Converted XML2 Skins Galore

Started by durfal, December 28, 2006, 08:06AM

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Man sorry to hear you can't get MUASKINNER to work. Like I said in my first post it took me the longest time to figure that program out, and everything has to be perfect. But now it works perfectly. everything takes now 15 min. Including the texture finding.
PS: You do know that you have to use the dosprompt to work with it don't you? and not the window that opens if you push the muaskinner.exe

Furthermore I made some pictures with the print Screen button like Noelemahc sugested.
Enjoy the pics:

OK I made some sugestions for who the skins to use on.

Some did fit in perfectly others I had to go on a stretch but some powers weren't represented in game.

So far I used the following skins for which character:
Sunfire - the Human Torch (his 3rth skin is perfect for the Aoa one)
Scarlet Witch (and Namor MUA skin)- dr. Strange (the male voice is weird fotr the witch but Dr. Strange has essentialy a lot of her XML2 powers)
Shadowcat - Elektra (phasing is impossible but she got the ninja training too)
Rogue and Dazzler - Ms. Marvel
Angel, Archangel and Guardian - Iron Man (kept only his original skin)
Polaris, Emma Frost (and Jean but her skin is already in game) - Invisible Woman (only the ultimate I kept)
Juggernaut (and the Hulk from Tommy) - Luke Cage
Gambit - Moon Knight
Havok - Captain Marvel (also kept 1 Silver Surfer skin which I replaced him with)
Beast - Black Panther
Sabretooth - Wolverine (It only shrinks him a bit, because Wolverine is a smaller character)
Nightcrawler (already in game) and maybe Blink - Deadpool (because of teleporting)
Bishop - Blade (would have been perfect for Fury , but I replaced him already with the Black Widow)
Iron Fist (tommy's), Wong (in game) and Quicksilver - Ronin (Gave her a male voice too, because I use her for Iron Fist mostly),Quicksilver is a stretch but I don't know who to give the skin otherwise.
Mystique (not done yet) - Black Widow
Leaves me still with the following: Northstar, Canonball, Magneto (to do) and Prof X (to do)
Cyclops skins are for the mod made but I don't want to loose Iceman so I have to replace the character with someone else. (probably Blade)

You got other sugestions?

Uh, Hey guys. I'm a Noob here. :-\ just a few questions about this. I've been trying to find the correct offsets using texture finder like you did earlier in the thread, but the problem is that some of the textures seem to start in the middle of a line, and from what i've observed, texture finder only delivers the offset from the start of the current line. I tried doing a rough job using these offsets, but when I import the textures again, they import, but they repeat themselves a few times.. it's qute strange. but anyway.. how exactly do I get the perfect offsets?


Lines? Offset = position in the file (in bytes). Offset = 100 means the 100th byte. The texture can start at any "line" depending on the display width and current offset position...

Anyway ... when you think you have the texture in the top left corner of the texture finder, use that offset as a GUIDE. It is impossible to judge visually.

Open the file in a hex-editor and go to the offset you think is right (from texture-finder).

You should be able to find the exact starting position of the DDS (image) by looking at the byte values. Go back to texture finder, type that offset, and save the image.

Here is an example of an X-men Legends 2 IGB file opened in a hex editor, with the cursor at the offset of the 256x256 texture:

QuoteIt is impossible to judge visually.

Which is exactly what I was trying to do for some reason. I'll give it a shot with the hex editor maybe. :P

I should know better than that. sigh.

thanks. I'll see how it goes.

Ackshually, that's what the offset slider is for in Texture Finder. The one to the right of the size thinger. Manipulate it to do offsets until the picture matches up perfectly in the preview window, then you can get the offset for it. Savvy? [/Jack Sparrow moment]

Just for the record... I always get my offsets via Texture Finder that way -- and, save for the Charlie-Foxtrot with Moon Knight's portraits, it worked very well so far.

Crimson Dynamo says:
In Soviet Russia, the games mod YOU!

If anyone needs any art for icons or portraits, feel  free to ask, I'll see what I can do.

Am I the only one who gets all kinds of blue around the edges of the skins?

I tried a couple skins and then popped them open in texturefinder. It looks like the 256, 128, and 64x64 graphics were changed, but not the 32x32 and 16x16 graphics, leading the the blue blurring on my graphics card. I replaced the last two squares myself, and the blur went away. So that's likely the problem, not all the textures have been reverse-paletted.

is there any chance you could do that for all of them, or at least a select few, since i have no way to do it myself. my computer for some reason hates any command line programs.

 :-[Sorry guys but during my testing no blue came anywhere during gameplay. I tried lower resolution settings (I use 1280-1054) 1024-768 Nothing Blue, 800-600 Almost undetectable and only when completely zoomed out, 640-400 here the blue apeared. Didn´t know people still used those low resolutions or is it a graphic card thing?

Cause during my tests I found that I only needed to convert back to the 64x64. That one still had some influence (on my graphic card aparently) when I completely zoomed out. That's the reason I didn't do the 32x32 and 16x16 ones. On only 2 skins I did the 32x32 (Angel was 1 I think) because the biggest skin was only 128x128 in that file.

As you see in the pics, no blue came up anywhere for me. I was more worried about the black spot thing.
But aparently on different machines with different graphic cards things look different. Like the advanced shadow settings which I can't adjust with my graphic card.

Just for the sake of input, I have no advanced lighting, and I see no blue at all, the skins work fine on maxed details etc.

There is a free program I use called irfanview it can reverse the  pallet of the skin with the click of a button   [ Image >  Swap colors >  RGB= BGR and vs versa ] comes in real handy it can't save as .dds but you could use it to prepare the skin before and after editing before saving as .dds out of photoshop. If the color mixer isn't your thing then this will help, or if you just want something simple in modding for once ;)  just save out as a .TGA or .bmp then finish the job in Photoshop can also be used as a screen cap util

get it here :

I also use  xnview also free and powerful it can save out as .dds but appears to corrupt the .dds images unfortunitly.
However It Also has the same colour swap function as  irfanview [ Image >  Swap >  RGB= BGR and vs versa ]and can read / write many, many image formats as well as play video files. It's  great to use to open even multi layer .psd's  without the ram overhead of photoshop if your just browsing, it has decent image editing tools too, batch conversions, slide show  ect.. not bad for free :)

Photoshop is still the real powerhouse for image editing though.

get it here :

I hope these apps help I'm a digital artist and Photoshop is my baby, but setting either of these to be your windows default image viewer can really help on a daily basis, when  opening / browsing .dds' or .tga's  even .Max files that windows fax viewer can't. It also functions as windows explorer with thumbnail view. I don't leave home without them ;D

nice work durfal!
i been gone for the week, but back for a bit. im a little busy, but checking in to help as i can.
the muaskinner program is very experimental and prototype. i'll add more into it and make it easier to use as i get soem feedback on its glicthes and features that would be good for it to make teh skinning process easier.
would you be willing to share your muaskinner.cfg file and i'll add it into a later version to help everyone else?
i'll try to add some gui for it later once it's more debugged and useful.

thanks again and great work, durfal and all!