The Gays Thread!

Started by мaгvel wатcheг, January 28, 2011, 07:39AM

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good luck on ur drive test, i'm sure ur gonna be a great driver мaгvel wатcheг

Thanks for the wishs ^^
@Toothless - Don't let it hurts you. She probably already knows about you and is afraid, just give her some time.

Good luck Marvelwatcher and try to bear it Toothless. My mom and dad can sometimes make similar comments and it hurts a lot.

Quote from: Toothless on February 03, 2011, 11:40AM
Edit: today I feel sad because I was watching some TLM ( The little Mermaid ) videos and my mother told me to stop because it's gay. It hurts a lot!

Awww hun just ignore her, shes just not ready to deal with it yet, so she's acting like that to make herself feel better! they go into denial for a bit, so just ignore and do what you want to do :)

ignoring her is best choice ;)

I am sorry :( and she didnt let you watch The Little Mermaid videos! What is the world coming to!

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well since where on the subject of gays lol is anyone else happy ric and shatterstar finally ended up getting together lol :P i mean before when x-force planned to do it they were horribly censored and made it to look like they were close friends (Whatever) and then now you see em face munching makes you giddy inside ROFL!!

Ahh! Good for them! They need to do this in comics more!

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Quote from: midnightphoenix123 on February 03, 2011, 04:38PM
Ahh! Good for them! They need to do this in comics more!

Yeah i was so hoping they would do a flash back comic were we could see in more detail destiny and mystiques relationship that would be cool! :)
and maybe some of the other characters as well like maybe a more indepth look at karma of the new mutants! should be intresting :)

That would be so cool!

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I wanted to make one last comment to explain why I deleted my account and left (if anyone noticed) and didn't return until now:

I found this offensive, that's my issue. While everyone in the world is screaming equality and understanding nobody seems to care whether flaunting such views would be offensive to those of us with strong religious convictions. I don't care whether it's related to a life choice, origins, whatever - when minorities feel the need to take a victim's stance it just bothers me. Gay, straight, white, black, brown, African, English, European, Indian, I don't care. You're human. The fact the people need to tell others they barely know irks me to no end. I don't walk around being all "I'm straight and happily married, I just thought you'd like to know, and so us straight and married folks can band together".

What's my point? Nobody considered whether this would offend anyone. And it's not about being gay, I have an uncle and some friends who are gay - but they don't feel the need to tell people. Why? Because it doesn't matter, and doing so only creates contention due to various beliefs. That's why on other forums I still moderate (lost all my admin privileges when I deleted my old account) there is a strict no polictics, no sexual orientation, no religion policy. Someone always disagrees, sometimes to the point of being stupid enough to delete their account.  :laugh:

On a related note - those of you still of high school age don't know what you are yet in my opinion. You're still exploring, and it's not until you get out into the real world and away from the comfort of home that you define who you are. If you go one way or another that's your choice, I'm just saying you haven't experienced enough to know. You may think you know now, and you may stick with that. The point is you haven't experienced enough in life to solidify anything yet.

well, I partially agree with you. but it's not like people here are flaunting their sexual orientation to no end (ok, some are :P). But honestly you can't be offended just by the fact that someone says "I'm gay". Just like I'm not offended to know you're married to a woman. Sure, I agree it's going overboard when people start sharing their preferences in bed here, not only because it's nobody's business, but also cause we have some pretty young members in the forum who not yet have the experience and maturity to be exposed to this kinda thing. Equality is the main word. I don't care what's forbidden or what's allowed as long as it's the same for every person no matter what. I don't think it's offensive for me to share the fact that I've been victimized due to my sexual orientation, or that I'm dating a guy. But it is indeed offensive sharing other things.

Anyway, I'm just glad to have you back T-Man. \o/
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I was surprised to see this thread in the forum, but I'm glad the administrators let it stay.  There certainly is much that can be said on the topics of discrimination, inequality, justice, homosexuality, abortion, etc....

