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Started by Enigma, February 18, 2022, 09:22PM

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September 07, 2023, 02:47PM #60 Last Edit: September 07, 2023, 02:49PM by Enigma
:thing:Ben Grimm Age of Apocalypse Skin v1.0 :thing:


Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/13RcQyd8DaKvCiCkVnkItnFWN2UhmsdTV/view?usp=sharing

**This is my skin of human Ben Grimm's Age of Apocalypse costume. I've made a few changes to the design due to difficulty.
*I made Cel Shaded and Non-Cel Shaded versions, MUA1 and XML2-style huds, a 3D head, and a character select portrait.
*He's hex edited for The Thing for both XML2 and MUA1.
*I modified the textures and parts of the following skins by BaconWizard17:
-Cannonball: Age of Apocalypse (belt, legbands, holster), New Mutants (boots), X-Force (torso, arms, legs)
-Cyclops: 90s (visor)
-Gambit: Thieves Guild (left kneepad)
-Iceman: 90s (hair)
*I also used the same modified head from the unused XML1 Prototype Olympian Civilian skin that I did for my Ben Grimm Spacesuit skin.

*BaconWizard17: textures and models: for Cannonball AOA, New Mutants, X-Force; Cyclops 90s; Gambit Thieves Guild; Iceman 90s

September 15, 2023, 08:42PM #61 Last Edit: March 08, 2024, 06:28PM by Enigma
:capbrit:Captain Britain Unused MUA1 Ultimate Skin v2.0 :capbrit:


Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z-vz1a97oQDZq7CMZUEsCfgDLbg3Onl-/view?usp=sharing

**This is my version of Captain Britain's cut MUA1 Ultimate skin.
*I started with Genis-Vell's body model (thanks to Jayglass for the idea) and Hawkeye Ultimate's head model (using UltimateMegaMagnus's source file and texture) and extensively modified them (with help from BaconWizard17) to get the official texture (which artist Jason Harlow posted on his website along with a screenshot of the finished model) to fit as well as possible on the model.
-I also reshaped Hawkeye Ultimate's head to look as close as possible to Captain Britain's headshape in the screenshot.
-Due to massive unfixable issues, I removed all the stripes from his feet except the ones on top of them and repainted the entire foot.
-I added in the back of the neck, which was missing from the official texture.
-I remade and repainted the gloves by using Genis-Vell's Wii texture as a starting point.
-I made various other modifications to the official texture to get it to fit the model, to fix issues with it, and to make it look better.
-I've made the textures DXT1 because making them PNG8 badly ruined the texture.

*I've done 2 sets of huds and character select portraits:
-One I made by taking a screenshot of the model and using part of a textless cover of Marvel Tales: Captain Britain Vol 1 1 by In-Hyuk Lee for the XML2 versions.
-The other I made using a cutout of the only official MUA1 art of Captain Britain we have, which is his appearance in one of the MUA1 epilogues.

*BaconWizard17: troubleshooting, removing the star from Genis-Vel's chest, teaching me how to to UVW editing, walking me through how to get the hips and waist parts of the texture working correctly on the model, feedback
*Jayglass: idea to use Genis-Vell model
*Tubular-Spaceman: Thor Classic mod source file, testing, feedback
*UltraMegaMagnus: Captain Marvel Genis-Vel and Hawkeye Ultimate Wii model source files, Genis-Vell Wii texture
*Jason Harlow: original texture
*In-Hyuk Lee: XML2 hud and character select portrait background

-Fixed an issue with the neck seam on the skin and 3D head.

This  :capbrit: Captain Britain skin looks epic! Thanks, mate!

September 19, 2023, 04:51PM #64 Last Edit: March 08, 2024, 06:31PM by Enigma
:hulk_icon:Hulk Unused MUA1 Classic Green Alternate v2.0 :hulk_icon:


Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ra8_1Q9h7ybKVPCULLUl85jZmVm21YYl/view?usp=sharing

**In the early screenshots of Hulk in MUA1, the skin textures of his Classic Green skin are much brighter in color, but when the Hulk DLC was released, the textures were significantly desaturated. I've recolored his skin textures (provided by MrKablamm0fish) to match this as closely as possible and put them on the his Classic Green skin (made by UltraMegaMagnus) which I fixed the Cel Shading for.
*I recolored the OCP version of his Classic Green hud to match. I also included the huds and character select portraits I made based on my restored versions of his unused Classic Green loading screen and his MUA1 Gold cover art since they also still depict him as being bright green.

*tubularspaceman: getting maps applied to MUA1 version of skin, mannequin
*UltraMegaMagnus: original skin
*MrKablamm0fish: original skin texture
*Official Characters Pack: original MUA1 DLC hud image
*ak2ny: getting maps applied to MUA1 version of skin

-Maps are now applied to MUA1 version of skin (thanks to tubularspaceman and ak2ny for this).
-Added mannequin by tubularspaceman

:silvers:Silver Surfer Norrin Radd Skin v1.0 :silvers:


Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1izgoh8zKYp51MpzG5qbn0nztHf-s8AcY/view?usp=sharing

*This is my version of Silver Surfer's Norrin Radd costume.
-I used iammingy's Norrin Radd as a starting point. I fixed issues with the texture, modified it to make it more similar to how his costume looks in the comics, and altered the face to make it look as much like Silver Surfer's face as possible. I also fixed issues with the model (which is the Zealot Minion model), added a waist sash and gave him a new skeleton.
*I also made Cel Shaded and Non-Cel Shaded versions, a 3D head, XML2 and MUA1 style huds, and a character select portrait.

