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Author Topic: Lags's Generic NPC mods (8/30/2020): Sentinel X  (Read 2138 times)

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Lags's Generic NPC mods (8/30/2020): Sentinel X
« on: May 17, 2020, 01:13am »
Combat Soldier

A rebelling mutant-hunting infantry, under the government, allies himself with the X-Men and Brotherhood to save the world. My first npc mod, that was originally gamecube exclusive, makes his way into the PC port.
Originally, my short fanmade story had him breaking free from the brainwashing drugs and deserts Apocalypse's army, giving him an ability to freely move pass enemies. :P

Slight Changes:
- Due to the few differences on how the PC version operates from the console, there were slight changes made to his character (aesthetic-wise). So he won't have things like wearing a different gun for each skin or his powerglove variants with the default fightstyle_hero's idle animation, to reference a GRSO variant respectively. Other than that, he operates the same.
- Laser Gun spawns in place of his Mp5 when performing the Laser Beam ability
- M_Nullifier gun spawns in place of his Mp5 when performing the Homing Missile ability

(PC Version)

Costumes: - Credits to Jayglass for making his character select portrait at my request.

01 - GRSO Soldier
02 - GRSO Infiltrator
03 - Anti-Mutant Troop - Age of Apocalypse Boost
04 - GRSO Expert Sniper
05 - GRSO Commander
06 - GRSO Captain
07 - GRSO Major
08 - HAARP Soldier
09 - Nuclear Guard

Bonus - Nuclear Lab Tech

Offensive Abilities:

Rapid Fire - Fires a clip of bullets at a single target and can also hit other targets who move into the radius.

Laser Beam - Fires an energy filtered beam at a single target and knocks them down in the process.
- Can be learned at as soon as reaching Level 2.

Frag Grenade - Throws a grenade that explodes on a small area.
- Requirement Level: 7
- Required Ability: Laser Beam

Full Automatic - Fires bullets continuously when holding down the ability. Can also rotate while firing.
- Requirement Level: 14
- Required Ability: Frag Grenade

Shock Trap - Sets up a small trap that sends a wave of electricity when activated by enemies.
- Requirement Level: 21
- Required Ability: Full Automatic

Homing Missile - Fires a missile that targets and explodes on contact with an enemy. Enemies caught in the explosion also take explosion damage.
- Requirement Level: 21
- Required Ability: Shock Trap

PARAMEDIC (XTREME) - Revives nearby fallen allies and enemies. Enemies also become temporarily allies. Effect wears off if strayed too far or if entered into new map.
- Requirement Level: 15
- Can also revive Allies that have fallen off the boundaries
- Enemies require a certain radius to be revived (only 2 enemies per revive).

HIGH-TECH FORCEFIELD (XTREME 2) - Provides all allies with a high-tech barrier. Reflecting all damage received back at attackers.
- Requirement Level: 20

Enemy Bypass (Boost) - Unit can freely move past enemies for a period of time. Does not work on specific enemies and as well as if this unit has already been spotted. (Basically his version of a Cloaking Device.)
- Requirement Level: 7
- Has an hidden ability when using next to an ally-turned enemy, can slowly harm them for 1 second. (Used specifically if you revived too many and need to get rid of some to reduce any lag.)

Support Perks (Boost) - Boosts traits for all allies.
- Requirement Level: 14
- Required Ability: Enemy Bypass

Passive Skills:

Critical Strike - Increases critical hit chances on melee attacks.

Resistant Uniform - Increases resistance to Elemental, Energy, and Radiation Damage.
- Requirement Level: 14

Weapon Maintenance - Ensures weapons are in top shape. Adds bonus damage and critical chance to all power attacks.
- Requirement Level: 21
- Required Ability: Resistant Uniform

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Re: Lags's Generic NPC mods - Combat Soldier
« Reply #1 on: May 18, 2020, 08:44am »
It's awesome to see him come to PC! I can't wait to try him out!

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Re: Lags's Generic NPC mods (8/30/2020): Sentinel X
« Reply #2 on: August 29, 2020, 11:45pm »

Sentinel X

Apocalypse: "I have an army."
Heroes: "We have a Sentinel."

