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Shadowcat Marvel Heroes Conversion

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/8cDveTtOdwc

Assigned Number: 76 (clashes at loadscreen and mannequin with White Ranger mod)

Trigger Count: 234 (Default), 337 (Expanded), 339 (Block Controls)

                      Press-and-Hold Phase increases it by 4. 

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/2qdsrtqiv7j5tjs/Shadowcat+Mod+6.0.zip/file

Hello all! Shadowcat has once again been updated to version 6.0!

I've said it many times before, but I am truly hoping this will be the last version update.

Over the years, since I first started this mod in 2019, I've made quite a few changes and overhauls, trying my best to perfect the mod and improve it as new technology advances and I learn and grow more as a modder. I truly believed I have improved it as much as I can as of now.

There are now two versions of this mod: a Default Version, which has less moves but can be played in most teams of four (she is a medium-to-heavy character, so putting her on teams with Nightcrawler, Venom, etc. is less advised), and an Expanded Version, which has more moves but is ideal to play solo or in teams of three.

Within this, the expanded version also has two control schemes: one where powers differ based on if you press or hold down the button, and another where powers are split between normal powers and block powers (pressing Block and then Attack, Smash, Grab, or Jump). 

Other changes include new Lockheed models, new Lockheed animations, new Marvel Heroes Omega animations for Shadowcat, new effects, and other little quality of life changes.

Her skins have also been renumbered and simplified so that she now only has eight skins, with six of those being able to be swapped out (her Age of Apocalypse and Red Queen skins use unique boltons, so don't swap those out - skin numbers 7617 and 7604, respectively). 

You do not have to start a new game to use any of these versions. Just copy the actors and data folder from one version into your main directory for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance.

Without further ado, an overview:


1). Non-Corporeal Beatdown- Shadowcat pummels enemies whilst phasing right through them. Upgrading this also increases defense rating and grab smash.

2). Spitballs- Kitty directs Lockheed to shoot an explosive fireball at the target, causing Fire DMG. Hold to continue shooting fireballs.

In the 'xtras' folder of the mod, there are files that add additional Lockheed effects so that he flies in and out at the start and end of this power. This makes it more immersive but also means the powers take a bit longer to execute.

3). Phasing Ninja- Shadowcat phases under the ground and then phases upwards through it with her katana, knocking enemies into the air. After phasing, continue holding to pull enemies under the ground and instantly kill them, at the cost of all your energy.
4). Heartbreaker- Kitty phases her hand through foes, giving their heart a squeeze, with a chance for a critical hit. While this attack is being used, Shadowcat is immune to all attacks.

5). Dragon Breath- Hold for Lockheed to shoot a continuous stream of flame

In the 'xtras' folder of the mod, there are files that add additional Lockheed effects so that he flies in and out at the start and end of this power. This makes it more immersive but also means the powers take a bit longer to execute. 

6). Shadowcat's Pirouette- Shadowcat uses her dancing skills to perform spin attacks with her katanas, doing damage over time.

7). Walking Through Walls- Kitty becomes intangible, allowing enemies and objects to pass through her. Attacking, Jumping, blocking, dodging, and using powers turns Kitty solid again. Once solid, Kitty remains in a partially phased state, gaining knockback immunity, damage reduction, increased dodge rating, and the ability to shock enemies on contact with phased attacks.

In the 'xtras' folder, there is a version of this power that is a Press-and-Hold power, which functions more like Iceman's Ice Slide: press-and-hold to run and phase through any enemies or objects you come in contact with, release to turn solid. This does take up more triggers/memory though.

8). Buddy System- Press to control Lockheed directly (steers Lockheed like Cap's shield). Hold to alter melee attacks.

If you are using the extra Lockheed effects from the 'xtras' folder, Buddy System makes it so that Lockheed is by your side at all times, meaning Spitballs and Dragon Breath become faster, as you no longer need to wait for Lockheed to fly to your location.

9). Soulsword- Kitty wields the Soulsword, blasting foes with energy that nullifies their powers and makes them take more damage to bladed attacks. 

10). Phased Out - Kitty phases underneath the ground and then pops up all around the battlefield, attacking enemies. She then returns to the center of the battlefield and phases the ground close to her, causing enemies within this radius to fall through the floor and die, with all others being tripped.


