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ak2yny's releases

If you're new, before installing anything, take time to read this.
For skins/models and texture projects: They have to be added to a mod or replace any skin in the "actors" folder.
For HUD (heads): They have to be added to a mod or replace any HUD in the "hud" folder.
For loading screens: They have to be added to a mod or replace any loading screen in the "textures/loading" folder.
Take your time to learn how (to rename and hex-edit).
I tend to optimize mods for Mod Organizer 2. If you're not using MO, I highly recommend to backup first.
WARNING: I use Alchemy 5 for many projects, so content that is normally cross compatible, will only work with MUA PC.

Texture projects

Most of these only have added normal, specular, environmental, and/or glow maps (thanks to nikita488 for the tools). See in the picture below what difference they make:

My motivation: Some (most MH) skins look like the heroes wear latex costumes, that look like cheap cosplay. MUA used bump-maps (normal maps) with a texture to avoid that. I tried to add this to some skins.

Most of these have texture files (images as TGA, DDS, or PNG files) included, but they are not required. Everything is in a single IGB file per skin.

Black Panther more textures pack  :panther:
- MH skins by Andersonbrazil (pack 5) plus CaiqueWebSlingerBrazil and MILO
  Credits also to Gazillon

Black Widow more textures pack  :blackwidow:
- MH skins by Aventureiromax
  Credits also to Gazillon
- Custom by BLaw
  Credits also to Gazillon
- FF skins by Aventureiromax
  Credits also to Netmarble

Clea more textures pack
- Future Fight by UltraMegaMagnus
  Credits also to Netmarble
  (MrK made one too)
- MH skins by Aventureiromax, these are included in Outsider's mod
  Credits also to Gazillon
Dagger more textures  :cd:
- MUA2 by Andersonbrazil (pack 8)
  Credits also to Vicarious Vision

Colossus more textures pack  :colossus:
- MH skins by BLaw
  Credits also to Gazillon
- FF P5 by UltraMegaMagnus
  Credits also to Netmarble

Cyclops more textures pack  :cyclops:
- MH skins by BLaw & Andersonbrazil (pack 4)
  Credits also to Gazillon
- FF skins & MH Classic VU by UltraMegaMagnus
  Credits also to Netmarble, Gazillon

Daredevil eyes glow  :daredevil:
- MH Netflix VU by UltraMegaMagnus
  Credits also to Gazillon

Dazzler more textures pack  :dazzler:
- Custom by Aventureiromax
  Credits also to Gazillon (MH)

Doom more textures pack  :doom:
- FF, Custom by Julio Cabral (use with his animated cape mod)
  Credits also to Netmarble
- MH, Custom by Julio Cabral
  Credits also to Gazillon
- Future Foundation MH by Andersonbrazil (check his version too)
  Credits also to Gazillon
Dr. Strange more textures pack  :strange:
- FF Movie, MH Classic by Canino
  Credits also to Netmarble, Gazillon
- MH by Andersonbrazil (pack 1)
  Credits also to Gazillon
Elektra more textures pack  :elektra:
- MH skins by Aventureiromax (VU) & CaiqueWebSlinger
  Credits also to Gazillon
- Custom by Julio Cabral
  Credits also to Gazillon

Emma Frost more textures pack  :emmafrost:
- Custom Modern by BLaw and Aventureiromax
- Phoenix Five Future Fight - Diamond form and better texture
  Credits to Netmarble, UltraMegaMagnus for rigging.
- MH skins by Aventureiromax
  Credits also to Gazillon
- MH skins by BLaw (two early versions)
  Credits also to Gazillon
  Note: These look very nice in the original release by BLaw too.
Firestar more textures pack  :firestar:
- MH skins by Aventureiromax
  Credits also to Gazillon
Firestar MUA2 sounds pack
  Please use the sounds with Lean's Firestar mod.
  The skins and sounds were originally meant for the planned Firestar update by Lean.

