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December 26, 2023, 06:20PM Last Edit: April 03, 2024, 06:17PM by SuperMaster10
Hey everyone! I'm SuperMaster10 or Super for short. MUA is one of my favorite games of all-time and it's mods have impressed me since I first discovered them and now I'm finally making some of my own...welcome to the Master Workshop!

- Don't sell my mods for money and try to claim them as your own. We don't wanna go there, yeah?
- If you want to make an edit or a booster of one of my mods, go for it! As long as you credit me and others, it's fine by me! While not necessary, I would appreciate it extra if you let me know about it or sent it my way. Hell, if it works for me I could even incorporate it into the mod as an update.
- Backup your files before modding your game so that you can easily revert something if it breaks. Alternatively, something like Mod Organizer 2 works wonders for this type of thing.
- These mods only work on the original 2006 version of the Marvel: Ultimate Alliance PC Port. Honestly, considering it doesn't have the "advantage" of being digitally available anymore, I say there is literally no reason to play that inferior 2016 port anyway.
- Have fun! We're building a Multiverse Army to take on an Odin-powered Doom here after all!

That being said, enjoy your stay and happy modding!

- "damagescale" is always set to "difficulty". This way, my characters will be able to keep up no matter the difficulty
- Upgradable Grab Smash System by Outsider
- Music Script by Outsider, for a smooth experience if you're playing with Combat Music on!


Kick it back on this 4th of July Halloween with this Bridgette Hashima cosplay!

Get 'em here:

A HUD Pack with the character select art of the entire roster! (+ first form of Abyss and 2 extra Servbots from Tron's artwork)

Get it here:





Pepsiman: Below
Linn Kurosawa:,11428.msg205172.html#msg205172
James Earl Cash:,11428.msg205223.html#msg205223
Postal Dude:,11428.msg205437.html#msg205437

Makoto Niijima (Queen),11428.msg205521.html#msg205521

December 26, 2023, 06:22PM #1 Last Edit: March 25, 2024, 06:05AM by SuperMaster10

Pulled through an unexplained portal during his regular adventures of running around and collecting cans, Pepsiman finds himself in an unfamiliar world.
The Man Behind the TV, who has been watching Pepsiman do his job all this time, doesn't lose any spirit and cheers Pepsiman on! He will surely comment on these adventures aswell!
Spotting a group of colorful individuals, Pepsiman can feel they're fellow superheroes just like himself! So much so that he's willing to forgive Wolverine for confusing him for an Ultron Warrior before his smelling picks up the scent of Pepsi.
After offering them cans of Pepsi and assuring them they're not expired despite the very late 90s look of the cans, Pepsiman joins the Ultimate Alliance and goes onward with our heroes to defeat Doom!....or offer him a Pepsi if he so desires!

UPDATED!: Powerstyle, Talents & Loadscreens are changed. Herostat is unchanged.

- Loadscreens moved up, now you're more likely to see him instead of Cable. Clash is noted.
I recommend deleting the extra unnecessary third loadscreen after installing this over the previous mod if you're not installing from scratch.
- First power mentions Grab Smash damage in the stats
- The delay before "Call of Thirst" starts is eliminated. The run itself has a faster animation now.
- Added 2 more breakout lines for x_voice.

- Music Script implemented
- Cleaned up useless and redundant coding in Powerstyle. Reducing useless triggers and makes things work better.
- "Call of Thirst" now has a new animation for the preparing phase, indicating that Pepsiman is reving up his speed!
- "Catch a Wave"'s values have been updated, behaving much like a liquid wave being thrown at your enemies now!
- Fixed Errors & redundant values in Talents, as a result "Truck Slide" now levels up properly!
- Appropiate powers now say "Pepsi Dmg"
- "Have a Pepsi" now mentions that it also upgrades the Grab Smash.
- "DRINK!" is now labeled as a "Team Boost" in hero details.
- Added previews for the default and alternate Mannequins to help choose better.
- Removed "plat" values from boost effects. Making them better compatible with the "High Particle" setting.
- Now has proper VICTORY lines, split from the TAUNTKD lines in a balanced way

