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Author Topic: Enigma's Dazzler Mod  (Read 2119 times)

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Enigma's Dazzler Mod
« on: March 22, 2022, 12:39pm »
:dazzler:Enigma's Dazzler Mod v3.0 :dazzler:


This is a new and updated version Matt710's Dazzler mod.
*For those of you who don't know, Dazzler was planned to be a playable character but was cut out of X-Men Legends II. She was then added as an NPC to the PC version of XML2, but her voices went unused, she doesn't do anything but just stand there in only one online-only mission, her skin is just Shadowcat reskinned, and her conversation hud is unused and unfinished.
*Much like the original mod, she uses her own original unused XML2 skeleton, which contains Scarlet Witch's 8 power animations, what appears to be a unique idle animation as far as I can tell, and reused menu animations from Magma from XML1 (Matt710 swapped her menu select and menu exit animations presumably to make them different from Magma's. He also changed her menu idle to be her in-game idle instead, again to be different from Magma. I have kept these changes.) All this makes for a unique group of animations and the only case of animation mixing we have for XML2, since Raven did this themselves.

This mod contains the following improvements over the original:

Sound Changes:
*Includes a voicepack using her unused XML2 voices and grunts by Tara Strong along with additional voices by the same actor as Rikku in Final Fantasy X-2 to fill out the voiceset. The Rikku voices feature some lines about singing and such, and the voice she's doing is fairly similar, so I felt they fit in very well. Also includes some grunts from the same actor's role as Harley Quinn in Lego DC Super-Villains and Squirrel Girl in Marvel Heroes.
*Her powers have all new, all unique unique sounds that also now all properly trigger and play correctly, as the coding for her power sounds was a broken mess before.
*She no longer shares power sounds with other characters.
*I fixed a ton of broken coding for her power sounds, as well as removed some power sounds that were redundant or weren't needed.
*For her some of her normal power sounds, I used some short royalty free disco-style musical stings I found online that I felt work very well as power sounds.
*For her Disco Glider power, I looped the opening 5 seconds of a hidden easter egg disco song from Star Wars Rogue Squadron III Rebel Strike (You won't even know it's Star Wars-related, I promise.)
*I also used some of Scarlet Witch's Marvel Heroes power sounds.
*Her 2nd Xtreme, Holographic Trickery, now has a voiced callout.
*Her sound file is now called "dazzler_m" instead of "dazzlr_m"

Visual Changes:
*A loading screen made using an image by Shafcrawler that I AI Upscaled.
*I remade her mod's character select portrait using a higher quality image source (it's from the cover of Dazzler Vol 1 #1 and fits in very well with the official XML2 character select portraits).
-I remade her 02 hud, which uses the same image, with the same higher quality image source.
*A higher quality version of her unused XML2 conversation portrait I made by AI Upscaling the better (actually finished) version of it from the MUA1 Prototype.
*I've AI Upscaled her icons and made changes to her talent file and packages so that the icons will appear in higher quality in the character select menu. I also manually touched them up and fixed one of them being half-finished.
*She no longer shares some effects files with Wolverine and Scarlet Witch.
*No longer uses Sunfire's icons for one of her powers.
*The purple rings effect on Disco Glider no longer appears twice at once overlapping in a weird way. It only appears once now.
*Her Photon Explosion's impact effect now uses the unused XML1 Prototype xmanrobo_blasthit effect. This is because it seemed perfectly suited for Dazzler. You'll see why when you use the power.
*Her 2nd Xtreme, Holographic Trickery, previously didn't have any effects except for a weird "dirty water cascading" aura for the holographic duplicate. Now, the power itself actually has an effect. I used the unused XML1 Prototype stanlee_xtreme1b effect, in which white stars rain down, and the holographic duplicate uses an orange aura effect from nodoubt_jr's Dark Phoenix mod, which I feel fits in very well here.