*BaconWizard17: eye from Angel Classic Blue skin texture which I modified, waist sash from Jean Grey Phoenix skin which I modified, skeleton template, screenshot template
*iammingy: original texture

Is it okay if I make some of your artwork as mods with your permission?

October 17, 2023, 01:57PM #68 Last Edit: October 17, 2023, 02:27PM by Enigma
:spiderman:Peter Parker 90s Animated Series Skin v1.0  :spiderman:

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VV_2JWnhUUlk44iQbk525rTALnmYzWZm/view?usp=sharing


**This is my skin of Peter Parker from the 90s animated series in his famous striped shirt.
*I gave him a unique face, made Cel Shaded and non Cel Shaded versions, a 3D head, a character select portrait, and MUA1 and XML2 style huds.

*BaconWizard17:  Fixing a lot of issues with the head, feedback, I modified his Professor X Ultimate XML2 body and texture as well as the  hair from his Cyclops 90s skin, screenshot template, skeleton template
*tubularspaceman: Feedback
*UltraMegaMagnus: I used the ears and their textures from his Ultimate Hawkeye Wii source file

:humant:Human Torch Unused MUA1 Flame On Hud v1.0 :humant:


**By default, the Human Torch has an unused unfinished MUA1 Flame On hud. The flames around him around aren't really done, it has no blue glow, and there are various other issues with it. I've fixed all of them.

October 22, 2023, 08:00PM #71 Last Edit: February 09, 2024, 08:57PM by Enigma
:humant:Human Torch Marvel Nemesis Dark Skin v1.1 :humant:

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Yg-NZZFP3lT32W9YOQMne_R3ucacYbvK/view?usp=sharing


**This skin is inspired by Human Torch's Dark Marvel Nemesis skin. I say "inspired by" because the Nemesis version is fairly generic and lacks a Fantastic Four logo on it. But I really liked the idea of an evil Flame On green version of Human Torch, which is what his Dark Nemesis skin is. So that's what I've made.
*For the XML2 version of the skin, since the default the PS2 version of his Flame On skin has a texture that is much lower quality than most of the rest of the PS2 skins for XML2 and MUA1 are, and since the PC version of that skin is exactly the same texture but at the proper resolution of 256x256, I used that version, fixed an issue with it, and recolored it to be green. I used the PS2 skin model, fixed an issue with it, and gave it a new skeleton.
*The MUA1 version of the skin has the proper fx bones.
*I made a Cel Shaded version with a green Cel Shading outline, a non-Cel Shaded version. and 3D head.
-There are versions hex edited for use as a skin swap and a standard skin for both games.
*For the XML2 hud, I took the unused unfinished MUA1 Flame On hud and I painted in more flames so the whole background would be covered and fixed various errors with it and recolored it to green. For the MUA1 hud, I removed enough flames so that the background would be visible and added the blue glow to it.
*For the character select portrait, I used part of his MUA1 loading screen. I also made an extra hud using that same art as well.

*BaconWizard17: skeleton template, screenshot template,

-I updated the skins to fix a few minor issues.

October 30, 2023, 05:59PM #72 Last Edit: March 08, 2024, 06:36PM by Enigma
:pman:Luke Cage MUA1 90s Skin v1.1 :pman:


Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1jqGj2ywUMura36tSTSeA79AXZWNDlTZu/view?usp=sharing

**It's always bothered me that Luke Cage's 4th skin in MUA1 has a lot of differences from how it looks on his official MUA1 comic cover and in the comics. So I've made it as close as I could to the comics version, which also make it less similar to his 2 other non-Heroes for Hire skins in MUA1. I've also renamed it from "Modern" to "90s" since that name is much more accurate and he's had a lot more modern costumes than this one.
*I also fixed many issues with the original texture and model.
*I've given him a new and better skeleton.
*I made Cel Shaded and Non-Cel Shaded versions, MUA1 and XML2 style huds, and a character select portrait.

*BaconWizard17: skeleton template, screenshot template, feedback

-Fixed some issues with the skin.

November 08, 2023, 07:42PM #73 Last Edit: March 08, 2024, 06:38PM by Enigma
:pman:Luke Cage MUA1 New Avengers Skin v1.1 :pman:


Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1IIRuANfEA2eB3OPHEBmSxm1EfMqze5QK/view?usp=sharing

**By default, Luke Cage's MUA1 New Avengers skin is very different from how it appears in the comics. So I've made it as close as I could to the comics version.
*I've fixed many issues with the original texture and model, including giving him the same skintone, eye color, head shape, and ears shape as my Luke Cage MUA1 90s Alternate skin.
*I've given him a new and better skeleton.
*I made Cel Shaded and Non-Cel Shaded versions, MUA1 and XML2 style huds, and a character select portrait.

*BaconWizard17: skeleton template, screenshot template, troubleshooting

-Fixed some issues with the skin.

November 08, 2023, 07:45PM #74 Last Edit: March 08, 2024, 06:33PM by Enigma
:pman:Luke Cage MUA2 Skin v1.1 :pman:

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1LX2JZzI3OZUgCBl4JP9CCWtPWwAWtu4a/view?usp=sharing


**I've recreated Luke Cage's MUA2 as closely as possible, although I've changed the belt buckle design due to difficulty.
*I made Cel Shaded and Non-Cel Shaded versions, MUA1 and XML2 style huds, and a character select portrait.

*BaconWizard17: skeleton template, screenshot template

-Fixed some issues with the skin.