Human Torch flame-on reskins  :humant:
Thanks to nikita488, MrKablamm0fish, UltraMegaMagnus, KingAdam85, and LarsAlexandersson for tools, discoveries, and instructions.
Note: The file size is big, because I used PNG8 format. It's a mixture or original DXT1+DXT5 and PNG8 textures, sorry.

General credit notes for textures: Most textures come directly from the original developer of the model. I generally don't credit the people who ripped it, but I am certainly thankful for that. Sometimes, the artists at deviantart create extra textures, and I don't credit them, because I downloaded the textures a while ago and forgot from whom.

Model/Skin projects

Angel All New X-Men MFF  :angel_hero:
Credits to Netmarble Monster, Amit Amir for the wings for his booster

HUD included

Dark Phoenix Fortnite (incl. Phoenix and White Phoenix variations)  :darkphx: :phoenix:
Credits to Epic Games

HUD included

Dark Psylocke/Ultimate Psylocke improved  :psylocke:
Credits to Raven Software

Colossus Full Retro, Reloaded  :colossus:
Credits to Raven Software, Rasdel for the original skin

Crystal pack
Credits to Team Ninja (MUA3), Smilegate (META), Netease (MSW), FoxNext & Scopely & Dreamer/Mixamo (MSF)

HUD included or in HUD packs below
No MFF skins, they're already converted by Enchlore & AndersonBrazil

Domino pack  :domino:
Credits to Netmarble Monster (MFF), High Moon Studios (Dozogovi) & ArmachamCorp (DG), Gazillion (MHO), Epic Games (Fortnite), FoxNext & Scopely & Dreamer/Mixamo (MSF), Kabam (CoC), WB Games (Huntress model), ProfEscanor (idea/first version of Classic), csb0219 (Classic boots)
Classic | Original | MFF | Fortnite | DG (new) | MHO (new) | MSF | CoC

HUD included or in HUD packs below
Bonus - more textures for DG and MHO skins by Aventureiromax & DG skin by Andersonbrazil

Echo, Enter the Phoenix MFF  :ronin:
Credits to Netmarble Monster

HUD included

Elektra Classic MFF  :elektra:
Credits to Netmarble Monster

HUD included

Emma Frost MSF  :emmafrost:
Credits to FoxNext, Scopely, maxdemon6 (rigging with Mixamo, pose)

HUD in the MSF pack below

Exodus Classic MFF
Credits to Netmarble Monster

HUD included

Iron Man Classic MFF (Model 25/Model 3/Extremis hybrid)  :stark:
Credits to Netmarble Monster, UltraMegaMagnus, Jayglass

HUD included

Kitty Pride Classic MCoC  :shadowcat2:
Credits to Kabam | Thanks to Sidgara for providing the assets

HUD included

The Leader MSF
Credits to FoxNext, Scopely, Dreamer (rigging with Mixamo) | Thanks to Waggens7uP for sharing

HUD included
Magik, Krakoan Winter MFF  :magik:
Credits to Netmarble Monster

HUD included

Mister Sinister Hellfire Gala MFF  :sinister:
Credits to Netmarble Monster

HUD included

Mystique Hellfire Gala MFF  :mystique:
Credits to Netmarble Monster

HUD included

Professor X, Quiet Council MFF  :xavier:
Credits to Netmarble Monster

HUD included

Satana MFF pack
Credits to Netmarble Monster

HUD included

Wolverine Leather Jacket  :wolverine:
Credits to Raven Software, BaconWizard17 for inspiration

I recommend this HUD.

Yukio MHO
Credits to Gazillion Entertainment | Thanks to MHO Server Emu people, Gildor & daemon1 for tools

HUD included


Loading Screens
XML Loading Screens, Unzoomed Edition
Marvel MOBA 2016 Loading Screens by ZhiHua Rong
MARVEL Team Loading Screens by Marko Djurdjevic

HUD heads old pack
I made them around 2010. The background is upside-down for all of these. More info in the readme inside the archive.

