My custom skins,etc: Warpath, Cyclops, Crossbones, Punisher, Magneto, Batman

Started by iammingy, May 11, 2007, 02:18PM

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To download the skins, please left-click the name of the character.
* Please do not upload/post these files to other forums! Thanks! *
* No one can modify and upload my stuff without my permission!!! *

How do you install these skins?

1. Pick the custom skin you want! (eg. War_Machine_Initiative-Armor_MUA&
2. Extract the skin from the RAR/ZIP archive with WinRAR or WinZip (War_Machine_Initiative_PS2.igb).
3. Pick a skin you want to replace in MUA. [You may want to read >>this<<] (eg. 1504.igb)
4. Rename the custom skin with the name of the skin you want to replace in MUA. (eg. War_Machine_Initiative_PS2.igb --> 1504.igb)
5. Back up your actors folder and place the new skin in the actors folder.


* PS2 models can be used in MUA and XML2.
* Please see the corresponding mods for the latest versions of the skins; some of these may not be up to date.

Warpath, Cyclops, Crossbones, Punisher, Magneto, Batman

Old stuff... needs organizing

Angel - Original (MUA + XML2) [previews] - heavy re-skin of Archangel from XML2
(NOTE: This skin was originally started by Teancum)

Avalanche :avalanche: - Classic, X-Corps, and Freedom Force (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskins of Avalanche from XML1 and Guardian from XML2
(EXTRA: Avalanche mod for MUA by BliZZ)

Beast :beast: - Classic, Astonishing, Original (MUA + XML2) [previews] - color and belt fixes of Beast's original costume from XML1, and conversions to PS2 models

Bishop :bishop: - Original (MUA + XML2) [previews] reskin of Classic Bishop from XML2

Black Widow :blackwidow: - Classic, Ultimate, Natasha Romanoff, Yelena Belova (MUA-PC/XBOX/PS2 & XML2-PC) [previews] - reskins of short-hair Ultimate Jean Grey from XML1, Stepford Cuckoo and Ultimate Rogue from XML2.
Black Widow :blackwidow: - mannequin (MUA-PC/XBOX) [previews]

Blob :blob: - Ultimate, 1st-Appearance, Classic, X-Corps (MUA + XML2) [previews] - fixes and reskins of Ultimate Blob from XML2

Cable :cable: - Classic, X-Force (Series 1) (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Winter Soldier from MUA
(EXTRA1: Cable mod V3 for XML2 by nodoubt_jr)
(EXTRA2: Find my new Cable skins in Norrin Radd's Cable mod)

Carnage :carnage: (MUA only) [previews] - reskin of Shadow King from XML1
(EXTRA1: Carnage is the 4th skin of Toxin mod v1.2)
(EXTRA2: Carnage Cosmic surfboard can be found HERE)

Destiny - Classic (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Skrull Empress from MUA

Destiny - Classic (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Skrull Empress from MUA

Dr. Strange :strange: - Strange (MUA-PC) [previews] - reskin of Dr. Strange from MUA

Genis-Vell :genis: - Photon (MUA-PC) [previews] - reskin of Silver Surfer from MUA

Ghost Rider :ghostr: - Daniel Ketch (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Ghost Rider from MUA
(EXTRA: An HUD is included.)

Green Goblin (MUA only) [previews] - reskin of Super-Skrull from MUA

Hawkeye (PS2) [previews] - reskins of Blade and Wolverine from MUA

Hobgoblin (MUA only) [previews] - reskin of Moonknight Khonshu from MUA
(EXTRA: You can find the XML2 version HERE)

Human Torch :humant: - Retro (MUA only) [previews] - reskin of Human Torch from MUA

Iron Fist :ifist: - Red, Breathless, and Immortal (MUA only) [previews] - slight modifications of thetommyboy2002's Iron Fist skin
Iron Fist :ifist: - Ultimate and Tournament costumes (MUA only) [previews] - reskins of Wong from MUA and Quicksilver from XML2
Iron Fist :ifist: - Tournament, Modern, Topless, Classic, Red costumes and collar bolton (MUA & XML2) [previews] - reskins of Guardian from XML2
(EXTRA: Iron Fist mod for MUA by me)

Iron Man :stark: - Flexi Armor (Model IV) (MUA & XML2) [previews] - reskin of Doom Iron Man from MUA
Iron Man :stark: - Stealth Armor (Model X) (MUA & XML2) [previews] - reskin of Doom Iron Man from MUA
(NOTE: These two skins are version 2.)

