have problems, questions, or ideas.


Mod Template

be sure to check out nodoubt_jr's great work here:,2846.0.html


be sure to check out iammingy's great work here:,435.0.html

Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support!

Hell ya my dude! When your not loaded down with other mod work i was hoping on working with you to upgrade his skins and add a custom one.

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Heya! So as I've said in a different post, this Blob mod is one of my all time favorite XML2 mods ever. Flesh Bomb is so so awesome and fun/satisfying to use, I just can't.

Just a couple notes on a few powers of his I thought I might share.

So firstly for "Stomp" :

It's fun and all, and fitting power for Blob, however I am having a slight issue with the animation. I don't know if it's just on my end however, though this is a fresh install. The animation seems to appear and disappear pretty instantaneously (though it does extend outwards), to the point it looks slightly buggy or as if I am having an effects conflict in my files somewhere. Perhaps because the texture for the shockwave is so bright or so, I'm not sure. I mean I'm not trying to sound rude or anything, it's just an observation, the only thing that stuck out as soon as I used it.

If it is working correctly for me, than my feedback is then to perhaps make it more of a transparent shockwave type effect, not one with a bright yellow/orange solid texture, though of the same style/color theme. Maybe some sort of combination of the trail/ground cracks left by Avalanche's "Rock Spikes" used with the current initial radial shockwave from the footstomp (albeit larger), overlapped with a new transparent forward cone in Blob's signature orange/blue sorta theme. The traveling ground cracks would be epic though for sure, they don't even have to travel, just spread out all web like with the initial shockwave.

Also it would be really cool if the power was able to increase in radius with higher ranks, as it feels a little too narrow. Don't know if that would be possible to also increase the radius of the animation as it ranks up as well, wishful thinking perhaps.

The other power is "Rump Rumble":   It's pretty great as is, was just thinking it would be cooler if you added an additional layer of Damage to it, that enemies would take on Impact against walls etc caused by the knockback. Nothing to drastic where you have to nerf the base damage to split a huge portion into the impact part, but just a little side bonus when using it in confined areas and such. I can't recall if enemies already take damage from such impacts as a base game mechanic, either way I'm suggesting additional damage added to the power itself.

Thanks for reading and I'm sorry if I come across as rude or anything like that, I know everyone's tastes are different but just thought I'd leave my opinions. The mod is amazing.

P.S.  -  Totally unrelated but I also changed his herostat entry to increase his scale factor to 1.1 and am loving it. His initial base one of 0.97 or whatever it was, though probably accurate and true to character, felt a little too short for me when compared to his bulk. Now he stands above the rest of the Brotherhood and looks all intimidating and powerhouse-y. Personal preference and I know it's not strictly accurate, but given the size of his footsteps in XML1, in-game cinematics and stuff, I thought he should be much larger, just putting it out there.

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When it comes to Stomp, I very much agree. The effect i used for it is the one thing that bothers me the most about the mod, and will be the first thing I improve when I return to him for updates. Its a very basic cone that is severely lacking in impact. I did experiment with crack decals when I was working on it, but there were a few issues I was running into and ended up settling on its current look for the time being. Another thing is that the cone doesn't only extend to the left and right, but up as well. This means the camera's angle will make it look a bit odd due to perspective. I already have a plan to greatly improve Stomp in the future. Colossus also has a Stomp that is quite different, but needs similar improvements.

I like your idea for Rump Rumble. I've considered adding damage modifiers to the impact damage of other knock back powers in the past. I have a few reasons for not doing that yet, but It might still happen sometime in the future. I like that it would allow the player to take a more thoughtful approach to lining up powers, but I wouldn't want it to render powers less effective in areas that don't facilitate impacts with walls and objects as well. Enemies already take damage when knocked into walls and the amount of damage depends on how powerful that impact is. This means that if I increased that impact damage for the power by an amount worth taking into account, I may need to lower the initial damage of the power to a point that would render it far more situational. I'm not yet sure how that would balance out, but is still something I'm considering doing.

