The Marvel Mods Solo Tournament

Started by Cates, August 04, 2010, 06:03AM

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August 04, 2010, 06:03AM Last Edit: August 04, 2010, 06:06AM by Cates
This is a tournament to be played with a single character through the Hard mode of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance. Can a single warrior possibly stand up against the might of Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil? We shall see!

Now begins the rules, which shall be known hereafter as the Rules:

GETTING STARTED: Single Character, Hard Level, Use Default Statistics

WHO CAN I PLAY AS?: Any MUA Character or Mod you want, provided no one else is playing that character at the present time. See the most updated version of the standings (more info on that below) to determine if the character you want to play with is currently "active." With somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 characters available from MUA, the official characters pack, the XML2 Pack, and our other awesome Marvel Mods, you should have plenty of heroes (or villains!) to choose from.

STARTING MONEY AND THE DEFENSE PASSIVE: When beginning the game, you can use the SHIELD Credits Cheat to gain 100,000 coins. You can use 45,000 of those coins to spend on the DEFENSE passive of any of your costumes, either maxing out a single costume Defense passive or splitting the 45,000 credits between different costume defense passives. The remaining 55,000 must be dumped into a character you are not playing, so everyone starts playing with zero credits. The cheat code for starting money is:

Up, Up, Up, Left, Right, Left, Enter

at the team menu or hero management screen.

REDISTRIBUTING SKILL POINTS: You may redistribute the Default skill points in any way you wish before you begin the game. 

COSTUMES: You may use any of your character's costumes, invest in costume passives for multiple skins, and switch costumes as often as you like.

DEATH IS FINAL: If you die, even once, you must start over on a new run through the game. You can do this with the character you died with, or choose a new character. You may re-enter as many times as you wish.

"TWO-PLAYER" MOMENTS: When the game calls for two characters, you can bring in a character for that act (such as pressing a dual switch), but you must port them out as soon as possible. As soon as your portal is ready, you must port out and take the extra character away.

SIM MISSIONS: Any character who has a sim mission may play that mission once and once only, no matter your success or failure. Characters with sim missions can also play all the "VS" Missions except one (of their choosing). Each "VS" mission must be played solo, and one time only. A character without a Sim Mission (such as Venom, Magneto, Etc.,), can play every "VS" Mission, with the same rules applying. Thus, each character gets the same number of sim mission chances, regardless of whether their character has a sim mission or not.

WINNING: The tournament ends when no one has posted a progress update in this thread for one week. The winner will be the player who has gone the farthest through the game. If there is a tie (such as two players finishing the game), the winner will be the one who completed it in the shortest amount of in-game time, as displayed on the save/load screen.

POSTING YOUR PROGRESS: As you make significant progress in your quest against Doom, such as defeating a boss or entering a new act, you can post an update in one of two ways: Just write your update in the plain, old message format. Or if you're more forum savvy, copy the current standings and update it to reflect your progress. (I reserve the right to limit copying the whole table to myself and moderators if it gets too honkin' big.) A final note on the table: To make sure the columns stay straight, paste everything into a text document, make your changes, then paste the revised version into your post.

Here is the format for the standings:

------ ---------- ----- -------------
Cates Mr. Fantastic 30 Helicarrier Start

To sign up, simply post your character choice, or add your name and character to the standings table.

Part of the fun of this tournament is trying to stay alive as long as possible--feel free to share NDE's (Near Death Experiences) or other fun times from your run through the game in this thread. If you die, please tell us the manner of your demise, no matter how embarrassing: ("I was stunned by a barrel from an ultron striker, then punched mercilessly!") Creativity is encouraged in reporting progress, NDE's, or actual deaths.

Take a break from modding and beat some stuff up! Good luck!

I'm in ^^
My main character will be Emma Frost.

Whiteking Emma Frost     30       Helicarrier Start

Phoenix Force: No. He loves Emma Frost.  He loves me.
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I'm in too:

----------       ----------------      -------       --------------------
  Fox           Human Torch        30          Helicarrier Start
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August 04, 2010, 08:08AM #3 Last Edit: August 04, 2010, 08:33AM by Dihan
Here's a table with everyone so far (and myself):

CatesMr Fantastic30Herlicarrier Start
WhitekingEmma Frost30Herlicarrier Start
FoxHuman Torch30Herlicarrier Start
DihanIceman30Herlicarrier Start
MonitorVision30Herlicarrier Start
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August 04, 2010, 08:20AM #4 Last Edit: August 04, 2010, 08:31AM by Monitor2112
Touney looks fun, but I doubt I have time to really play and make it competetive.  I'm still trying to get used to playing the game on PC vs. Console.

I'd probably use Silver Surfer if I *did* try it.

Edit: I'm in

----------       ----------------      -------       --------------------
Monitor           Vision               30          Helicarrier Start

Just defeated Scorpion! ^_^

I'm really not looking forward to fighting Bullseye.
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Just remember Bullseye has a pattern, and use block wisely.

I'll take Dr. Doom, since I understand he has a conversation with himself in the end, right?

Remember that there's a 5 minute time limit too. I guess I failed because I couldn't kill him before the missile blew up.
Please do not contact me for any help in modding-related matters.
It is likely that you'll find what you need by searching the forum.

I just got past Scorpion and to the first save point.

I'm not sure using Vision is really "fair"  since he does have a 'Save Me' button with his minimum density power.  Although I *have* had to start from the beginning 3x because I killed myself by using that 'save me' power in the first couple minutes of the game while seeing exactly how it worked as a reminder.

Note To Self: Do not be intangible and try using a jumping smash WILL go all the way through the floor and kill yourself.

OK I have some free time

PLAYER                CHARACTER       LEVEL       CURRENT AREA
----------              ----------------      -------       --------------------
edwardfools           Cable              30          Helicarrier Start

Curse you Bullseye!

I was making sure I did not use intangibility...I probably should have, as it would have saved my bacon.  Well...I'll start from the top a little later.  This is certanly a VERY difficult challenge.

Made it all the way through Winter Soldier and Radioactive Man, then got killed at the beginning of the next level.  Need to pay attention to the equipment I'm wearing!
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August 04, 2010, 10:35AM #12 Last Edit: August 04, 2010, 10:39AM by Cates
Bullseye's tough. Reed used his reflect projectiles boost, which helped a heckuva lot. Not sure how I'll handle both R.M and Winter Soldier at the same time. Good idea to leave some crates around for boss fights in case there's some orbs in 'em, too.

Here's the updated standings, if I've followed everyone's posts correctly.

------ ---------- ----- -------------
Cates Mr. Fantastic 30 Barracks
Whiteking Emma Frost 30 Helicarrier Start
edwardfools Cable 30 Helicarrier Start
Gevth Dr. Doom 30 Helicarrier Start


------ ------------- ----- ----------------
Fox456 Human Torch 30 Killed following the fight with Radioactive Man/W. Soldier
Monitor Vision 30 Bullseye
Dihan Iceman 30 Bullseye

You are right on with my update.  I'll start a new game a little later...I'll be using Vision again...and remembering he has another boost besides min. density that I can use. 

LOL, I've restarted twice, but can't get through all these guys that require special moves, like 4-4-6.  Guess I need to avoid them instead of trying to "teach them a lesson!"  That's been the hardest part for me -- to leave any villain standing!  HA!
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