1). Shadowcat has mental resistance and is unable to be grabbed by demonic leapers.

2). Press and hold Jump after a double jump to walk on the air using phasing powers.

3). While blocking, attacks go right through Shadowcat.


1). Astonishing
2). Excalibur
3). Age of Apocalypse
4). Red Queen
5). Days of Future Past (Movie) / New X-Men
6). Original
7). Sprite
8). Modern / All-New X-Men
9). Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.
10). Guardians of the Galaxy (maskless Star-Lord costume)
11). X-Men Evolution

Expanded Version Additional Moves

1). Non-Corporeal Beatdown has an AOE-variant attack if you are surrounded, which you can also activate by pressing Block.

2). Phasing Ninja is now Disciplined Strike- you press for a multi-hit sword move and hold for a phasing uppercut.

3). Heartbreaker now has the "pull foes under at the cost of all energy" move if you hold it down.

4). Dragon Breath has a large arcing blast if you press and the flamethrower-like move if you hold.

5). Shadowcat's Pirouette has an instant-kill move if you block prior to or after the spin attack.

6). Buddy System has two additional moves while controlling Lockheed: press Jump for Line of Fire (Lockheed charges forward blasting fire) and Grab for Dragon Charge (instant-kill at the cost of all energy).

7). Soulsword alters melee attacks. 

Defensive Combat Moves (Block Powers Version Only)

1). Watch Your Step (Block + Light Attack)- Kitty pulls enemies under ground and they fall to their deaths, instantly killing them, but draining all of her energy. Hold Block to cancel. Upgrading Heartbreaker increases the amount of enemies Kitty will target.

2). Dragon Breath (Block + Heavy Attack)- At Kitty's direction, Lockheed shoots an arc of flame at the ground, doing Fire DMG and leaving a small fire on the ground that burns enemies over time. Upgrading Turn Up The Heat increases the damage and energy cost of this move.

3). Lockheed Rush (Block + Grab)- Kitty sends out Lockheed to attack enemies around the battlefield; controls like Cap's SHIELD and can be cancelled out of by blocking, dodging, using light or heavy attacks, and powers. Upgrading Spitballs increases the damage and energy cost of this move.

4). Phasing Ninja (Block + Jump)- Kitty phases underneath the ground and appears underneath enemies, bursting through the ground with her katana. The opening of this move counts as a dodge as she phases underground. Upgrading Shadowcat's Pirouette increases the damage and energy cost of this move.

5). Intangibility- a passive that increases your defense. Upgrading Non-Corporeal Beatdown increases the amount of defense this passive gives.

6). Dragon Charge (during Lockheed Rush, press Grab)- direct Lockheed to dart forward at full speed, instantly killing all in his path at the cost of all your energy.

7). Line of Fire (during Lockheed Rush, press Jump)- Lockheed darts forward while shooting fire, knocking foes back and doing damage over time. Scales with Spitballs


1). No need to have the original Shadowcat mod in order to play. Be sure to overwrite all existing Shadowcat files with these ones in order for the mod to work properly.


-Astonishing, Excalibur, and Age of Apocalypse skins by aventureiromax, Days of Future Past move skin by andersonbrazil. All-New X-Men/Future Fight skin by Julio Cabral. Sprite and Original skins by lionsden99. X-Men Evolution skin by solario. Star-Lord, Guardians of the Galaxy, skins by Zignutu. Agent of SHIELD skin by boreman. Red Queen skin by Teancum.

-Loading screen by shaftcrawler (converted by ak2yny).

-Excalibur, AoA, and Astonishing huds by Nando915, SHIELD hud by boreman, all other huds by me (rdh94).

-cutlass boltons by Enigma.

-power coding, bolton-importing, animation importing, effects, animation combining, hex-editing, talent coding, sound editing, etc. by me (rdh94).

Special Thanks

-nodoubtjr. and Norrin Rad for the original XML2 and MUA mods.

-Gazillion entertainment for their awesome rendition of Kitty Pryde in MHO, which this is based on.

-andersonbrazil for all of his video tutorials, advice on updates, and skins.

-Ceamonks890 for providing the Lockheed model from Marvel Heroes, and for convincing me my Lockheed bolton idea wasn't crazy, thus inspiring me to do the mod in the first place.

