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Started by Spilman8, July 03, 2008, 07:19AM

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I was searching on marvel ultimate alliance 2 and on wikipedia it said it was coming out on the PC!!!!!!! just look and read carefully in the blue box. I am so happy that it is coming out for the PC :jumping: :laola:

Don't hold your breath.  With Wikipedia you need a hard reference.  It may not come out for PC as they didn't reference anything.  It most likely will, but I wouldn't count on Wikipedia if there's no references.

I think it also says on that its being released on PC .

Yeah, I added that reference until we get a reliable one.  IGN is good with most stuff, but they always guess on platforms.

you're sure coming for pc mua 2 :S it will be awesome :D

I hope it indeed does come out for PC. Then we can get even more mods. XD

yes :D I hope the game come out for pc :S Mua 2 rlz XD

It will - after the sales they saw from letting X-Men Legends 2 and MUA on PC they'd be fools not to ;P

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Sorry about this...but the game is coming out on PS3, XBOX360, Wii and DS...not even PSP :(   <- And for me Gametrailers is a really good sourcs :(

I do have good news though <- Screenshots :)

Confirmed : All the F4, Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America, Spider man, Daredevil, Thor and maybe Storm(cause of the artwork on page 1).And from the trailer we got Wolverine.

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No PC version by the looks of it either, also "over 20 characters" will likely mean between 20 and 25 characters.
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It is likely that you'll find what you need by searching the forum.

I updated the Wiki entry -- I didn't see anything about Mr Fantastic in the article (it's assumed of course) so I didn't add him.  Also, everyone missed that they mentioned Luke Cage in the article.

Mr Fantastic is mentioned in the Article.Page 5 last paragraph (righ down corner)

Read through the article one last time.  Thanks for the find Philip, I would have missed it.  We've got 11 confirmed characters now.

I wouldn't say Luke Cage is confirmed, given how he wasn't really mentioned while discussing the game, but rather while discussing the comic book series "Secret War" ( ).

I have no doubts that he'll be in, and though him having an important part in a comic story that's going to be rather important in MUA2 is a good sign of that, it's not definite confirmation.

Or maybe I'm being too picky this time...

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Why no Pc version!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :blackshake:
In the first trailer about spider-man 3 there isn't the icon of Pc but then we have the pc version, so maybe we have the pc version.
PS: I have a bad feeling about this.