- 5 Powers, 2 Boosts and 1 Xtreme
- 6 hex-edited skins, 6 HUDs, 2 loading screens, icons, mannequin and sound/voice file using his and Mike Butters' voices from Pepsiman (PS1)
- Uses assigned number #210 (clashes with Cable on mannequin, but not the skins nor loading screens)

1. Have a Pepsi: Pepsiman creates and sends a Pepsi his enemies' way. Now they'll never go thirsty again!
2. Truck Slide: Pepsiman slides into his enemies, knocking them down! Also useful for sliding under incoming Pepsi trucks.
3. Pepsi for Everyone!: Still thirsty? Worry not, Pepsiman got more where that came from! Pepsiman rapid fires even more Pepsi at his enemies' way.
4. Call of Thirst: Pepsiman runs into his enemies, hurting them in the process. Not even Doom can stand between Pepsiman and the thirsty people!
5. Catch a Wave!: Pepsiman unleashes a whole array of Uncanned Pepsi at his foes! It's almost concerning how insistent he is on keeping them hydrated...
6. (Boost) The Running Hero: Pepsiman becomes even faster for a short time, with his melee attacks dealing additional Energy Damage. PEPSIMAN!!
7. (Team Boost) DRINK!: Take a Pepsi break! Pepsiman creates Pepsi for himself and his teammates, restoring HP and reducing EP cost. ;
8. (Xtreme) Pepsi for TV-Game: Pepsiman rains Pepsi on his enemies in all-out attack! The Man Behind the TV watches in joy as the unfortunate foes drown in Pepsi!

SKINS (21010-21015):
1. Modern (1998 Design)
2. Classic (1996 Design)
3. Lemon Pepsi
4. Pepsiwoman
5. Cherry Cream
6. Pepsi MAX

- This mod uses a 30 second snippet of one track from Pepsiman (PS1), composed by James Shimoji. I claim no ownership of this music.
- Some of the audio was cleaned up using AI-powered tools. Nothing was generated from scratch.

SuperMaster10 - Mod Creation, Coding, Lemon Pepsi Skin, HUDs, Loading Screens and Icons
Ceamonks890 - Guidance, Help, Coding Assistance and Beta Testing
BloodyMares - Help with Animation Sets, Combining the Animation Sets and Coding Assistance
ak2yny - Help getting the proper tools, Help with XML files, Powerstyle and Talent Help. Effects Documentation and Example Model Effect Code
Outsider - Help with skin numbers, Coding, Ideas, Assistance, Upgradable Grab Smashes system, Music Script.
ProfEscanor - Porting the Skins, Cherry Pepsi and Pepsi MAX textures, Pepsi Can Bolton, Mannequins, Beta Testing, Help with Texture Modding and Endless Support.
BaconWizard17 - Further Help
UltraMegaMagnus - Further Help
Corvetterules - Further Help
BLaw & Broly / Tien - Hydro-Beam Impact Effect from Hydro-Man Mod
IVatu - Pepsiman Model
Jacob Quintana/@jacob11004 - Pepsiwoman Model
KID - Pepsi Can Model, Pepsiman Game Sounds

If your game launches straight into the Hero Select Menu, the banner and icons might not appear. Simply changing the skin will fix this.
It is still a rare and unlikely bug however as it personally hasn't happened to me.

All characters and used material belong to their respective owners.
This is a mod made for entertainment purposes.

Pepsi, Only My Choice:

January 05, 2024, 05:43PM #2 Last Edit: April 06, 2024, 05:24AM by SuperMaster10

Around 3 months after saving San Drad from the evil plans of Weyland-Yutani Corporation and being left wondering if she'll have to fight her previous Yautja allies next time, Linn had just wrapped up training in the shooting range. Only to find a strange portal waiting for her in the locker rooms.

Preparing her katana, Iakiri and her Colonial Marine pistol, Linn immidately stood ready to face the danger. Realizing there is no problem after a second, she somehow felt like she should leap into the she took a brave step and found her atop the Helicarrier under attack. Linn immidately got into power stance and started taking down Ultron drone after Ultron drone

Eventually coming face to face with a group of powerful yet colorful heroes, it was clear to Linn that she had to team up with an unlikely team to stop evil once again...

However she did not expect to fight alongside a Yautja again...let alone a Xenomorph!

