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Started by Cohollow, July 22, 2019, 10:36AM

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:magneto: Magneto :magneto:

The master of magnetism is here to bring homosuperior into a new age of power and prosperity! Magneto is ready to lead his brothers and sisters with a whole new set of powers, that are sure to bring the less evolved to their knees. Specializing in spreading heavy damage and effects in large areas, Magneto is the absolute answer to large mobs no matter the size. It's finally time to show the world what mutants are made of!

Add this file to reduce the skill count of shared skills like mutant master, and to add the striker passive that i will be adding to some characters!
Shared Talents:,10916.msg199255.html#msg199255



Levitation Lift and throw objects and enemies. Can build bridges. (Press and Hold)
Changes - description now states that lift does physical damage instead of energy (it always did physical damage)

Jagged Plates Throws multiple metal plates at the target.
Changes - New Ability

Metal Spikes Forms multiple metal spikes that home in on surrounding enemies.
Changes - set to 4 spikes
             - has homing
             - pierces targets
             - sends spikes in all directions

Death Trap Forms metal spheres around the target that slow, and damage nearby enemies.
Changes - total overhaul
             - slows target
             - damages target over time
             - spreads slow and damage to nearby enemies

Magnetic Grasp Pulls in surrounding enemies and objects, damaging them on contact. (Press and Hold)
Changes - Bug fix (now does the intended damage)

Shrapnel Sentry Throws metal shards that explode when enemies draw near, doing damage in a radius.
Changes - Reduced sentry max from 6 to 5

Metal Blast Magneto creates an impenetrable dome around himself, before blasting metal outward, damaging surrounding enemies with a chance to stun.
Changes - New Ability


METALLIC MAYHEM Xtreme radial attack, blasts surrounding enemies with metallic shrapnel.
Changes - changed damage type from energy to physical

METAL MINION Constructs a metallic minion to fight alongside Magneto for a time.
Changes - None


Polarized Shield Chance to block all incoming attacks.
Changes - None

Supremacy Magneto's dominating presence and experience reduces EP cost, and increases the level of all skills for the entire team.
Changes - now displays the correct amount of bonus skill points added
             - now also reduces EP cost of powers for entire team


Magnetic Deflection Magneto uses a magnetic field to deflect a percentage of Projectile attacks.
Changes - None

Intimidation Increases defense rate, and reduces incoming physical damage, and mental damage.
Changes - now increases mental resistance
             - slightly reduced physical defense

Magnetic Mastery Increases the damage, and critical hit chance of all magnetic attacks.
Changes - New Ability

Leadership Increases combo XP and critical hit chance for entire party.

Mutant Master Increases EP regeneration Rate.

Flight Allows flying and improves mastery over it.

Other Features

- Magneto cannot be hit by attacks while encased by magnetic blast
- Many minor changes to abilities that are not listed such as added sounds, improved effects, etc


- Skins -

be sure to check out Maegawa's great work here:,10047.0.html

Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support!

Geez, that looks like it's super fun! Imma definetely try it out! Great work, as always! xD

Thanks mah dude! I put him off for a long while until I had a good idea of what he would do so I really hope he's a good time!