-UltraMegaMagnus for answering all of my incessant questions and pointing me in the right direction countless times, for providing all of Kitty's sound files from Marvel Heroes 2015/2016/Omega, and for consultations on new animations.

-Cohollow for giving me ideas for how to implement powers and for helping me with her original XTREME coding.

-Outsider for helping me with XTREME coding.

-JulioCabral for pointing out what kind of files I needed to start importing Lockheed.

-Nando915 for his fantastic huds.

-nikita488 for his combiner tool, actorConverter, animationConverter, and igbConverter.

-defogexa for his modification to the combiner tool and his tutorial.

-BaconWizard17 for his modeling tutorial.

-Corvetterules for his tutorial on fx bones.

-BloodyMares for his insights, suggestions, and ideas on how the Buddy System and Walking Through Walls powers should work, as well as advice on the X-Treme coding. Also for animations retargeting discovery.

-UMM and ak2yny for their animation tutorials and for providing Max12 and other tools and templates.

-Teancum for the Red Queen skin.

-everyone who has ever provided a tutorial here in general, as I looked through so many and they were all helpful in some way.

-anyone else I forgot- will add if I think of more!

Version 6.0 Updates

-Hex edited every skin and changed numbers.

-New smoother phasing animations for Shadowcat that allow both her and enemies to actually phase through the floor.

-New retargeted animations from Marvel Heroes Omega.

-New Lockheed models and animations.

-Fixed glitch where enemies would sometimes still have their death effects on the surface after being phased under.

-Added optional extra Lockheed effects.

It looks awesome. I hope for XML II conversion.

 :applause:, Always good to see new modders release, Lockheed powers are really well done  :applause:

Haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but it certainly sounds like an improvement over the original. Well done.

YAY! I was thinking how Shadowcat is an underrated character and should have been in the X-Men Legends games as playable. Glad someone gave her a chance.

Also, I spiced up your first post with an image and some flair to the title text.

I tested it and found it a lot of fun ;) Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work  :applause: :jumping: :rockon: :thumbsup2:
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

Welcome to this engaging world of modification for MUA and congratulations! Your first mod is so much fun!

Link Mod

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/TJ2_IoorhNU

Assigned Number: 255 (clashes at loadscreen and mannequin with Director Fury mod)

Trigger Count: 278

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3rksv583qtflik3/Link+Mod+4.0.zip/file

Hello all! Link has once again been updated! BaconWizard17 has kindly redone his old skins as well as provided two new skins: Twilight Princess and Breath of the Wild! The skins also have low poly versions for extra authenticity that make Link like he came right from Ocarina of Time to MUA!

Link also has a few other changes: new animations and effects for Farore's Wind and Nayru's Love that are more accurate to the game, a more accurate Hookshot. Iron Boots are now activated by pressing Grab after a double jump, and Hover Boots are now activated by pressing Jump after a double jump. Both boots now have accurate boltons ripped straight from Ocarina of Time 3D!

Now only that, but his Xtreme now features the actual Triforce model from Ocarina of Time- that's right, you can finally get the Triforce after all these years!

The arrows also have new effects as well that are, once again more accurate to the games.

A new game is not required in order to update.

This mod was a collaborative effort between myself, BaconWizard17,  Outsider, and tubular spacedude! None of this would have been possible without their hard work! Check out their stuff! They are all very talented individuals who more than live up to their reputations! 

Introducing the latest addition to the Ultimate Alliance- Link, the protagonist from The Legend of Zelda series!

Some of you may not know, but Link was originally supposed to be in the Wii Version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (along with Samus- check out aventureiromax's mod of her here: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,4284.1575.html ), but was cut.

In designing the powers for this mod, I tried my best to adhere both to the little footage we have while also being true to the original Zelda games.

With a character like this, it is difficult to incorporate all aspects, given how many games he's been in and all the things he is able to do. Thus, we decided to stick mainly to Ocarina of Time Link- the Hero of Time- for inspiration.

And so, an overview:

His Powers

1). Great Spin- Perform a spin attack with the Master Sword, knocking foes back and deflecting all projectiles back at attackers. 

2). Boomerang- Throws boomerang, stunning enemies and collecting additional orbs and credits from enemies slain with it.

