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Started by MelloMods, March 27, 2012, 11:37AM

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Nope, It didnt Work i dont know why :/ when i select heroes im going to use, it just stays there loading :(

I don't seem to be having any problems with it. I don't use heroselect so idk how to help you there.  :scratchhead:

Daniel, Deathlok works w/ heroselect?

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Yep, Deathlok works great thanks a lot, i tried all his powers and everything is fine

hmmm. I can't figure out why he is working w/ your heroselect and Tigra isn't. Can you upload or post PM me your herostat.cfg?

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Quote from: Hyperman360 on December 08, 2012, 08:28AM
Harpua, would you like me to make a Deathlok loading screen for your mod?

I made one for him, but you're welcome to make a second one for him if you would like.

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CABLE-POOL (Alt. Cable Skin)

click on image to download skin

Skin and HUD included.

Here is a playable Cable-Pool skin from Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. This skin is best used on Cable. I wanted to make this an alternate for Deadpool, but if used on Deadpool, his swords will not show up while performing his powers. For instructions on installation, please see READ_ME file located inside the download.  If you would like to hide some of Cable's skin_segments, see the instructions.txt located inside the CableV1.2 Mod. There is a separate skin_segment called: "sword_back_segments", but I haven't been able to successfully hide them yet. Also, there are some parts of his mesh on the floor at his feet. I could not figure out what this is coming from. Perhaps I'll fix this in an update if I figure out what it is.

Big thanks to Sea206 at for ripping the Cable-Pool model.

In the future, you can also expect a NEW Cable-Pool (Alt. Deadpool Skin) and a re-textured Cable Skin.

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can you  convert please  super-skrull or albert wesker from mvsc 3?
better to die on feet than to live on knees

Just tried out Deathlok today. One of my favorite mods. I love the sounds for the beam sword and his voice. Great job!

My suggestion: Make a mod of carnage, my favorite Marvel hero :D

Not sure where we stand on galactus being a playable character, my understanding is that right now it's not pratical because he is rigged below the floor. In reading npcstat 5 million times to create custome arenas i noticed someone with opposite problem, modok.
When I add an entity to the custom maps i have to tell it how "high" to put it, for example, if i want to put the arena statue in stark tower on the same stand that nick fury is on, i have to change pos and orientation.  Well, in herostat there is no setting like this, but, there is a line in npcstat, and i don't see a reason why same command wouldn't work for herostat.

here it is.
powerstyle = ps_modok ;
size =90 90 120
skin = 6501

this is not to be confused with scale, but if we move scale down to normal, or to what hulk and colosus are, then i bet it would work.  Just might have to change the numbers to fit galactus.

I put the code above and below so if someone wants to try this they know where to put it in the herostat, I would test but got the arena project and can't get my brain to far off-track.
hope this helps.

I re-rigged and released a playable skin of Galactus a couple of months ago. Using the scale_factor in whatever character his skin is replacing can scale him to any size the user chooses. Just didn't think it was practical to make a mod for him, but anybody is welcome to use his skin if they would like to make a mod for him.,7996.msg155946.html#msg155946

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