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Started by Mynexus92, December 06, 2018, 07:09PM

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The game was just announced as a Switch exclusive at this year's VGAs. Thoughts?

Angry on so many levels.

On the other hand, the franchise lives on.

I have so many reasons to hate it already

1) Switch exclusive. Why not make it for the rest? They're going to get poor sales. Also, this means no PC version, so no modding
2) Childish graphics. It looks like it's made for kids. This also probably means that it's going to be rated E10+ rather than T like every other game in the franchise
3) The roster. It's just a rehash of the Infinity War cast plus Wolverine. Where are the rest of the X-Men? The Fantastic Four? They own both properties so they should have no problem adding them in

I'm going to try to remain optimistic, but at this point I don't know how I can. Hopefully they at least expand the roster considerably.

I haven't been on here in quite awhile, but as soon as I saw the trailer drop I knew I had to come pay a visit.

I will say I am very excited to see the franchise live on and before the trailer even started I couldn't control my excitement. On the other side of things it does look a bit more kiddie then the past two games, in all honesty when I saw Wolverine in the thumbnail the game models and graphics looked more like an update to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite then Ultimate Alliance. But I am hoping that they keep with the play style and feelings of the other two games.

I do really hope the game is fun, and I hope the roster is much more then just the MCU characters they have been pushing. Seeing Wolverine is nice, but he isn't the only X-Man. I hope both the X-Men and Fantastic Four get representation. It is strange seeing it be a Switch only exclusive (Which instantly made me remember how Samus and Link were originally going to be exclusive characters in the original Ultimate Alliance game.) So I hope it gets released to other consoles down the line.

Hopefully we get some more information soon.

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Looks trash. Cartoon Graphics just like any other Marvel mobile game.
No F4. No Daredevil. No Ghost Rider. No Blade. Not even Black Panther who is MCU.
I'll just keep playing 1 and 2 instead of wasting my money on a dead platform with a game from softcore porn games devs.
This time,it's four.

As I've stated on the Discord server, it was a nice surprise to see MUA3 is actually a thing, but I can't say my interest is high.

1. They're using the 'Infinity Gauntlet' storyline again, making this the fourth time its been used in an official Marvel-licensed game now. Can we please have something different Marvel?
2. Switch exclusive, so a chance of no PC port or any serious modding potential.
3. More of an MCU influence here than that of the comics which the previous two games used, boring artstyle, predictable roster and flat-sounding tie-in cartoon voice actor choices for the most part very much included.
4. Mostly generic-looking levels. A space station, a lifeless asteroid in the middle of space(Asteroid M from XML1 this is not), a prison, NYC, Feudal Japan temple... Pretty telling when the X-Mansion is the most interesting level of the bunch revealed and its already been in both XML games.
5. Personal pet peeve this one is, but when this community has offered so many mods for MUA1 to the point, that you can have not only obscure and mainstream Marvel characters fighting alongside each other, but a ton of crossover potential with other characters from all walks of entertainment, it kinda makes MUA3 pale in comparison. Not fair I know, but still.

I'll likely catch a playthrough of this on YouTube when it releases next year, but I'm not expecting it to top the XML games and especially MUA1.

If there was a PC port then we could probably mess with it and make it a decently playable game, but right now I see no chance in that

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The Switch exclusivity boggles my mind, like how did they make the descicion to not release it on PC while (presumably) knowing that MUA1 and XML2 were kept alive and fresh for so many years by a dedicated and talented modding community. I hope it's only a timed exclusive, and will eventually get released on the other platforms.
Appearance-wise, it looks more like a successor to Marvel vs Capcom than Ultimate Alliance, I don't particularly dig this  type of cartoony style, it lacks... depth. And just like Ceamonks mentioned earlier, they are yet again using that Infinity Gauntlet storyline, like seriously, give it a rest already. I get that it's a hot commodity right now due to the Infinity War movie, but it has seriously gotten old and stale.
And I absolutely loathe Marvel's recent trend to stylize their video game/cartoon/animated depictions of characters after the MCU, instead of the comics. I get that it's for brand recognition purposes, but it's really grating to me, a Marvel fan that knew these characters before the MCU made them mainstream.
And all in all, I'm not holding my breath for decent X-Men/F4 representation given their recent video game track record. They are gonna go with the obvious Wolverine, Deadpool and Colossus, because that's what's popular right now thanks to the recent movies. At least Scarlet Witch is in the game, looking like comic book Wanda, so that's nice.
All in all, the trailer didn't particularly excite me, it does not look like a MUA sequel to me, but rather some mobile game that uses the Ultimate Alliance name.

