Spider-Man 1 Game Xbox-Only Kraven Assets

Started by Enigma, March 03, 2022, 01:27PM

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March 03, 2022, 01:27PM Last Edit: February 21, 2023, 10:35AM by Enigma
Spider-Man 1 Game Xbox-Only Kraven Assets
By Enigma


(Please credit me if you use these)

This contains the audio and cutscenes for the Xbox-Only Kraven the Hunter levels from the Sam Raimi Spider-Man 1 movie game.

There are voiced lines for Kraven the Hunter, played by Peter Lurie, as well as new lines by Tobey MacGuire and Josh Keaton (The lines with "sm" in them are reused from when he was originally going to play Spider-Man in this game and any with "gg" in them were newly recorded from when he was switched over to playing the Harry Obsorn version of Green Goblin), as well as new sound effects such as Kraven's power sounds effects.

I've also included all the music and in-game cutscene audio, including those from the Kraven levels, as that stuff isn't on Sounds Resource.

I've also included the non-Kraven cutscenes, concept art, and storyboards, as this stuff hasn't been ripped and posted anywhere else.

All other audio for this game is already on Sounds Resource, but this stuff isn't.

By the way, Kraven was in the Spider-Man 3 game, voice by a different actor (Neil Kaplan), and those are already on Sounds Resource.

Feel free to use the stuff in the release for whatever, just credit me for it.