Unstoppable Colossus Character Mod (Cohollow)

Started by Cohollow, February 28, 2020, 09:03PM

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:colossus:  Unstoppable Colossus Character Mod  :juggernaut:

Colossus wields the power of Cyttorak with this Unstoppable Colossus mod! All new Juggernaut themed attacks, boosts, and passives make this lovably tin-man an undeniable force of true destruction. Improved control, damage output and reach ensure the fall of Apocalypse and all his flunky's. Juggernaut and Colossus have traded blows many times in the past, but now with their power combined, Colossus has truly become unstoppable. Nothing will survive the might of Cyttoraks magic steroids!

Unstoppable Colossus: http://www.mediafire.com/file/8qlsjgtbs7uzxnf/Unstoppable_Colossus_%2528Cohollow%2529.7z/file
Add this file to reduce the skill count of shared skills like mutant master, and to add the striker passive that i will be adding to some characters!
Shared Talents: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10916.msg199255.html#msg199255



Crush Increased melee attack with knockback.

Execution - Relatively basic like most starting attacks. Made using the animation for Massive strike, Colossus travels a short distance while delivering a punch with a greater hit radius than Massive Strike. 

Thunder Clap A thunderous clap sends out a 160 degree blast of damage, stunning targets. Puts out fires.

Execution - Colossus' original Thunder Clap did not affect the radius detailed in the description. Now it affects the intended radius and has improved distance. This stun is very useful for leaving enemies vulnerable, and halting their advances.

Bounding Smash A colossal leap and ground smash that sends out a radial shock wave.

Execution - This travel attack is very useful for closing the gap on distant and ranged enemies. It's a modified version of his original Bounding Smash, with improved control and hit radius.

Siberian Rush Charge against enemies, and objects knocking them back.(Press And Hold)

Execution - This is the ultimate travel attack that is featured in both Colossus and Juggernauts power styles. With an increased turn rate, Siberian Express is great for moving around the combat zone with speed and precision. Enemies will struggle to keep their distance when this power is active.

Arcane Stomp  A crystal-powered ground slam, sends out a radial blast of energy damage. Has a chance of doing a 'Deadly Strike' (33% instant $HP loss).

Execution - This is a go to move whenever large swarms of mobs surround Colossus. Able to knock enemies down in a large 360 degree radius, this move helps protect from taking large amounts of damage at once, and allows the breathing room needed to combat mobs. Unique in that it does energy damage that also gets a boost from Colossus' striking stat. While best used as a defensive power, the chance at a deadly strike makes it a good offensive move if the player gets lucky.

Crimson Rage Delivers multiple punches, building up damage with each hit.(Rapid Tap)

Execution - Another move adopted from the abilities of the Juggernaut, Crimson Rage is used for maximum damage output. Able to deliver strikes in rapid succession and buff his damage with each hit, Crimson Rage is a must have for any boss battle. The buffs will also increase the size of Colossus, increasing the effective range of many of his melee attacks, and powers.


DEMOLITION An Xtreme concussive ground pound.

Execution - Functions just like most radial Xtremes. While the function is the same as Colossus' original Demolition, it features some fancy Cyttorak style effects.

UNSTOPPABLE Allows Colossus to break through objects effortlessly, and kill most enemies with a single hit.

Execution - Well suited for use while on the move. Able to go from area to area while this Xtreme is in effect, this power makes great use of your X's.


Harden Hardened skin has a chance of blocking incoming damage.

Execution - Colossus can get extremely reckless and soak up plenty of damage for the team with this buff. Such a buff is of great use to a character as in your face as Unstoppable Colossus.

War Cry A battle cry increases the traits of all party members.

Execution - This buff has been modified to raise all party stats by a percentage instead of a set amount. This means it gives greater boosts to the traits that each party member specializes in, making it far more useful and well suited to any character build. It is now one of the most balanced team buffs there is.


Metallurgy Increases all resistances and defense rate.

Execution - Helps to build up Colossus as the team tank with reduced incoming damage.

Balanced Brawler Gives a natural increase to attack rate and attack speed.

Execution - A useful passive adopted from Juggernaut grants more rapid attacks that are also more likely land. The ultimate passive in precision striking.

Striker Increases the damage of non-powered melee attacks.

Execution - This is a special passive that is included in the modified shared talents file. It allows melee based characters to dish out the melee damage they should have always been capable of.

Critical Strike Increase chance of critical strike with melee attacks.

Execution - as expected

Might Can lift heavy objects and damage reinforced walls.

Execution - as expected

Mutant Master Increases EP regeneration rate.

Execution - as expected

Other Features

- BUG using Unstoppable Colossus on the same team with Colossus will cause the game to crash. Hopefully I can correct this in an update in the future.
- can throw Wolverine.
- Any feedback would be wonderful, let me know if you have problems, questions, or ideas.


Power Icons/HUD Heads and Icons

be sure to check out BaconWizard17's great work here:



Big thanks to many community members for continued assistance and support!