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Author Topic: Ceamonks890's Playable Mod Character Roster menu callouts  (Read 114880 times)

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Re: Ceamonks890's Playable Mod Character Roster menu callouts
« Reply #75 on: September 09, 2022, 08:05pm »
Collection Thirty-Five is now available, containing mods from Ceamonks890, Panaka_69 & tubularspacedude respectively:

-Agatha Harkness(Marvel Comics)
-Buzz Lightyear(Pixar)
-Captain Carter(MCU)
-Cassie Lang(Marvel Comics)
-Civil Warrior(Marvel Contest of Champions)
-Gorr The God Butcher(Marvel Comics)
-Ice(DC Comics)
-Infamous Iron Man(Marvel Comics)
-Jim Hammond(Marvel Comics)
-Korg(Marvel Comics)
-Man-Thing(Marvel Comics)
-Nadia Van Dyne(Marvel Comics)
-Punisher 2099(Marvel Comics)
-Sailor Moon
-Spider-Punk(Marvel Comics)
-Tidus(Final Fantasy X): Two different callouts for one's preferred pronunciation of Tidus's name!
-Warwolf(Marvel Comics)