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Started by Tony Stark, December 28, 2012, 10:57AM

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Because MarvelMods is something of a unique community in that everyone tends to get to know everyone who is active on this forum, I decided this thread would be a good idea. Here you can post what you think about the community in general. Talk about what you love about MarvelMods!

Here, you can tell everyone what you love about it here, or how/why you joined, things like that.

You can (as politely as possible) discuss complaints you have about MarvelMods in general (forum layout, ambiguous rules, things like that) although there are no guarantees that anyone will be able to respond to them.

Or just take a moment to thank the excellent crew who run this site!

Requests for mods


Game issues

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Remember to be polite!

Why did I join?

Well, when I first played MUA, I was in love!  It was so cool to gaze upon that menu selection screen for the first time and see all the heroes to choose from.  :)

As I read more about the game, I discovered that Moon Knight and Colossus were available to add to the PC version.  I don't know where I finally found those two mods, but I successfully added them to my game -- my first "mod" experience ever was a success.  Woo hoo!

Then, when the DLC's were coming out and Hulk was one of them, I was really bummed that I couldn't play him on the PC.  I searched off and on for months and months and months to see if Hulk had become available.  Eventually I stumbled onto this forum and the Official Characters Pack.  I couldn't believe it!  I remember Dark_Mark was one of the key members who was making the last few updates about the time I joined.  I always looked forward to the improvements each version had to offer.  He (and others) were very patient to answer my questions to get the mods installed.  I told everyone I knew who was a fan of MUA about the forum.

Ever since then, I've never looked back.  Most everyone I've dealt with on the site has been friendly and helpful.  (I haven't always been able to apply their suggestions successfully -- e.g., my Moondragon mod....)  But, it's been great to see and experiment with new mods, skins, boosters, etc.  An added bonus has been to get to know several of the members a little better aside from their love for MUA.

One thing I think would be really cool is to somehow (maybe through one of those "meeting" programs) watch an experienced artist make a skin -- or at least a portion of one so that I could get the hang of it.

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Personally, I joined not so much after I played the game through for the first time on PC.

I was still in my "Let's put mods in every game" phase, as I was searching for mods for all kinds of games (Unreal Tournament 2004, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Grand Theft Auto Vice City/San Andreas).

After completing the game, I was like: "There has to be some kind of mods for this game." So I went to Google and typed in something like "Marvel Ultimate Alliance Mods" and I found this site.

Okay, first things first, I registered and looked at what was already done. I was just awesome. Oh, and back then, even I posted these requests with bad grammar, like most newbies :D

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Well, back in like 2006 I believe, when my dad got me X-Men Legends 2 ( I only knew about the x-men from the movies and I didnt know all their names at the time xD ) so I started playing it, and I was good at it from basically the start :P ... but at the time.. I didn't know how to change characters! ( XD ) So I was stuck with Storm, Wolvie, Cyclops and Magneto for most of the time. ( I didnt even know how to fly with Storm, as I had put a point in her flight XD ) But eventually I learned how to change characters, and thats when I found out about Miss Grey, and she became my all time favourite superhero ( heroine ). I found out about Emma Frost sometime later when i finished the game, when I was curious about the first game and Emma was in the first game. But anyway, I didn't know about mods, until my dad got me Marvel Ultimate Alliance like in early 2009sh. And I was on youtube, watching MUA videos, when I came across a video of a mod for MUA. And, so I instantly searched for an Emma Frost mod XD But I didnt know how to install mods, cuz I just droped the files into the MUA Folder, and didnt edit the herostat cuz i didnt know about it. And in game im like "What the heck! Why isnt it working T_T" but I found out about herostats later and stuff. At the time, Marvel Mods had a homepage I believe, like going to brings you to a homepage with a news section, and there was a link to the forum. Or so i remember :/
I had previous accounts, but I forgot all their passwords ( i was kinda forgetful...still am...a little... ) after my hiatus from playing XML2 and MUA I returned to marvel mods in 2010, when I created this account :D

Btw as of 28 of December, 2012 my acount is now 2 years old :D

Through Marvel Mods, Ive met alot of people ( awesome ppl :3 ) that create such amazing things ( mods, skins, textures :P ), and I feel that Marvel Mods has really changed me ( Ive been reborn... in good way :D ) for the better :)
I have no complains about it, everything's cool :D I has no problems with the rules :3

But I do feel that we need...a better logo...

