more or less everything you need to know about boltons

Started by Quentin Hex, October 02, 2009, 03:06PM

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Is their a way to rip boltons from models, like taking corsairs sword and... (dunno what else to call it) Laser gun... and exporting them as boltons?
And vice versa, Getting rid of things that look like boltons, but actually aren't? Again, like Corsair. His sword and gun look like boltons, but aren't, I.e. can I take
them off even if their part of the mesh?

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Yes but it has been explained a lot of times. Look in the 3d model tutorial. Read all pages, just in case ;) (hint)

How can I make it, so that I put two swords on a characters back and it uses both in normal attacks? (One in left and one in right hand)

well you would need to have separate boltons for the back swords and hand swords, then you would need to  have  codes in the powers to make everything apear and disappear. try looking at the war machine and  domino mods for those codes.

And by the way, what files should I look at? As I want it to be like at Deadpool and Nightcrawler (two always visible swords at the back) and at light and heavy attacks, he would have the swords in his hands and as the attacks end, he puts them back. Or if I can only do it with one sword on the back and that sword used for light/heavy attacks, that good aswell, just I need to know, what specific stuff should I look at and what should I do.

Edit: Modified my idea: All I need to know, is that can I put in some of Deadpool's swords attacks with the animations as well?

Edit 2: Not needing this anymore, I'm thinking about using some of Deadpool's attacks, with another bolton of course.

I'm glad this thread got "reactivated."  I never knew it existed.  It certainly has some helpful information.  Thanks deedooo.
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Yes thank you for this faq Deedoo, it also works for xml2. I mean, check it out!

Also thanks for your wonderful War Machine skin!Now I'm seriously thinking of porting teancum's mua war machine mod to XML2.

btw those forearm boltons are domino's guns from edward's mod. I couldnt find anthing more suitable for war machine's wrist guns, because I thought those wrist guns on the classic war machine skin were boltons, turns out they were part of the skin.

glad to be of help ^^ a conversion of warmachine would definitely be very cool ^^

 :warmachine: on xml2 would be super awesome, hope you consider it.

It would seem the limit is 7 boltons per bolt. At least that's what it seems when dealing with stat effects.

Quote from: Hyperman360 on July 16, 2012, 05:02PM
It would seem the limit is 7 boltons per bolt. At least that's what it seems when dealing with stat effects.
Is it through herostat? Because the herostat has limited room :p

You could potentially add more through the powerstyle, though why you'd want to is entirely beyond me XD