3). Fairy Bow- Link uses his bow and arrows. Press Light Attack to fire out a normal arrow, which pierces through enemies. Press Heavy Attack to shoot a fire arrow, which sets enemies ablaze and does damage over time. Press Grab to shoot an ice arrow, which freezes an enemy and slows those around them. Press Jump to shoot a light arrow, which instantly kills non-boss enemies at the cost of all your energy. Fire and Ice Arrows also cost additional energy.

4). Bombs- Toss a bomb. Explodes in a radius and knocks enemies down. Hold for Bombchus that seek out foes. 

5). Hookshot- Use the hookshot to grab enemies, disarming them and pulling them towards you to deliver a blow with the Master Sword. This move has an instant-kill chance, critically hits stunned enemies, and reflects projectiles. If you miss with the hookshot link will be propelled forward. If you hit a wall, Link will zoom towards the wall and then launch himself off it, firing a Sword Beam.

6). Megaton Hammer- Slam the Megaton Hammer into the ground, causing damage in a radius, instantly killing frozen enemies, and breaking nearby allies out of ice if they are close and Link isn't frozen.

7). Din's Fire- Call upon the Goddess of Power, Din, to unleash Din's Fire- an outward blast of flame that burns enemies and also sets fires on the ground.

8). Nayru's Love- Call upon the Goddess of Wisdom, Nayru, providing Link with a magical barrier that blocks all attacks for a limited time.

9). Farore's Wind- Call upon the Goddess of Courage, Farore, to teleport yourself around the map.

10). Triforce- Complete the Triforce, granting you one wish- to restore peace to the land, smiting foes and reviving allies.

Quest Items

1). Fairy- gives a 25% chance to revive at 40% health.

2). Sword Beams- when at maximum health pressing heavy attack charges your sword, and releasing it fires out a sword beam that knocks foes back.

Other Abilities

1). Dodging (attack roll) gives a slight movement speed boost just like in Zelda games.

2). Pressing Block during Great Spin or Fairy Bow throws a Deku Nut that stuns foes.


All skins by BaconWizard17! Check out his work if you haven't!

1). Hero of Time
2). Goron Tunic
3). Zora Tunic
4). Dark Link
5). Hero of Twilight (Twilight Princess)
6). Champion of the Wilds (Breath of the Wild)


1). Has skin segments rather than boltons for his sword and shield, so be aware of surpassing the skin segment limit. He has four total (two on the back, one in each hand).


-All skins and huds by BaconWizard17.

-Voice file/zss file by tubular spacedude.

-Loading screen by Outsider.

-Bow and Arrow boltons by andersonbrazil. 

-Power coding, hex editing, icon creation, hud creation, power sounds/zsm file, talent coding by me (rdh94).

Special Thanks

-BaconWizard17 for making the skins, updating the old skins, creating variants of them, and making the new huds. This would not have been possible without you!

-tubular spacedude for providing and then doing the sounds, and also testing out Link 2.0. This would not have been possible without you either!

-Outsider for the loadscreen, and for encouragement/insight regarding releasing the mod, as I had reservations due to rights issues that he put to rest.

-Ceamonks890 for insight regarding rights issues and other such things when I had reservations. He convinced me that if other games can have Nintendo characters, why not us? While his specific mixes are not used in this version of the mod, I appreciate he took the time to mix the animations to negate the need for fightstyle_link, as that was a monumental effort mixing all the animations for all the mods on the site. 

-The creators of Project M for making such a perfect model that fits well with the game!

-alec pike for Triforce model rip.

-Whoever originally posted the video of Link in MUA and whoever originally leaked that, as otherwise it would have never occurred me to try and put him into the game.

-Anyone and everyone who has ever done a tutorial on the site.

So, with all that said, and all this info at your disposal, I must ask:


Version 4.0 Updates

-New effects for Nayru's Love and Triforce.

-Hover Boots no longer gives a speed boost. This was done to be more accurate to the lore of Ocarina of Time, as the Hover Boots did not give a speed boost there.

-Hover Boots and Iron Boots now have boltons accurate to the games.

-Farore's Wind no longer damages enemies. This was done to be a bit more accurate to the games.

-Bomchus and Deku Nuts folded into main powers.

-Hover Boots and Iron Boots have new activation.

-New effects for arrows.

-Reduced trigger count. 

Glad to see this come to fruition at last! This mod has been an amazing collab overall and I'm happy that at last, the Hero of Time has returned to MUA after over ten years!

