epicandragon94's Mods (Captain Britain and Longshot Now Available!)

Started by epicandragon94, November 25, 2019, 09:37PM

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October 25, 2023, 11:34AM #30 Last Edit: October 25, 2023, 11:40AM by epicandragon94
Mod Character Mini-Booster Pack

-Requires Canino's original mods in order to play Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, Iron Fist, or Wasp, so download those first: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,10404.0.html

-Requires Outsider's original mod in order to use the Namor booster, so download that first: http://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,8753.msg204768.html#msg204768

-Requires Maegawa's Vision mod in order to use the Vision booster, so download that first: http://www.mediafire.com/file/qq3pqq7323qu0n5/Vision+Mod+v1.01+-+by+Maegawa.rar 

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/jt9o7049ycrfn14/Mod+Character+Mini-Booster+Pack.zip/file


1). For Iron Fist, I increased the damage of his flying kick and gave him a unique grab smash.

2). For Namor, I added new effects (and with it some effect references in his powerstyle and interact), trimmed down his voice file so it's the same voice actor consistently (though there are less voice lines), gave him new icons, huds, and skins, and also made it so that the script activates when holding a boost (as no default character has an functions during a block, so I wanted that consistency).

3). For Quicksilver, I gave him a unique grab smash and gave his speed teleport attack a trip like Outsider's mod.

4). For Scarlet Witch, I restored her walking animation as there were some sound glitches. I also restored her original purple OCP effects so that they're like XML2.

5). For Vision, I remixed his animation files and also gave him the same teleport fix I applied to Shadowcat so that if you're phased and a scripted event occurs (like a conversation) you un-phase and teleport to safety.

6). For Wasp, I just bolted some trails correctly and added flight sounds.


-Original Iron Fist, Quicksilver, Scarlet Witch, and Wasp mods by Canino, may he rest in peace. No booster can replace or outshine all he has done.

-Original Namor mod by Outsider.

-Original Vision mod by Maegawa.

-Namor skins by Enchlore, BaconWizard17, and UltraMegaMagnus.

-Wasp skins by andersonbrazil.

-Scarlet Witch skins by MrKablammofish.

-New effects, icons, and edits of original files by me (rdh94 or epicandragon94).

October 25, 2023, 11:46AM #31 Last Edit: October 25, 2023, 02:18PM by epicandragon94
Default Character Minor Edits and Fixes

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xsr3k5rq34llqzm/Default+Character+Minor+Edits+and+Trail+Fixes.zip/file

-These are just edits of the OCP and Default character powerstyle files to make it so that either icon/file references are correct, sounds are correctly played, and trails are bolted correctly.

-Also gives Thing his unique stun animation from MUA2 n-space, unlocks the speed on Hawkeye's Paralyzer (as otherwise it becomes hard to use with the speed boost), and gives Spider-Woman flying sounds.


-Edits by me (epicandragon94 or rdh94).

Amazing stuff, epicandragon! I'm sure Canino would be honoured with the work you've put out.

Quote from: zmikey08z on October 25, 2023, 12:43PM
Amazing stuff, epicandragon! I'm sure Canino would be honoured with the work you've put out.

Thank you! That means a lot to me. He was one of our very best and brightest.

Quote from: epicandragon94 on October 25, 2023, 11:46AM
Default Character Minor Edits and Fixes

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xsr3k5rq34llqzm/Default+Character+Minor+Edits+and+Trail+Fixes.zip/file

-These are just edits of the OCP and Default character powerstyle files to make it so that either icon/file references are correct, sounds are correctly played, and trails are bolted correctly.

-Also gives Thing his unique stun animation from MUA2 n-space, unlocks the speed on Hawkeye's Paralyzer (as otherwise it becomes hard to use with the speed boost), and gives Spider-Woman flying sounds.


-Edits by me (epicandragon94 or rdh94).

Congrats on all the big releases! Which characters are covered in this pack? I want to make sure that I can add them to the booster catalog appropriately.