Rump Rumble has the largest AOE of any power I've built. This works well with its unique way of dealing less damage to further enemies, as it can hit nearly everything in the area. It was a very difficult one to balance out. If its too strong, it can overshadow the need for most of his powers due to many of them being capable of hitting large areas. It can still dish out reliable damage, but really shines as a means of disrupting all surrounding enemies. As the slow moving tank that tends to soak up a lot of damage, having a way to get the mobs off him is very important in some situations. I hope its served you well for that, as well as for softening up large groups, or finishing off weakened peons. On a side note, I love chaining into it from Flesh Bomb so much! XD

His size was a really tricky one. He was once only 5 feet tall, but after a secondary mutation is now a whopping 8 feet. He also has a very crouched stance which made it more difficult to get a good size that translated well. On top of that, the other characters in the game aren't accurate to their cannon size. Colossus and Juggernaut are actually shorter than in the comics, so that they would better fit the games mechanics and level design. Because of this, I used the size I had set for them as a sort of guide to get Blob to be the right height when alongside the games versions of these taller characters. I'm glad it's easy to change his size, so people can play with him at the size they feel best suits him! 

I hope i'm not overdoing it with how much detail I go into with my responses. You're feedback is very accurate and well thought out. You also seem to have many of the same ideas and thoughts that I've had or tried out. It's really nice to get such good feedback and ideas because I never know what people think of certain things I've done and choices I've made. I hope to hear more about what you think of my other mods in the future! I'm more than happy to share the thoughts and ideas that lead to characters being built the way they are. your input is very helpful and will likely help shape the way I tackle things on future mods and updates! :beast:

Quote from: Cohollow on April 17, 2021, 06:05PM
I hope i'm not overdoing it with how much detail I go into with my responses. You're feedback is very accurate and well thought out. You also seem to have many of the same ideas and thoughts that I've had or tried out. It's really nice to get such good feedback and ideas because I never know what people think of certain things I've done and choices I've made. I hope to hear more about what you think of my other mods in the future! I'm more than happy to share the thoughts and ideas that lead to characters being built the way they are. your input is very helpful and will likely help shape the way I tackle things on future mods and updates! :beast:

Totally impossible to overdo it when providing details and thought processes about your mods. More info the merrier as far as I'm concerned :) So I very much appreciate your explanations on such things, as it clarifies certain things for me and reins in some of my overambitious ideas, which I more often than not - end up needing. Thanks for the encouragement, and I'll always try to leave some feedback and help out whatever way I can, I enjoy doing my part to help people out who put tons of time and passion into free content for others. I can't promise my opinions will always be worth a damn or even accurate/helpful but I won't hesitate to share either way and you can do with it what you will. Also don't hesitate to flat out shut me down and let me know when I'm wrong or just being ridiculous, for the most part I don't know the actual limitations of the game code so I probably won't know when I'm talking complete nonsense or not.

I've so far been doing a playthrough with the Brotherhood, and of those mainly Blob, Magneto, Sabretooth, Pyro, and Avalanche. So when I get the chance to test out all the other boosters, I'll try and leave some feedback if I find anything that I think warrants such.

Thanks for actually reading and replying on here though, really appreciate it!

Just a couple more things about Blob. I was mistaken about the stomp effect extending upward. That was the case for a variation on the visual effect that I didn't end up going with in the end. Also, the game doesn't really facilitate the changing of visual effects as the powers level increases. This is something that I've wished I could do for a lot of different powers in the past and is why most of my cones and radials don't increase in size as they level up. I did come up with a way to change the effects size by having a second instance of the power with a second, larger effect. I would need to have the first instance start at level one with the first visual effect size and have it switch to a whole other instance of the power that contains a larger visual effect every time I wanted to increase its size. I would need multiple duplicates of the same power in the powerstyle and multiple additional effects for each size increase to pull this off, which isn't ideal.