Started by Cohollow, June 11, 2019, 07:24AM

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Oh and an update for the colossus booster is just about done too. After which i think I'll hit up Rogue as that booster has not only improvements to be made but broken functions in regards to her buffs

:colossus:Colossus Final Booster!!!:colossus:

I believe this to be the first of my boosters to reach its final state. It's a good example of how fleshed out the rest of my boosters will be in the future. A huge upgrade from my original Colossus booster, I highly recommend checking it out!,10520.0.html

duuuudes i'm enjoying angel so much i ended up doing a full play through with it and might go for round 2 XD. sorry i havent set it up for download yet as it is ready, but i keep working on more things instead of taking an hour to set up a download.

also i believe as i go over my boosters and smooth them out ill be calling them the uncanny versions, so be sure to keep an eye open for any booster renamed as such. If an upgrade happens beyond that which i dont think will be necessary will be dubbed astonishing version

fixed an issue with the original download i had for uncanny colossus and will be replacing the existing download

This is a little something I shared on discord but forgot to share here for ya'll to see. Heres a feature of his attack powers. he will also have 5 passives and 2 boosts that are called Archangel (crit chance and attack speed) and Transfusion (team healing)

This is so far my favorite build!

So I ive pretty much finished finished revamping Rogue. The next 3 that i think are most in need of a revamp are gambit, storm, and bishop. All the while I've also been playing with different powers for Magneto but cant yet nail down how i want him to function. So be ready ready for all those to come and of course the long teased angel mod!

:magneto: here's a look see at some power ideas om playing with for my next booster. Remember none of these powers are in a finished state just yet :magneto:

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Interesting ideas. I had trouble getting the metallic debris to sync up correctly with the attack, so I eventually discarded it. Doesn't look bad here. Nifty use of the metal spikes as a homing attack. Are you planning on making him more "metal" focused or having some electromagnetic attacks as well?

Im working on giving him more metal based attacks as I find them to be somewhat lacking. Considering using the metal sheres that surround him as an attack that slows the target and harms nearby enemies

And i know what u meen about the metal debris. I wish it didnt have such a long delay on it so it was easier to work with. I chained a couple animations to get it to function properly

:magneto: Master of Magnetism is gettin dope! :magneto:

Hes also rocking an upgraded shrapnel sentry

Excellent use with those various animations seguing into other animations. Helps make it stand out.

Angel! Angel! Angel! Angel! Angel! Angel! Angel!

Just kidding though, he looks fantastic. If I do any XML2 stuff on consoles I want to add this too.

Thx dream weaver! I spend alot of time combining different effects and animations to try and get things just right so I'm glad it's paying off. lolol Teancum XD everytime i release a new mod i seem to start 2 more. I also have a bad habit of getting a character good to go then putting off gathering and compiling everything and cleaning up names and such. Curse you inner lazy demon, begone!