UPDATED!: Powerstyle, "linkw_m" Sound File & Herostat changed.
- Reduced triggers under the hood without sacrficing gameplay and aesthetics, count dropped from 163 to 141
- Added sound effects for her boosts. Added grunts for PICKUP and THROW. The use of sword sheating and gun draw sounds in the powerstyle have been refined
- Now has Might.

- Grab Smash damage is mentioned in the stats of the first power.
- Loadscreens are moved up in numbers, turns out they were way over the number that would actually display in the game, whoops. The clash is noted.
If you're over writing previous files, you will end up with two extra loadscreen files ending with "09" and "10", you can delete these.
- Added a second breakout line for x_voice.

- Pistol Shots no longer go through walls
- Tidied up unnecessary coding under the hood in the Pulse Rifle power, gameplay-wise it is the same
- End of Rifle animation's timing got adjusted
- Minor timing adjustments on when the Grenade Launcher appears during the Xtreme
- Uses new grenade models that resemble the ones from AVP much more.
- Her Boosts are now categorized as Team Boosts in the hero details
- She now has VICTORY voice lines. They're split from the TAUNTKD lines in a balanced way.

- 6 Powers, 2 Boosts and 1 Xtreme
- 2 hex-edited skins, 2 HUDs, 4 Alternate HUDs (2 for Linn, 2 for Simone), 2 loading screens (again, one for each), icons, mannequin and sound/voice file using her voice from Capcom's Alien vs. Predator arcade game.
- Her own announcer and breakout voice for x_voice
- Uses assigned number #236 (clashes with Daken and Sleepwalker on mannequin and Loadscreen 2 on Sleepwalker)

1. Iaikiri: Linn slashes her opponent with the katana representing her very soul.
2. Eat this, Scumbags!: Linn rapid fires several shots with Colonial Marine issue pistol, blowing 'em open!
3. Mow 'Em Down!: Linn fires her Pulse Rifle at the enemy, piercing through if there are multiple. Get a load of this, you pests!
4. Senpuuzan: Linn spins with her katana, slicing and dicing all her enemies!
5. Koeikyaku!: Linn kicks her opponents high into the air, making sure they have a painful trip down!
6. Sokeiha: Linn creates a shockwave, knocking back any enemy gaining up on her!
7. (Boost) Super Magazine: It's time to shoot them down!! Increases team's Damage and temporarily eliminates Energy usage.
8. (Boost) Recovery Rations: Lt. Kurosawa shares buffet-level food with her teammates to replenish their health. A beat 'em up classic!!
9. (Xtreme) Alien Extinction: Linn fires a Grenade Launcher into the sky. The grenades explode in the air as they cause a harmful rain down on the enemies.

SKINS (23609-23610):
1. Linn Kurosawa
2. Simone (Cannon Spike / Gunspike)

A proper skin for Simone, either converted from the Dreamcast game itself or a good kitbash. She temporarily uses a sheathless Linn model.

- This mod features the iconic Pulse Rifle from Aliens converted to MUA for the first time, the one in this mod has been retextured to resemble the AVP Arcade version but I also included one closer to movie colors. I highly recommend using it for potential future Alien mods (such as Ripley, Hicks, Vasquez etc). It was made with Black Widow and Nick Fury's Sniper animations in mind, so take note of that.
- As you can see this mod also features her spiritual successor from Cannon Spike, Simone! Though she lacks a skin, she has everything else in place for now.
- Some of the audio was cleaned up using AI-powered tools. Nothing was generated from scratch.

SuperMaster10 - Mod Creation, Coding, Retexturing of Katana, Pistol and Rifle Boltons, HUDs, Loading Screens and Icons
ProfEscanor – Endless Support, Skins, Mannequin and Pulse Rifle Bolton
Ak2yny – Assistance
Outsider – Help, Cammy's Cannon Spike Code as reference and effects, Upgradable Grab Smash System & Sword Boltons from his Psylocke Mod
Blitz – Shocker Mod and Original Shocker Talent Values as Reference and Inspiration on tidying up the boss ability
Ceamonks890 – Raiden Mod's Nanomachines Son! Custom Talent, which served as inspiration
BloodyMares – Help, Acrobatics Talent & Code
MelloMods & iammingy – Quake Rocket Launcher Model from Deathlok Mod
Maegawa – Brining No EP Code to attention
Corvetterules – Help
Sasa – Power Icon Recommendation
Geo – Assistance with Japanese
Dedtoot – Geo's Messenger

Capcom - Original Ibuki Model
Kraga Phan - Linn Kurosawa USF4 Mod
Pliberty - Mod Reupload
RyuAensland - XNALara Conversion
Th3Ki11er - Pulse Rifle with it's Original Textures

None so far.

