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Started by Outsider, April 06, 2013, 10:43AM

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Very nice job updating all those mods! That's some serious hard work!

My Christmas was very nice! Hope yours was too, and that you have a Happy New Year!

Damn Outsider, I've been gone for a minute, and you jumped to 250. It's truly an accomplishment how you have helped breathe life back into this game & I'm glad you never fully retired.

December 31, 2021, 08:24PM #2477 Last Edit: February 12, 2024, 09:32AM by Outsider

And now to finalize the Mortal Kombat expansion, I present to you the last mod of 2021 (or the first mod of 2022 depending on your time zone) -- the Earthrealm-turned-Outworld assassin known as Erron Black. It may be safe to say that every little boy has at one point dreamt of being a cowboy, wondering what life was like in the ol' Wild West. Well, I wanted to capture that feel -- that you really are playing as a cowboy when you are playing with this mod. So it was a lot of fun creating him. It is my hope that you have fun shooting down the Masters of Evil like fish in a barrel as this Black Dragon-affiliated mercenary. Check it as we celebrate New Year's Eve.

-5 powers, 2 boosts, and a Fatality.
-Ability of Mortal Kombat (can taunt and perform Stage Fatality).
-6 hex-edited skins, 5 HUDs, icons, loading screen, mannequin & sound/voice file.
-Uses assigned number #132 (shares with Cloak. Will clash in mannequin).

1. DRAW!: Fires the fastest shot imaginable that will stun the enemy for a time. Also strengthens Stage Fatality.
2. Zatarrean Acid: Throws a vial of Saurian acid, creating a pool for enemies to burn. Also improves grab smash.
3. Locked and Loaded: Equips his rifle and fires piercing rounds for as long as the gun is held. Can move and strafe.
4. TNT: Throws strapped sticks of dynamite that will violently explode after a few seconds.
5. Western Standoff: Spins and readies his revolver guns to draw and fire six deadly shots at enemies. Outsider's favorite.
6. (Boost) High Noon: Increases his team's XP and momentum while dust flies and a classic tune briefly plays...
7. (Boost) Armor Piercing Rounds: Loads his guns with special bullets, increasing damage and critical chance for gun attacks.
8. (Fatality) Money Shot: Throws coins in the air, then shoots them to ricochet the bullets off them to hit multiple targets. Also increases money gained during kills.

This mod uses a small snippet of the theme from "The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly" by Ennio Morricone. I claim no credit for this track.

Outsider - Mod creation & coding, TNT & Coin models, HUDs, icons, loading screen, mannequin, sounds, hex-editing, etc.
Enchlore - All skins
UltraMegaMagnus - Six-shooter gun models

None so far.


This is really, really great, Outsider!!! I was really hoping Erron Black had a shot at being the last kombatant and I'm thrilled. Can't wait to try him out! Happy New Year!

January 04, 2022, 10:08PM #2479 Last Edit: January 05, 2022, 12:37AM by Outsider
Everyone, the MK on MUA Content Mod has been updated. Basically, I made all 40 kombatants playable to it, added more team bonuses, updated the review screen for more features, etc. I think it plays even better now. Check it out here:

Also, Fujin and Sonya have been updated. In Sonya's case, her herostat has changed. Take the time to make sure all of the MK mods are updated, and that you've acquired my boosters for Raiden, Sub-Zero, Scorpion, Ermac, and Kung Lao so that every mod works as they're supposed to. Have fun!

EDIT: After updating, delete the following from the "textures/mk_load" folder: After updating, delete the following: 8303, 8503, 9403.

Hey Outsider congratulations on your 250 mods! Let's hope for another 250! (joking)
A question, does Murderworld gives problems to mod character? I never noticed until now (since my kids are the one who play the most), but during the pinball section, none of the agent of shield chars worked correctly, they couldn't punch and the only power that worked was the one assigned to number 2. Apart for them, Vertigo and Judge Dredd (not yours) presented the same problem. According to my kid, this happened once to her with Danielle Moonstar.
Starting a new game with a new herostat fixed the problem, but I don't know if something goes on when playing Murderworld

Everyone, the following mods have been updated.

Hank Pym: Effects no longer clash with the :wasp: Wasp.
Outsider's 250 Celebration: (Feral) Now has an animated tail. Herostat has changed. Just overwrite everything to be safe.
:warpath: Warpath: Now has flight, as I was originally unaware that he can fly.

The next mod I'm working on is... kind of a big deal. But I also have a few major updates coming up. Stay tuned, boys and girls... :king: (evil laugh)

So excited to hear it!!! I've got my fingers crossed for Ash Williams, but I'm sure it will be awesome no matter what!!!

January 17, 2022, 08:52AM #2483 Last Edit: January 17, 2022, 08:59AM by JracoMeter
Great mod with tons of powers. Both  :cd: are powerful but not too OP.



