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:marvelg: About my Upcoming Jean Booster :marvelg:

So I'm think on making her powers consist of about half phoenix fire and half normal mental damage attacks. i figure that way you can dip into one style or the other or both. Her mental attacks will be about affects and interruption while the phoenix fire will specialize more in damage. Thoughts?

Hi, first Id like to thank you for you awesome work. I m in love with Colossus now.

I don't know about you but I'm a little bit tired of Jean and Phoenix being one character all the time. It would be really cool to play as pure Jean like in xmen Legends 1. I know her ultimate was still Phoenix force (her ultimate in legends 1 was much better imo) but everything about her was cool even though that version of Jean had fewer abilities.

It would be sick to have a version of Jean using TK and TP more offensively and actually dealing damage in xmen legends 2 lol

Anyway I'm sure I'll enjoy you mod regardless. Thank you, have a great day =)
Hey there! Have a great day o/

:marvelg: Thanks for the feedback nathios! I'm always stoked to hear that people are diggin' my builds. I'm now thinking I will eventually have three diff Jean builds. A phoenix build, a mental only build and a combo build. Considering I can only fit one in the upcoming character overhaul mod, I'll be putting in the combo build in, so thats the one imma start with. I hope everyone likes it as it will be some time before i get to building other versions of her. :marvelg:

:magneto: right now I'm finishing up Magneto, so expect a link for the master of magnetism today! (or tomorrow if the lazy devil hits me) :magneto:

Wow, Magneto looks so cool!!

I can't wait for Magneto and Jean.

Thanks  :strange:
Hey there! Have a great day o/

Totally agree that a pure mental Jean is awesome even more with the 90´s uniform, keep the good work, cheers!

Happy to hear my mods a hit with people! Up next is good ol' Juggs

My first suggestion is to add some serious knockback to Arcane Fist. In XML1, he had a long wind-up to that same move, but it sent people flying.

Thx for the feed back. I will be adding knockback tho it wont be extremely high because it will also have a stun chance. I'm also making it scale with the strike stat. The vanilla game only has physical damage scale with striking making this unique. It will also now do the intended energy damage making it a great fit for cyttorak transfer.

:nightcrawler: New Nightcrawler teleport attacks and animations :nightcrawler:

Featuring a new teleport tail swipe. Has new wind up animations and actual punch and kick animations on attack. The attacks are also more on target and less pone to wandering away from the target

Nifty looking! Might I recommend making his passive teleport more instantaneous and restoring his ability to double-jump? I'm liking the looks of these new moves for Kurt. Easily among my favorite comic book characters.

I actually find myself taking things in the opposite direction. teleport has been set up as an ability like flight instead of taking up a spot in the powers section. This way it doesnt take up a spot in anyones power hot keys. also reducing the cost of it so that it doesnt end up costing more than an actual teleport attack.

This mods plus Julio Cabral's skins, has yet again brought life to xml2 which I'm very thankful for your hard work.👍

Teleport should've been an ability from the beginning. I'm glad someone is finally making it happen!