What I thought was great about this thread was that there were people who came to this forum because of their common interest in Marvel Ultimate Alliance and X-Men Legends but also found that they shared some "qualities" and experiences that they may not have been able to share in any other way.  I think it made some people feel more "at home" here and that they had some friends that understood them better -- even though those friends may be on a different continent.  Unfortunately, the sharing of those experiences had a detrimental effect on others.

Have you guys ever noticed when many strangers get together at a big gathering that they tend to gravitate towards those that they have things in common with?  I think it's human nature to like to find commonalities with others.  The forum was just a different place to do the same thing.

Use this poll to tell everyone where you are from:,3929.msg73927.html#msg73927

I must admit, I was also surprised to see this topic upon the forum. On gaming forums such as these, one tends to forget life exists beyond the parameters of the game and all. It was an interesting read going through each response, though there were some I disagreed with and some I agreed. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I'm glad that those that had differing opinions than mine conveyed themselves with maturity. It's one thing to have a stand on a particular issue, one way or the other, however, I do believe it's a vastly different approach when condemning and hate-mongering is involved.

I consider myself bisexual, although most people in and out of the LGBT community would consider that a transitory stage to something more definitive. I agree that there's a genetic disposition regarding same gender attractions, and I thought it was aptly put that someone, regardless if they are gay or straight, makes the conscious decision to act upon those feelings. However, the source of such attraction is still, in my belief, inherent. How does that reconcile with a person who enjoys both genders? ... Gluttony? LOL No I'm kidding. I would say that although women and the thought of intimacies with them is not scary or disgusting, there is a preference for men. Perhaps that's where my genetic disposition lies. But when it comes to me and relationships, I go by the mushy saying of "personality" over "person" regardless of genitalia.

It's probably why X-Men and its characters tend to stand out so much more with the LGBT community. Like them, a majority of the community feels that they were born with this trait. Without choice in the matter, the community-at-large rejects them... rejects us. It really hits home when you have a story of Reverend William Stryker and his followers with signage that says "God Hates Mutants" and that they're abominations is strikingly parallel with very strong-convicted Christians saying the exact same thing to LGBT members. One of the story arcs that really resonates with me is "God Loves, Man Kills". It was writing like that which transformed X-Men from simply a "comic book" to an amazing graphic novel. Even recently, UXM #414 causes me to tear up every single time.

For those that don't know UXM #414, here's a quick run-down: Charles Xavier recruits Jean-Paul (aka Northstar), or rather attempts to recruit, to teach at his school. JP refuses at first, but Charles convinces him to consider it. En route, a mutant child is found with the ability to manifest explosions, and is dangerously increasing at an alarming rate. JP takes the boy by himself to a hospital or back to the X-Mansion, or some safe haven so that Nightcrawler's team (this back when Nightcrawler, Havok, Storm, and Cyclops has their own teams) wouldn't be put at risk. The boy is appreciative of the offer and begins to bond with JP until he finds out JP is gay. This causes friction between them, and through conversation, the boy and JP understand each other more. Anyway, the boy's condition worsens, as explosions happen along the way with JP withstanding them, however, the next explosion downs them. Telepathically, Xavier says that the next explosion will result in the child's death, and JP reacts angrily. JP makes the decision to stay with the boy and the explosion results in JP's hospitalization. Xavier rationalizes that there was nothing anyone could do, and JP accepts the posts as a teacher.

For anyone that has access to this comic, I highly recommend it because my summation does not do that story any justice whatsoever.

Anyway, I think stories like that, in addition to the gaming commonalities we share, provide us vehicles to herd, and group together. As Fox456 puts it, it's definitely in our nature.

How about you guys Any particular story arc that has hit home?
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I had that comic! (I miss it...) I still have the one where Jean-Paul gets kidnapped by Alpha Flight or whatever and Colossus goes all out to rescue him. Awesome story. :D