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Once again a really cool mod! Really impressive work!
My Release topic : http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,8934.0.html

Newest Release : Raven

Huge respect for Shadowcat mod! Seems like it is the biggest one on this site oO

Is there anyway to make the Shadowcat mod less memory intensive? There are more frequent crashes if she's in a 4 member team.

Unrelated to the previous question, but I just wanted to give you a head's up that you can resize images in threads to make it easier to see them. Like so:

[img height=400]https://i.imgur.com/6GsfmfH.png[/img]

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Samus Mod

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/LPSiI3aMTrE

Assigned Number: 124 (clashes at loadscreen and mannequin with Red Skull, Ultimo, and Venom (Earth X) mods.

Trigger Count: 190 (Default) / 125 (Recreated)

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/44knptyr8i833fo/Samus+Mod.zip/file

Samus has rejoined the alliance!

Hello all! A little over a year ago, tubularspacedude made the off-hand suggestion that since Samus was planned to be in the Wii Version of Marvel Ultimate Alliance and we have footage of her full moveset (seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=opkOtApoqqI&ab_channel=MetroidDatabase), a mod that adheres close to that would be a fun thing to have.

Well, I took that idea and decided to expand on it a bit. It is clear from the footage available that the developers were heavily inspired by Metroid Prime, particularly the first game in that series, so I decided to expand on that a bit, as well as give her some iconic moves that I felt were missing in the original version. This is the Default Version of the mod.

Fear not though! For those who would prefer something as close to the original footage as possible, I have included an alternate version- which I call the Recreated Version- that is strictly what you see in the footage.

In accordance with that, there was some debate in the community as to whether or not Samus was intended to have two Xtremes- Missile Blast and Phazon Beam, or whether or not she should have one or the other.

I have decided to just give everyone options and so each version of the mod includes a version with one combined Xtreme (Missile Blast, and then if your health is high enough, Phazon Beam), and then a version with two separate Xtremes. Choose whichever one you feel best captures Samus as she was intended or as she could have been!

You may also wonder why Samus isn't super talkative in this mod. Well, similar to what tubularspacedude did for Link, where he repurposed his grunts and other sound effects into a voice pack, I decided to do the same for Samus, as she is not very talkative in the Metroid Prime games that this mod- and the original footage- was inspired by.

Nevertheless, tubularspacedude has a voice pack for her that uses the voice of Jennifer Hale, who in-fact voiced her in the Prime games! Check out his stuff! https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10770.0.html

Without further ado, an overview of her powers:

Her Powers

1). Power Beam- press and hold down the button to fire the Power Beam, which knocks back foes. In the Default Version, press and hold BLOCK while firing to launch a Super Missile, which instantly kills frozen foes and knocks back in a large radius.

2). Morph Ball- transform into the Morph Ball. Press ATTACK to drop bombs. Press BLOCK to exit.

3). Wave Beam- fire off the Wave Beam, which stuns foes if fully charged. In the Default Version, press and hold BLOCK while charging to fire the Wavebuster, a continuous beam of energy that electrifies foes.

If using the Default Version and you're in the Light Suit, the Wavebuster will become the Sonic Boom, which knocks back foes and stuns them.
4). Homing Missiles (Default Version Only)- fire off missiles that home-in on targets and instantly kill frozen foes.

5). Ice Beam- press to slow foes in a radius. Charge to freeze them solid. In the Default Version, press and hold BLOCK to fire the Ice Spreader. which homes in, freezes, and slows foes, creating an icy patch of ground that slows and damages foes.

If using the Default Version and you're in the Light Suit, the Ice Beam and Ice Spreader becomes the Dark Beam and Darkburst. Press to weaken foes in a radius, and charge to immobilize them in a dark energy field. Press and hold BLOCK to trap them in a gravity well that sucks in foes.

6). Screw Attack (Default Version Only)- somersault in the air while damaging foes with electric waves.

7). Plasma Beam- fire that Plasma Beam, which burns foes. Charge for more damage. If using the Default Version, press and hold BLOCK to activate the Flamethrower, which continuously burns foes for a short distance.

