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Started by Outsider, April 06, 2013, 10:43AM

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Perhaps this is.wishful thinking, but could the hero you have in mind put a shock to our system?...

I'm hoping this particular character who isn't from either of the big two comic companies is Hellboy. Big guy deserves to be in a solid game outside of Injustice 2 DLC :D

Hellboy would be great! I'm always interested whenever someone says they want to do a comic/superhero mod that isn't Marvel or DC because then it becomes a lot harder to predict whoever it is.

And yeah, that series definitely wasn't perfect. Personally my favorite Spider-Man movie out of all of them is still Spider-Man 2 (the original sequel with Tobey Maguire). I even have Spider-Man 2.1, which has eight extra minutes of footage; it's actually pretty good, because some of the fight scenes between Spider-Man and Dr. Octopus there are even more intense when they were already really impressive, especially for the time the movie came out (14 years ago! Damn, do I feel old!).

I thought Jamie Foxx's Electro was really good, too :)


The Inhumans are about to get bigger, for here comes Dante Pertuz, the young Latino Inhuman who is a member of the Secret Warriors known as Inferno. It was a challenge for his powers to be somewhat different than other fire-based characters, but I think some of it was pulled off nicely. True to his character, he fights and sounds like someone who just wants to be left alone, worried that he's gonna hurt someone. But, you'll still dig it. Check him out.

-4 powers, 2 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-Abilities of Fire Immunity and Burning Impact (all powers will cause burning for a time).
-2 hex-edited skins, 3 HUDs, icons, loading screen, 2 mannequins, sound/voice file.
-Uses assigned number #106 (will clash with Siryn in mannequin).

1. Hotshot: Moves forward and blasts enemies with a lethal fire-charged attack, causing knockback.
2. Heat Seekers: Throws fireballs that will follow enemies and explode on them.
3. Raging Flame: Throws intense flame at enemies in a constant flamethrower action.
4. Solar Blast: A constant radial blast of fire that knocks back all enemies.
5. (Boost) Inhuman Healing: Dante has the ability to heal his wounds for a time.
6. (Boost) Team Torch: All allies are surrounded by Inferno's flames, gaining fire damage, fire immunity & momentum.
7. (Xtreme) Dante's Inferno: Creates a large blast of intense flame that combusts on all enemies.

2 more skins & 1 more HUD.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, HUDs, icons, sounds, loading screen, hex-editing etc.
UltraMegaMagnus - Skins, mannequins

None so far.


Nice! Only need Maximus The Mad and Kamala Khan to complete the Inhumans team now :D

Outsider would be in your projects, a future assassin's creed mod?
Star Andy :))

Quote from: Ceamonks890 on November 11, 2018, 05:20PM
Nice! Only need Maximus The Mad and Kamala Khan to complete the Inhumans team now :D

Truth be told, I actually attempted Kamala Khan in the past, but there was a problem with her arms as they stretch... I can show the problem easier on Discord.

Quote from: StarAndy on November 11, 2018, 06:03PM
Outsider would be in your projects, a future assassin's creed mod?

Nobody from Assassin's Creed at this time. However, potential new modder Trill Mill requested a number at the CCC for Ezio Audiore Da Firenze, so whenever he becomes again, you may see that character modded...

November 12, 2018, 03:58PM #1732 Last Edit: March 08, 2024, 11:16PM by Outsider

I am deeply saddened to hear about the passing of the legendary Stan Lee, as he and his many iconic characters were an inspiration for me growing up when I was a little kid. It was he who inspired me to write and create my own characters and stories. Sadly, I never got the chance to meet him, but I'm glad he lived a long life, passing away at age 95. I thank him for inspiring me and many generations of people around the world. If anyone wonders why I will always choose Marvel over DC, now you know why. I will always be one of his "True Believers."

That said, I present to you all my character mod of fellow New Yorker, Stan Lee. Originally as you know, he was one of my secret mods that I released a couple of years ago. But, in tribute to all of his timeless super heroes and super villains, I've decided that he shouldn't be a secret anymore, and no password is needed. I want to share with you all my original tribute to "Stan The Man." If you already have this mod, feel free to talk about it -- he's not a secret anymore. I hope you all enjoy this mod, as we celebrate the life and legend that is Stan Lee. May his imaginative and creative soul rest in peace. Excelsior!!!

1922 - 2018

UPDATE: Added additional voice lines.