All Sentinels must always be prepared when going up against their foes. Which is why this Sentinel carries a handful of ultities to help itself in combat. Get ready to gain control of this mutant hunting robot, even against the reprogrammed Sentinels at the platforms!

General Information:


For a giant hero, you may be expecting him to easily stomp his foes and pierce through the enemy lines, but actually, his strengths were built to average out with most heroes to keep his character balanced with the team. In this build, Sentinel X focuses mainly on projectiles and beams to strike from a far or keep enemies away, despite being a Bruiser. He runs on his own unique play style due to animation issues with his skeleton clipping through the ground when using any other Fightstyle_. He's a bit of a slow hitter, and uses less basic attack combinations. However, some of his basic attacks are AOE that inherits weak punches, which make up for his flaws.

Overall, I hope you enjoy him. I took a lot of time and effort using what he has in his animation kit to get him to function as a playable character. Playing him made me feel as if I were using Game Shark codes that's heavily assembled to make his character. :P



Sentinel X comes with 5 different skins based on the variants that appear in the game.

Skin 1 - Sentinel
Skin 2 - Sentinel Mark II Skin
Skin 3 - Sentinel Mark III Skin (Used for AoA Boost)
Skin 4 - Mutated Sentinel Skin
Skin 5 - Leader Skin



Energy Beam: A beam blasted from the Sentinel's eyes.

Coil Restraint: A projectile that wraps around it's victim, immobilizing them for a short time. Can shoot more at higher levels.

Sentinel Stomp: Heavy stomps the ground, knocking surrounding enemies away. Can put out fires.

Drone Gun: Deploys a tiny drone that fires at nearby targets.

Device Barrier: Drops a machine on the ground, creating a forcefield to prevent enemies from engaging.

Missile Launcher: Shoots homing missiles from both hands that targets victims. Also causes explosion damage.

Artillery Fire: Fires high-powered rounds into the air. Hailing into enemies and surrounding objects


Insulation Shield: Reflects a proportion of damage taken back at enemies. Also damages enemies that come in contact with the shield.

Threat Detector: Scans the surrounding area revealing enemy threats, decreasing their ATK and DEF.


NEUTRALIZE: Generates large amounts of energy causing a devastating explosion. Nullifies enemy powers temporarily.

RAMPAGING ROBOT: Power level rises to it's highest. Breaks through objects effortlessly, and defeat most enemies with one hit


Learning Program: A special program that gives advantage when fighting enemies. Increases $AR and $DR

Sentinel Mk Upgrade: Adds damage and critical chance to all power attacks.

Mechanized Armor: Increases resistance to elemental, radiation, and mental attacks and reduces physical damage taken.

Button Combination List:


Below is a list of button combinations in his fightstyle to understand how he performs.

Attack+Attack+Attack -> Triple Attack
Attack+Attack+Smash -> Pop Up Combo (does not send opponent flying)
Attack+Smash+Attack -> Attack Trip (Can trip opponent)
Attack+Smash+Smash -> Attack Knockback (does not knock opponent down)
Smash+Smash -> Attackheavy1 and 2
Smash+Attack+Smash (OR Attack) -> Attack Stun (Can stun opponent)

Gameplay Mechanics:


- Can Double Jump
- Capable of pushing heavy scripted objects (ex: those that have X logos on them)
- Cannot pick up objects, but immediately launches them upon initiating the GUARD command next to it
- Grabbing opponents is replaced with triggering the FightMove attacklight1.
- His large size can destroy small objects just by walking over them, and can push friendly NPCs around.
- Collision is the same size as all other heroes despite his large model, so heroes can jump and clip over him. If attempting to set it higher, he wouldn't be able to progress through doors or small gaps. His collision will remain this way till I figure out a better solution which increases his collision and able to walk through smaller areas

Other Information:

- This is meant to be a direct conversion from my GameCube counterpart's. The assets he has (effects and sounds he uses in his powerstyle, and play style), remains unchanged.
- Lacks a menu_action and menu_goodbye. There's a feature that can be performed that allows him to use two different skeletons for his normal file and _nc file, which is only possible do to in the console version.

Jayglass for making the character select portrait.

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Re: Lags's Generic NPC mods (8/30/2020): Sentinel X
« Reply #3 on: August 30, 2020, 05:37pm »
It's awesome to see him on PC!