I first got started with X-Men Legends 1, being a huge X-Men fan I was in love with it! Me and my cousins would play it constantly, until we got stuck on the mission where Jean has to hold the ship together and you are on a time limit. I soon gave up on it, and eventually found out about X-Men Legends 2. I was so excited that I bought it right away and beat it incredibly fast. Sometime later when I was really sick and had nothing else to do I started X-Men Legends over by myself and beat it the same day. I still hate that final mission with Mastermold.

Then I found out about Marvel Ultimate Alliance, I first owned it on the Ps2, then on my Xbox 360. I soon like a-lot of other people was watching videos on youtube and found one called X-Men Legends 3 that was Marvel Ultimate alliance with a ton of X-Men mods in. I think I died inside with how excited I was. I soon found my way here and joined. Like a-lot of newbies to the fourm I was annoying. I posted the short posts, asked questions, complained, and used all of the icons  :scarletw: :marvelg: :firestar: I could possible in any given post. I soon rushed to the mall, and then into gamestop and purchased Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the PC just for the mods. When I got home I downloaded a ton of mods and just took the zip file and placed it into the MUA folder. I had never modded before and I had no idea what a zip file was nor how to open it. i got so upset that I couldn't get anything working that I actually returned my MUA PC game and gave up.

Soon enough I  started modding Resident Evil 5, although that took a lot of time to figure out, and this helped me figure out what a zip was and everything. I soon repurchased MUA installed it and downloaded the OC pack, and Dazzler since she didn't need to be edited in. I was so excited that I just had to figure out how to add more people. I first tried to figure out Heroselect, never got it working, and even to this very day I still have no idea how to work it. I found XMLB and tried editing the herostat. I came across a lot of problems and didn't really know what I was doing, but I soon got the hang of it and looked back at all the problems I had before and couldn't believe I couldn't figure it out before. Soon enough every character in my game was replaced by a mod.

As time went on I soon tried to skin, I couldn't for the life of me figure it out and i had everyone helping me. Eventually over Summer vacation I tried my hand at it again and I figured it out, I cranked out so many skins in a matter of days that it wasn't even funny, but then sadly I got burnt out on making skins, and then tried my hand at modding, which took time to figure out but everyone was so nice to help out on here.

I have now been here for a little over 3 years now and went from the low level poster to and invincible member. Then I got promoted to a Marvel Modder which I nearly died by the way being as excited as I was, and now I have been upgraded to Moderator. I couldn't ever find nor think of any other place or community that I would rather be, because nobody is as nice on other fourms as everyone is here. The thing I love about this place is everyone on Marvel Mods will bend over backwards trying to help someone. And besides being a modding community, we are all very social, we get to know each other, and we become great friends with each other.

It is hard to say I wish for something on this site to be different because being here so long, you just get to know the site and the layout and it may not be to fancy and all, but it is like home, and I don't think I would have it any other way then how it is now!

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It's great to see that everyone's got such fond memories!

I remember I stumbled on to this site back around late 2007 or early 2008 looking for retextures for Spider-Man 3. Back then I think we had a front page and whatnot, and I wasn't exactly sure about registering. So I didn't make an account or anything.

I bought MUA for PS3 in 2006, but the PS3 of course won't do mods.

Then about early 2012, I got a copy of MUA for PC and figured I'd look up this site again (it changed radically from what I saw) and decided to make an account. I initially just wanted mods and was hoping Batman was a mod. Then I saw that Marvintage was working on one but it would take a long time. I decided I should make something myself and decided to start with HUDs and Loading Screens. Then I saw the skinning tutorials and tried to make some myself. Now I've got a nice array of HUDs, Loading Screens, and Skins, as well as other mods, and even a Robin character mod.

Afterward, I got a promotion to Marvel Modder, which was awesome.

While doing it, I got to make a TRON skin (in-keeping with my other TRON skins) for Batman, and he was released and now it's really fun to play the game. Most recently, I made a Robert Downey Jr voice mod for Iron Man, which I'm especially happy about.

While I love the site, I think a few things are missing, like a customized logo.

By the way, midnightphoenix, could you sticky this? EDIT: Stickied.

