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Hello and welcome to my thread. Just sharing some of my works I've done for both X-Men Legends and Rise of the Apocalypse on the gamecube version and allowing its players to also have fun with mods. Since I previously owned just the GCN copy for both games, most of my works will be done on this version first before I port them over to other versions. You'll also find mods of heroes done by other members from the PC version that I've converted over for game cube usage. Though, limited in some cases, I'll try my best to make sure hero conversions are as close to they are to their original PC mods. :)

*Nothing yet unfortunately...*




Click on a character coin to be directed to their download post.
If there's no link, it means this is spoiler to the next hero and is currently still work in progress.


Hero Conversions:

(Mods converted for GCN usage. Originally made by other members)


Click on a character coin to be directed to their download post.

Danger Room NPCs:


Custom Maps (Custom Enemies / Patches):




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Game Modifications:

Download --> <-- Download

Experience a 4-player adventure at all times in the very first installment of the series!

Click on the spoiler below to view more information.


Change log:
- In some missions during the middle of the game, Professor Xavier can be selected as a playable party member and is not a restricted character. Added scripts to majority of the levels to ensure he's restricted till the Asteroid M mission.
If he still appears playable regardless if the mission has him set as a restricted hero, then it could just be a hard-coded thing.
- Fixed an issue with Jubilee's conversation portrait being a GRSO Soldier's when you talk to her in the X-Mansion after the USS Arbiter mission. This issue was due to me testing a custom character mod at the time and I replaced all that consist of Jubilee with a GRSO enemy. It should be fixed now.


All characters unlocked from the very beginning (including Professor Xavier!)
- Unlockable Heroes are usable on all X-Men missions despite being restricted on them! (Not counting side-stories.)
- Professor Xavier will be a restricted character until the very final mission taking place in Asteroid M due to his insane high level at early game. He will still be playable during the first Astral Plane visit considering it is part of the original story.
- Even Alison is already under the codename: Magma and joined the X-Men despite not even understanding her powers yet!


Updated Xtraction Points.
- Every act around the mansion, you'll now have access to give your heroes early preparations before you move on to the next mission, as well as changing your character on who you wish to explore the mansion with.
- Player 1 will be Alison locked due to having the game's story revolving around her. While the remaining three will spawn as an NPC or a random selected X-Man (in later chapters).


Special Non-Playable Characters will act as playables
- NPCs will serve as substitutes for additional players to gain control of for side missions.
- Selected NPCs are chosen based on the hero team's levels to balance things out for that mission.
- These playable characters will not permanently join the hero's party at any means. Meaning they are only playable in the specific mission they take part in.
- Each NPC added, has an .xml file in the characters folder. They are needed to allow these heroes to continue to use their talents even when entering into a new zone.

Playable NPC Information: NPCs with a * next to their name can optionally be swapped out at an Xtraction point.

Mansion Exploration
Acolyte Adept Elite* (later chapters)
Nuclear Lab Tech*  (later chapters)
GRSO Black Guard* (later chapters)

New York City (Wolverine)
Anti-Mutant Troop
Brotherhood Insurgent

Magma Test 1
Brotherhood Revolutionary
Brotherhood Marauder
Brotherhood Anarchist   

Magma Test 2 (NYC)
Brotherhood Marauder
Brotherhood Anarchist   

Weapon X (Flashback)
Weapon X Security
Weapon X Guard
Weapon X Officer

Astral Planes
Astral Fiend*
Astral Shade* (Appears after Xavier leaves party)

Weapon X (Present)
GRSO Skirmisher*

Video playlist of all the side missions

- All heroes share the same spawn point in side missions so they will all fall on top of each other and then spread out.
- In all of what were originally Alison's solo missions, her script has been set to MUSTLIVEHERO, to give it the same feel as if she's attending her missions alone. If she falls in battle regardless how many active party members are alive, the mission is still an instant fail. The same thing is applied to Wolverine in his Weapon X Flashback story.
- NPCs that have fallen in battle will automatically be revived with full health when the player enters into a new zone or the Change Team menu at an Xtraction point. Possibly has something to do with them being read through the NPCstat instead of the Herostat. Still works out pretty well in the end.

Known Issuses:
- On missions that originally didn't allow an all hero party, when entering into a new zone, players will be reassigned as a different hero in the active party as well as some controllers being shown unregistered. The game will still believe all 4 controllers are registered, but they will not be assigned to a specific hero to play as. Removing all players from the game and reassigning them will fix this issue. This will only apply to all the missions that originally doesn't involve the entire X-Men

If there are anything that leads to game crashing, please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue.

The pal version has sabretooth playable

Very cool! Hoping to trade some files and ideas back and forth with you in the future so we can add new costumes to GameCube and your features to the Xbox.

Quote from: jayglass on August 07, 2019, 08:41AM
The pal version has sabretooth playable

Really? If it's possible for you to send me his data for them, it would be much appreciated. I would love to add his files into the US version.

Quote from: Teancum on August 07, 2019, 09:35AM
Very cool! Hoping to trade some files and ideas back and forth with you in the future so we can add new costumes to GameCube and your features to the Xbox.

Thanks! My hopes are for someone releasing a compatibility for Gamecube sound replacement, as well as discovering how to increase the herostat limit so it can match with the later ports.

orginal mua1 xbox models work on gamecube,not xm1/2 xbox models

Character_heads_pc.fb has pryo portait

Quote from: jayglass on August 09, 2019, 12:06PM
Character_heads_pc.fb has pryo portait

Thanks for the files! I finally got the chance to update and added a few new things as well as your Sabretooth files to the XML2 pack. You can see the change log above.

Classic storm from xbox on gamecube

I've got a cable and beast mod fully playABLE

That's nice to hear! Though, I won't be adding them into the pack due to the herostat already being full. Sabretooth and Pyro are already the selected choices due to being mere clones as well as having a full voice set existing in the Gamecube.