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Started by Teancum, January 28, 2014, 05:04PM

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January 28, 2014, 05:04PM Last Edit: February 11, 2014, 07:15AM by Teancum
Well, considering there's a ton more potential here than on the 360, AND I can run MUAPSP via an emulator on my Android TV stick computer I'm shifting gears and seeing what I can do here. What I'll be working on will be known as the Platinum Edition mod for the PSP and PSP emulators.

  • 5th and 6th costumes for all characters
  • :hawkeye: Hawkeye always unlocked
  • Add :moonk: Moon Knight
  • :ronin: Ronin removed, but main Ronin skin and powers moved to 6th :moonk: Moon Knight costume
  • :pyslocke: Psylocke in :blackwidow: Black Widow's spot (same spot), Widow removed
  • Add  :hulk_icon: Hulk in what *would* be  :colossus: Colossus' menu spot
  • Add  :gambit: Gambit (31XX) in :ronin: Ronin's old menu spot
  • :warmachine: War Machine in last open spot
  • Add bug fixes from the community
  • Add PS2 HUD icons for playable characters (2x the resolution)
  • Passive (costume-specific) powers moved to main powerset. No more being forced to use a costume you don't like because it has great bonuses.
  • :vision: Vision - in outfit slots 4-6 of Silver Surfer
PROPOSED HD "booster" (emulators only):

  • Replace PSP sounds with PS2 sounds
  • PS2 levels and characters where possible??? (more "HD" than PSP textures)


  • 30 total playable characters
  • 5th and 6th costumes for all characters
  • Use PS2 XML1/XML2/MUA1 animations, models and textures, MUA2 PSP animations, models and textures, MUA2 PS2 animations only, MUA1 360 animations only
  • Use PS2 sounds (PSP sounds use the exact same format, just lower quality)
  • Manually build PSP/PS2 sounds (with a lot of hex editing)
  • Use Xbox 360 DLC stage for 30 mannequin slots
  • Have custom PS2-exported mannequins and boltons


  • Higher resolution fonts/UI textures
  • PS2 worlds/levels

January 28, 2014, 05:07PM #1 Last Edit: February 20, 2014, 07:24AM by Teancum

  • :panther: Black Panther - Tien shinhan's booster; Hound (5), T'Chaka skins (6)
  • :blade: Blade - add MUA2 powers; MUA2 skin (5), Modern (6)
  • :capamer: Captain America - add MUA2 double jump; Age of X (5), First Avenger (6)
  • :genis: Captain Marvel - fixes; Photon (5), Quasar (6)
  • :daredevil: Daredevil - no changes; Shadowland (5), Marvel Nemesis (6)
  • :deadpool: Deadpool - no changes; Age of Apocalypse (5), X-Force (6)
  • :strange: Doctor Strange - No changes; Capeless (5), Modern (6)
  • :elektra: Elektra - no changes; Skull (5), Universe X (6)
  • :gambit: Gambit - MUA2 powers w/XML2 Xtreme; Classic (1), Modern (2), Age of Apocalypse (3), Ultimate (4), Civil War (5),  X-Men Legends (6)
  • :ghostr: Ghost Rider - no changes; Danny Ketch (5), Carter Slade (6)
  • :hawkeye: Hawkeye - MUA 360 update; Ultimate Masked (5), Cinematic (6)
  • :hulk_icon: Hulk - MUA2 powers; Modern (MUA2) (1), Classic (2), Red Hulk (3), Joe Fixit (4), House of M (5), Gray (6)
  • :humant: Human Torch - no changes; Future Foundation (5), Age of X (6)
  • :iceman: Iceman - Blaw's booster; Ultimate (5), 90's (6)
  • :iwoman: Invisible Woman - no changes; Future Foundation (5), Age of X (6)
  • :stark: Iron Man - add MUA2 powers; Modern (MUA2) (2), Silver Centurion Mk II (5), Heroes Reborn (6)
  • :pman: Luke Cage - no changes; Secret War (5), Thunderbolts (6)
  • :moonk: Moon Knight - Iammingy's booster; Retro (4), Ronin (5), Secret Avengers (6)
  • :fantastic: Mr. Fantastic - Cate's blocking booster; Future Foundation (5), Age of X (6)
  • :warbird: Ms. Marvel - no changes; Rogue (5), Modern (6)
  • :nfury: Nick Fury - Punisher Classic (5), Punisher Trencoat (6)
  • :psylocke: Psylocke - MUA2 powers;
  • :silvers: Silver Surfer / :vision: Vision combo - Silver Surfer - Classic (1), Keeper (2), Dark Surfer (3), Norrin Radd (4), Vision - Avengers (5), Vision - Gatherer(6)
  • :spidergirl: Spider-man - Symbiote now a boost; Unlimited (2), Insulated (5), Amazing (6)
  • :spiderwoman: Spider-Woman - no changes; Ultimate (5), Age of X (6)
  • :storm: Storm - no changes; Age of Apocalypse (5), Modern - MUA2 (6)
  • :thing: Thing - add MUA2 powers; Future Foundation (5), Age of X (6)
  • :thor: Thor  - no changes; Ages of Thunder (5)
  • :warmachine: War Machine - PC mod; Classic (1), Initiative (2), Modern (3), Modular (4), Prototype (5), Iron Man 2.0 (6)
  • :wolverine: Wolverine - no changes; Age of Apocalypse (5), X-Force (6)


