Enigma and hemlot's Cable Mod

Started by Enigma, June 14, 2022, 12:04PM

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:cable:Enigma and hemlot's Cable Mod v3.5 :cable:


This is a new Cable mod by helmot and I. It contains the following improvements from the original mod by nodoubt_jr:

Sound Changes:
*Now includes his own unused voices by Peter Lurie from the PC version of XML2.
-I fixed issues with some of the audio files popping.
-I expanded his voices using his menu breaks because they were perfect for that.
-He had no level up lines, so I repurposed one of his menu breaks for that. I used the rest for I see you and respaffirm lines.
-His no work lines are now also used for no power lines, as his no work lines are barely used.
*Because he has no official XML2 grunts (they're just Bishop's), he has new grunts taken from other roles played by the same voice actor: Executioner and Dark Elf in MUA1 as well as some characters from Jedi Academy.
*He now has his own unique power sounds and every power has unique sounds, so he no longer shares the sound files for multiple other characters. Because we gave him a whole new set of powers, I couldn't use his PSP power sounds (with one exception) because they didn't really fit these new powers, so I used his Marvel Heroes power sounds instead.
-I also used an unidentified sound from Marvel Heroes for the spinning part of his Psimitar Sweep power.

Power Changes:
*Replaced his previous powers and passives with a whole new set of powers and passives designed by hemlot and myself.
*Now uses Blade's skeleton instead of Bishop's.
*He now starts with 1 point in the first power, just like every other character does.
*He now has the shared talents Might and Leadership.
*He now has Mental Resistance.
*Various other assorted coding fixes.

Visual Changes:
*Includes skins, 3D heads, huds and icons made by BaconWizard17.
*I've AI Upscaled his unused XML2 PC loading screen.
*I redid his character select portrait using the same AI Upscaled version of his loading screen.
*Includes BaconWizard17's remake of his PSP rifle model, which now correctly appears everywhere it's supposed to.
*Includes BaconWizard17's custom Psimitar model, which is used for Cable's new Psimitar Swipe power.
*He no longer shares effects with multiple other characters.
*He now has his own custom unique power effects, made by me, and no longer shares effects with multiple other characters.
-However, I did use the Pouncing Pound effect from Cohollow's Beast mod for the Energy Grenade's trail effect.
*His effects' color scheme is completely different. All his Psychic powers have yellow effects and all his weapon powers have blue effects.
*Psychic Slam's effects are now attached to the hand that slams down instead of to his head.

Misc Changes:
*I have included package files for 9 skins. He only has 8 in this mod, but the option is now available to you.
*I changed his packages to allow for unique conversation huds and 3D heads for every skin. I also made a few small fixes to them.

*Cable X-Force loading screen: a loading screen featuring art by Peter Nguyen.
*Cable Desaturated loading screen: a desaturated version of Cable's XML2 loading screen by ak2ny.
*XML2 PSP XMB title screen: An AI Upscaled version of the PSP XMB title screen, which features Cable. I used the same AI Upscaled version of his XML2 loading screen mentioned above, as well as higher quality company logos to remaster this. There are versions with and without company logos.

