Mega's Web of Shadow skins

Started by Meganubis, January 06, 2009, 08:45PM

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Holy cow!  Those are all awesome man! :thumbsup2:

This is incredible! I am definitely looking forward to playing with the Movie skins :thumbsup2:
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great work :)
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dude its not hi def...Its blue ray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!one question tho:why is the spider-carnage mouth all black?

which is why it's so hi-def (high definition, very detailed).

Well it was abit of a conundrem, spidercarnages mouth is muffeled when he talks, and it would be retarted if he has his mouth open
and as you can see

his mouth is just like a zig saw opening, when closed , i would be like he had no mouth
to tell you guys the truth i might not release it, especially if i cant get what i want in the skin, anyone have sugestions?

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Spider-carnage was the skin I was looking forward to most, and I was kind of disappointed that you went with the bagley version rather than the romita version you posted above. It still looks good, the claws espescially, but the veins look a little out of place.

I agree with what you're saying about the mouth, but if you look at earlier drawings of carnage, his jaws always looked like part of the costume rather than something underneath it like venom's fangs and gums.

In this case, it wouldn't look out of place if you had a partially opened mouth; you could always do two different versions of the skin (i.e. bagley and romita) and have one with a closed mouth and the other an open mouth. I don't think it'll really look all that out of place with an open mouth, as long as it's not gaping wide open.

The best example of a partially opened mouth is the panel in the 3rd part of the spider-carnage story where ben is talking with peter whilst trying to hide the symbiote. In response to peter going to see seward ben says "NO" and the lower half of his face is a very viscous looking symbiote jaw.
I don't really expect anyone to remember that particular scene, but I don't have a ready example of it, so I might post that page later.

The rest of the skins are really good though; unlimited looks leagues better than I thought it would, the negative zone is a nice addition too.

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Ive given up on Spider Carnage, it doesnt look good enough for me, So ive Uploaded The Rest of The Skins, plus my Updated 2099, and i think these are the last im going to do, there doesnt seem to be any thing more to do :P

BTW while looking on Marvel, i found out something retarted, the 2099 spiderman in exiles isnt from the 2099 universe, hes an alternate version.

One last note, can one of the mods change the name of the thread from Spider-man 3 to Spider-Man Games

Omfg BEST skins i have ever seen!all the skins are perfect(again)!U are just godlike meganubis..

I still don't think the skull looks right on 2099, but the arms are an improvement.

It occurred to me, with the new batch of skins, that you have a lot of skins for the costume, but only a handful for the symbiote. There are a lot of things that can be done with the symbiote half, they don't all necessarily have to be spider-man even.

For example, toxin? Carnage too, in addition to spider-carnage, which I think is kind of a glaring ommission, considering you've got ben reilly in there.

As an aside, do you think you could get the maker of the spider-carnage mod you posted in a previous thread to repackage it? I couldn't get that skin to work, tex mod just comes up with an error message.

I really liked the armour costume and unlimited by the way, I didn't particularly care for the movie ones though.

Also, in answer to Meganubis's comment about spider-man 2099 in exiles; he was from a 2099 universe, but not the 2099 universe in the 2099 line comics. The world tour exiles story takes place rather early on in the 2099 universe, around issue 10-11 of spider-man. During that story, the exiles take miguel away from the universe, so if it were the same miguel, how could the rest of the spider-man 2099 comics have taken place? The story completely alters how that particular sequence of events with jordan boone and the dimension technology plays out anyway, so you can view it as the exiles totally altering the 2099 timeline, thus making the comics invalid OR, a splinter universe which branches off from the primary 2099 universe at that point.

I only bothered to read exiles because of spider-man 2099 joining them, so I was very disappointed with the way the character was discarded when chris clairemont took over the book.

Now I am questioning why I wrote all this.

Because you have plenty free time? I don't know either :D

Quote from: Wade Wilson on January 24, 2009, 12:10PM
Because you have plenty free time? I don't know either :D

It was because Meganubis thought an alternate spider-man 2099 being in exiles was a bad thing; I was clarifying why it wouldn't have worked any other way. Mystery solved.

Anyway, if you're still interested Meganubis, I figured out why the seams are so visible on the symbiote and anti-symbiote skins: the arms and legs are different shades of white and black respectively to that of the torso. The limbs are a lot darker. I suspect it's the way you applied the highlights on the specular map.