  • Raven Software, Vicarious Visions, n-Space, Activision, Marvel: For making the great games I sourced
  • Adventureiromax: Ms Marvel Modern skin
  • Blaw: Wolverine X-Force, Spider-Woman Ultimate, Spider-Woman Mattie Franklin skins
  • Deadooo: Captain America Age of X, Deadpool X-Force, Gambit Age of X, Doctor Strange Modern, Iceman (powered up) MUA2, Iron Man Silver Centurion Mk II, Psylocke X-Force, Psylocke Age of X Spider-Woman Age of X skins
  • Deadpool-X: Daredevil Shadowland, Moon Knight Vengeance skins
  • Iammingy: Blade MUA2, Captain Marvel Photon, Gambit Death, Ghost Rider Danny Ketch, Iceman 90's, better resolution Iceman Ultimate, Moon Knight Retro, Spider-Man Unlimited skins
  • Marquis: Black Panther Hound, Black Panther T'Chaka, Captain America Captain Steve Rogers, Daredevil Shadowland skins
  • Nuhverah: Rogue 90's skin
  • Nikotozik: Spider-Man Ultimate
  • nodoubt_jr: Elektra Skrull
  • UltimateVenom: Captain America First Avenger, Captain America The Avengers, Deadpool MUA2, Fantastic Four Future Foundation, Luke Cage Secret War, Hawkeye Masked Ultimate, Moon Knight Vengeance Spider-Man Amazing skins


  • 30 characters is actually the max. Adding 31 crashes at the hero select screen. The final roster is above
  • Gambit is in and working 100% aside from one cel-shading issue (Death) and icons/HUDs
  • 5th and 6th costumes are in place for Captain America, Iron Man and Spider-Woman
  • Spider-Man now has a symbiote boost (thanks Blaw!) and costume #2 is now Unlimited. Costume 6 is Amazing (movie) and I wanted to use Last Stand for 5 (such an awesome costume), but I can't hide the cel shading, so I'm going with the insulated suit. Should have that in tomorrow
  • Blaw is being a major pal and doing the mannequins and boltons down the road, so this'll have a nice polish to it. I also replaced the PSP "stage" with the 360 DLC one so I can show all 30 mannequins
  • I'm still trying to figure out NRSkinner and PS2 skins. I can extract to DDS fine, but importing either gives me an empty texture or a bunch of garbage when looking in TextureFinder. Until I can figure it out I can't do the icons for Gambit and the extra HUDs for everyone else
  • I have each character individually separated so I can quickly rebuild FBs from raw directories. Basically I can compile all the character's FBs with a push of a button, which makes life much faster.

February 13, 2014, 07:16PM #3 Last Edit: February 13, 2014, 08:17PM by Teancum
So I finished several more 5th and 6th skin sets. I noticed, though, that a few of em' cause lockups when exiting the character select screen. I can't seem to pinpoint it at the moment. My priority is getting these in and all working, then moving passives over to the main powerset. After that comes the daunting task of manually building the sound files.

**note to self: check blade skins, spider-man skins to see if I hex edited the correct numbers in. Could be causing issue? (doesn't on other platforms)


  • I have to drop the Symbiote boost I had planned for Spider-Man. PS2 models + the PSP symbiote model (since I need both) prove to go over what the limits are. If someday we can make PS2 models I'll be able to re-export with 128x128 textures and fit inside the limits. For now, no dice.
  • That same limit on size is being seen with other characters. I can't squeeze some PS2 models into the total limit for character models and animations (~550kb). So that being said I decided some characters will have extra outfits, some won't. For now it's the best I can do -- unless we can make new custom PS2 character models (see above)
  • I dropped a number of other boosters for now. Like I typically do I tend to think big at first then shave things down based on what I'm actually able to do. Some of that is due to game limitations, but some of that is due to my own time and skill limitations.


  • Finally got PS2 skinning to work, thanks to BLaw's tutorial. It's a bit more involved on the image editing side than I'd like, but hey, that means custom HUD icons and anything else I need. Had to make a custom 64x64 template, and that took most of the time to figure out (darn P8 format)
  • Fixed an issue with Deadpool that was bugging me, and now I can use AoA Deadpool from XML2 alongside MUA Deadpool costumes. I had to hex edit the models and edit the powerstyle. If we ever do a version 1.4 of the OC mod I'll add this fix
  • About 1/2 way through adding extra costumes
  • The first of four new characters (Gambit) is totally done

great job so far man!hows the progress? i cant wait for this to release!

April 05, 2014, 02:07PM #7 Last Edit: April 05, 2014, 03:21PM by Teancum
On hold to work on the X-Men Legends PC project. I could release what I have so far if you want.


Simple install instructions included

Works on all versions: NTSC-U, PAL, and NTSC-J

to get colossus simply open herosate.engb and find colossus and remove a line a little like this psp_hidden = PSP ;
i think

Does anyone have a working link for this?

Same, I got so hyped up when i noticed this... Only for the link to have died. :(

is there anyone willing to finish this mod