HUD heads pack MUA 2
Thanks to UltraMegaMagnus and Enigma for some resources.
Credits: Vicarious Visions and MUA2 Art Team, incl. Andrew Olson for the DS art.
previews: original custom

HUD heads pack MUA 3
Thanks to UltraMegaMagnus and Enigma for some resources.
Credits: Team Ninja and MUA3 Art Team.

HUD heads pack Marvel Contest of Champions
Credits: Kabam

HUD heads pack Marvel Super War
Thanks to UltraMegaMagnus for the resources. Credits: NetEase
preview, preview update 2, (preview v1)
Includes team logos - preview

HUD heads pack Marvel Strike Force
Credits: FoxNext, Scopely
preview, preview update 1, preview update 2, preview update 3

HUD heads pack Marvel Avengers Alliance
Thanks to Artem/Dorpond and avengersalliance.fandom.com for the resources. Credits: Playdom, Inc.

HUD heads pack X-Men 97 (MCU)
Thanks to Amelia Vidal for sharing her artwork

HUD heads pack X-Men Mutant Academy 2
Thanks to Tubular Spaceman and Dazz @ theVGresource for the resources. Credits: Paradox Development

RE/NextGen HUD Aproach by ak2yny
Thanks to nikita488 and UltraMegaMagnus for tools. Credits to Raven Software, Vicarious Vision, and Zoe Mode for the textures.
I recommend to use this with the Remaster UI.

Eternals Team Logo - preview

Controller Support V1 - Thanks to BaconWizard17 and Medevenx Please use the Ultimate Controller Support instead.

Mini Mods
Dr. Strange Block Effect  :strange:
Credits to Netmarble (Future Fight) for the textures, nodoubt_jr and LarsAlexandersson for the original ps code.


Gimp Scripts:  GitHub
Obviously Gimp needs to be installed first.
- Fast Normal Map Conversion
  Fast Normal Map from gray (specular) images
- Flip Vertically + Colourswap (RGB to BGR) With a Single Click (with step by step undo)
- Specular Map Suggestion from Diffuse
Multiple scripts for outline, because vanilla MUA has multiple versions for the outline.
- Outline for transparent HUD images
- Blue Outline for Small 128x128 HUDs
- Blue Glowing Outline (with white) for Small 128x128 HUDs (this script often doesn't work very well)
- Blue Outline for Big 256x256 HUDs
- Blue Glowing Outline (with white) for Big 256x256 HUDs
- Loading Screen helper for MUA Use image2igb for loading screens instead.
Instructions how to install
Instructions how to use: Find the scripts in the Script-Fu menu. Click on them.
Instructions how to create scripts
You have my permission to edit my scripts. Eg. create better colours for the outline (I'm interrested in your version of colours).

Gimp Resources:
- HUD texture, V1, with controller stick + D-Pad for Xbox/PS + Mulitple HUD versions by UltraMegaMagnus
- Fullkeyset texture, V1, with controller buttons for Xbox/PS
- Font texture, V1, with controller buttons (in texts)
- Font texture (big), V1, with controller buttons, (for Remaster UI)
- HUD Resources, Thanks to UltraMegaMagnus (HUD upscale) and BaconWizard17 (Template)
- HUD head template 256, Thanks to BaconWizard17 for the full HUD template package

Alchemy 5 Tools by ak2yny, nikita488, MrKablamm0fish, UltraMegaMagnus, BaconWizard17 and LarsAlexandersson
Raven Format Tools by ak2yny, nikita488, NBA2Kstuff, BaconWizard17 - incl. QuickBatch, Zsnd tools, Skin Installer

Batch Scripts for FB Tools special thanks to BaconWizard17 - latest version on GitHub
Find the FB Tools here. (info) - (old version)

Old Tools:
Stage & Herostat Helper - I recommend the OHS GUI instead

Some work is custom made by yours truly. It's meant to be used for all and every purpose, no need to give credit. Same for all other work, although I advise everyone to credit the original creators.

