Spaceman's Mods ( Plastic Man, Anakin Skywalker, Pokemon Trainer )

Started by tubularspacedude, August 17, 2022, 12:20PM

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Chris Redfield over in Hannah's thread has been updated too! Be sure to check that out!

"Our foes are a cowardly and superstitious lot."

Rest in Peace - Kevin Conroy (1955-2022)

Batman is one of my favourite DC Characters, and while Blaw's original mod, and Outsider's booster are still fun mods, I wanted to try and do my own tweaks to present my ideal Batman mod while also updating and modernizing the mod for 2024.

This is a standalone Batman mod, however it is an overhaul of/based off of Blaw's original Batman mod, similar to how my standalone Superman mod was based off of Blaw's original.

Included are the following changes (as always Batman's number is 24 and will clash with U.S. Agent, Combat Agent and Lilandra.)

Installation: Using your prefered method, decompile the herostat, and place Batman's entry in whatever slot you want.

Power 1 - Batarang Toss: Batman's first power and rather self-explainatory. Upgrade to increase the number of Batarang's tossed!

Power 2 - Crusading Uppercut: Batman's second power, allowing the Caped Crusader to dispense some good old fashioned justice with a hearty punch.

Power 3 - Bat-Grapple: Batman shoots a grapple line directly at an opponent, before reeling them in with a yank!

Power 4 - Shadow Kick: A powerful martial arts kick, giving him a quick and powerful physical attack for when things get hectic.

Power 5 - Bat-Bomb: Sticking a small explosive directly onto a target, the Bat-Bomb will detonate a powerful explosion after a few moments!

Boost 1 - As Blind as a Bat: Seeing without seeing, Batman reveals enemies on the map as though they were as plain as day while reducing overall energy cost.

Boost 2 - Into the Shadows: Batman steps into the darkness, blending in perfectly with his surroundings as he becomes virtually invisible to all enemies, increasing chances for critical strikes.
Xtreme - I Am The Night: Batman leaps into the air unleashes a barrage of explosive Batarangs all at once, dealing massive damage.

Bat-Zip - Using his grapple gun, Batman can swing across the level and safely cross over gaps!



Blaw, Outsider, Ceamonks890: The original Batman mod, Batman Booster and Alternative Batmen mods respectively that formed the basis for this booster

Blaw - Classic, Modern skins, Original Power icons and moveset

Hannah: All HUDs, support, shared work on Multiversus Batman voice files, Arkham White Eyes edits, Gotham Knight Skin

Enigma: Additional voice files from Rise of Sin Tzu, and Arkham Underworld

DC Comics, Rocksteady, Daybreak, WB Interactive, Player First Games, Ubisoft, Kevin Conroy: Original Batman assets, voice clips and more

Batman has been updated! His modern and classic skins now feature glowing white eyes, ala the comics and animated series and to match with the Arkham Skin!

Special thanks to Ak2yny for help with getting this working!

Luigi has been updated, now featuring the IgnoreBoundScaling coding circumventing the need for a speed boost. His boosted jumping remains intact!