Stickied it for you. It's an interesting idea and feedback on the site is always useful as long as it's constructive.
Please do not contact me for any help in modding-related matters.
It is likely that you'll find what you need by searching the forum.

Sorry I didn't see that you asked me to sticky it until now, but Dihan got it for you :)

I think this is a really awesome topic Hyperman!

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Nostalgia is always great. I always thought that this community is far more superior than other internet based community sites I visit. People are friendly here, ready to help and everyone can have their own opinion without the fear, that people would brutally bash him for it.

Well it all started back in about 2010 when I found the site..

I was fascinated by X-Men Legends 1 and I would play it everyday even after I beat it. Then XML2 came out and I thought that this one was better because you could keep all of your characters,costumes,etc. Unlike in XML1 were when you started a new game you couldn't keep your characters.

Then came Marvel Ultimate Alliance and I completely was addicted to it when I got it. I first had it on the PS2 then I saw about the Gold Edition and I got it for my Xbox 360. Later then Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 and I was not satisfied at all with this game. It did not give it a Marvel Ultimate Alliance feel to it. Later I was wanting to know what would come up next (but as of today no sequels for the game have come out). So on YouTube I searched Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 and it just showed me a teaser trailer of clips they got out of movies. Then I searched X-Men Legends 3 and then there it was, Marvel Ultimate Alliance with all of these different X-Men characters.

So after I saw about that, I ordered Marvel Ultimate Alliance for the PC and I was so happy about it but then the unexpected happened. My computer crashed on me. So then I couldn't play the game. And I was really mad because I was so excited to play it but then I couldn't. But after that happened I signed up on the forum and was one of those annoying newbies that would start new topics left and right for questions that I probably could've searched. Then during the end of 2010, I left the site.

But then I returned during October of 2011! And I was seeing how much the forum grew with all of these different types of mods,skins,booster, and a whole bunch more. Then I was able to play MUA on my computer. After I got on here and played for a while, I thought to myself, "Why not try to mod?" So I did. I did one of the most easiest things, NPCs. Then later I decided too many people were requesting for her so I decided to make a Black Cat mod, and I was able to complete her! I tried out skinning and I figured I could do it ! I know some of my skins aren't perfect, but hey I'm still trying to get better. Then I have been making more mods and waiting for them to be finished !

I have basically grown on modding and then got promoted to being a Marvel Modder, and I couldn't have done it without your guys support and I would like to say thank you ! :D

Thanks Dihan and MP! No big deal, MP.

Great story, Me. And I agree, Suigetsu.

I think one big thing this forum needs is the ability to hide spoilers in a post. Like our quote feature, but hidden unless you click a show spoiler button.

Also fox, while meeting up wouldn't be very practical, I'd be happy to show you how I make a skin through a screen-sharing application or perhaps screen capture and post to YouTube how I do it.

I've always loved what we've been able to do with these games, but in the realistic assessment of the fact that the community as a whole is dwindling, I'd say the following would have kept us afloat much longer:

  • Not having a limit on the number of characters playable
  • The ability to craft all-new levels
  • No general memory restrictions which cause things like missing objects in later stages of a modded game

Had these things not been in our way we would have seen a community still thriving to this day, with things like a full-on X-Men Legends PC build, all new missions in all new locations, etc. But in the end there are only so many times you can re-boost Jean Grey, and many of our community veterans have moved on as a result of limitations.

I love this post. I'm new, and sifting through some of these posts I'm kinda bummed I didn't start playing mua or xml2, lol. But it does seem more active than another forum I was in for another game.

Ro.  :storm:

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Quote from: Hyperman360 on December 31, 2012, 08:51AM
Also fox, while meeting up wouldn't be very practical, I'd be happy to show you how I make a skin through a screen-sharing application or perhaps screen capture and post to YouTube how I do it.

Yes, that's what I was referring to.  I have played around with the software and trying to even find the "layout" of a skin in all its various pieces.  Only one time was I able to find a character's dismantled skin (Thor).  So, a video guide on the steps (and software) necessary to find the skin layout, edit it, and store it in the required formats would be awesome.

(You can probably tell from what I just wrote there that I really am pretty clueless about skinning!)  :)
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Sure, next time I make a skin, I'll try to record it. I generally use the PS2 skins.