-Fixed issues with Channel Rage.
-Made Command's levelup coding work the same as Cyclops's does.
-Rebalanced how much EP Command uses.
-Rebalanced the number of levels his boosts have.
-Rewrote various descriptions to make them more accurate.
-Streamlined powerstyle coding.
-Psimitar Sweep's knockback didn't work so I've replaced it with trip.
-Fixed issue with the damage part of Psimitar Sweep not starting early enough.
-Psimitar Sweep can now affect enemies on the ground.
-Minor typo fixes.
-Removed some unneeded coding.
-He can now see cloaked enemies.
-Energy Grenade can now energize.
-Removed weld from all powers that had it because weld only works in XML1.
-Psychic Slam can now build bridges.
-Changed how coding for Xtreme 2 callout works.
-Fixed issues with audio popping.
-Fixed bug with Psimitar Sweep's range.
-Fixed minor issue with Cone of Silence effect's color coding.
-Fixed bug with coding of Critical chance leveling on his Mastery passives.
-His Might starts at level 1 to match default characters.
-Made Energy Grenade's leveling information more clear.
-Fixed some typos.
-I've given him the shared talent Leadership.
-Mental Mastery and Master of War now require Mutant Master
-Time Distortion now requires Psionic Spike
-Corrected mistake I made with installation instructions and added something I forgot.
-Minor herostat correction
-Fixed an issue with his packages causing his powers not to work. (Thanks to BaconWizard17 for fixing them.)
-BaconWizard17 a fixed small mistake he'd made with the file cable_icons1.igb
-Fixed bug with p2_impact effect (thanks to BaconWizard17 for noticing this and fixing it)
-Replaced packages with new X-Men Legends II Ultimate Patch streamlined packages
-His Mental Mastery passive said it increased Critical chance but actually didn't so I fixed that.
-His talent file now differentiates between Mental damage and Telekinetic damage.
-His Mental Mastery passive now affects attacks that do Telekinetic damage.
-Improved Telekinetic Grid's description.
-Added coding for his resistance to his herostat.
-Fixed some minor typos in his talents file.
-Increased his Mental Resistance to match Emma and Psylocke.

*nodoubt_jr: original Cable mod
*BaconWizard17: new skins, huds, 3D heads, icons, Plasma Rifle weapon model, Psimitar weapon model, ideas
*ak2ny: Cable desaturated loading screen
*Ninja Kyden: troubleshooting
*Cohollow: I used the Pouncing Pound effect from his Beast mod for the Energy Grenade's trail effect.

Here's his power list:

Plasma Rifle - Cable fires an intensely-focused beam of Plasma Energy from his rifle that can pierce through enemies.
Psionic Spike - Cable throws a spike of Psychic Energy that hones in on its target and stuns them.
Psimitar Sweep - Cable swings his Psimitar and strikes all nearby enemies, causing Mental Damage and knockback.
Energy Grenade - Cable launches a single grenade from his rifle that explodes and causes Energy Damage and knockback.
Time Distortion - A radial burst of Mental Energy that slows enemy movement by distorting their perception of time.

Cone of Silence - Cable uses a prototype shield device to increase the party's Defense and convert Energy Damage taken into $HP.
Command - Uses his natural leadership abilities to boost the effectiveness of all skills for the entire team.
Telekinetic Cloak - Cable masks all party members' presences from being detected by others and gives all attacks a greater chance of causing Criticals.

Psychic Slam - Surrounding enemies are hoisted into the air by Telekinesis and slammed into the ground.
Channel Rage - Deflects all damage taken back onto enemies for a time.

Telekinetic Grid - Adds a chance to dodge projectile attacks.
Mental Mastery - Increases damage and chance for Criticals with all Mental attacks.
Master of War - Increases damage and chance for Criticals with rifle, grenade, and Psimitar attacks.

Amazing Cable😁but I don't know if it's cause of my end but he causes everyone to lose there powers status effects such as stunning, freezing. I remember the psp characters effects use to do back in the day but from what I see you made new effects anyone else?

Quote from: edward on August 22, 2022, 09:03PM
Amazing Cable😁but I don't know if it's cause of my end but he causes everyone to lose there powers status effects such as stunning, freezing. I remember the psp characters effects use to do back in the day but from what I see you made new effects anyone else?

Was there a particular team this was happening with? A particular map?

No including default and mods, it happens after a few minutes when playing as him.

Quote from: edward on August 23, 2022, 10:00PM
No including default and mods, it happens after a few minutes when playing as him.

So you were getting it regardless of team, and it was happening after a certain amount of time rather than in a specific map?

Yes it doesn't seem to be a specific team and it seems to happen after a few minutes.

August 26, 2022, 06:21PM #9 Last Edit: August 26, 2022, 06:52PM by Enigma
What exactly is happening?
I'm very confused as to what you mean.

Whose effects are disappearing? Just Cable or everyone?
And what effects are disappearing? Is it just the status effects like stun and freeze and such or is it more than that?
If it is just status effects, I'm not sure this is related to Cable specifically.

What are all the other mods you have installed and what specific versions of each character are on your roster?
Maybe it's a specific other mod or maybe a combination of mods that are overloading the game's effects limit.