All characters and used material belong to their respective owners.
This is a mod made for entertainment purposes.


January 13, 2024, 02:32PM #3 Last Edit: May 04, 2024, 01:32PM by SuperMaster10

Alien - PSX Model (Alien: Resurrection)

Picture is brightened to help you see it better.

Impostor Spider-Man (Spider-Man 3)

Eddie Brock Impostor Spider-Man (Spider-Man 3 Past Gen)

Retextured on the SMU model ported by ProfEscanor, texture rips and original upscales by Kiri.
Final texture was de-noised through AI powered tools, nothing was generated from scratch.

Black Cat Pack (Spider-Man 2 & Web of Shadows)


Thanks to ProfEscanor for Helping and bringing DS model to my attention
Thanks to UltraMegaMagnus for teaching me how to apply Normals & Specs
Thanks to Waggens7uP for the WOS Symbiote and Blacksuit models

Spider-Man - Shattered Dimensions Amazing & Todd McFarlane Pack

Thanks to Julio Cabral for originally porting the model with a custom texture as "ITSV Peter Parker", I simply gave it new textures.
Thanks to spidermansamp on gtainside for the Todd McFarlane textures
Thanks to  Cykal455 for bringing the original skin to my attention
Todd McFarlane textures were de-noised with AI tools, nothing was generated from scratch.

Spider-Man 2 PC Pack

Last one is my own customization of his glow, all have speculars
Thanks to Julio Cabral for originally porting the model with a custom texture as "Movie Spidey", I simply gave it new textures.
Thanks to BillyBnMOfficial on Models-Resource for ripping the textures
Thanks to UltraMegaMagnus for Green Screen Mod for HUDs

Heather Mason / Cheryl Mason Skin Pack

Thanks to ProfEscanor for some tips and tricks he taught me as he I ported these
Any skins missing here can be found in Ceamonks890's Character Mod
XNALara Model Credits to Mageflower, deexie, Pinkie-Pie297 and Snowman1940, more detailed credits are in the Readme


CJ asset pack consisting of 3 skins, 3 HUDs and a mannequin! Either to put it over someone else for fun or to use make your own character mod. Have fun!
Models Rippers: o0Cristian0o, HenrysDLCs & Minnie Mouse


Can't get enough of Postal Dude in my mod? Worry not! This hex-edited 12 skin pack comes to rescue!
UPDATED (March 16, 2024) - Skins and HUDs in the first slot are renamed to avoid clashes with Plastic Man's skin.
Skins, HUDs Movie Dude glasses edit by SuperMaster10
Credits for ripping the models go to BillyBnMOfficial, Danielgamer9511, Homer256, Orxata & Isan Dsis
Credits for making the models go to Running with Scissors, Destructive Creations & Mama Brickolini
Further details in the readme

Spider-Man 2 (GC/PS2/Xbox) Skin Pack

Skin ported by ProfEscanor for Chasm, I re-textured it with the official skin, SM1 edit of it by low_res_jpg and Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes skin by Ghost1764404 (last one further brightened by me)

NOW AN ACTUAL CHARACTER MOD! THANKS TO CEAMONKS890!,10976.msg205472.html#msg205472

A Tifa Lockhart asset pack with 4 skins, 5 HUDs and 2 mannequins. To either put over someone else or use for your own character mod.
Models ripped by raidergale & Sgtsoupie
Mannequin built off XNALara poses made by Hatredboy

Vice City Hedgehogs Skinpack

Some of you might've seen or played with this particular model if you were into GTA Vice City and San Andreas modding in the 2000s. I finally brought this beautiful thing over to MUA.
The extra crouched over Sonic you see is how it looks on the Sonic mod, albeit with the scale_factor removed.
Compatible with both regular skins and respective character mods, more details inside.
Special thanks to ProfEscanor with various help on this one.
Model and Sonic texture are created by Russificator, Shadow and Super Sonic textures by caoss, Super Shadow texture by SuperMaster10 and rest of textures are by American Cliftonator Dragon