February 08, 2024, 07:39PM #35 Last Edit: February 08, 2024, 08:07PM by epicandragon94
Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) Mod

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/dMtLWZoWTWE

Assigned Number: 99 (will clash with Dark Phoenix mod at loadscreen and mannequin). 

Trigger Count: 193

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/e6hy2qexllfw99o/Captain_Marvel_%2528Carol_Danvers%2529_Mod.zip/file

Hello all! This mod was originally just a personal project of mine, but I thought I might as well release it as well!

Essentially the idea was to combine aspects of the default Captain Marvel (Genis-Vell) and Carol Danvers in her Warbird persona and combine that with Canino's fantastic Captain Marvel mod to try to make a kind of synthesis of these three interpretations.

And since Jean Grey has both her Phoenix and Dark Phoenix personas, I thought it was only fair that Carol was afforded the same luxury, so she has a new number registered with the CCC that does not clash with any of the other Carol mods. The idea being if you wanted one roster with her as she is in the default game and another that is this mod, you can have that.

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Luminous- A powerful force blast that stuns, followed by a radial wave of energy that knocks foes back.

2). Ace Pilot- Charges forward with such force that enemies are knocked aside. Upon landing, blasts foes with energy.

3). Cosmic Slam- Slamming the Nega Bands together causes a shockwave that launches foes into the air. 50% chance to take half of a stunned foe's health. 
4). Explosive Touch- Hurl orbs of light that charge foes with energy, detonating after a time.

5). Nega Blast- Fires a blast of energy into the ground that slows enemies.

6). Prism- Shoots an energy beam that splits off to multiple foes.

7). Photon Burst- Spawns multiple energy balls that will orbit Carol and attack foes that come in range.

8). Binary Boost- Adds energy damage and slows down time.

9). Warbird's Wrath- A massive flash of light that stuns enemies and critically hits already stunned foes.


1). Classic (Short Hair)
2). Warbird (MUA2)
3). Original (Long Hair)
4). Ace Pilot


-Original effects and loadscreen by Canino, may he rest in peace.

-Skins by aventureiromax.

-Animation mixing, powerstyle coding, and new icons by me (rdh94)

February 08, 2024, 08:07PM #36 Last Edit: February 25, 2024, 09:40AM by epicandragon94
Punisher Mod

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/ZyuPYSwqXpA

Assigned Number: 158

Trigger Count: 250

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/x7r9p3wjas86nw9/Punisher+Mod.zip/file

Hello all! Though there are many Punisher mods and boosters out there, I decided to have a take on him that was kind of a synthesis of prior mods, with some elements from Marvel Heroes 2015/2016/Omega as well, and some of my own stuff I thought would be fun for him.

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Handgun Blasts- Shoot a foe in the right eye, causing bleed damage. Then shoot him in the kneecap, causing him to trip. Finish with a shot from both handguns that has a chance to instant-kill. (Press-and-Hold). 

2). Shell Shock- Take aim and fire a blast from a shotgun that weakens foes.

3). Pineapple Grenade- Press to throw a flash bang that stuns foes. Charge to through a fragmentation grenade that knocks foes back. Charge all the way for an incendiary grenade that leaves a fire on the ground and does damage over time.
4). Bullet Frenzy- Fire from submachine guns, knocking foes away.

5). Execution- Blasts foes with a powerful sniper rifle, with a high chance for instant-kill.

6). Kill Zone- Fires in three round bursts from an assault rifle, increasing critical hit chance by 10% with each round of shots. Release to fire a smoke grenade that stuns foes and increases the chance that enemies will be instantly killed by bladed attacks. Press and hold Block for a melee attack.

7). Flaming Fury- Strafes around the battlefield, unleashing a flamethrower on foes.

8). Death Wish- For a brief period of time, damage taken is increased, but damage given is also increased, time is slowed down, and gain energy per kill.

9). Second Wind- Decreases damage taken. If Frank is killed while this boost is active, will revive with increased speed and damage.

10). Punishment - Fires an experimental rocket launcher at foes with an advanced targeting system that allows for ricocheting off walls.