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Human Torch Flame-on Skins Showcase

November 22, 2020, 05:05PM #2 Last Edit: February 24, 2024, 12:52AM by ak2yny
Loading Screens

Clea, Credits (Marvel War of Heroes) + Madison Thames

Dazzler 1, Credits Mark Brooks

Dazzler 2, Credits David Saavedra

Dazzler 3, Credits FS (2008) + Unknown (+ Outsider for the Idea)

Spiderverse, Credits Stefano Caselli

Wolverine, Weapon X, Credits Skan Srisuwan

Samurai Daken aka Akihiro, from Marvel Puzzle Quest, Credits Demiurge (big preview)

Shafcrawler's Loading Screens for MUA - XML2 and Deviantart recovery

Angel (Ultimate)


Aurora and Northstar (made by Outsider, without signature)


Aurora (no signature)

Blink, XML2 recovery by Enigma



Chamber, please tell me if this is not working

Cyclops (Astonishing)

Danielle moonstar

Destiny, XML2 recovery by Enigma



Emma frost


Goblin queen




Marvel Girl

Marvel Girl (Rachel) by Outsider

Mastermind Sisters

Multiple Man


Northstar Starburst

Omega Sentinel



Psylocke Eminence

Psylocke Evanescence

Psylocke 1

Psylocke 2

Psylocke 3


Revanche, Outsider's version without signature



Scarlet Spider





Stepford Cuckoos





Credits Shafcrawler (his MUA page, including Cyclops [Dark Phoenix Tragedy + Here Comes The Bride], Daken, Dazzler, Gambit, Iceman, Psylocke, Rockslide, Sunspot, Wolverine)

Sunspot has also been done by Outsider (without signature).

Loading Screens from MUA2 Wii

November 22, 2020, 05:46PM #3 Last Edit: March 08, 2022, 12:25PM by ak2yny
RE/NextGen HUD Showcase


Preview                                                                   Remastered Edition (for comparison)

More comparison:

Healthbars (Remastered Edition on the bottom)

Healthbars small (Remastered Edition on the bottom)

Coin bar (Remastered Edition)

Your topic is very interesting!
I found many cool things here.
I really enjoyed the work you did at Dagger MUA2. It's fantastic!
I also thought about updating my skins with new maps but there are a lot of skins. I would practically stop converting just to make these updates, so I decided to do it very slowly. If you are willing to make updates I will focus on the conversions and leave the other skins already converted according to your interest.
Your job is very good!
:applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:  :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause: :applause:

November 27, 2020, 02:01PM #5 Last Edit: November 29, 2020, 02:56PM by ak2yny
Thanks for your kind words.
Yes, I'm planning on those updates, working my way up alphabetically. I have all your skins from the small packs, but I think I will only do the ones I'm interested in (all/most Marvel skins, no DC or other skins). There are other projects in between (especially while OCP 2 is still in development), but more skins will follow slowly.
Cyclops, Colossus, and others aren't posted yet, because my internet is slow. But these are all from BLaw, I believe.

I updated some loadscreens from Shafcrawler to fit widescreen better (Anole, Goblin Queen, Magik, Marvel Girl, Multiple Man, Polaris, Psylocke (2+3), Quicksilver, Sabretooth, Scarlet Spider, Shadowcat, Stacy-X, Wolfsbane, X-23). Caliban's LS has been updated (removed watermark) and loadscreens for Cyclops (Astonishing) and Aurora (with and without signature) have been added.

Pardon, I would like to implement the code which features enemy's hud head to 2016 version (which use hud pc data file instead of beenox). Which code is used BTW? I can't seems find elsewhere there.
Call me Lars. I'm Power Cosmic no more.

