Started by Tony Stark, January 15, 2013, 08:31PM

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Quote from: Tony Stark on June 09, 2018, 01:38PM
Uploaded a new copy of SkinnerUI as a setup exe, with the required System DLLs and TextureFinders in the folder, since the old exe I uploaded was somehow flagged.

Hi, there! Is there anyway you could reupload the SkinnerUI setup exe Drive file? It got flagged again and I didn't manage to snag it in time.

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The GIMP DDS plugin is missing from this list. Can someone give it to me?

Edit: I copied it over from my old laptop. It would be nice to have it on the list though.

Hello I hope I'm not late for the party...My MUAskinner suddenly stopped working propperly, something about permission denied and "cannot read xxxx.bat"...I was wondering if anyone still has any later version of it (I have 1.1)...thanks people

It looks like my Official Characters Pack and x_voice.zss are out of date. Could someone confirm that for me?

Alright, looks like x_voice was fine, but I uploaded the latest Official Characters Pack and reuploaded SkinnerUI's pack with encryption/password, since it keeps getting flagged as a virus. Hopefully that prevents SkinnerUI from disappearing now.

I managed to find the original releases of most of NBA2kStuff's tools (like SkinnerUI and XMLBCUI)! Added to the main post!

Added a second set of movie creation tools, these are used through the command line and are much better for batch work.

Blaws link to starters.psd in his hud tutorial is down. I'm trying to make a hud.

Well excuse meee for looking for the exact name of what blaw instructed to download to ensure that I find and download the correct files lmfao I'm new to this s**t

A lot of those links are dead now because of how old they are, that's why this thread exists. Most if not all modding tools should be in the first post in the thread, you just have to look closely. It's just a big list so I understand it can be hard to find things at first glance.

Added Norrin Radd's old XML1->XML2 conversion tools, thanks to BaconWizard17.