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Very cool!

I've always liked Michael Keaton's Batman a lot. I'm excited he's returning for The Flash. The fact that he's a lot older in there reminds me a lot of one of my favorite Batman comics, The Dark Knight Returns, which strongly influenced Tim Burton's Batman movies, alongside another, The Killing Joke.

I also like that your biography for him referenced the events of the Batman '89 comic released in the last few years, where he got to fight the Billy Dee Williams version of Two-Face. That comic was well done, and written by the original screenwriter of Burton's movies, even!

Your mods are of awesome quality, and with such a pace!

I enjoyed your mod for Vengeance and might add that a hellcycle feature as in many other Ghost Rider-like characters would fit quite nice, if you are willing to add it as an update

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Witnessing a battle between Daredevil and Electro as a child, Parker Robbins was enticed by the idea of becoming a super villain.

But as he grew up and his mother's health worryingly deteriorated, Parker willingly dropped out of high school and began to steal money in order to support her medical care.

Learning of some particularly valuable material at a certain warehouse that could be sold on the black market for a ton of cash from his cousin John, they would break in during the night only to find merely evidence of a mystical ritual.

Disappointed that they would be leaving empty handed, Parker was prepared to leave before they were suddenly attacked by a mysterious cloak-wearing demon, quickly firing at it with a gun as it seemingly died.

Taking the creature's red cloak and boots for himself (unaware that their power originated from the demon lord Dormammu), Parker would soon discover the innate abilities of his new attire and decided to forge his own criminal enterprise, fluctuating back and forth in his morally gray perception of right and wrong over the next few years, as he tried to settle down with his girlfriend, Sara, after becoming pregnant and giving birth to his daughter, Breanne.

However, the combined stress of keeping his double life as a supportive father figure and crime boss separate alongside Dormammu's ever-increasing control over his body at any given moment, would tragically ruin Parker's relationship with his now wife, Sara, as she moved away with Breanne upon learning of Parker's secrets.

Now left with nothing but his criminal empire and resigning himself to being a full-on criminal with a code of honor as he continued to do his best at keeping his demonic powers in check, Parker lost himself in his Hood persona completely.

Learning through a mutual contact of a newly-forged group of supervillains called the Masters of Evil which had been formed by the legendary Doctor Doom, Parker was furious that he hadn't been invited in on the action and was cheated out of power beyond his wildest dreams.

Determined to teach Doctor Doom a lesson, Parker would inform various other criminals of Doom's treachery (as dimensional portals started to appear above New York during the chaos).

Entirely ignorant for the moment about the true implications of such a major event but having a gut feeling that the heroes were involved in this somehow too, the Hood prepared to set off for Stark Tower, knowing there would be hell to pay for the good Doctor...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of leadership and air-walking
-2 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Troy Baker's voice for Erron Black from Mortal Kombat X
-Uses assigned number #39 (will clash with playable Professor X, Bully Maguire, Ada Wong and Mortal Kombat's Kenshi in mannequin).

1. Spikey Whirl: Channelling the power unknowingly granted to him by Dormammu, Parker briefly sprouts twin spike sickles made of bone and spins forward, dealing physical damage to struck targets.
2. Explosive Pistols: Channelling the power unknowingly granted to him by Dormammu, Parker repeatedly fires explosive bullets from his dual pistols, dealing fire damage (so long as button is held down).
3. Destructive Electricity: In a fit of frustration, Parker unexpectedly channels red lightning from his hand, dealing electric damage to enemies over time (so long as button is held down).
4. Brutal Encounter: Parker unexpectedly teleports quickly between nearby foes, dealing physical damage.
5. Bloody Rain: Parker quickly leaps into the air and rains down a barrage of bullets, finishing off any stragglers with a 360 spin before holstering his pistols anew, dealing physical damage to close enemies.
6. (Boost) Occult Shadows: Parker uses his distinct cloak to render himself temporarily invisible to enemies, increasing critical hit damage chances and overall defence.
7. (Special) Demonic Resurrection: Parker uses the powers unknowingly granted to him by Dormammu to reanimate the dead to serve him for a short time. For the sake of better increasing his own survival, Parker will also resurrect his teammates as well if they've fallen in battle.
8. (Xtreme) Possessive Explosion: Due to overuse of Dormammu's power, Parker loses control of his body as Dormammu forcibly expels powerful demonic energy upon unsuspecting enemies, dealing heavy energy damage.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
epicanddragon94- Shadowcat mid-air walk coding
Escanor610- Hood Contest of Champions skins, pistol boltons, mannequin
Outsider- Loading screen, Quan Chi resurrection and enemy reanimation coding

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/die734x9jhtlr6y/The_Hood_%2528Marvel_Comics%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

Very cool!