Was not expecting :venom2: to change forms, nice detail.

- Jraco

Everyone, my mod of Johnny Blaze has been updated. I've improved his melee animations, added menu animations, and changed his herostat & all files to say "Johnny Blaze" rather than "John Blaze" since the former is more common. Thanks to VsaintJ for the melee animation idea.,8753.msg191855.html#msg191855

I have a couple of updates planned, so you may see back-to-back posts from me. Kate Bishop is one of them, but I'm waiting for her Fortnite skin to become available for someone to convert. Stay tuned.

In addition to Johnny Blaze being updated as mentioned in the previous post, the following have been updated:

:bheart: Blackheart: Changed his "Legion" power to have critical chance instead of psychic vulnerability, as the souls orbit him - not inside of him, thus still immune to Penance Stare. (Blackheart wouldn't have made the mistake he did in the Ghost Rider movie.)
:havok: Havok: Changed all animations, changed grab smash and only a few effects, added newer skins & mannequin. Herostat has changed. Just overwrite everything.
Shang-Chi: Changed the mechanic of his "Nunchaku Shock" power. (Thanks to Bloodymares for mentioning a chain I had somehow forgot about.)

I will keep on the lookout for Kate Bishop's Fortnite model to be released in the hopes it will be converted. Besides her, I have one more booster planned, and one more mod planned. Stay tuned to the Crypt.

February 03, 2022, 11:45PM #2486 Last Edit: August 13, 2023, 07:05PM by Outsider

And here comes my mod of Excalibur/ MI:13/ X-Force mutant spy :wisdom: Pete Wisdom. Originally, it was a much needed booster for boreman's version of him as I wanted to make Wisdom fun to play as while getting rid of the problems that the original mod had. But now, it's a full mod that makes him very dangerous and fun. Check him out for yourself.

UPDATE: Now a full mod! Fixed a couple of talent descriptions.

-4 powers, 3 boosts, and an Xtreme.
-5 hex-edited skins, 5 HUDs, icons, loading screen, mannequin, and sound/voice file.
-Uses assigned number #74. (Will clash mannequins with Purple Man and Sly Cooper.)

1. Spy Shot: Pulls out an MI-13 pistol and shoots with precision, forcing stun and knockdown.
2. Hot Knives: Throws out several thermal energy projectiles, and controls them to follow and burn through multiple enemies.
3. Thermal Strike: Jumps and slashes an enemy with his burning hot knife hands. Cannot be harmed during this attack.
4. 5,778 K: Wisdom spins and slices enemies with his knives as hot as the surface of the sun, burning them violently.
5. (Boost) Black Ops: Uses his skills as an MI-13 secret agent to infiltrate, becoming difficult for to see. Gains chance for critical damage.
6. (Boost) Tactical Strategist: Leads his team into battle, increasing team defense and revealing enemies on the minimap for a time.
7. (Boost) With Rage Comes Wisdom: Heats up his fingers to increase his attack damage, leading to devastatingly efficient results.
8. (Xtreme) Hot Streak: Throws enlarged, fatally hot knives at his enemies, and controls them to burn mercilessly through numerous enemies.

Outsider - Mod recreation & coding, animation fixes, X-Force & Excalibur reskins, HUDs (X-Force & Excalibur), effects, sounds, loading screen, etc.
boreman - Original Pete Wisdom mod
Panaka_69 - Mobius skin
MelloMods - Deathlok Laser Claws bolton
Ceamonks890 - Daniel Craig voice
UltraMegaMagnus - Mannequin

None so far.


Everyone, Goku has been updated. There were a few errors that needed to be addressed. I fixed the animation error that had him punching on idle, and lowered the Super Saiyan initial energy cost to 60. Download the update as soon as you can.

Also, my :psylocke: Psylocke & :revanche: Revanche booster has been updated with the following changes:
Added the following Psylocke skins & HUDs: Uncanny X-Force, Captain Britain, Original, Lady Mandarin, & Remix (from Deadpool Game)
Added the following Revanche skins & HUDs: New Psylocke (Hellions), Disassembled, Assassin (hex-edited)
Updated Revanche sword bolton.
Please note -- Both herostats have changed.

I will next update my mod of Kate Bishop, which will be a major change. I'm very busy this week, but you'll dig what I have in mind... Stay tuned to The Crypt. :king:

Everyone, Kate Bishop has been updated. I am a fan of the Disney+ show, Hawkeye, so I had to make her even better than before. I replaced four of her powers with better ones (three of which are MCU-inspired), added her MCU skin, HUD, and loading screen, and even an alternate voice file with Hailee Steinfeld's voice. Check her out.

Love all this updates especially Kate she's my valentines 😍👍