"Trying to solve mysteries of modding here"

My Progress:

Feel free to mod my releases, as long you credit me:

December 02, 2020, 04:06PM #7 Last Edit: December 02, 2020, 10:51PM by ak2yny
Quote from: LarsAlexandersson on December 02, 2020, 03:46AM
Pardon, I would like to implement the code which features enemy's hud head to 2016 version[...]

Do you mean the one on the top, left of the health bar?

Unfortunately it's part of the HUD coding which is (to my knowledge) part of the exe or a dll. It's there in MUA 2006 PC by default. We don't have enough knowledge at present to change things like this. In the same way it's not possibly for me to remove the enemy head from the 2006 version (although removing might be as easy as hex-editing).

Take a look into this knowledgebase to learn more about HUD modding: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10996.html
(I hope it's not too confusing)

December 02, 2020, 07:01PM #8 Last Edit: March 05, 2023, 06:40AM by ak2yny
XML 1 and 2 Loading Screens, Unzoomed Edition

Abyss XML2

Angel XML1, Credits: Mitch Cotie, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Angel, X-Treme Gear, Credits: Glen Angus

Archangel XML2, Credits: Unknown, Discovery: Enigma (production meterial)

Beast XML1, Credits: Mitch Cotie

Beast, Astonishing, XML2 extra

Beast, X-Treme Gear, Credits: Mitch Cotie, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Cable XML2

Colossus XML1, Credits: Glen Angus

Colossus, custom

Colossus XML1, further zoomed out

Colossus, X-Treme Gear, Credits: Mitch Cotie, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Cyclops XML1, Credits: Glen Angus

Cyclops, X-Treme Gear, Credits: Glen Angus, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Deadpool XML2

Iron Man Classic XML2, Credits: Jeff Butler

Emma Frost, XML1 uncensored, Credits: Glen Angus, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Magma XML1, Credits: Glen Angus

Magma, X-Treme Gear, Credits: Mitch Cotie, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Nightcrawler, X-Treme Gear, Credits: Mitch Cotie, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Omega Red V1, Unused XML2, Credits: Ben Shore

Omega Red V2, Unused XML2, Credits: Ben Shore

Psylocke, XML1 no kanji, Credits: Glen Angus, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Psylocke, X-Treme Gear, Credits: Glen Angus, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Storm, X-Treme Gear, Credits: Glen Angus, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

Wolverine, X-Treme Gear, Credits: Mitch Cotie, Upscale and discovery: Enigma

January 07, 2021, 06:04PM #9 Last Edit: July 01, 2021, 01:58AM by ak2yny
Marvel MOBA 2016 Loading Screens
Thanks to MrKablamm0fish, Credits: ZhiHua Rong

Black Widow 1

Black Widow 2

Black Widow 3


Doctor Octopus 1 by ZhiHua Rong

Doctor Octopus 2

Doctor Octopus 3

January 07, 2021, 06:47PM #10 Last Edit: January 01, 2022, 08:11AM by ak2yny
MARVEL Team Loading Screens by Marko Djurdjevic
Credits: Marko Djurdjevic
Never get bored again. Discover heroes, villains, costumes and connections.

Avengers 1 (Enemies)

Avengers 2 (Young)

Avengers 3

Avengers 4 (Full)

Iron Man 1

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 4 (Full)

Marvel Universe 1

Marvel Universe 2

Marvel Universe 3 (Spiderman, Fantastic Four, and others)

Marvel Universe 4 (Full)

Wolverine 1

Wolverine 2

Wolverine 3 (Full)

X-Men 1

X-Men 2

X-Men 3 (Full)

Avengers and Iron Man

X-Men and Wolverine

Avengers and X-Men

Iron Man and Wolverine

X-Men Loading Screens from Sideshow.com
Credits: Anthony Francisco and Ian MacDonald