I remember reading the series Parker Robbins debuted in under the Marvel MAX imprint. I know Stan Lee disliked that imprint and thought it was a bad idea, but I respectfully disagree with his opinion; there's nothing wrong with wanting family friendly superhero entertainment, but I personally find that superhero stories for mature audiences are much more interesting and compelling. Of course, there's ways to tell good stories that can appeal to all kinds of age ranges, but I wish mature superhero stories were more common, even though they now have at least a nice niche backlog.

Brian K. Vaughan, The Hood's creator, has a lot of cool ideas. I also really enjoy Runaways, and Y: The Last Man.

Now that you've made this mod, I want to go back and read The Hood series again! I remember it being a lot of fun. Such an interesting character; undeniably a criminal and a supervillain, but with ethics and noble traits that make him very morally grey.

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One of the many so-called superheroes which popped up during World War II in the Marvel Universe, there existed a small-time medium named Claire Voyant whose predictions weren't always accurate but made her enough money to survive week to week.

Unexpectedly shot in her own home one night by one of her previous clients in agitated revenge for her inaccurate predictions, Claire would be pulled into a hellish dimension by a mysterious demon claiming to be Satan himself, who expressed a great interest in her and proposed an offer to have her serve him as his personal assassin against evil mortals.

Recklessly agreeing without a second thought, Claire became a vigilante that went under the codename of the 'Black Widow', hunting down evil mortals and punishing them for their sins which strengthened her demon lord master immensely as she served throughout World War II as one of the legendary 'Twelve', suiting both her own ends and that of the world itself against the genocidal Nazis.

However, she and the other members of the Twelve would be captured by Nazi forces during the twilight years of WWII and were placed into suspended animation for intended use later, forgotten about by the world as the Nazis inevitably lost the war with Adolf Hitler's death.

Revived in the modern era after the Twelve's suspended animation containers were uncovered in the remnants of a construction site, Claire would do what she could to adjust to this new era before she was contacted for the first time in decades by her original demon master telepathically, who now went by the name of Lucifer.

Conflicted but feeling as if she had no other choice, Claire would resume her vigilante actions as the Black Widow anew, before getting drawn into conflict with Danny Ketch's Ghost Rider, Jennifer Kale, Doctor Strange & Blade who had been tracking her activities at different points and demanded to know what she was doing in hunting down and killing seemingly random people.

Stuck between a rock and a hard place, Claire explained herself and claimed that she was bound to an unknown demonic master for eternity and that this was the only way she could continue to survive.

Not entirely convinced that Claire was being honest with them but not wishing to escalate the situation any further, Claire would soon be enlisted into the latest incarnation of the Midnight Sons and attempted to do good by her new teammates, remaining perpetually in fear of retaliation from Lucifer if she let her guard down.

Brought on board the vast omniversal strike force approved by the organization known as SHIELD in regards to matters of grave importance, Claire readied herself for the many trials ahead as she received questioning looks from the latest Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might and flight
-2 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Danielle Burgio's voice for Trish from Devil May Cry
-Uses assigned number #138 (will clash with playable Blackheart in mannequin).

1. Destructive Inferno: Claire creates a quick blast of hellish fire underneath the feet of unlucky foes, blasting them into the air as fire damage is dealt.
2. Voyant Kick: Claire rushes towards an unlucky foe and deals a brutal flying kick, causing physical damage as they're knocked back from the strike.
3. Burning Rage: Claire creates an outward blast of fire, damaging surrounding enemies across a specific radius.
4. Fires of Hell: Claire rapidly launches fireballs from her hands at enemies, dealing fire damage as they're flung into the air.
5. Dimensional Punishment: Claire travels back and forth from her master's hellish dimension, dealing physical damage to all nearby threats.
6. (Boost) Demonic Recovery: Claire uses an obscure ability of hers to recover overall team health (even if they've been knocked out), at the cost of all her available energy.
7. (Boost) Demonic Feed: Claire bites into an unlucky enemy's neck, draining their lifeforce to further increase her max health, energy, damage output and combat speed temporarily.
8. (Xtreme) Mark of the Black Widow: Claire takes to the sky, moving between enemies quickly as she burns them all with a touch, instant killing anything she strikes.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUDs, loading screen, icons etc
Escanor610- Claire Voyant Modern & Classic skins, mannequin, spider legs bolton