If using the Default Version and you're in the Light Suit, the Plasma Beam becomes the Light Beam and the Flamethrower becomes the Sunbeam. Press to fire multiple orbs of light that burn foes, the number of which increases as you charge. Fire off the Sunburst when fully charged, which detonates and burns foes. The Sunbeam has greater range than the Flamethrower and pierces foes.

8). Speed Boost- dashes forward and activates a boost that increases Samus' movement and attack speed for a time. 

9). Chozo Blood Rights- infusion with Chozo DNA has increased Samus' durability and increased her base Stats. Also gives temporary skill points to your powers.

10). Bounty Hunter (Single X-Treme Version Only) - Samus fires off a Super Missile into the air and rains death upon enemies below. If your health is 75% or above, Samus will leap into the air and fire the Phazon Beam, which does double damage and has a 25% instant-kill chance. The Phazon Beam damages Samus for 25% of her health (unless she is in the Dark Samus skin).

In the Two X-Treme Version, the Missile Blast and the Phazon Beam are separate, which means that you can activate the Phazon Beam any time you have an X-Treme, but it also means if you're not watching your health and you're not careful, it can kill you, so watch out!


1). Varia Suit
2). Light Suit
3). Fusion Suit
4). Dark Samus


1). No need to have the original Samus mod in order to play. Be sure to overwrite all existing Samus files with these ones in order for the mod to work properly.


-All skins by Aventureiromax.

-Shoot skinsegment by Aventureiromx.

-Original code for Power 2 and Power 3 by Aventureiromax.

-Sounds for Power 2 and Power 5 by Aventureiromax.

-Original mod and code by Aventureiromax.

-Loading screen by me (epicandragon94 / rdh94).

-Super Missile bolton by me (epicandragon94 / rdh94).

-All huds by me (rdh94).

-Power coding, bolton-importing, animation importing, effects, animation combining, talent coding, sound editing, animation editing, etc. by me (epicandragon94 / rdh94).

Special Thanks

-Aventureiromax for the original mod and for giving me his blessing to do this mod.

-Aventureiromax for providing his files for the mod.

-Maegawa for early help with the mod.

-tubularspacedude for the initial idea for the mod of a more accurate Samus.

-Whoever leaked or shared that original video of Samus in MUA.

-The folks over at Metroid Wiki.

-The developers of Metroid Prime.

-anyone else I forgot- will add if I think of more!

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Falcon Mod

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/J84ex24RXPM

Assigned Number: 241

Trigger Count: 222

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cccp0or4azlchl1/Falcon_Mod.zip/file

Hello all! This is my mod of Sam Wilson, the Falcon! He's quite a bit different from the other Falcon mods out there, namely in that his powers differ based on whether or not he's flying, and he doesn't use skin segments.

The whole concept behind him was that I wanted to encourage players to use air combat more often, so to facilitate that there's a whole separate powerset in the air, and it is generally more powerful, though you spend more energy in the air.

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Razor Storm- On the ground, throws multiple razor darts from wings that stun foes. In the air, both wings rapidly fire a barrage of darts.

2). Falcon's Flight- On the ground, flies low and knocks enemies back. In the air, dives downward towards foes and causes a shockwave that knocks back in an arc. 

3). Swift Shots- On the ground fires guns in a broad sweep to the left and right, knocking enemies down. In the air, rains bullets on enemies below. Foes that are stunned have a 50% chance of a critical hit.
4). Redwing Rush- On the ground, use movement controls to guide Falcon's bird Redwing and launch nearby foes. In the air, Redwing will orbit Falcon and seek out nearby foes.

5). Winged Warrior- From the ground, Falcon flies upward and comes crashing down, knocking foes back in a radius. In the air, plunges wings into the ground and launches foes in an even larger radius.

6). Tactical Assault- On the ground, twirl the control stick and generate gusts of wind with wings, all while firing bullets. In the air, launch two wing darts that deploy cables that trap and stun foes.

7). Twisting Talon- On the ground, lunge forward while spinning with wings outstretched, launching enemies into the air. While in the air, performs a spin attack that knocks foes back.

8). Birds of Prey- Summons a flock of birds that absorb damage, attack nearby foes, reduce the cost of powers, and raise $XP.

