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Started by Quentin Hex, October 01, 2009, 02:34PM

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You've got some cool signs that introduce your skins, mods, boosters, etc.  Even your signature "sign" is unique -- it's like an embossed stamp!
Use this poll to tell everyone where you are from:,3929.msg73927.html#msg73927

thank you! i'm glad you enjoy them.
gotta love photoshop. it's like a law or something.

hai-ah! a new release!

Wolverine has a long history aging back to the time when samurai traing was hip and happenin, so here's a samurai skin for him. Also, believe it or not, samurai really did wear fancy masks occasionally.
found here:

credit to original mua creators and such.

I would reskin it to have Wolvy's face tbh. (when your friends have fixed the skinning problem:P)

But the idea is cool and true aswell. Can we expect a reskin?:o

i wanted to do that, and i will once (like you say) i fix my skinning problems.
and thank you for compliment.

Deedooo's Iceman Effects Booster:

This adds and updates several effects on iceman. To install: stick the effects folder in the mua main folder, then add the codes below to his herostat to install the corresponding effects.

1) Adds an icy breath effect when in idle. Just a nice touch.

      StatEffect {
      bolt = Bip01 Head ;
      effect = char/iceman/cold_breath ;
      fxlevel = 1 ;

2) Automaticly replaces his "icy aura" with a new one that is like big iceflakes coming off his body and they trail behind him when he moves. Sorry it's a bit hard to see in the picture. i personally think it's a great improvement.

3) Adds effect that causes snow to fall and small gusts of icy wind to go across the screen while in play. It won't install unless you add the code, so if it annoys you, don't add it :P.
      StatEffect {
      bolt = Bip01 Spine2 ;
      effect = char/iceman/snow ;
      fxlevel = 2 ;

sounds pretty awesome
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My mods are mine to booster/update, I will not give anybody permission to do it


i forgot to mention that i'm going to try to convert it to xml2. it shouldn't be to hard.

Cool, the effects defintally look better than before.

here's a small (but important, imho) update for nick fury; a brand new actual grenade, as opposed to that mine doohickey, which is most definitely not a grenade :P.

link >>
just drag the "models" folder inside to your main mua folder. no need to start a new game even :).

also, i strongly recommend you pick up nowhereman's booster for him from here:,3554.0.html
it really makes him so much more fun to play.

wow, new grenade looks aweosme. a certain "must have" on my list ^^

oh, and thanks for recomending my mini-booster, I'm really glad you liked it :D
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