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ism5mpo69fczly0/Claire_Voyant_%2528Golden_Age_Black_Widow%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

May 28, 2023, 01:23AM #365 Last Edit: July 01, 2024, 09:29PM by Ceamonks890

Originating from the inFamous video game franchise, Cole MacGrath was originally a simple bike messenger that relished in urban exploration who delivered packages to residents within Empire City, desiring to live his own life free from the strict desires of his family.

But it was during a particular delivery one day by an anonymous caller which caused a mysterious package to explode in Cole's hands within the Historic District of Empire City, leading to thousands of unintended deaths and numerous city blocks falling into ruin from destruction.

Now inexplicably possessing the power to generate and control electricity in a variety of ways after waking up from an injury-induced coma, Empire City having fallen into quarantine, Cole frequently found himself having to make difficult moral choices as he gradually came to terms with his new responsibilities as Empire City's resident hero.

Impressing his nurse girlfriend, Trish Dailey, over time with his frequently selfless actions for the city's populace to the jealous chagrin of his long-time friend, Zeke Dunbar, Cole confronted and defeated the many corrupt enemy forces created alongside him as a byproduct of the 'Ray Sphere' device, fighting to take the city back piece by piece and restore law and order.

However, what Cole couldn't have possibly imagined is that all of the events throughout his entire life which had led to him gaining superpowers and becoming a 'conduit', had been planned out entirely from the beginning by the mysterious 'Kessler' (who was in fact an older version of Cole from an alternate timeline, having travelled back in time to prepare him for the oncoming battle against a dangerous god-like being known simply as 'The Beast').

Battling a major existential crisis in-between grieving for Trish's death at the harsh hands of Kessler intended to shed any distracting emotional connections that would prevent Cole from making impossibly challenging decisions, he would eventually have an epiphany and refused to run away anymore from danger as he dealt with a leftover monstrous experiment of Kessler's originally known as David Warner and an off-shoot military agency known as DARPA who desired to have Cole and make him into a weapon for their own ends.

Accepting that there was no way for him to go back to how things were, Cole prepared to head off for the city of New Marais after being contacted by NSA agent Lucy Kuo, in order to gain some new powers which would be required in order to stop the Beast, Zeke tagging along with them after they finally made amends from prior events.

Unexpectedly, the Beast arrived in Empire City far sooner than expected and began to tear it all apart, Cole putting everything he had into the confrontation but it wasn't enough.

All the more determined to stop the Beast by any means necessary and ensure no more innocent lives would be taken by the Beast, Cole, Zeke and Kuo would covertly find a way into New Marais as Zeke handed Cole a powerful melee weapon custom built to channel his abilities more efficiently in melee combat called the Amp, which proved invaluable in the face of a militia army which controlled New Marais under the leadership of Joseph Bertrand.

Obtaining a device known as the RFI from the late Doctor Wolfe which could remove conduit abilities including that of the Beast, Cole and the others set to work on acquiring powerful items known as 'Blast Cores' which could further enhance a Conduit's abilities, doing what they could to take New Marais back from the 'First Sons' militia group and strange mutated creatures that had started appearing throughout New Marais.

Meeting a rogue freedom fighter conduit named Nix who had control over fire and all sorts of flammable substances such as oil or napalm in-between rescuing Kuo from being kidnapped (whose repressed Conduit abilities over flight and ice activated during Bertrand's twisted experiments on her), the group would discover through Zeke (who had gone undercover within Bertrand's ranks), of a power transfer device which could duplicate one conduit's powers and further enhance another with theirs added to their existing arsenal of abilities.

Opting to go with Kuo rather than Nix, Cole would gain access to some of Kuo's ice powers which complimented his electricity abilities as he proceeded to destroy the machine and prevent it from being used ever again by Bertrand and his forces.