1). Classic (Trenchcoat)
2). Modern
3). Original
4). Marvel Knight

In the 'xtras' section there is also an optional quasi-official model originally by Julio Cabral, updated by Matt and Hannah. It uses Nick Fury's model with some models from the Punisher game as well.


-Previous mods/boosters by Julio Cabral and The Outsider. This mod combines aspects of both of their works as well as some of my own and would not have been possible without their prior work.

-Original voice file by Tubular Spaceman (Matt), updated voice file with new lines by Hannah, who cleaned up the echo effect on the original lines.

-Original skins by Julio Cabral, Jacket skin rerig and fixes by Hannah.

-Optional original skin in xtras by Julio Cabral, updates and fixes by Tubular Spaceman  (Matt) and Hannah.

-Huds by ak2yny, Nando915.

-icons, loadscreen, power coding, trenchcoat hud, talent coding, and other edits by me (epicandragon94/rdh94).

Special Thanks

-Gazillion and Marvel Heroes 2015/2016/Omega devs for their version of Punisher, which this mod is partially based on.

-Thomas Jane for his performance as the Punisher.

-Tubular Spaceman (Matt) for allowing me to use his voice pack.

-Hannah for fixing up the skins in Matt's separate release. 

-Matt for alterting me of the new fixes to the voice file and skins that he and Hannah did.

Captain Britain Mod

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/SlPugn3dl4o

Assigned Number: 69 (if you have the Supaidaimon or Jim Hammond mods, will clash at loadscreen and mannequin)

Trigger Count: 157

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/mgfuzkkv445iqfz/Captain+Britain+Mod.zip/file

Hello all! Some time ago, I decided to tackle all of the cut characters from Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Captain Britain already has two mods of course, but I wanted one that took advantage of all the new technology and knowledge that has been learned in the years since those mods were completed, and I came up with my take.

I tried to incorporate as many elements of his character as I could: the Amulet of the Right (which represents the right path), the Sword of Might (which represents the path of violence), his Quarterstaff, Star Scepter (or Sceptre, if you prefer), and Excalibur (which in Marvel has healing properties), along with anything else I could find.

As far as we can gather, Captain Britain appears to have been cut from the PSP version, and other interviews have indicated Marvel was pushing to include him.

With the help of Enigmas' conversion of his skin and the help of several other talented modders, I have done my best to try to bring him to life. I hope he is enjoyable for all.

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Avalon Uppercut- Launch foes into the air and unleash a furious combo.

2). Quarterstaff- Spin the Quarterstaff around and knock enemies upward and back, then end by vaulting with the Quarterstaff and backflipping, dodging all attacks. Has a small chance to press the third button on the Quarterstaff and disintegrate a foe.

3). Sword of Might- Hold to slash with the Sword of Might. Damage taken is doubled when using the Sword. At full health, will launch waves of energy.
4). Otherworld Slam- Leap into the air and come slamming down feet first.

5). Soaring Sceptre- Use the Star Sceptre to propel yourself forward, knocking foes upward. Spawns a forcefield where you land.

6). Excalibur- Lunge forward with the Excalibur sword. Damage taken during this attack is reduced, and if you die during this attack, will revive at full health. 

7). Amulet of the Right- Boosts stats and raises damage output. 

8). Star Sceptre- Creates a shield that absorbs damage, reflects projectiles, and reduces damage taken.

9). Otherworld Aura- Plunge Excalibur into the ground, projecting a healing aura that harms foes and gives a boost to allies that regenerates health over time.

10). Right Makes Might - Leap high into the air and stab Excalibur into the ground, knocking foes up and healing and reviving allies.


1). Ultimate
2). Original
3). Excalibur
4). Modern / New Excalibur 


-Ultimate skin by Enigma.

-Original skin by the boy sanga.

-Modern and New Excalibur skin by M_L. 

-Loading screen and original mod base by sbarth13.

-X-Treme animation conversion by MrKablamm0fish.

-power coding, bolton-importing, animation mixing, effects, mannequin, huds, talent coding, icons, and sound editing by me (epicandragon94/rdh94).

Special Thanks

-The folks over at Models Resource and Sounds Resource for source files for the voices, sounds, and models.

