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Started by Quentin Hex, October 01, 2009, 02:34PM

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My full character mods are here:,6951.0.html

Songbird effects updates:
new wings>>,3779.msg91322.html#msg91322
other effects update>>,3779.msg91896.html#msg91896

spiderwoman effects update:
replaces some power effects,3779.msg90335.html#msg90335

nick fury grenade update:
replaces his grenade with a much more grenade-like model,3779.msg90248.html#msg90248

iceman effects booster:
updates and adds several effects,3779.msg90020.html#msg90020

{v1.0 mediafire link}
{v2.0 mediafire link}

Quote from: V2.0
gevth is awesome. he made it so that strange's black magic power turns enemies into a random one of the models!

to install: you might want to back up up ps_drstrange.engb in the powerstyles folder and ents_drstr.xmlb in the entities folder, just in case. drag folders into mua directory.

V2.0 notes: shiny new powerstyle and stuff by gevth. not compatible with other dr strange boosters. sorry.
Quote from: V1.0finally another mod! this one let's you change the...thing...that doctor strange's power "black magic" turns enemies into.

to install: this is going to seam a bit more complicated than it is. in each folder (except random) is a folder called "models". drag that into your mua main folder and you'll be good. in the folder "random" there there is also a "models" folder. drag this into your mua folder. to use one of the "random" models you will need to rename them to "crate_strange.igb" instead of "crate_strange_0X.igb).

v1.0 notes: compatible with any dr strange booster.

the models i have are:
-Big Statue (pretty cool, but the wierd thing is; he can lift it over his head)
-Toilet (turning people into toilets is more fun than you'd think)
-Iron Man Display (one of my personal favorites)
-Tribal head statue (again, cool looking, but strange can pick it up)
-Nightcrawler statue
-Gravestone (pic coming soonish)
-Forklift (a forklift)

please report any issues with it and...Enjoy!

{v1.0 mediafire link}

Inspired by this image.

This mod basically adds a bunch of weaponry to spiderman.
Just add the below code to spiderman's herosat and install the boltons.      BoltOn {
      bolt = Bip01 Spine2 ;
      model = models/bolton/shoulder_pads_DXT1 ;
      slot = ebolton_clawright ;

      BoltOn {
      bolt = Bip01 Spine2 ;
      model = models/bolton/vollycannon_back ;
      slot = ebolton_tail ;

      BoltOn {
      bolt = Bip01 Spine2 ;
      model = models/bolton/nightcrawler_swords_back ;
      slot = ebolton_clawleft ;

      BoltOn {
      bolt = Bip01 R Hand ;
      model = models/bolton/beamcannon_hand ;
      slot = ebolton_altweapon ;

      BoltOn {
      bolt = Bip01 L Hand ;
      model = models/bolton/rocket_launcher_L ;
      slot = ebolton_weapon ;

known glitches:
-spiderman looks funny on the menu screen and his guns sometimes go through stuff. there's really nothing to be done about this.
-after you use blaw's symbiot power all the boltons go away and don't come back until you enter the change character menu or enter a new area. nothing to be done about this either (at least i won't even try for now)
-strange things happen when you pick up weapons (strange like left had weapon dissapearing, then when you drop the weapon, you hold your right hand gun over your head and it slowly fades to invisible) like the above problem, new areas and char select screen should fix it.

future updates:
-more boltons! (may even request a few just for this!)
-maybe (don't hold me to this!) a version that uses guns and swords and stuff.
-fixies to any bugs (not likely to bug)


more pictures here

thanks! please report any glitches!

beam cannon and volly cannon by blaw
rocket launcher, shoulder pads and swords by iammingy

jean grey "tortured soul" mannequin

just a little something i threw together in a few mins.
clicky the picy for download

it goes in the folder, UI>models>manequins

jean grey "from the ashes" mannequin

from the ashes, she will rise. that's the word on the street anyways ^^.
clicky the picy for download

it goes in the folder, UI>models>manequins (just remove the ashes suffix and replace old file)

just put the folder "models" in your mua folder and add the text to your herostat. if you'r new you just need nba2k's xmlb decompilerer, decompile herostat.engb find spiderman's entry and put the text in. easy!

edit: this was in response to somebody being confused about how to install it, but mysteriously deleted their post.
furhter edit: and they were named "MarvelFan12345". very similar to the person who deleted their account a month or less ago. anyone else confused?

No problem. Carry on with the topic ^^

What's next? a deadpoolhead on Rachel summers? :P

that would be extremely loly but i don't even know where to start meshing. o for tht matter rig somebody's head as a bolton. maybe it's time for me to start learning?

It's definetely worth the time and experience (in my opinion)

is there a tutorial?

i found one. is there a way to do meshes for free (or at least cheap)?

Nice idea. If only it didn't add the weaponery to all skins but worth trying this mod out

i have updated the first post with my latest mod: "Strange New Boxes"!


cool, the statue thingi is a lot cooler than a box and maches the "dark magic" concept better. the gravestone is my favourite. god idea!
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thanks! i thought the gravestone would be a little humorous. using this concept you could probably use an interesting unique(ish) model for scarlet witch's version of this power.

way ahead of you. as soon as I saw your releases I altered both doc and wanda in my game LOL!
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  "Beneath this mask there are ideals and ideals are bulletproof."