Zatanna (Zee Zatara) DC Super Hero Girls Skin Pack

Includes skins, HUDs and a mannequin.
Models ripped by AkuzaGuy

January 19, 2024, 11:08AM #4 Last Edit: April 04, 2024, 05:54PM by SuperMaster10

After a three year trial, James Earl Cash was sent to death row and injected with a lethal serum and the whole world knew him as dead as the journalist on television announced to people watching at home....

Suddenly, Cash woke up and heard the ominous voice of a strange middle-aged man. "Hey, tough guy, wake up. You're not dead." he said and instructed a confused Cash to pick up an earpiece, he put it on, now only him hearing the voice. He informed him that the injection that was given to him simply put him to sleep and that he was snuck out to wherever he is now. Unbeknownst to Cash, the man he was speaking to was Lionel Starkweather, former director he fell off a long way from his Vinewood days.

He placed Cash in this sick game with murderous psychopathic gangs patrolling everyone, looking to hunt him down and cut him up...
It was kill or be killed as Cash had to make use of his killing skills, blend in with the shadows, sneak around and distract his enemies as Starkweather recorded it all to sell on the black market and for his own sick twisted desires.

The game went on and Cash went through many of the gangs that was placed against him...but what happened next was something neither of them could ever predict...."What the hell? That wasn't in the script!" yelled Starkweather. Before Cash was a big blue portal, looking quite omnious, Cash, unsure if this was a trick or not...slowly stepped into the portal and soon was sucked in as the portal closed with him.

Cash woke up atop the Hellicarrier with what looked like a warzone with robots and brightly costumed people...Cash wondered if this was an elaborate setup or was he on some kind of he stood up and looked around he realized this was all real enough, so he decided to go with it. Getting close to the group of heroes...he could tell they were not people he should try to slay (not that he'd have much of a chance) but rather people to ally with...going on this strange journey in this strange land, he saw there were still plenty of enemies to kill on this path...eventually leading to someone named Doom?

Meanwhile, he could still hear Starkweather commenting in his ear..."Eh, murder is murder! The show must go on!" said the now directionless was he still seeing all this? did he have cameras here? Was he even able to record anymore? Would either of them even remember this or have any recording of it remain when Cash eventually got back to his own world? Who knew...who the hell cared...all Cash knew was, it was time to hunt!

UPDATED!: Powerstyle & Talents have changed. Herostat is unchanged.
- Reduced some triggers under the hood without sacricing gameplay or aesthetics. (Dropped from 142 to 133)
- Head Hunter now properly drops the enemies' defense instead of their attack.
- AI can no longer use Cutting Wire, making the game feel less cheap when you have Cash in your team.
and it's closer to how he actually fights outside of executions, in my opinion.

- Grab Smash damage is mentioned in the stats of his second power.
- Loadscreens are moved up to reasonable numbers, they'll actually show up in-game now! The clashes are noted.
If you're overwriting old files instead of installing from scratch, you can end up old extra loadscreens numbered "16413" and "16414". In that case, you can delete these.

- His Magnum shots no longer go through walls.

This character is for mature audiences ONLY and features violence, some blood, swearing and lines with messed up sexual references.

- 5 Powers, 1 Debuff, 1 Boost and an Execution.
- 4 hex-edited skins, 4 HUDs, 2 loading screens, icons, mannequin and sound/voice file using Stephen Wilfong and Brain Cox's voices from Manhunt.
- Starkweather announcer voice and Cash breakout voice for x_voice
- Uses assigned number #164 (clashes with Hope Summers and Valkyrie II (MCU) on mannequin & loadscreens)

They are named and worded differently here to simply avoid crude words and risky references.