Soon discovering to their horror that the source of the mutated monsters was from Bertrand himself, Cole would work with the rebel forces led by Rosco Laroche to expose his dark secret to the general public of New Marais, the Beast simultaneously arriving safely in New Marais and revealing themselves to Cole as John White, an NSA agent that had helped Cole during the events of Empire City and seemingly perished with the explosive destruction of the Ray Sphere.

John explaining that the plague which originated in Empire City and was beginning to spread globally could be vastly reduced in overall impact by awakening more Conduits unknowingly residing within general society through his vast godlike powers granted by the Ray Sphere (due to Conduits being immune to the effects of the plague), Cole found himself left to ponder over what to do when the time eventually came, as he resumed hunting down the fleeing Bertrand with the others, placing a series of traps that ultimately led to the tyrant's end as he died during a climatic battle.

Left with just the Beast to contend with, Cole called in Zeke, Kuo and Nix for a meeting as he explained his uncovered connection to the Beast and John's goal to save society by turning as many people into Conduits at the price of non-powered humans perishing in a matter of months.

Initially reluctant to eradicate the Beast and the plague by association after realizing the RFI would kill all conduits while the rest of humanity would live and be cured, Cole decided to follow through with his original plan and put the continued survival of humanity and Zeke over that of the Conduits much to Kuo's fear-fuelled disgust as she went off to join John White while Nix followed through with Cole's decision to save humanity and destroy the Beast for good.

Charging the RFI up even more via multiple substations to fully charge its range to affect the entire planet (many of Cole's allies perishing in their efforts to buy him more time), Cole would bid goodbye to Zeke one last time as he weakened the Beast enough to unleash the full power of the RFI, making amends with Kuo as she encouraged him to do what needed to be done, Cole soon knowing no more as life faded from his body and many other unaware Conduits with the Beast's destruction as Zeke and all the surviving human residents mourned Cole's noble sacrifice.

This would however not be quite the end of Cole MacGrath's story just yet, finding himself newly awakened and alive on a vastly different universe known as Earth-7150 where a lot more superheroes and Conduit-like superpowered humans known as mutants resided.

Realizing that he must have been brought to this alternate universe for a reason before he could fully pass onto the next life, Cole spied a nearby commotion on the city streets below from the rooftop he found himself standing on, citizens running away in fear of garishly dressed red ninjas and armored soldiers as an impressive collection of costumed superheroes, seemingly normal-looking people and crazy-looking humanoid creatures worked together to fight back against this threat.

Deciding to go and introduce himself in a stylish fashion, Cole picked up his Amp left on the ground with him upon his dimensional arrival on Earth-7150, as he leapt down to lend these mysterious heroes a hand...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of leadership, healing factor, glide by pressing jump button three times (Static Thrusters), immunity to radiation and electricity damage, Radar Pulse (always reveals nearby enemies on map) and Electric Drain (faster energy regen as Cole absorbs electricity from nearby sources)
-2 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen and voice/sound file using archived audio of Eric Ladin's voice from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale
-Uses assigned number #52 (will clash with playable Warstar, Galactus, Callisto and DC Comics' Raven in mannequin).

Block + Jump (Kinetic Pulse)- Cole uses his electromagnetic abilities to levitate enemies or objects and throws them at will, dealing physical damage. Only works when up close, otherwise Cole will use Overload Burst instead. Unlocked at level 10.
Block + Action (Lightning Hook)- Cole generates an electric tether and throws it at human-sized enemies, pulling them closer to him as physical damage is dealt upon impact. Unlocked at level 17.
Block + Light Attack (Induction Grind)- Cole uses his electrokinesis on his feet to slide along the ground akin to a skateboard, physically damaging anything that's in his path. Mash block combo string to keep grinding!
Block + Heavy Attack (Shatter Blast)- Cole generates a small group of icicles and launches them at enemies, dealing cold damage. Chance to slow enemies down to 50% of their natural speed! Unlocked at level 5.