9). Eyes in the Sky- Falcon telepathically connects with birds in the sky, which allows him to see enemies on the map increasing speed, dodge chance, and critical strike chance.

10). Flight of the Falcon - Falcon strafes around foes, launching razor darts and flying alongside his avian allies that attack any nearby enemies. He then flies even higher into the air and shoots down enemies below him.


1). Classic
2). Ultimate 
3). Modern
4). Captain America 


-Falcon Classic skin by Julio Cabral

-Falcon Modern, "Ultimate" (MCU), and Captain America skins by andersonbrazil.

-Falcon guns by Norrin Radd

-Redwing model by UltraMegaMagnus

-Original mod and power descriptions by Outsider.

-Power coding, new models imports, and effects by me (epicandragon94 or rdh94).

October 25, 2023, 09:56AM #23 Last Edit: October 25, 2023, 11:52AM by epicandragon94
Valkyrie Booster

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/xjO3uG3fcD4

This requires the Valkyrie mod by Outsider in order to play. Download that first: https://www.mediafire.com/?ik3l8l2cw2fld2d

Trigger Count: 247

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rf9w8fx6h88myw4/Valkyrie_Booster.zip/file

Hello all! This is my booster for Outsider's Valkyrie mod. The goal of this booster was to give Valkyrie more mores that incorporate both her sword Dragonfang and her spear, as well as give her some extra attributes here and there, along with new boltons, sounds, effects, and a new voice file.


1). Ride of the Valkyries- Valkyrie mounts onto her pegasus and flies, knocking back enemies and inspiring allies, increasing their damage and attack speed and decreasing damage taken.

2). Dragonfang- Strike with the enchanted sword Dragonfang, slicing foes in a wide arc and rendering their powers useless. Also reflects damage and projectiles back on attackers.

3). Spear of the Valkyrie- Stab with the mystical spear of the Valkyrie, knocking foes back and reducing their damage for a time.
4). Lady Liberator- Strike with both sword and spear- stunning, tripping, launching, and knocking back enemies.

5). Glorious Charge- Dash With Asgardian speed and charge forward with both mystical weapons, knocking enemies down. Also breaks free of negative status effects.

6). Asgardian Might- Spin around with sword and spear outstretched, launching enemies into the air. Follow up with an uppercut and then come crashing down, striking your sword Dragonfang into the earth.

7). Chooser of the Slain- Throw the enchanted sword Dragonfang. Press Light Attack, Heavy Attack, Grab, or Jump while the sword is out to perform actions with the spear.

8). Maiden of Rage- Valkyrie channels all of her Asgardian might, raising her melee damage and experience.

9). Death Glow- Valkyrie allows her allies to mystically see the enemies that are about to die, increasing critical chance and also lowering damage taken.

10). Heavenly Demise - Dragonfang becomes infused with the power of the gods, unleashing a blast of mystical energy and granting Valkyrie the Gifts of the Gods (see Stats for more details).


1). Valkyrie has a healing factor and might.

2). Valkyrie can fly on her winged horse, Aragorn.

Gifts of the Gods

1). Odin decreases energy cost.

2). Frigga gives foresight, increasing dodge chance.

3). Thor adds lightning damage to melee attacks. 

4). Loki cloaks and adds stun to all attacks.

5). Hermod increases speed.

6). Balder gives chance to revive. 

7). Tyr increases critical chance. 

8). Heimdall sees enemies on the mini-map. 

9). Freya increases power damage. 


1). Modern
2). Ultimate 
3). Exiles 
4). Classic 


-Original mod, power names, effects, and icons by Outsider.

-Modern, Exiles, and Ultimate skins by Andersonbrazil.

-Classic skin and pegasus/strider/Aragorn model by Aventureiromax.

-New powers, icons, animation mixing, and all other changes by me (epicandragon94 or rdh94).

-New Dragonfang and Gungnir boltons by me (epicandragon94 or rdh94). 