Power Changes:
*Rewrote her power descriptions to fix grammar and spelling errors, to sound better overall, and to be more accurate as to what her powers actually do.
*Renamed the following powers to be more accurate to what they do and to give them better names: Laser Blast > Prism Beam, Dazzle Burst > Razzle Dazzle, Sonic Release > Sonic Burst, Defracted Shield > Laser Shield, Laser Shield > Light Mist, Sensory Overload > Disco Fever, Photo-Deflection > Photon Deflection,
*She's now immmune to stun.
*Removed block, because with her 3 different boosts, she doesn't really need it.
*Changed Holographic Trickery's animation. Originally, it was using the levelup animation, but I changed it to the only unused power animation in the skeleton, which fits it quite well.
*Previously, Light Mist, barely increased her defense and the defense stat only increased from +1 to +3 at its maximum level. Now, it gradually increases by a percentage for every point you put into this power.
*Previously, Light Mist did Energy damage but the description said it did Fire damage. The description now correctly says it does energy damage.
*She no longer shares Scarlet Witch's entities file. Everything she needs is now in her own entities file.
*Fixed issues with 2 of her boosts never ending and the aura effects never going away.
*Changed Razzle Dazzle from a Debuff to a Radial.
*Laser Shield's description said it increased her Attack but didn't. Now it actually does.
-Her Disco Fever Xtreme said it did Physical damage but actually does Energy damage. It says it does Energy damage.
*I rewrote combo text to fit her powers better and fixed issues with some powers not having any combo text.

Other Changes:
*Removed all unused files.
*Her skins are now in numerical order in her herostat.
*Her packages now allow for unique conversation huds and 3D heads for all 9 skins. Be default, she only uses 6 skins and some of them have duplicate 3D heads, but the option is now there.

*Menu Breaks
*Bonus Skins:
-Because 2 different sets of skins are almost exactly the same and have the same conversation huds and 3D heads, I have picked the ones I liked best and included the others as bonuses.
-Dazzler's Ultimate skin is a bonus because the mod is based on the normal comic version, and as such includes disco as a big part of it, and since the Ultimate version is a punk rocker, she doesn't fit in with the mod.

*Matt710: original Dazzler mod
*BaconWizard17: feedback on power sounds.
*Outsider: idea to use disco music for her power sounds
*nodoubt_jr: new Holographic Trickery aura taken from his Dark Phoenix mod
*Shafcrawler: loading screen image.

-Fixed assorted text errors in talents file and Danger Room Challenge file.
-Changed Razzle Dazzle from a Debuff to a Radial.
-Laser Shield's description said it increased her Attack but didn't. Now it actually does.
-Her Disco Fever Xtreme said it did Physical damage but actually does Energy damage. It says it does Energy damage.
-I'd forgotten to include the skeleton.

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Re: Enigma's Dazzler Mod
« Reply #1 on: March 22, 2022, 12:49pm »
Here's her power list:

Prism Beam = Shoots a concentrated beam of light. Can level up to split at the point of contact with enemies.
Razzle Dazzle = A blinding radial light attack that stuns enemies.
Disco Glider = Slides on a burst of light, damaging and blinding enemies.
Laser Light Show = Unleashes a dazzling radial laser light show that causes $DMG_ENERGY, $KB, and sometimes blindness.
Photon Explosion = Throw a photon that causes nearby objects to explode violently with charged light particles.
Sonic Burst = Releases a burst of stored sound energy that is so painful it can confuse enemies and make them flee.

Destructive Shield = Dazzler envelopes herself in a shield made of laser light that raises defenses and can vaporizes projectiles.
Laser Shield = Dazzler forms a shield of charged light particles that can blur her enemies' vision as well as increase her evasiveness and attack power.
Light Mist = Dazzler creates a fog bank made of defracted light that increases her defense and damages her enemies.

Disco Fever = Dazzler creates an intense laser light display that damages and stuns all enemies. If an enemy is already stunned, then the light display will critically hit them for 50% of their life.
Holographic Trickery = Dazzler creates a holographic duplicate of herself made of solid light that can attack enemies.

Photon Deflection = Gives Dazzler a chance to dodge projectile attacks by defracting and refracting light.
Photo-Sonic Mastery = Increases the damage of all of Dazzler's light and sound attacks and makes her resistant to certain types of energy.
Resurrection Factor = Dazzler's mysterious resurrection factor gives her a chance to auto-resurrect.

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Re: Enigma's Dazzler Mod
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2022, 11:39am »
Updated to v2.0.
See changelog in first post for details.

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Re: Enigma's Dazzler Mod
« Reply #3 on: July 10, 2022, 12:55pm »
I updated her to v3.0.
See changelog in first post for details.