1. Magnum Bolt: Cole generates a condensed blast of lightning rapidly at enemies, dealing electric damage over time (so long as button is continually mashed).
2. Ice Grenades: Cole throws a ball of cold that detonates on impact, freezing enemies in place temporarily.
3. Overload Burst: Using an ability only accessible on good karma playthroughs of the original inFamous game, Cole releases several powerful blasts of electricity that bounce off walls and damage all on-screen enemies, dealing electric damage.
4. Precision Bolt: Cole carefully positions himself before firing a powerful blast of lightning at a single target as his focus increases. 25% chance of instant KO, but will increase to 50% if target is stunned beforehand.
5. Ionic Freeze: Cole generates a series of ice pillars which spawn up from underneath the ground and blast enemies upward, dealing cold damage to surrounding threats.
6. (Debuff) Frost Shield: Cole generates an aura of harsh cold for entire team, slowing all surrounding enemies in range.
7. (Boost) Pulse Heal: Cole emits a weak electric pulse, healing all teammates which haven't been defeated back to full health.
8. (Xtreme) Ionic Vortex: Cole generates a powerful electrically charged tornado, flinging enemies and tossing objects in random directions.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUDs, loading screen, icons etc
BarryAllen- Cole Infamous 2 Heroic & Neutral skins, mannequins, amp bolton

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/kx4ehh7ouanvm4o/Cole_MacGrath_%2528inFamous%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

Very cool mod!

I love the inFamous games. I wish there were more games like them.

Trying out the Mikhail mod and I have a question about the "Instant Reaction" ability. He teleports to an enemy and does damage, but Mikhail has no attack animation. He just stands there, the enemy takes damage, then Mikhail teleports to the next enemy. Is he supposed to have an attacking animation?

I've tried this in different costumes, in a party, and solo. I started a new game with no other save files. The only mods before Mikhail are the OCP and 50 Roster Hack.

Quote from: RogueRecruit on June 01, 2023, 10:18AM
Trying out the Mikhail mod and I have a question about the "Instant Reaction" ability. He teleports to an enemy and does damage, but Mikhail has no attack animation. He just stands there, the enemy takes damage, then Mikhail teleports to the next enemy. Is he supposed to have an attacking animation?

I've tried this in different costumes, in a party, and solo. I started a new game with no other save files. The only mods before Mikhail are the OCP and 50 Roster Hack.

It's solely due to an incompatible loop animation reference in MUA's coding, as I've reused this power's code for other character mods since then (changing the loop animation reference to something more compatible, it being a kick animation). I've been meaning to get around to fixing that, but I've been very busy on other projects and simply haven't found the time.

So its nothing that you've done.

As long as it does damage, he gets the job done. Thank you for letting me know!

Sorry for another post, but I love the Sailor Moon mod!

June 03, 2023, 06:16PM #371 Last Edit: June 06, 2023, 01:28AM by Ceamonks890

Behold my 200th character mod!

Originating from the alternate reality known as Duckworld on Earth-791021 (where anthropomorphic ducks were the dominant species on the planet Earth and not humans), Howard Duckson was a member of a normal working class, religious family.

Discovering from a young age that he had amazing potential to become one of the smartest minds on his world, continuous bullying by other kids would soon sour his investment in studying as he quit school, feeling extremely embittered and cynical about his future.

One day however, Howard would inexplicably vanish from his home world and would end up on Earth-7150, after the power hungry demon, Thog the Nether-Spawn, shifted the interdimensional cosmic axis through magic in order to gain access to the Nexus of All Realities.

Reluctantly assisting the strange beings in order to set things right and hopefully get back home, Howard would ultimately contribute to fixing the interdimensional cosmic axis but was unable to return home to Duckworld, seemingly trapped for good on this strange new world where evolved monkeys were the dominant species on the planet rather than ducks.

Eventually meeting the young life model, Beverly Switzler, during one of his misadventures on Earth-7150, the two became close friends and dealt with whatever event was thrown their way while doing what they could to live a semblance of a normal life.

But over time, Howard would work to overcome his insecurities over the course of his time living as a resident on Earth-7150, having teamed up with many of its superheroes on various cases or adventures during his time as a private investigator, becoming somewhat proficient in the mystic arts through Doctor Strange alongside mastering the little known martial art of Quack-Fu from Master C'haaj, his strong sense of will and incredible capacity for learning finally allowing him the chance to prove all his childhood bullies wrong and overcome the psychological barriers which had been holding him back.

Inexplicably noticing during a slow day at the office that dimensional portals were starting to appear all over New York City, Howard sighed in annoyance as the chance for some peace and quiet while watching a cartoon about 'looney animals', was seemingly out the window today.

