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Author Topic: Enigma's Polaris Mod  (Read 1919 times)

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Enigma's Polaris Mod
« on: March 05, 2022, 02:55pm »
Polaris Mod v1.0


Pictures and installation instructions are included in the mod.

This is my Polaris mod.
*Instead of throwing around metal like Magneto does, Polaris manipulates the magnetic fields of the enemies and objects around her.
*This mod contains the following improvements over Matt710's Polaris mod:

Sound Changes:
-I've added a voicepack featuring Grey Delisle's performance as Polaris from Marvel Super War, as well as additional grunts by the same actor from _________
-Features new power sounds using Magneto's power sounds from Marvel Heroes. She now has unique power sounds for every power (including her knockback), they all work, and some have been added where there weren't any before.

Power Changes:
-I've changed her skeleton from Storm's to Dr. Strange's and changed her animations for every power. Storm's animations weren't a very good fit for Polaris's powers, and the ones nodoubt_jr chose for each power also didn't fit very well, and besides that I felt that Dr. Strange's animations were a much better fit for her, and they also made her feel more unique. I went through and picked out which of Dr. Strange's animations fit each power best. This also made her powers work more smoothly.
-Renamed the following powers to better fit and explain what they do, as well as to add some lore about how they work: Polarity Blast > Iron Toxicity, Electro-Magnetic Shocker > Electromagnetic Shock, Magno-Gravitational Beam > Gravity Well, Magnetic Burst > Magnetic Resonance, Pulsar Blast > Pulsar Burst, Metal Debris Knockout > Total Knockout, Electro-Magnetic Booster > Electromagnetic Absorption
-Rewrote power descriptions to be more accurate as to what the powers actually do, explain how they actually work, as well as to add some lore about how they work and to fix many spelling and grammar errors.
-Fixed multiple issues with the text that describes what leveling up her powers does in the character select menu not mentioning what type of damage her attacks do.
-Polarity Pull now works properly, thanks to new animations, one of which I slowed down. It no longer uses a fly idle animation, which prevented the power from working properly. It now uses Dr. Strange's teleport animations, which I feel fit it very well, as they all blend together very nicely. The end part of the power (the radial explosion part) now no longer has a long delay before it starts and now has a power sound.
-Iron Toxicity (formerly Polarity Blast) now does Radiation damage.
-Gravity Well (formerly Magno-Gravitational Beam) is now a Trap power.
-Fixed an error with her talent file using Iron Man's icons for one of her powers.
-Fixed all issues with some power effects not working/not triggering properly.
-Pulsar Disruptor (formerly Pulsar Blast) has been overhauled and is now a "Tap" power. Originally, it was trying to be a "Hold to Charge" power, a "Press and Hold" power, and a "Tap" power all at the same time, which didn't work at all and broken everything about it. This power also now does electrical damage, both to further differentiate from her other Radials, and to give her Electromagnetic Absorption passive, which increase electrical attack damage, more of a purpose. I've also changed it from a Radial to a Blast because it's not actually a Radial. It also no longer shares effects with her Total Knockout Xtreme. I also removed the coding that said this power shouldn't apply to bosses, because it didn't work anyway.
-Removed a piece of code that incorrectly referenced Storm's talent file.
-For Negative Emotion Absorption, I removed an effect that was out of place, and fixed the power sound playing twice in a row for no reason.
-I fixed issues with her Total Knockout Xtreme by speeding up the power so that it wouldn't be so slow and long, and fixed issues with the coding for the power sounds so that they would play properly.
-Overhauled all combo text.
-Her entities file now longer references a sound file from Enchantress's MUA1 power sounds file and instead uses one of her own sounds.

Visual Changes:
-Includes a much improved version of her unused XML2 conversation hud I made by AI Upscaling both the XML2 version and the different and better quality MUA1 Prototype versions, which I merged together, and manually touched it up.
-Includes 3 loading screens, 1 by Shafcrawler (which I AI Upscaled), and 2 by featuring art by Peter Nguyen.
-A new character select portrait I made using the same image as the 3rd loading screen.
-She no longer shares some effects files with Magneto.
-Fixed all issues with missing power effects and missing texture files.
-Her effects are now all green, instead of some being green and some being various different colors.
-Replaced some effects with better ones, switched some around because I felt they fit better on different powers, made use of some of her unused effects, replaced effects that were broken, and added effects to replacing missing ones.
-Removed a skin that was a duplicate.

Misc Changes:
-Now has packages for skin 02
-Reordered skins in herostat and changed her skin numbers so that so she now uses skins 10301-10309 for her skins.
-All packages changed to allow for unique conversation huds and 3D heads for each skin. (Some are the same, but the option is now there.)
-Talent file and all packages changed to allow for higher quality icons in the character select menu.
-No longer includes many unneeded and redundant files.
-Fixed an issue with her not having a character select menu idle animation.

*UltraMegaMagnus - Marvel Super War audio files
*BloodyMares - identifying the voice actor
*Matt710 - original Polaris mod
*nodoubt_jr - block from XML2 Invisible Woman mod

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Re: Enigma's Polaris Mod
« Reply #1 on: March 15, 2022, 07:40pm »
I forgot to post this before, so here's her list of powers.

Levitation - Lifts and throws objects and enemies around. Can build bridges
Iron Toxicity - Agitates the iron in her enemies' blood, poisoning them, and having a chance of making it too painful for them to move.
Electromagnetic Shock - Electromagnetic lightning shoots from Polaris's hands, chaining from enemy to enemy.
Polarity Pull - Pulls in and then throws around surrounding enemies and objects.
Gravity Well - Traps an enemy in a gravity well, damaging and stunning them, as well as damaging any nearby enemies.
Magnetic Resonance - A radial blast of Magnetic energy that resonates with the magnetic fields of nearby enemies and objects, confusing enemies and making objects explode.
Pulsar Disruptor - An arc of electromagnetic energy that disrupts the electromagnetic fields of enemies and objects, causing enemies to be shocked and objects to explode.

Manipulation Shield - A shield that blocks some incoming attacks and projectiles. Can level up to share the shield with all allies and deflect all projectiles.
Magnetic Healing - Uses Magnetic forces to give the party regenerative healing for a time.

Total Knockout - An Xtreme radial attack that blasts surrounding enemies with Magnetic energy and metallic debris.
Negative Emotion Absorption - Polaris absorbs the electromagnetic energy given off by negative emotions, making her invincible, and increasing her endurance, $DMG and size for a time.

Magnetic Mastery - Increases damage and chance for criticals with Magnetic damage. Also increases focus.
Electromagnetic Absorption - Absorbs Electrical and Magnetic fields inflicted on her, which also supercharges electric attacks.
Magnetic Deflection - Polaris uses a Magnetic field to deflect a percentage of missile attacks.