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Started by Norrin Radd, September 11, 2007, 07:55PM

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In the Knowledge Base section.  Right now there's no official % Complete or anything like that.  So what you see in the pictures works albeit with lots of bugs and whatnot that need fixing before public release.  Act 1 is mostly playable in our private versions, but there's still lots to do. 

is there any way to make the maps recycle, so one could do the missions over and over? i discovered that i REALLY like killing sentinels. thanks!

I think if you complete a few levels before you go back there, they may respawn since they aren't bosses, but i'm not sure. Maybe the easiest way to replay it again is just to save at the mansion and always use that save to devastate the sentinels

Quote from: Norrin Radd on March 09, 2008, 02:45PMthey may respawn since they aren't bosses
Actually, bosses can respawn as well. Today I was on my way back to collect a Daredevil action figure in the Omega Base when suddenly Crimson Dynamo's introductory script was activated and I was able to fight him again. I even got another item from him!
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so, it's possible that the new missions recycle the same way the acts do? i've noticed that if you switch acts, the maps tend to recycle themselves. that, or i'm completely nuts.

wow man i really like it :D nice work keep it up :D i think that everyone right now :p want to ask u could u make more missions?????

Thanks. There won't be any new missions for a while, I'm hoping to soon finish the three x-men mods I'm working on though

Quote from: Norrin Radd on June 05, 2008, 10:49PM
Thanks. There won't be any new missions for a while, I'm hoping to soon finish the three x-men mods I'm working on though
Sorry to pushin you man :P i forgot that i was waiting for that mods too, i guess i got too excited cause of your missions

PS: sorry for beign so anoying in the forum

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fantastic work norrin.when you finish those x-men should do more of these,like spider-man vs venom and Thor vs Gladiator
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Call me crazy, but I'd rather have the XML-1 remake then another little side mission. That sucker 'll be like a whole new game - so you get MUA AND XML-1 for the PC... all for 12 bucks off Amazon with maybe a sixty-seven dollar add-on for a new video card to handle the advanced pixel shaders.

All 'n all you get your moneys worth AND THEN some. Kudos to the modders who make this game bend over backwards and beg for butter-milk ;)

Added Omega Red's voice sounds and power sounds. See first post for link.

If you had the previous version installed just overwrite your:
and add the files in the /sounds/ directory

There is yes, but I meant that mission to be similar to on the X-men TV show where Wolverine and Sabretooth fight, without goons

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Whoa! This looks unbelievable Norrin! So, I just copy the files (and back-up old ones, of course), and once I reach Stark Tower and use the right person to talk to Fury, this'd happen? Sorry if I sound all skeptical; I'm not. I'm just so new to all this modding it's like I haven't seen anything as awesome as this. :D