-6 powers, 3 boosts, and an Xtreme. Plus 3 powers & 2 boosts located in the passives section! (An Outsider original!)
-Abilities of Teleport, Hero Rewrite (can revive himself & fallen heroes), & Leadership.
-10 hex-edited skins, 5 HUDs, 2 loading screens, icons, 5 mannequins, and sound/voice file using his own voice from MUA2 and "Stan's Rants."
-Uses assigned number #100 (Shares with Deathlok. Mannequin will clash. Loading screen may clash as well.)

1. Web Bullets: Shoots projectiles of impact webbing.
2. Shield Throw: Throws shield at enemy. Can steer projectile.
3. Uni-Beam: Fires a concentrated laser of pure energy that pierces the targets if fully charged.
4. Gamma Smash: Punches the ground hard doing radial damage. Double damage to stunned foes.
5. Asgardian Thunder: Uses Mjolnir and summons lightning down on victim. Can chain to more victims at higher levels.
6. Vengeful Flame: Spontaneously combust enemy. Will ignite enemies, burning their souls.
7. (Boost) Invisibility: Become invisible to enemies, raises his chance of getting a critical hit, and stuns enemies hit by critical attacks.
8. (Boost) Eye of Agamotto: Raises health regen for party and removes status ailments from allies within range.
9. (Boost) Berzerker Rage: Gains adamantium claws and a healing factor. Boosts damage and speed.
10. (Xtreme) Cosmic Might: Calls down a beam from the cosmos, building up and energizing nearby enemies. Also restores party health and energy.

A. Widow's Bite: Shoot electrostatic energy blasts at enemies.
B. Blind Radar: Gains dodging chances for the team, and temporarily sense enemies without eyesight.
C. Psychic Stunner: Form psy-blades, and stun multiple enemies from above.
D. Gun Blasts: Fires from deadly high-powered guns with a chance at critical damage.
E. Skin of Steel: Gains durable steel-hard skin. Deflects projectiles, and reverses damage back at attackers.
F. Vampire Aura: Gains the regenerative abilities of a vampire, regaining health and energy from spilled blood.
G. Light of Warbird: Adds energy damage to all melee attacks and gains momentum from combat faster.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, loading screens, icons, sounds, hex-editing, etc.
Julio Cabral - Skins, TASM HUD
Andersonbrazil - MUA2 HUD, mannequin
Baconwizard17 - All PS2 skins, HUDs, & mannequins
Miles838 - Additional voice lines
Stan Lee - Being an inspiration to comics fans everywhere, and for his entertaining cameos.

None so far.


I always loved the mod you made for Stan The Man, and it remains a fitting tribute to him. To say that his legacy is impressive is a massive understatement. No doubt there's going to be a Stan Lee shaped hole in my heart for a length of time I cannot imagine, but it warms me to know that his dreams are and forever will be still alive.

I like how he has one power each of the characters he created.

The master of the imagination, the true artist of the comic book universe. My youth was marked with the ideals of justice conveyed by his super-heroes. His legacy will immortalize the figure of this who was the greatest literary genius to adolescents, young people and adults.

Thanks for this I almost cried reading the png file. and Thanks for everything Stan! your's, Jack's and Steve's minds brought amazing epic characters & stories to so many including me thank you for making us all believe in heroes! and sometimes villains Marvel's holy trinity is together again may the three of you Rest in Peace and may your visions and art continue to echo throughout history... :(

November 13, 2018, 12:11AM #1737 Last Edit: November 13, 2018, 12:14AM by Ceamonks890
Cheers for making the mod more easily accessible Outsider. Spidey, Hulk, the Fantastic Four and X-Men made up a huge part of my childhood through the realm of TV, with timeless stories that delved into a variety of topics and left a good impression on my easily entertained young mind.

The F4 showed me the importance of a strong family unit, the X-Men taught me to never judge people by their cover and learn to accept who they are flaws and all, the Hulk made me realize how fascinatingly complex human beings can be & last but certainly not least, Spider-Man taught me a high sense of morality and to never give up in spite of overwhelming odds and that taking time to laugh at oneself is very much a healthy thing to do.

So Stan, thank you for leaving such a massive impact on millions of people around the world(including me) and I can only hope you're happy wherever you are now :(

It would be of great difficulty to find anyone who disagrees with anything you all said about Stan Lee. That said, Julio Cabral just released new skins for my mod of the comic legend. I have not tested them yet, or if his "passive powers" will work with his 2nd costume, but I will try soon enough.