Im just gonna say that I kinda liked it?
Yeah it's totally more MCU orientated, but from a marketing perspective that makes sense. Including characters like Crystal, Green Goblin and Sandman makes me think that they're not gonna completely stick to it. Not to mention this is just a trailer, so I'm expecting to maybe see a few more characters pop up

Quote from: Ceamonks890 on December 06, 2018, 09:39PM

4. Mostly generic-looking levels. A space station, a lifeless asteroid in the middle of space(Asteroid M from XML1 this is not), a prison, NYC, Feudal Japan temple... Pretty telling when the X-Mansion is the most interesting level of the bunch revealed and its already been in both XML games.

True, but lets not pretend that this is where MUA or XML absolutely shine. The only noteworthy levels I can think of in MUA are Atlantis and the Helicarrier. XML2 mostly consists out of jungle and dark dungeons.

I honestly thought that after the so-and-so received MUA 2 they'd kill of the francise, so I'm stoked to see it's back, despite not being moddable
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There are some... hyperbolic opinions in here.

First off, this trailer was 1:30 minutes long so I'm not sure how someone is to know everything they need to know about the game from that.

This game is being developed by Team Ninja who have a pedigree of making combat focused games, games in theory very similar to Marvel Ultimate Alliance, they have worked on the Warrior's franchise, Ninja Gaiden, Dead or Alive, Nioh to name a few. Actually if you actually look at their history with games that empathize combat, really you should be less concerned when you consider they have more experience than Raven Software did before XML2 and Vicarious Visions for MUA2 who had only worked on middling licensed games before hand.

Regarding graphics, could they look better in quality? Absolutely, but the idea that because they're stylized that this is now a kids game is such a bizarre concept to me, it reminds me of when people thought Wind Waker was gonna be a 'kids' game because it was cell shaded. Also the idea that MUA was ever a super violent gritty game in the first place...

Regarding roster, all the press releases for the game promise a big roster, and they specifically mention the X-Men and others in it, so I'm not sure why we are not waiting to see who else is added before being outraged, MUA and MUA2 certainly didn't reveal their entire rosters in their reveals. Yes the initially showed roster is 'MCU' heavy but lets face it most of Marvel is in the MCU so I'm confused why people would think otherwise, they want the game to sell. I'm sure we'll get fan favorites down the line.

Most of the characters here are also wearing comic looks so....? And the majority of Team Ninja's previous games are known for having a lot of costumes so there is that.

Also I'm gonna parrot Polygone as well, the idea that the past games were some gleaming beacon of level design is a little rose tinted to me, yes MUA has some good levels it also has some bad, generic ones. MUA2's level design was very stale and XML2 like they said, was literally just sewers and grey corridors.
I love these games to death, but the idea that they are perfect games, at the time or even now is... bizarre.

I get that at first glance this isn't the ideal MUA3 we probably had in our heads all these years, but outside of graphics, which apparently seems to be the main basis for concern, it's still early so I don't see why people don't wait to see how it progresses before writing it off.

This is beyond sad. It'll eventually come out on PC, though, once all the hype has died and no one even wants to play it on PC anymore, just as MUA2 did. Difference is, I don't see myself buying a Switch just to play one or two games, made that mistake with the Wii U already.

Otherwise, I see this as marketing for the MCU, nothing else, but that's how Marvel rolls nowadays. We just got lucky with Spider-Man for PS4.
I'm really accumulating absence right now.

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Switch exclusive is a huge letdown for me, like making a sequel of a game that was on any other consoles and make it exclusive to a console that never had any prequel, talking about respecting fanbase lol. I have no plan on buying a Switch, just for the game. I'm in fact very angry seing a sequel I'll probably won't play. for this sole reason, I can't be excited.

I'm also pessimistic to see a port on PC since Nintendo is the publisher.

Graphic-wise it's okay for a Switch game, but the models looks like re-used asset of Marvel Future Future and Marvel Contest of Champion. I don't mind the roster since they will be probably milk the game with ton of DLC just like Dead or Alive.

Don't expect this for other platforms. Nintendo is publishing

There is somewhat a chance of it appearing on other platforms at some point.
For example 'Nioh' another game by Team Ninja was published by Sony as a PS4 exclusive, but then got surprise released to Steam 9 months later under a different publisher.
There are also other cases of this with some other games, so it being published by Nintendo for Switch doesn't necessarily mean they own the publishing rights forever.

It could go either way, but I wouldn't bet against it.

I feel like it would be foolish to only release it on the switch. That being said, marvel has recently made plenty of foolish decisions when it comes to their games, particularly with all the free to play, pay to win mobile games