October 25, 2023, 10:21AM #24 Last Edit: October 25, 2023, 11:53AM by epicandragon94
Polaris Mod

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/eJ7vTt9QXIc

Assigned Number: 152 (will clash with Static and Ryu at mannequin and loadscreen)

Trigger Count: 140

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/7vpnpias2srl51s/Polaris_Booster.zip/file

Hello all! This is my Polaris booster/mod, which is really just a heavily modified version of jonohood's excellent Polaris booster. Due to a lack of easy access to his works on the forums, I have included all the necessary files here.

The idea behind this booster was to take the best elements of jonohood's booster and then add in some powers that Magneto had in the now defunct Marvel Heroes Omega game.

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Magnetic Eruption- Sends a surge of electromagnetic energy that knocks foes upwards.

2). Shrapnel Barrage- Fires metal shards at enemies that do damage over time.

3). Iron Overload- Fire off waves of electromagnetic energy that fries electrical circuits and affects iron in the blood, slowing enemies.
4). Orbital Smite- Tear a metallic object from orbit and send it crashing into enemies.

5). Magnetic Attraction- Sucks in surrounding debris and foes and blasts it all outward, stunning them.

6). Storm of Steel- Lorna lifts up metal into the sky, letting it rain down on enemies. She then uses this steel to encase foes in metal, immobilizing them

7). Geomagnetic Link- Draws energy from Earth's Electromagnetic Field greatly decreasing energy spending for a time.

8). Orbiting Spheres- Orbiting metal spheres fly off towards enemies and bounce around the room, while also absorbing damage.

9). Magnetic Field- Creates a lingering magnetic field affecting enemies over a period of time.

10). Polarity Surge - Blasts surrounding enemies with a lethal electromagnetic blast.


1). Classic
2). Modern
3). Street Clothes
4). Magnetic Style


-Jonohood for the original powers, effects, and animations.

-All new powers, sounds, and alterations by me (epicandragon94 or rdh94).

October 25, 2023, 10:36AM #25 Last Edit: October 25, 2023, 11:53AM by epicandragon94
Ant-Man Booster

This requires Outsider's Antman mod in order to play, so download that first: https://www.mediafire.com/?j3t44i825hrcati

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/-sZXAfpExDk

Trigger Count: 188

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/sj6ei7pz71rulq9/Ant-Man+Booster.zip/file

Hello all! This is an Ant-Man booster that combines the best elements of Outsider's mod and Canino's mod. The idea was not only to combine these two awesome mods, but also to give him a balance of ant powers, growth powers, and shrink powers.

Without further ado, an overview:

1). Bullet Ants- Commands five bullet ants to fly around him, and sting enemies they see.

2). Inch-High Goodbye- Ant-Man shrinks down to a tiny size and attacks forward, delivering a powerful uppercut.

3). Little Car Thrown- Throw a car that explodes after a time, dealing massive damage to all enemies hit and knocking them back.
4). Ant Swarm- Scott commands a swarm of ants to attack enemies, damaging them for 7 seconds while causing them to run away in panic.

5). Bouncing Bullet- Modified in strength and speed, Ant-Man ricochets from enemy to enemy, like some kind of jerk-seeking missile.

6). Big Foot Sighting- Grows to titanic proportions and shows his enemies a side of him they've never seen before: under his foot. Damages and knocks back nearby enemies.

7). Fire Ants- Scott commands fire ants that usually build bridges or rafts with their bodies, to create gloves giving him extra fire damage.

8). Elusive Hero- Uses Pym Particles to shrink to ant size, becoming nearly invisible to enemies. Gains movement speed, increased strength, and a high chance to dodge. Cannot not be slowed down.

9). The Biggest Hero- Uses Pym Particles to grow to giant size, gaining massive defense and striking. Cannot regain energy or be knocked down. Press Light Attack for Giant Punch or Heavy Attack for Giant Stomp.

10). Ant-Tastic - Ant-Man commands a swarm of "crazy ants" that discharge electricity on enemies as they fly around.


1). Ant-Man can ride on a carpenter ant that he calls Antony.


1). Modern
2). Classic
3). Scott Lang
4). Yellowjacket


-Skins by aventureiromax (Comic skins) and Dr. Bruce Banner (Modern and Yellowjacket).