Jean Grey :phoenix: - Jim Lee style costume (3 colors) (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskins of Medusa from MUA
(NOTE: The PC versions are bump-mapped now)

Jubilee :jubilee: - Generation X costume (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Invisible Woman from MUA

Juggernaut :juggernaut: - X-men outfit (no helmet) (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Juggernaut Classic w/o helmet from XML2

The Keeper :silvers: (MUA-PC) [previews] - reskin of Silver Surfer from MUA

Living Mummy - Blood-stained (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Hellfire Club Minion from XML2

Magneto :magneto: - Classic and 80s costumes (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskins of Ultimate Magneto w/ & w/o helmet from XML2, and 10100.IGB from MUA
(NOTE 1: the helmet-less version of the Classic costume is included in the download for XML2 only)
(NOTE 2: version 2 (w/ more shadows on gloves, belt, and boots) of the 80s costume can be found HERE)
(EXTRA 3: 80s costume with helmet for XML2 only by Teancum can be found HERE)
(NOTE 4: Version 3 of the 80s costume with helmet for MUA only can be found HERE)

Morph :morph: - Exiles (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Vision from MUA

Norrin Radd :silvers: (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Zealot Minion from XML2

Omega Red :omega: - Ultimate, AoA, Revenge (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskins of AoA Sabretooth from XML2, Bulldozer from MUA, Space Suite Beast from XML1
(EXTRA: Omega Red mod by idrinkdrpepper)

Psylocke :psylocke: - Xtreme (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Dark Psylocke from MUA and Xtreme Psylocke from XML1

Punisher :punisher_logo: - Classic Costume (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Astonishing Colossus

Pyro :pyro: - Classic costume (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Pyro (modern) from XML2
(EXTRA 1: Pyro mod by Cates)
(EXTRA 2: You can find the XML2 3D HUD head for Classic Pyro HERE and the preview over HERE)

Rhino :rhino: - Armored, 1st-Appearance, Smoochy costumes (MUA only) [previews] - reskins of Rhino Classic from MUA
(EXTRA: You can find krum4o's Rhino mod HERE)

Sandman - human-form, forearm in sand-form, complete sand-form w/ AND w/o clothing colors (MUA only) [previews] - reskins of Wyatt Wingfoot from MUA
(NOTE: This is version 2.)
(EXTRA: skin for Sandman in jeans colored by Norrin Radd can be found HERE)

She-hulk :shehulk: - Modern, Shield, Classic, Attorney Costumes (MUA only) [previews] - reskins of Black Widow, Medusa, & Female Lab Technician
(EXTRA 1: Bikini outfit can be found HERE)
(EXTRA 2: She-Hulk mod by me)

Spot (MUA only) [previews] - reskin of Spider-man symbiote from MUA

Sunspot - AoA costume (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Space Suit Cyclops from XML2
(NOTE: This is version 2.)

Thanos (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Core Guards from XML2

Toxin :toxin: - Enraged Symbiote (MUA + XML2) [previews] - reskin of Shadow King from XML1
(EXTRA: Toxin mod by me)

Venom :venom: - Classic, Marvel Knights, Thunderbolts, Ultimate costumes (Version 1) (MUA-PC) [previews] - reskins of Doomsman from MUA
(NOTE: 4 corresponding HUDs are included in the download)
(EXTRA: PS2 versions can be found HERE)
Venom :venom: - Classic, Marvel Knights, Thunderbolts, Ultimate costumes (Version 2) (MUA-PC) [previews] - reskins of Dark_Mark's Venom models with DLC textures
(NOTE: mannequin and new HUDs are included)
Venom :venom: - Classic (bulky, black) (MUA-PC) [previews] - reskin of Dark_Mark's Ultimate Venom model with DLC textures
Venom :venom: - Classic (bulky, blue) (MUA-PC) [previews] - reskin of Dark_Mark's Ultimate Venom model with DLC textures

War Machine - Initiative Armor (MUA & XML2) [previews] - reskin of Iron Man Modern Armor from MUA.
War Machine - Modular Armor (MUA & XML2) [previews] - reskin of Infinite Captain from XML2.
(NOTE: This skin is version 2.)

Werewolf by Night - Transformation I (MUA & XML2) [previews] - reskin of Beast from XML2

Wolverine :wolverine: - Modern (Jacket) and New X-Men (MUA-PC) [previews] - custom made

X-Man - AoA, X-Factor, Shaman (MUA & XML2) [previews] - reskins of AoA Gambit and Banshee from XML2 and Office male from MUA
(EXTRA: X-Man mod by BliZZ)

See bolton models below.

