Milo's mod - Recolor/retexture skins, Loading Screen, SpiderArmor skin

Started by milo, December 26, 2016, 10:41PM

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Quote from: milo on December 26, 2016, 10:41PM

Retexture/recolor skins:,9943.msg191140.html#msg191140

Spider Armor skin:,9943.msg188891.html#msg188891

Hi, it's my first post on this forum. I've made many of loading screen since last 2 years. Now i want to share here. The pics were taken from google. Mostly it was a fan art & concept art. And i'm really sorry i didn't remember the author of those pics, so i can't give credit for specific person. If you ask me why i use cartoon pics, not real pics, bc i want it looks fitted well on the game (all of default loading screen in game use cartoon style too).
*Sorry for my crappy english.

Loading Screen














credit : Marvel, JeeHyung Lee, Kabam, Netmarble, and all respective image owner
In archive with Psylocke I have loadscreen with Spider Gwen 0_0