-Original mods by Outsider and Canino

-Edits and consolidation of these two mods by me (epicandragon94 or rdh94).

October 25, 2023, 10:50AM #26 Last Edit: October 25, 2023, 11:54AM by epicandragon94
Jean Grey Booster

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/ly9dbrjLUzs

Trigger Count: 218

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xmi4b7ktxu0hq7q/Jean+Grey+Booster.zip/file

Hello all! This is a booster for Jean Grey, which is actually an update of an old booster by MUALover. Essentially the idea behind it was to combine Jean's XML2 and MUA2 next-gen and last-gen movesets.

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Telekinetic Grip- Grabs an enemy with telekinetic beam, pulling them close and then sending them flying.

2). Psionic Blast- A radial mental attack inflicting pain on enemies and reducing their damage for a time.

3). Dark Phoenix- Unleash a portion of Dark Phoenix energy, knocking enemies away and burning them.
4). Restraining Wave- Release telekinetic energy that lifts enemies in the air and harms them with psychic energy, continuously damaging them. Additional damage is done after release, with a 25% chance to nullify their powers.

5). Pyrokinetic Blast- Manifests a wave of pyrokinetic energy, causing massive knockback and burning enemies for a time.

6). Mind Freeze- Freeze an enemy's mind with a beam of telekinetic energy, immobilizing them.

7). Phoenix Fury- Burn enemies with a pyrokinetic energy while suspending them in the air for a limited time, then blast them away. 

8). Calming Presence- Increase $EP regeneration rate of entire party for a time

9). Mental Guardian- Summons a little essence of the Phoenix that fires homing projectiles.

10). Phoenix Force - Unleash the full might of the Phoenix Force on enemies.


1). Phoenix
2). Classic (90s)
3). Ultimate (Short-Hair) 
4). Dark Phoenix


-Skins by Baby.

-Icons by Canino, may he rest in peace.

-MUA Lover for original booster and effects.

-Animation mixing and powerstyle and talent file editing done by me (rdh94 or epicandragon94).

October 25, 2023, 11:00AM #27 Last Edit: December 05, 2023, 01:27AM by epicandragon94
Psylocke Mod

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/gJHPHU8fRR4

Trigger Count: 180

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/4ndhzy9ubfvyk38/Psylocke+Booster.zip/file

Hello all! This is a booster for Psylocke that combines her XML1 moveset with her last-gen and next-gen MUA2 movesets.

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Psychic Slash- Attack the enemy's nervous system with a Psy-Blade, slowing them (this is altered by Psychic Blade, which transitions this power from the XML1 animation to the MUA2 next-gen animation).

2). Psychic Knives- Throws multiple psychic bolts in an arc at enemies.

3). Telekinetic Explosion- Releases a furious explosion of telekinetic energy to all enemies in a short range, knocking them back.

4). Butterfly Swarm- Psylocke generates swarms of telepathic energy that seek out enemy targets and burst upon impact, stunning them briefly.

5). Kinetic Drill- Psylocke hurls forward while surrounding herself in a torrent of psionic energy, finishing with a powerful drop kick.

6). Butterfly Kicks- Attacks foes with psionically-enhanced kicks.

7). Psychic Defense- Reduces damage and shields allies from mental attacks.

8). Mental Shroud- Hides from the minds of others, allowing her better chance to strike a critical location. Occasionally causes instant KO.

9). Psychic Blade- Wields a psychic katana, altering melee attacks by drawing in energy per kill.   

10). Psychic Onslaught - Rains psychic blades down on enemies dealing massive $DMG_MENTAL and stunning them.


1). Psylocke has mental immunity.

2). Triple Jump


1). Betsy (XML1)
2). Civil War (MUA2)
3). Dark Psylocke (MUA1)
4). Classic (MUA3)


-Original OCP Psylocke and MUA2 nextgen anim by UltraMegaMagnus

-Betsy skin by MrKablammofish, MUA2 and MUA3 skins by andersonbrazil.

-Icons by Canino, may he rest in peace.

-MUA2 Conversions by MrKablammofish

-Katana effect by jonohood. 

-BloodyMares for providing the Butterfly Kicks animations and other advice.

