Magneto BOOSTER v1

Started by razard, February 11, 2011, 08:24PM

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I always found that magneto was not as powerful as he could, so i made this booster to make him more realistic,
i hope you like.


1- Supreme Helmet: Puts the helmet and become immune to mental attacks
2- Magnetic Prision: Holds the enemies
3- Force Field: Block projectile attacks
4- Metal Rain: Sends some metalic objects to hit the enemies
5- Metal Sphere: hit the enemies nearby
6- Magnetic Blast: An explosion sending the enemies alway
7- Throw Car: Sends a car n opponent
8- Added a new block effect, like a metal shield.

i didnt change the magnetismand magnetic grasp its cool the way they are.
i also didnt make a different xtreme, maybe next time.

:magneto: DOWLOAD:

Alright nice release. You seem like off to a good start. The car throw is a good idea.

Nice idea and Booster!

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February 13, 2011, 03:38AM #4 Last Edit: February 13, 2011, 03:53AM by Rain
grea great job razard, I will try ur booster for magneto right now  :applause:
I tried it and it works perfect. I love the Metal Rain and Throw Car. :X

thanks everyone, this is my first mod release and im glad that u like it, if u find any bug let me know,

i had to take off the force field and the helmet powers from the boost directory so they can be used together

February 13, 2011, 12:00PM #7 Last Edit: February 13, 2011, 01:08PM by Rain
all the powers works great, it just needs to be a little arranged :)
just one thing: when Magneto uses Metal Rain when he's flying ... why he falls down?

ok, i did just a little test n him and i didnt use the in flight power
but ill try to correct everything, and realease a v2 soon

great :) and an idea for magneto's xtreme could be the mua1 style or could be metal cages that narrows around victims
can wait for v2 release ;) great job razard. I like ur booster very much

thanks again Rain, is so nice to hear it, doesnt matter how many times hehe.
about the Metal rain, the problem was that the objects was summoned above magneto, so is like they pull him down,
i corrected and  now is farther, but if the enemy is too next, he has a chance to fall down,
another problem in flying is the block, the metal shield stay n air, i dont know how to make him stop from flying (while blocking) yet, but i will try to fix it too.
i only played MUA1 n wii, and i dont know how magneto xtreme works, if u could tell me, hehe, thanks for the ideas.

hey good luck on ur remake ;)
sadly I don't have mua anymore... but magneto's mua xtreme looks like some kind of iron blocks/rocks rain :) if I remember correctly... ;D

Works Absolutely Awesome!!!  :magneto: Great job with the Supreme Helmet also! Marvelous idea, considering that the original game version had a skin with a helmet that didn't actually help at all...

i installed it and get magneto with no texture now i have to reinstall the game...

Quote from: OsmundNeuron on December 31, 2011, 04:11PM
i installed it and get magneto with no texture now i have to reinstall the game...
i had that problem just don't use herostat...