Startled by the sudden arrival of Jennifer Kale & Man-Thing, Howard would be told by Kale of the coming end of all existence if something wasn't done to stop Doctor Doom from enacting a particular grand plan through a vast strike team created by SHIELD to combat this great threat.

Rolling his eyes and commenting sarcastically that world-ending events seemed to happen every other week, Howard would get out some of his old gear from previous adventures (including a duplicate Eye of Agamotto, his old Iron Duck suit and his pride & joy, the BFG gun from a brief escapade with the ARMOR organization, knowing he'd need a strong advantage in order to keep on top of things).

After finishing with putting his Iron Duck armor back on whilst attaching the Eye of Agamotto to his neck and sticking the BFG on his back, Howard was transported through Man-Thing and Jennifer Kale to Stark Tower, nervous but doing what he could to keep a strong look in the face of adversity...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-3 hex-edited skins and 1 whip model, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using ripped audio of Chip Zien's voice from the 1986 Howard The Duck film & Wes Johnson's voice from The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for Chair
-Uses assigned number #53 (will clash with Spider-Girl, Joseph and Sora in mannequin).

Block + Jump (Rebellious Furniture)- The dimensionally-displaced being known simply as Chair from Earth-9047 gets thrown by Howard, dealing special damage to struck targets.
Block + Action (Symbiotic Influence)- In reference to Marvel Contest of Champions, Howard temporarily finds himself bonding with a symbiote, increasing overall damage and defence as enemies run away in fear from the unexpected transformation.

1. Brutal Beating: Howard pulls out a battlemace and strikes an enemy with them, dealing bleed damage to struck foes. Chance to instant kill enemies if fully charged!
2. Burning Lash: Using repurposed gear from a destroyed black suit of armor, Howard lashes at enemies with an enhanced whip, dealing fire damage to foes as they're left stunned from the strikes briefly.
3. Quack-Fu Combo: Howard performs an impressive six-hit combo attack, dealing physical damage to struck foes thanks to his expertise in the obscure martial art of Quack-Fu.
4. Technical Blasts: Using repurposed gear from a destroyed black suit of armor, Howard rapidly fires off a stream of laser blasts that repeatedly bounce off walls at higher levels, dealing energy damage over time so long as button is constantly tapped.
5. Duckworldian Rampage: Tapping into his Quack-Fu combat training, Howard moves faster than the human eye can keep track of as he seemingly teleports between foes, knocking struck threats into the air as physical damage is dealt.
6. (Boost) Eye of Agamotto: Tapping into his brief mystic training under Doctor Strange, Howard raises health regen rates and removes status ailments for entire team at the price of a portion of his health.
7. (Boost) Iron Duck: Howard activates this crude old-school armor crafted by Claude Starkowski, becoming much faster as overall energy cost is reduced for a time. Press $SMASH while moving to have Howard use the flamethrower attached to his right arm.
8. (Debuff) Struck Nerve: Tapping into his training under the little known 'Quack-Fu' martial art, Howard carefully strikes an enemy in a critical area of their body, stunning them temporarily.
9. (Boost) Unstoppable Duck: Using both his quack fu training under Master C'haaj and mystical training under Doctor Strange to his advantage, Howard casts a very potent shield of the seraphim spell through incredible force of will, increasing overall damage and resistance to incoming enemy attacks for entire team temporarily.
10. (Xtreme) Big Freakin' Gun: Howard pulls out this powerful ARMOR weapon and fires a powerful radial disintegration beam from it, killing all on-screen enemies.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
ak2yny- Iron Duck boost buggy interaction fix
Raven Software- Repurposed Doom Castle Chair model
UltraMegaMagnus- Howard The Duck Marvel Heroes skins, mannequin, BFG bolton

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/qyo5xn2ctqshtdi/Howard_The_Duck_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

omg wtf lol this looks amazing, i can't wait to try him out

June 05, 2023, 08:30AM #373 Last Edit: July 01, 2024, 09:29PM by Ceamonks890

Originating from a divergent timeline in the inFamous video game franchise, there existed a morally evil variant of Cole MacGrath who rather than choose to save the world from the threat of the Beast upon arriving in New Marais, would end up making every morally wrong decision possible in his quest to destroy the Beast.