-Powerstyle and talent coding by me (epicandragon94 or rdh94)

October 25, 2023, 11:24AM #28 Last Edit: October 25, 2023, 11:55AM by epicandragon94
Winter Soldier Booster

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/cvaAZer3rio

This requires Outsider's Winter Soldier Mod, so download that first: https://www.mediafire.com/?83zglwd927lpudf

Trigger Count: 142

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/cvd3xbz69n6sl1u/Winter+Soldier+Booster.zip/file

Hello all! This is a small booster for Outsider's Winter Soldier Booster. New animations, effects, and some minor tweaks to powers.

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Firearm Swing- James swings his M4 Carbine at enemies hard, causing knockback (unchanged).

2). Desert Eagle- Pulls out a military-grade pistol and fires as long as button is held. Has a 25% chance to cause Bleed Damage. Press $BLOCK while firing to knock away foes with a melee attack (this was changed from a strafe power to differentiate it from Nick Fury's strafe power a bit more, and due to finding a nice gun animation when creating Samus' mod, I thought it would fit here).

3). Bionic Arm- Has two uses. Up close, he can attack enemies hard causing $KB. From far (if timed correctly), he can catch and reflect projectile or beam attacks, and follow up with a gun counter blast. (The only change made here was that the shot was made a piercing shot, in order to distinguish it from the Desert Eagle).
4). Grenade Launch- Throws a few grenades that explode within 3 feet or when time expires. (This was changed so that it is more of an arc/spread pattern than a straight radius; merely a preference).

5). Electric Bolt- James discharges a bolt of electrical energy from his bionic arm. Will stun enemy for a brief time (this was changed so that if you're in the Captain America costume, he also throws out the shield). 

6). Combat Knife- Uses combat knife and bionic arm to slash and knock foes away (this new power was added to give him more melee options). 

7). M4 Carbine- James uses his rifle to fire a special round that explodes on impact, causing intense $DMG and $KB. Hold to aim (the main change here was that the model reference in the entities file was changed to be Fury's mine because I found that easier to read/see in intense fighting with all the effects going on).

8). Combat Tactics- James uses his military combat knowledge and experience to prepare his allies for war, increasing defense and $XP. (Changed effect to differentiate it from Captain America's).

9). Winter Warning- James upgrades his bionic arm techonology to powerful levels, gaining extra melee damage, ^Might, and extra momentum (no changes).

10). EMP Discharge - Winter Soldier charges up his bionic arm and releases a devastating EMP that damages all enemies. (No changes).


-Skins by BLaw.

-Original mod by Outsider.

-Combat Knife effect by Maegawa

-Knife boltons by Norrin Radd.

-Animation mixing, new gun effects, new icons, and editing by me (rdh94 or epicandragon94)

October 25, 2023, 11:27AM #29 Last Edit: October 25, 2023, 11:44AM by epicandragon94
Default and OCP Character MUA2 Conversion Pack

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/w63on5PlY_c

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/kf48homaa4nwi7h/Default+and+OCP+Character+MUA2+Conversion+Mod+Pack.zip/file

This is a booster pack for Iron Man, Gambit, Blade, and Ghost Rider. It adds elements of older boosters but doesn't take away or add any content that isn't in some way official, unlike those older boosters.

For Iron Man it adds A.P. Rockets and Uni-Beam from the n-Space version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2, and does so without getting rid of any of his base-game powers, as his current conversion mod does.

For Gambit, it adds Raining Cards, which is the re-named version of his 52 Pickup move in MUA2. It also adds rapid-fire card shuffle and several other things he had in MUA2 n-Space.

For Blade, it adds Shotgun Strafe. There was a booster that did this but it added other non-official things and also used the obsolete fightstyle method, so this is intended to be more stable.

Ghost Rider adds his bike, which several boosters incorporate, though here I just added the bike so as to keep him as close to official as possible.

All of these require you to start a new game before playing, with Blade and Gambit having new herostats.


-Original Blade and Ghost Rider boosters by iammingy.

-Original Gambit and Iron Man MUA2 Conversions by Nowhere Man.

-Edits and new icons for Iron Man and Gambit by me (rdh94 or epicandragon94).