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Started by Quentin Hex, October 01, 2009, 02:34PM

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they look good...and very familiar :P
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doh; forgot to credit you for that *edits* ok now your credited. sorry for that. and thanks you three for the comments :D.

Which code do you need to replace with the menu wings? They look really good with the powers btw!

thanks :). you just need to add the code i included at the bottom of the release post into the herostat for the wings to show up on the menu. and you will need to use the herostat i provided if you don't want the bolton wings to show up on the menu.

Amazing work, Deedooo, now her wings are very similar to wings of Songbird from MUA 2 (WII)!

songbird is quite probably one of my favorite mods, but have you ever been confused by her effect that look like a shield but is really a debuff? well be confused no longer, cuz i has nao updated the effect so it looks like a bunch of particles swarming around her, which really increases the "distraction" vibe of the power. the rar file contains versions for people who use the wing boltons and for people who use my wing effects. please report any bugs please.

download link >>

thanks to whiteking for his amazing songbird mod found here>>,3914.msg90030.html#msg90030
i personally recommend his other mods too. they are amazing. nuff said.

i have no clue why i randomly switched to some sort of strange interwebz dialect halfway through the introductory paragraph. i doubt you do either.

The new effect looks great!
And glad to know that you liked Songbird (and my other mods too ^^)
Thank you :)
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It does look great. I never understood why the game makers gave her a shield effect for that boost.

I think they did that to better defined the area of effect, so anyone that enters the bubble gets affected but those outside of it dont. Im sure it made codding easier for them too. Anyways the effect doesnt work on XML2, so it looks similar to what Deedooo did. Looks good :)
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The mod is GREAT!!!
but i cant get the wings on the attacks and flight....

did you instal the original mod and replace all the files properly?

yep and i put the herostat right.......
but yet it just doesn't work......

Spider man link is broken fix it plz