Only caring about himself and being much more ruthless, short-tempered and impatient in his actions as he frequently collaborated with Nix to bring down Jacob Bertrand and his militia forces, Cole would eventually gain access to Nix's powers over fire and flammable substances through a power transfer machine, accomplishing much of the same feats in this alternate timeline as his more heroic counterpart did.

But when the Beast's true identity of John White was revealed and he explained his overall plan to ensure survival of humanity by awakening unaware Conduits within general society at the cost of millions not lucky enough to possess Conduit genes, this variant of Cole would choose to ensure the survival of Conduits over normal humans, forced to kill Nix and Zeke who did not agree with the Beast's plans for humanity.

Guilt-ridden over their deaths but understanding what needed to be done, Cole would destroy the RFI and ensure the plague would never be undone at the expense of Conduits as John in the form of the Beast, expressed that he could no longer justify murder and wished to die, transferring all of his incredible power into Cole as he faded away into nothing.

Now empowered with the limitless capabilities of the Beast, Cole would awaken all of the unaware Conduits on his timeline's variant of Earth as non-powered humanity ceased to be merely a memory with its complete eradication.

However for this more morally reprehensible version of Cole MacGrath, his leadership of the Conduits as the next stage of human evolution on his world, found itself under major existential threat when massive dimensional portals started popping up across his world and started pulling in everything not nailed down as entire cities and countrysides were completely wiped off the map.

Wishing to ensure the survival of all remaining Conduits on the planet, Cole bravely decided to venture through one of these strange portals and knew no more, awakening in an entirely different universe known as Earth-7150.

Encountering a seemingly more goody two-shoes version of himself among the vast strike force of those willingly choosing to fight for the preservation of all existence and set things right by taking down a group calling themselves the 'Masters of Evil' (including so-called supervillains), the more morally bankrupt Cole decided to side with this incredibly powerful group in the hopes that he may be able to return back to his own timeline with everything restored to how it was when all was said and done.

Rushing in to face off against an army of garishly-dressed red ninjas and armored soldiers from the city alleyway he had arrived in, 'Evil' Cole tapped into the power of the Beast and unleashed his incredible destructive abilities on all the weaklings who stood in his way, the more heroic version of Cole and various other heroes visibly disgusted by his darker counterpart's actions, even if it made their own jobs a little easier...

DISCLAIMER: This mod uses a fair amount of uncensored swear words in many voice clips. If you're someone easily offended by the use of such language, than don't download this mod. Also, don't have Evil Cole on full teams of four (as he is very demanding on the game and will cause instability and gameplay bugs if you aren't careful).

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of flight, leadership, healing factor, 100% chance of resurrection and immunity to radiation and electricity damage
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Jason Cottle's voice
-Uses assigned number #82 (will clash with Danny Ketch, Domino and Shang Tsung in mannequin).

Block + Jump (Gigawatt Blades)- Evil Cole uses this exclusive pre-order bonus ability from inFamous 1 to generate a certain amount of electrical energy around his arms, increasing his overall damage output for a time.
Block + Action (Shadow Strike)- In reference to the PS3 PSN entry, Festival of Blood, Evil Cole uses the power of the Beast to move between targets at impressive speeds, dealing physical damage.
Block + Light Attack (Spikers)- Evil Cole generates several liquid napalm spikes which turn into sentient 'Spikers', ensnaring enemies in place for 30 seconds.
Block + Heavy Attack (Ionic Drain)- Evil Cole expands his Bio-Leech ability further, draining energy and health from enemies over time temporarily.
Grab + Heavy Attack (Bio Leech)- Evil Cole gets up close and personal, draining an unlucky target's bio-electric energy, temporarily increasing his max health, energy and speed for a time.