X-Men banner

X-Men Team Blue

X-Men Team Gold

January 27, 2021, 07:13PM #11 Last Edit: June 21, 2023, 07:25AM by ak2yny
Moved due to the many images that have to load in the first page:

Raven Format tools
Alchemy 5 Tools

Alchemy 5
Alchemy 5 batch pack

Original post with some old links:

IGB Image Creation for Images Without Models: (loading screens, icons, effect textures)
Requirements: image2igb.exe by nikita488 (included), Alchemy 5, and one of two 2c Hex hacks as noted above.
- Image 2 IGB batch pack by ak2yny and nikita488 - for .jpg, .png, .tga, .dds images
    Loading Screen images to IGB quick convert - (more info)
    Image 2 IGB Batch Processing for nikita488's image2igb by ak2yny.
     Includes image conversion, optimized for textures without alpha (transparency), ie. DXT1. This conversion can be changed or removed.
    Image 2 IGB Batch for Fonts, optimal for icons and font textures.
     Mip Maps option included, change settings to activate. Raven used this for fonts. Fonts might look smoother with it.
    Image 2 IGB Batch for Icons, without conversion and only for png images, optimal for icons.
    Image 2 IGB Batch for Effect Textures, can work for loading screens - images need to be 1:1, 1:2, or 2:1.

IGB Image Creation for Images With Models: (HUDs, skins, boltons, map models, effect models)
Requirements: Alchemy 5, and one of two 2c Hex hacks as noted above.
- Texture Replacement Method by MrKablamm0fish (more info)
   Most optimizations can be run through (batch) commands, but the "Image Replacement Method" from MrK does not work currently.
- Batch Texture Replacement for HUDs and team icons - same Method by MrKablamm0fish
   Old version with tutorial video
   Optionally also change the internal name with Finalizer or in a hex-editor (replace "hud_conversation").
- Batch Adding Texture Maps to Skins, Raven Setup MUA Material optimization by nikita488, batch setup by ak2yny.
   Information about each map can be found here under "UnitIDs that MUA use with some notes".
   The Raven Setup MUA Material optimization by nikita488 can be found here (Package curated by UltraMegaMagnus).
- Texture Replacement with Raven Setup MUA Material method found by UltraMegaMagnus - Tutorial video
   Automatic mode (continue after prompt or set firsttime to false): When done change the internal numbers of the textures.
   Should only be used on models/skins without texture maps (specular, normal, environment/reflection, gloss/emissive).
     Works as long as one of the four maps is still unused, but should be done manually.
   The Raven Setup MUA Material optimization by nikita488 is included in the latest Alchemy 5 and Tools.

Other Useful Tools:
Requirements: Alchemy 5, version Hex hack
- Extract Images (version hack is useless here)
- Animation Mixing Tools - version 2 by ak2yny, defogexa, nikita488 and Vicarious Visions.
   Thanks to all testers.
   Animation Mixing Tools Standalone Version - No Alchemy (2.5 or 5) required.
   Animation Extract and Combine by defogexa and nikita488 (original tools).
- Generate Global Color - batch fix black status effects, supports drag&drop - preview
- Convert igGeometryAttr to igGeometryAttr2 for Xbox 360, PS3, Steam versions of MUA1 (Skins) - Optimization set by BaconWizard17
- Skin-Internal-Name Renamer - Very useful alternative to hex-editing skins. Works only for Alchemy 5 compatible platforms and games (MUA PC, Wii, ?).
- Generate Mipmaps with Finalizer - settings - by UltraMegaMagnus
- Batch Converter & Image Extractor for nikita488's IGB Converter
- Batch Converter & Image Extractor for nikita488's actorConverter
- Fix skins for previewing with Alchemy batch for nikita488's animdb2actor.exe


When you try to run a BAT file, you may be confronted with a "Windows protected your PC" window. In this case click on "More Info", and "Run Anyway". Press a key when prompted.

Some .bat files may download as *.bat.txt files (because of Mediafire). Be sure to remove that .txt extension in these cases.