1. Cutting Wire: Cash grabs the nearest enemy and cuts their neck clean off with this gruesome execution.
2. Packing Heat: We're cooking with gas now! Cash pulls out a magnum and shoots several shoots. Has a 50% critical chance if the enemy is stunned. Also upgrades Grab Smash.
3. Batter Up!: Cash prepares his bat, ready to swing and do a poor chump in! Has a chance to instant-kill stunned chumps when fully charged.
4. Smash That Padlock!: Usually ideal for smashing a padlock, Cash swings his crowbar forward at his enemies. Busting a "headlock" is just as good, eh?
5. Killer Shot: Cash gets out his shotgun to give the enemy a killer shot. The shot will pierce through multiple enemies with a 50% critical chance if victim is stunned. Perfect for any potential cameras!
6 (Debuff) Head Hunter: Cash throws the severed hunter head he cut off. Dropping the enemies' defense and causing them to be distracted. Now they'll be too busy to notice the silent hunter standing right beside them!
7 (Boost) Pop 'Em Like Bubble Wrap: Cash focuses his murderous energy, gaining more Damage and reducing Energy Cost for a while.
8 (Execution) Cut-Throat Cash: Time to cut 'em up! Cash goes from one enemy to another, slashing every single one until no one is standing!

SKINS (16413-16416):
1. James Earl Cash
2. Beta Cash
3. Monkey
4. Rabbit

- This mod uses 30 second snippets of two tracks from Manhunt, composed by the talented Craig Conner. I claim no ownership of these music tracks.

SuperMaster10 – Mod creation, mannequin, skins, projectiles, HUDs, Loading Screens, Icons and Banner.
Dedtoot – Co-creator of mod, being a based Manhunt enjoyer, providing ideas and the sounds. This mod also doubles as her (a day late) birthday gift. Happy birthday, bestie!
ProfEscanor – Teaching me the process of making skins, which is a massive help that unlocked a whole new door of possiblities. Helping repositioning a menu animation.
BloodyMares – A lot of help with the coding and code clean up.
Ceamonks890 – Poisonous Balloon coding from his Arcade Clown conversion as reference
Outsider – Music Script, Skarlet's Blood Effects as reference, Shotgun Blast and coding inspiration from Punisher & Upgradable Grab Smash System
Andersonbrazil – John Wick Shotgun Bolton from his Small Pack 27
Avertureiromax – Magnum Bolton
Julio Cabral – Baseball Bat Bolton from his Casey Jones
UltraMegaMagnus - Uploading MUA2 Past-Gen, XML1 and Marvel Legends resources
toonster95 – Ripping the rest of Starkweather sounds (as found on Sounds-Resource)
Rockstar Games – Original Models
Geisteskrakenchan – Porting the Models to Garry's Mod
Manhunt Wiki (Not to be confused with Wikihunt) – All the lovely high quality Manhunt renders

None so far.

All characters and used material belong to their respective owners.
This is a mod made for entertainment purposes.

Go on!

Nice! More Capcom characters is always welcome. Alien vs Predator still one of my favorite arcade games. Thanks for making Linn Kurosawa.

Quote from: Johnny Crazy on January 25, 2024, 10:13PM
Nice! More Capcom characters is always welcome. Alien vs Predator still one of my favorite arcade games. Thanks for making Linn Kurosawa.

More Capcom the merrier indeed! Thank you for playing with my mod, glad you're enjoying Linn!

February 05, 2024, 03:22PM #7 Last Edit: April 11, 2024, 08:39AM by SuperMaster10

After being bit by a genetically-engineered dragonfly and gaining superpowers, Rick Ryker became the hero of Empire City, known as Dragonfly!

Having saved the city from the diabolical plans of Hourglass, finally gaining his wings and saving the girl of his dreams, Jill Johnson. Life was going well for the young hero, now being able to cover both ground AND aerial crimes! Although he had to admit...there hasn't been as much action lately..erm, the superhero kind! Sure he was still taking pictures of...himself (not in that way!) for Empire City Times and Trey always had his back's been kind of quiet.

However, one faithful day...he came across a strange big blue portal! Taking a step back and realizing he's face to face with a portal. Dragonfly said to himself: "Nah...I ain't that stupid!" and turned around to walk away, knowingly smiling to himself on avoiding such an obvious danger...only to immediately slipping on the wet alleyway ground and falling backwards into the portal. His scream followed by the portal closing up upon him.