-Enigma for coverting the Ultimate skin and getting an authentic MUA-look for Captain Britain.

-MrKablamm0fish for being kind enough to provide the animation for the X-Treme.

-BloodyMares for providing knowledge on entitiy behavior. 

Longshot Mod

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/g34_5kmQCJU

Assigned Number: 95 (if you have the Blastaar or Lockjaw mod, will clash at loadscreen and mannequin)

Trigger Count: 152

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pycn1kk2tl1ptmk/Longshot+Mod.zip/file

Hello all! With Punisher and Captain Britain done, I didn't want to forget about the other cut character, Longshot! In terms of characters that were cut from the main game, knowledge of this one may require more modding knowledge than usual, as the only indicator of it is in the charinfo.xmlb file, which mentions Longshot as a PSP exclusive.

With this knowledge, I thought it was important to have an updated mod of him, though much of the original mod was quite good to begin with!

He is a bit of an odd pick for this game in my opinion (as there are probably many other X-Men one could name before him), but all that tells me is that whoever pushed for his inclusion must have been a big fan of him, so I hope this mod does him justice!

I tried to incorporate the fact that canonically, if he overuses his luck he will get bad luck, but I made it so that the bad luck effects aren't always bad news for you! 

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Blade Throw- Throws multiple blades at enemies (Rapid Tap)

2). Rope Kick- Uses rope dart to launch himself towards a foe. If no enemies are present, will instead roll and gain a short speed boost.

3). Hollow Bones- Longshot's hollow bones allow for superior speed, agility, and reflexes. Hold down to sprint towards a foe and deliver a powerful stunning kick. While sprinting, Longshot's wounds will slowly heal, and he has a chance to dodge attacks.
4). Ricochet Blades- Throws ricocheting blades that bounce off walls and pierce through foes.

5). Falling Knives- Throws blades into the air, and with amazing luck, they all hit their targets and cause damage over time.

6). Luck- Amazing luck allows for increased dodge and critical chance for you and your team! Critical hits also cause stun. Small chance of receiving bad luck and having foes dodge your knife attacks.

7). Attract- Uses supernatural attraction to either enrage or covert foes to your side. Enraged foes do more damage but also take more damage. Also attracts Good Luck Events and Bad Luck Events

Good Luck Events:

-Lightning Strike- chance for foes to be struck by Lightning and be stunned for a short while.

-Spontaneous Combustion- chance for foes to suddenly burst into flame, killing them instantly.

-Meteor Shower- chance for a meteor from the heavens to come crashing down, causing massive damage in an area and giving damage over time.

Bad Luck Events:

-Lightning Strike- chance for you to be struck by lightning, damaging you but giving you an electric touch and immunity to being slowed or grabbed.

-Spontaneous Combustion- chance for you to spontaneously combust, damaging you but creating a small area of effect around you and burning foes that touch you.

-Meteor Shower- chance for you to be struck by a meteor, damaging you, but also irradiating you for a short while, doing massive damage to any that touch you.

8). Luck of the Longshot- Leaps into the air and throws knives all around you, ricocheting all over the place. When you land, gain a random lucky boost.

Lucky Boosts:

-Energy Drain- enemies around you suddenly forget how to use their powers and are nullified for a time.

-Enhanced Damage- by awesome luck, your team ends up hitting foes harder than usual and does increased damage.

-Enhanced Speed- your team has more energy than usual and so can move more quickly for a period of time.

-Awareness- enemies make subtle mistakes that make foes more aware of their environment, slowing down time for a short period (works like Spider Sense).


1). Mojoverse
2). Exiles
3). X-Men
4). Street Gear

(he only has one skin, the updated one from the mobile game. This is subject to chance as folks create more skins for him).


-Original mod, effects, boltons, and icons by Norrin Radd.

-Skin and hud by UltraMegaMagnus.

-power coding, animation mixing, new effects, talent coding, and sound editing by me (epicandragon94).

Special Thanks

-Ceamonks890 for providing suggesting using Scott Porter as a voice for Longshot. 

-UltraMegaMagnus for providing the Arkham Knight voice assets in his archives.