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Started by Enigma, February 18, 2022, 09:22PM

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:cyclops: Cyclops XML2 Ultimate Cutscene Skin v1.0 :cyclops:

Preview: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1nEOMR0AIu48iP14ECSCRF0WEzap3Vuf5/view?usp=sharing


**XML2's concept art gallery features a render sheet of Cyclops's cutscene model, which matches his in-game default skin. But the actual model used in XML2's opening and closing cutscenes doesn't match those. Instead, Cyclops's gloves and the straps on his boots are gray instead of yellow. Interestingly, this is very similar to an unused variant of Cyclops from early XML1 screenshots, which BaconWizard17 recreated as his Cyclops Ulimate XML1 Alternate Skin. I've made a skin to match the XML2  cutscene version.
*I combined BaconWizard17's Cyclops Ultimate XML2 skin texture with parts from his Cyclops Ultimate XML1 Alt texture. I then put this texture on BaconWizard17's Cyclops Ultimate XML2 skin model and 3D head model.
*I've used BaconWizard17's Cyclops Ultimate XML2 huds (MUA1 style, MUA1 villain style, and his improved version of Cyclops's default XML2 hud) and character select portrait because there are no differences in the parts of the skin those show.

*copycat: letting me know the cutscene model is different and what it looks like.
*BaconWizard17: Cyclops Ultimate XML1 Alternate and Ultimate XML2 textures, models, 3D head model, huds, character select portrait; screenshot template