Great Work!


First I'd like to thank you for the new Shadowcat mod! True story, years ago I registered here just to download the original Shadowcat mod- I'm a huge Kitty Pryde fan. From then on, I've been modding MUA for years ever since!

It's such an improvement! On the old mod, I hated that she was overly flippy and kicky. Yeah, I know she's got that ninja training, but I always felt the Claremont punch-you-in-the-face Kitty was underrepresented in the original mod.

The Lockheed powers are especially a nice touch. Speaking of, I thought I'd point out that if anyone has the old mod installed and has ents_shadow.engb in their entities folder, the Lockheed fireballs won't work. It needs to be deleted. You might want to put that in the Readme.

Anyway, thanks again. This is the most fun Kitty Pryde I've played. I hope you keep producing mods!

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[glow=grey,2,300]War Machine Marvel Heroes Conversion[/glow]

Preview Video: https://youtu.be/RAaeJP_FrSA

Assigned Number: 18

Trigger Count: 186

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/9rsoj49zy7bu0x0/War+Machine+3.0.zip/file

Hello all!

War Machine has rejoined the Ultimate Alliance, and he's got a few upgrades, and has been upgraded to Version 3.0.

I cleaned up his effects and gave him a unique grab smash!

Also added an optional bolton version in the xtras folder that uses the skins of the old mod. This was done in case one wants to circumvent the skin segment limit.

In any case, an overview:

His Powers

1). Gatling Gun/Enhanced Ammunition- Blast foes with your shoulder-mounted Gatling Gun. With the Advanced Weapon Systems boost active, this power turns into Enhanced Ammunition, where War Machine uses his shoulder gun and wrist guns to fire special ammo- plasma rounds (pierce through foes), electric rounds (stun enemies), and thermite rounds (set foes on fire).

2). Heat-Seeking Missiles/Bunker Buster- Fire out multiple EMP missiles at once, which home in on foes and encase them in a damaging electric field that causes damage over time. With the Advanced Weapon Systems boost active, this power turns into Bunker Buster, where War Machine fires out a missile with a high instant-kill chance, followed by smaller rockets also with instant-kill chance (this move was inspired by the Ex-Wife from Iron Man 2, but this time it actually works). 

3). Flamethrower/Thermite Overload- Burn foes with your wrist-mounted flamethrower. This will overheat your suit, making you hot to the touch and burning any foes you come into contact with. With Advanced Weapon Systems active, this power becomes Thermite Overload, which releases all the heat from your suit in a concentrated blast with a high instant-kill chance, burning foes in a radius and spreading the heat to nearby enemies as well. 

4). Wrist-Mounted Guns/Sonic Cannon- Spin around firing anti-tank rounds that knock enemies back (inspired by the One-Off from Iron Man 2, but using bullets instead of lasers). With Advanced Weapon Systems active, this power becomes Sonic Cannon, which unleashes your sonic cannon (as seen in Captain America: Civil War) to stun groups of enemies.
5). Advanced Weapon Systems- Allocate all your suit power to your offensive system, altering your powers. While this boost is active, jumping in replaced by energy blasts. Blocking is replaced by an EMP blast that nullifies enemy powers for a brief period of time. After the EMP blast, you become charged with electricity, shocking any foes that touch you. Energy regen is also disabled during this boost, so keep your kill count up to get more energy. Hold to deploy an auto-turret.

6). Plasma Cannon- uses your shoulder mounted cannon to fire out a plasma bolt that creates a damaging energy field upon contact with an enemy.

7). System Overload - Concentrate all the power in your suit into a single, massive EMP blast that fries foes and nullifies enemy powers of any who survive the blast.


Skins BY Teancum! Check out their stuff!

1). Avengers / Classic (Bolton Version)
2).  Modern / Initiative (Bolton Version)
3). Initiative / Modular (Bolton Version)
4). Classic / Ultimate (Bolton Version)


1). If you have the old mod, be sure to overwrite all of the files.


-All skins and huds by BLaw.

-Loading screen by Teancum.

-Original mod and skins by Teancum.

-Voice file by nickjustint.

-power coding, animation combining, effects, hex editing, talent coding, power sound editing by me (rdh94).

Special Thanks

-Teancum for the original mod.

-everyone who has ever done a tutorial on the site.