sbarth13 mod releases (9-13-14; quasar, gamora, magik)

Started by sbarth13, May 28, 2012, 09:13PM

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I cant believe I never noticed this before, awesome work with all your mods :)

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released Dagger. did what i could with a 1 trick pony. has 1 known bug - for some reason her icons don't always show up in game. i've redone the icons about 17 times and it happens every time. not sure what to do to fix it.

also released 4th blackbolt skin, and 2 more gorgon skins

Dagger looks nice! I'll have to try her out soon ! :D

Dagger looks amazing! I will have to try her out :D

MY SKINS                                                                                               MY MODS

I really like your collection of mods.  I am downloading Dagger now.  Thanks, sbarth!
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Rated A for Awesome. We got ourselves an improvement version of Captain Britain, Black Bolt & Wonderman. Can't wait for Cloak after Dagger :D.
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i could be wrong, but i believe SupernaturalWitch is working on a Cloak mod. i started one awhile ago, but something about it wouldn't work right, so i gave up. we'll see what SupernaturalWitch does, because he or she has better mods than me.

Hey, just wanted to thank you for the fantastic Wonder Man mod! I really like playing for him & actually put him on my team in my current play-through.

no problem. glad to see someone enjoys it! by the way, a couple people have said that he is missing an attack animation. you having a problem?

Haven't noticed any bugs and I've played him quite often, so I think I would have noticed. I think you've made an excellent mod there, one of the best I've tried for sure! It does the comic book character justice.

Really Cool mods! :) Thank you for making new Characters!

There is a problem with gorgon, when i install x23 and gorgon at the same time they get mixed up :( could you do something about it??

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there is probably something in the x23 mod that conflicts with mine. my mod works just fine for me and lots of others. sorry it won't work for you, but there is nothing to change.

edit: the x23 mod uses the same number as Gorgon (86). so if you change every file that starts with "86" to another number that you are not using, both should work fine. but you need to make sure you change every file that uses that number. if you don't know how to mod stuff, you can tell me a number that you don't use and i may take the time to alter mine and send it to you, but i make no promises.

How do i edit the text inside de .PKGB?? so i can change character number?
do i need a special program?