Fixing crashes:
If you install Alchemy 5 from the links below, you should not have any crashes.
Alchemy 5 puts a version number in each igb (in hex it's 09 at offset 2C). No moddable version of the games is compatible with this. MUA PC 2006 is compatible with hex version 08. MrK created the 2c Hex Replacer that takes care of the problem for MUA.
I recommend to use the discovery nikita488 made: Replace the version in Alchemy itself by copying this file (thanks UltraMegaMagnus) into [Alchemy installation path]/DLL. Backup the original libIGCore.dll before replacing it.
Hex replacement works for other game versions as well, at least for igb's that have a structural compatibility with them (eg. loading screens and textures). Manually replace the value in offset 2C to whatever hex version the igb's of the game version are. This has only been tested on loading screens in MUA1 for Wii (Emu).

June 08, 2021, 05:02AM #12 Last Edit: February 11, 2024, 06:05AM by ak2yny Reason: Fixed YouTube video for new forum
Please consider using the OpenHeroSelect GUI instead.

Stage & Herostat Helper, V3

What's new: New code, extendable, supports XML2 (eg. random roster).

This is a helper to set up your roster for MUA. It's done with OpenHeroSelect v4 (OHS). Adds functions to remove comment lines in herostat files plus roster.cfg editing (also silent launch).
There are different character selection stages and limits, which set the environment for the herostat and OHS. This batch program was created with that in mind.
It's a command line program, which means that the mouse can only be used to select and copy text. You will navigate through the setup process by pressing keys and "enter".
Extract it to the same folder where OHS is (replace existing files to get better default setups). Double-click on "Stage&HeroHelp.bat" to run it.

- Set up a stage and roster for MUA in as little time as possible.
- More than 130 selection stages and 7 layouts (each one with a ready-to-use setup) with hundreds of combinations.
- Visual guide (well it's only screenshots with numbers, but very helpful nonetheless).
- Full support for stage effects on every location of every stage.
- Options to set-up, randomize or edit your roster for MUA and XML2.
- Run OpenHeroSelect in automatic (silent) mode.
- Extendable. Add your own stages and effects.
- Many settings to set up the Helper to be more helpful to you.

- MUA with the cracked Game.exe or OCP 2
- OpenHeroSelect
- 50 Roster Hack (or 36 Roster Hack), if you plan to use more than 27 heroes
- Custom Team Stage Collection and Skybox including Team Stage Select all by Outsider, if you plan to use these stages
- Correctly installed mods and boosters - instead of editing herostat.engb, put herostat texts into the mua/xml folder of OpenHeroSelect.

Known Issues:
- Images (previews) might not open or close on your PC.
- When images open, they steal the focus of the batch program.
- Custom mannequins are rotated weirdly on some locations of default stages.
  There may also be some clipping. (Applies to OCP mannequins too.)
- Effects may not line up exactly, depending on the mannequin.

- UltraMegaMagnus: stage models
- UltraMegaMagnus & Outsider: stage setups and previews
- nikita488: stage layouts to 3dsMax
- Amun.RAR.: OCP stage preview
- Bobooooo & Norrin Radd: effect locations
- HappyMSI & BloodyMares: testing
- harpua1982: 33RH stage (stage and riser from RE/GE, texture from unused dark texture in 2006 PC version)
- ak2yny: batch program, stage fixes, previews, effect locations

This looks incredible! Thanks to all involved, I'm gonna be trying it out.

July 15, 2021, 01:07PM #14 Last Edit: November 25, 2021, 01:23PM by ak2yny
The Animation Mixer has been updated.
(The link is updated)

Whats new?
- Much faster processing by using sgOptimizer (Finalizer).
- Better animation name detecting.
- Supporting drag & drop of one or multiple file(s) and folder(s).
- More convenient handling of the files.
- A few options/settings.

The standalone version has been updated as well.