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Started by MelloMods, March 27, 2012, 11:37AM

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Thanks everyone!  Hope ya'll enjoy it.

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:nova: :nova: :nova:Nova :nova: :nova: :nova:
Mod By: Gevth
version 1.0

Most of the credit for this mod goes to Gevth and Blaw.  To my best ability, I've attempted to finish Gevth's original Nova0.5 mod based on his ideas found HERE.  I first thought that maybe I should release this as a booster that also linked back to the 0.5 version.  However, I thought it'd be easier for folks to obtain the whole package.
A preview video of the original mod started by Gevth can be found HERE.

  • 18301.igb - Original
  • 18302.igb - New Warrior
  • 18303.igb - Retro
  • 18304.igb - Kid Nova
  • 18305.igb - Annihilation (UMvC3 Skin)

  • Gravimetric Beam: Shoots an energy beam, that affects the gravity of its targets, making them trip. At higher levels, it can pierce suspend them in the air.
  • Human Rocket: Charges through enemies. On higher levels, Nova learns how to better control his trajectory.
  • Ultra-Light Speed: Faster than any sentient being could notice, Nova attacks all enemies around him.
  • Gravimetric Pulse: Nova changes the gravity conditions around him, making enemies and objects fly randomly through the air.
  • Electromagnetic Static Burst: Hits his enemy with incredible energy. The energy released stuns his enemy and, at higher levels, knocks them away or knocks them out
  • Meteor Slam: Flies up to space to gain potential energy, and then slams the ground at an enormeous speed, which pops up the enemies around him. At higher levels, Nova actually pulls a meteor down.
  • Deputy Corps: The Xandarian Worldmind gives all members of Nova's team the rank of deputy Nova Corps members temporarily. Adds energy to attacks and, at higher levels, energy resistance and faster momentum gain. (boost)
  • Nova Force: As a member of the Nova Corps, the man called Nova gains superhuman durability and stamina. (boost)
  • Xandarian Worldmind: Richard taps into the Worldmind's knowledge, revealing enemies location and their weaknesses. (boost)
  • Nova Corps: The Nova Corps assist Richard Rider by shooting energy beams from the sky to the area surrounding Nova (Xtreme)

Menu sounds will be in the next x-voice release. Check,4589.0.html for x_voice updates.

Known Bugs
  • Annihilation (UMvC3) skin is not perfect, being my first mesh/bone rigging/conversion project.  If I manage to perfect it in the future, I'll be sure to update it in the skins section of this release thread. (1st post)
  • I've also added a flight effect.  If you choose to get rid of it, take a look in the README.
  • please report any and all bugs here.

  • powers/original concept: Gevth
  • Skins: Original, New Warrior, Retro and Kid Nova by Blaw; UMvC3 skin by Capcom, converted by harpua1982
  • Icons: DeeDooo
  • Loadscreen: 4elementsefww
  • Sounds: UMvC3 sounds converted by harpua1982
  • effects: harpua1982, Gevth
  • Mannequin: Blaw
  • HUDS: harpua1982

  • Marvelmods and it's users- w/out this community, this wouldn't be any fun.
  • Contributors - Gevth for this great mod.  I just had to finish this so everyone could see the awesomeness that he created. Blaw for his excellent Nova skins and help w/ the rigging process.  DeeDooo for the icons. 4elementsefww for the loadscreen.

As w/ most other mods here, a new game is required.  And don't forget to back-up all files!


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Nova looks terrific!!!  I'm getting ready to download it now.  Thanks for completing this mod, Harpua.
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Sweet! Finally a Nova mod. I'll try this out tonight. Yeah thanks for making this.

awesome job, keep it up

I might just be a pothole in the road to you big guy, but it's going to be one heck of a deep pothole!

Sweet!!! Can't believe someone actually finished it! Love the new skin, I'll definitely try it this weekend!
I thought about saving the "great job" until then, but you know what? Great Job!!

July 31, 2012, 03:45AM #22 Last Edit: July 31, 2012, 04:15AM by Harpua1982
Thanks to both Gevth and Hyperman360, as well as all the others for the comments.  The UMvC3 skin is not the best.  It was my first attempt at rigging so expect an update (see the fingers in right hand).

@ Gevth, I hope you like it.  As I said in the release notes, I tried to follow your ideas as best I could.  Let me know if you would like me to change/add anything and I'll be sure to add in any future updates.

Of course, if you would like to tweak/modify it yourself, feel free.  As it is YOUR mod anyway.


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November 22, 2012, 10:16AM #24 Last Edit: January 22, 2013, 03:59AM by Harpua1982
 :galactus: Galactus  :galactus:

click on image to download skin

Here is a re-rigged version of Galactus. One that is above ground. To use, just rename and replace this skin w/ any desired character in your MUA game. He is about the same size as a normal character but can be scaled up in the herostat. Further instructions on how to install, scale up and use existing HUD is in the READ_ME section located inside the d/l.

I don't really think a Galactus MOD is very practical, so I decided to release this as just a skin, so other folks can use, skin or use for a spawn entity booster or something. It's not perfect, there are a few white spots in his right hand and feet (soles) and his hands are pretty mangled b/c I haven't really figured out how to get the hands to look right in 3dsMax.  If anyone wants to try and fix, I'll gladly upload the 3ds file. Or maybe I'll have an update in the future...who knows?

Texture is in DXT1 format and his ears/horns/(whatever those things on the side of his head are) are hideable skin segments called: gal_head_segment.

Big thanks goes out to Hyperman360 for the Galactus model rip.



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This is very cool!  Alot of people have requested Galactus to be a playable character.  Great work!
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Great job man! Excelent!
Canino passed away in April 2022. He will be dearly missed by the community

Since I've seen a bunch of requests for thetommyboy2002's Tigra mod as a stand-alone mod and I already have the files separated on my computer, I decided to release it.
Even though this is in my release thread, this isn't my mod.  All credit goes to thetommyboy2002.  All I did is listed in the changelog located in the READ_ME file:

:wbane:TIGRA MOD V1 :wbane:

- 4 skins created by thetommyboy2002
- 2 HUDS (1 of which is shared by 3 skins...correct me if I'm wrong)
- Wolverine's powerset
- Wolverine's Iconset
- Custom Mannequin
- No loadscreen

Thanks to thetommyboy2002 for his great Avengers mod and giving me the permission to convert this to it's own mod.



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Thanks for sharing the separate Tigra mod.  It certainly does take time to make all the necessary changes in the files.
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