1. Firebird Strike: Evil Cole becomes temporarily enveloped in fire, flying himself a short distance before creating a small explosion, dealing fire damage to surrounding enemies if close enough.
2. Thunder Drop: Evil Cole drains energy around him while airborne, generating a damaging electrical shockwave upon impact with the ground as enemies are knocked back from the strike.
3. Arc Lightning: Using an ability only accessible on evil karma playthroughs of the original inFamous game, Evil Cole continuously generates red lighting bolts from his hands upon enemies, dealing electric damage so long as button is held down.
4. Napalm Grenades: Evil Cole leaps into the air and generates several napalm-constructed energy grenades, dealing fire damage to surrounding enemies.
5. Hellfire Rocket: Evil Cole fires a cluster of fireballs at unlucky targets, dealing fire damage.
6. (Debuff) Nightmare Blast: Evil Cole generates a cloud of ash and dust, stunning surrounding enemies for 30 seconds as their damage output is lowered.
7. (Boost) The Beast Has Arrived: Evil Cole taps into the power of the Beast, increasing to the size of a giant at the cost of being unable to regain energy. Press $SMASH for Giant Punch. Activate power again to return to normal size.
8. (Xtreme) Ionic Storm: Having had enough of the current battle, Evil Cole summons down multiple bolts of red-colored lightning at once, dealing heavy electricity damage to all struck targets.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
BarryAllen- Evil Cole Infamous 2 skin, mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4y2jjdlj8etb2i5/Evil_Cole_MacGrath_%2528inFamous%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

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Once a member within the secretive White Lotus Society and learning a variety of skills in martial arts from an assortment of experienced teachers across Asia, the mysterious African warrior known only as Kai still wasn't satisfied with what he had learned, desiring to continually improve himself and surpass his current potential.

Learning of an incredible Shaolin warrior that had saved the world through competing and winning several 'Mortal Kombat' tournaments named Liu Kang, Kai journeyed all the way to the United States in the hopes of getting in contact and becoming a pupil of his.

Soon meeting with him, Kai and Liu Kang would gradually develop a mutual respect for one another as Kai continued to impress his new teacher and colleague with how fast he learned and adapted to the techniques taught by him over the course of many weeks.

Kai's training prematurely interrupted as the invasion of the rogue Elder God Shinnok and his dark legions advanced upon the realm of Edenia, these events would go on to define Kai, affording him the chance to grow beyond his insecurities of not being strong enough to stop forces far beyond his initial comprehension.

Among the defenders of Earthrealm to successfully defeat Shinnok for the time being, Kai proceeded to finish off his training with Liu Kang before deciding to wander the world and uncover its many secrets, keeping in close contact when the situation required it through a provided Special Forces communicator.

Now however, Kai finds himself involved in a complicated mission with the many defenders of Earthrealm on an entirely new world, mysteriously contacted by a possible future version of his former teacher who had ascended to godhood, requesting Kai to stop the oncoming threat in order to prevent all of existence from being wiped away forever.

Accepting this daunting request while having to avoid confronting the younger Liu Kang about it (in order to prevent a chrono paradox), Kai found a mutual friend in a local hero of this new world who dressed like an American flag and fought against anything in his way with nothing but a durable shield.

Desiring to learn all he could during this time on this new world, Kai prepares to defend the multiverse as best he can and ensure that no-one has to lose everything over such selfish motives...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and a Fatality
-Ability of Mortal Kombat (can taunt and perform Stage Fatality)
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Greg Eagles' voice for Luke Cage from MUA1.
-Uses assigned number #61 (will clash with playable Lizard, Miss America, Sam Alexander's Nova and Kurtis Trent in mannequin).

1. Burning Light: Kai briefly immerses one of his legs in fire, performing a rising upward kick that sends an unlucky target flying, dealing fire damage.
2. Singeing Slide: Kai briefly immerses his feet in flames, quickly sliding along the ground as he knocks back struck foes, dealing fire damage.
3. Immolating Combo: Kai immerses his hands in flames, performing a quick six-hit combo as fire damage is dealt.
4. Brutal Beatdown: Immersing his hands in flames, Kai proceeds to attack enemies with a series of nunchucks, dealing fire damage to struck targets over time.
5. Cycle of Life: Kai gets into a handstand position and uses his legs to rotate and kick surrounding enemies within a specific radius, dealing physical damage.
6. (Boost) Open Mind: Paying close attention to his enemies' tactics, Kai adapts to the current situation, increasing his overall defence and chances of landing a critical hit on enemies temporarily.
7. (Boost) Inner Strength: Kai nobly shares portions of his power with his teammates, surrounding them in flames as they gain additional damage and immunity to fire alongside increased momentum temporarily.
8. (Fatality) Overcome Adversity: Kai temporarily floats in the air, calling down a barrage of fireballs which deal heavy fire damage to all on-screen enemies.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
Escanor610- Kai MK4 skin, mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/c3rdwu2s4zfm287/Kai_%2528Mortal_Kombat%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file