Kang the conquereror!

Started by Haxee, February 08, 2022, 06:14AM

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February 08, 2022, 06:14AM Last Edit: February 08, 2022, 01:56PM by Haxee
download link:- https://www.mediafire.com/file/my1xjl518jcehfg/Kang.rar/file

Kang the conquereror makes his move into mua, after a long wait i present you alll my first mod "kang", who might just be the next mcu big bad

1. 40th Century Concussive: Kang fires an energy beam from one of his gauntlets, piercing an enemy as energy damage causes them to be knocked back from the blow. Charge attack for max damage!
2. Lightweight Gravity: Kang uses an anti-gravity device within the gauntlets of his armored suit, to lift up any enemy with surprising ease and fling them away in disinterest, dealing physical damage.
3. Primitive But Effective:Kang pulls a Futuristic Gun from his trophy room across time and space for personal use. (More elements unlock with powers.) $BLOCK to cancel. \n$ATTACK ^Fire: Shoots 3 explosive fireballs.\n$MOVE ^Air: Flies an enemy up via tornado.\n$GUARD ^Earth: Causes a seismic earthquake.\n$SMASH ^Water: Blasts a stream, freezing enemies.
4. System Shock: Kang flings a futuristic mine on the ground, pulling surrounding enemies in as they're frozen in place to receive a very painful shock, dealing electric damage.
5. Handgun Missiles: Kang fires explosive missiles from a hidden area on one of his gauntlets, dealing fire damage to struck threats.
6. Conqueror of Time: Kang pulls in disorientated beings from across time and space like a T-rex to assist him in battle. Doing this will also reveal all enemies on the mini-map.
7. (Boost) Interdimensional Traps: Using his mastery of time travel to his advantage, Kang generates a trap on the ground as a random historical object lands on top of an unlucky foe, dealing damage whilst leaving them stunned briefly. Amount of traps Kang can spawn, will increase as he levels up.
8. (Boost) Unyielding Will: Refusing to lose his existence to Doctor Doom's reckless madness, Kang generates an impenetrable green shield around himself (rendering him immune to all attacks temporarily, as projectiles merely bounce off the shield).
10. (Xtreme) Multiverse of Madness: Kang creates brief temporal divergences in time, travelling to different points as he knocks many nearby enemies into the air, dealing physical damage.

there are also block combos that kang uses ,one that slows down time and gives him superspeed, the other block combo plays his theme music fromthe loki disney plus tv show

Thanks to Bachello for his help with a few aesthetics ,the trex model, huds ,and a few skins and his ideas
Thanks to jake for pushing me to make this mod and providing me help with various parts of the mod and the animations
Thanks to AndersonBrazil for the kang Marvel contest of champions skin and 3d manequinn
Thanks to SSJKratos for the manequinn
Thanks to the marvel mods community which is really helpful and kind

I hope you all enjoy my first mod

Note: Manequinn crashes with Witchblade

FINALLY someone made it, thank you so much!!

Thanks for your first mod!  I just downloaded it and am looking forward to trying Kang out.
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