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Bolton Models:

Bishop's Guns (MUA) [previews] - ripped from Bishop from XML2

Captain America's Shield (MUA) [previews] - ripped from Cap's mannequin

Desert Eagle (MUA) [previews] - ripped from Blade from MUA

Laser Gun (MUA-PC/XBOX and XML2-PC/XBOX) [previews] - modified from m_nullifier from MUA

Katannas (MUA-PC/XBOX and XML2-PC/XBOX) [previews] - ripped from Deadpool from MUA

M16 Assault Rifle (MUA) [previews] - ripped from Mercs from XML2

M4 Carbine (MUA-PC/XBOX and XML2-PC/XBOX) [previews] - ripped from Winter Soldier from MUA

Nightcrawler's Swords (MUA-PC/XBOX and XML2-PC/XBOX) [previews] - ripped from Nightcrawler from XML2

Rocket Launchers (futuristic) (MUA) [previews] - a free model (from Quake 3?) I found on the web; map modified by me

Shotgun on back (MUA-PC/XBOX and XML2-PC/XBOX) [previews] - slight modifications of Blade's shotgun from MUA

Shoulder pads (MUA-PC/XBOX and XML2-PC/XBOX) [previews] - modified from Omega Red from XML2

USMC KA-BAR knives (MUA) [previews] - modeled by "retarded_monkey"; map modified by me

Valkyrie's sword (MUA-PC/XBOX and XML2-PC/XBOX) [previews] - slight modifications of the original model from MUA

Wig (long, blond/black/white/grey) (MUA-PC/XBOX and XML2-PC/XBOX) [previews] - slight modifications of Thor's hair from MUA

X-23's hand- and foot-claws (MUA-PC/XBOX and XML2-PC/XBOX) [previews] - slight modifications of Wolverine's claws from MUA

Any more skins I release will be added to this thread. Enjoy~ :)
*NOTE* 2 of the Beast skins are just conversions, I take no credits in creating them!

*NOTE* Cates made the HUD-head, not me! :thumbsup:

I'll get you Pyro updated for XML2 and MUA probably late tonight or tomorrow.  Nice work btw.

Thank you! The skin looks fine in XML2 (zoomed in + out), so you can just help me do the MUA version. :D Take your time! :)

Hah!  Your Toxin skin + icon looks badass  :ohnoes:

I have to admit I don't know much about the character but you got me interested in him now!  :idea:

Quote from: THX on May 12, 2007, 10:25PM
Hah!  Your Toxin skin + icon looks badass  :ohnoes:

I have to admit I don't know much about the character but you got me interested in him now!  :idea:

Thanks!!! Cates made the HUD_head, not me! Full credits to him!! :P

Quote from: jonchang on May 13, 2007, 02:05AM
Toxin is a skin of ....?

...anything you want... lol
I am using it on the Thing.

iammingy -

FYI - There's a HUD for the classic pyro skin included in my HUD pach. It's in the HUD release thread.

Teancum, you were correct! The black dots are due to the plug-in itself.
I have fixed and modified the Pyro skin for MUA, so it does not have black dots now. Thanks for the help anyway!!!

The new MUA skin has a brighter yellow color, and the yellow plate on the chest is more rectangular than in version 1, so his chest does not look like Iron Man anymore. :)

Pyro Classic MUA version 2, XML2 version 1:

[Sept. 27, 2007] ~ MOVED!!!

version 2 for MUA:

version 1 for XML2:

Nice work man.  Pyro's on my 'must have' for XML2.  Mind if I put him in as a skin for the XML2 Xbox mod?

thanks for the pyro
Please search the forum before asking a question. I dont answer
PMs about modding, those questions should be posted in a public thread.
What im currently working on:
My mods are mine to booster/update, I will not give anybody permission to do it

I used thetommyboy2002's Iron Fist custom skin as a base for these three skins.
If he didn't make one, you would not be getting these from me. I want to thank
him for allowing me to use his skin for my customs. :)

From left: Classic (thetommyboy2002's skin and base for the other three), Red, Breathless, Immortal

Red: same design as Classic, but red cloth instead of green cloth
Breathless: long-sleeved shirt, long pants, kung-fu gloves, running shoes
Immortal: long pants, yellow boots, bandages wrapped around the hands