Landed pretty badly face first with his butt up in the air, Dragonfly groaned as he woke up atop a strange giant...floating ship? He looked around and saw a group of heroes fighting who were clearly bad guys! He recognized Wolverine...though who was that wannabe in red-and-blue?

Thinking of his father's words...he sprung into action to join the heroes on their quest! He saw some more familiar faces along the way...Professor Xavier looked different...looks like John...ny Storm got better...looks like Invisible Gi- Woman found her own man this time and...

Holy S#!t! Is that Uncle Albert?!

Why are his power details blurred? While moveset itself is nothing insane, there are some details I want you to find out for yourselves, hehehe...give them a good look! Don't forget the stats tab!

UPDATED!: Powerstyle is changed. Herostat is unchanged.
- Reduced a lot of triggers without sacrificing gameplay, dropping the count from 161 to 148.
- Fixed an issue where the flyloop sound would keep going if you did Smash while flying.

- Grab Smash damage is now mentioned in the stats of the first power.
- Loadscreens are moved up and now will show up in-game! Clashes are noted.
If you are overwriting the old files and not installing from scratch. You will end up with extra old loadscreens called "21604" and "21605", you can simply delete these.
- Added 3 more breakout lines for x_voice.

This character is for mature audiences ONLY and features swearing and sexual jokes / references.

- 5 Powers, 2 Boost and 1 Xtreme.
- 2 hex-edited skins, 5 HUDs (2 alts for Skin 1, 1 alt for Skin 2), 2 loading screens, icons, mannequin and sound/voice file using Drake Bell's voice from Superhero Movie and Disney Infinity 2.0.
- 2 hex-edited xtra skins, with 2 HUDs for them
- Announcer and breakout voice for x_voice
- Uses assigned number #216 (clashes with Pyro and Wendigo on mannequin & loadscreens)

They are named and worded differently here to simply avoid crude words and risky references.
You really think I'd reveal those juicy details after blurring the picture and everything?

1. Dragonfly Punch! (Patent Pending): Dragonfly throws a strong punch that sends his enemies flying, perfect for stopping bank robbing supervillains! Also upgrades Grab Smash.           
2. Get Your Wings!: Dragonfly teaches enemies to fly with his strong uppercut! Hope they don't fall off a 50 story building! (Chargable)
3. Dragonfly Sting (No Relation): Dragonfly prepares and strikes at his enemy with a powerful kick! His...area will only be the second last thing they see! (Chargable)
4. Check Out These Moves!: Throws a radial kick into the air, sending bad guys tumbling and bringing the house down with these cool moves!
5. Essence of a True Hero: Using his rightfully gained wings, Dragonfly flies at his enemies. Following it up with a mighty uppercut!   
6. (Boost) Words of the Unwise: Dragonfly remembers "wise" sayings from his loved ones, increasing his speed and defense....somehow?           
7. (Team Boost) Watch Where You're Going In Slow Mo'!: Using his senses, it feels like time slows down for Dragonfly and his allies, allowing them to react to danger and nailguns more quickly.           
8. (Xtreme) Romantic Show-Off: Dragonfly flies into the air and lands back down, dealing massive radial damage with his super strength. If Jill could see this, she'd be falling for him all over again!

Hold Block and Press Jump to play one of the two theme songs made from Superhero Movie!


SKINS (21611-21612):
1. Modern
2. Prototype Suit

- This mod uses 50 second snippets of two songs made for Superhero Movie by Drake Bell and Sara Paxton, respectively. I claim no ownership of these music tracks.
- Some of the audio has been cleaned up using AI tools. Nothing was generated from scratch.
- Tom Cruise cannot fly.
- Your Ad Here

SuperMaster10 – Mod Creation, Coding, Skins, New Dragonfly Textures, Proto Suit, Animated Wings Bolton, HUDs, Loading Screens, Icons & Banner, etc.
ProfEscanor – Ideas, Modelling Tips & Tricks. Help with Animated Bolton
Outsider – Upgradable Grab Smash System, Music Script & Block Abilities. Further Help.
Ceamonks890 – Studied his Raimi Spidey & Bully Maguire mods for...obvious reasons, hehe. Referenced the Block Combo Code from Both. Technical help.
BloodyMares – Big help with fly looping sound (Coding & Setting zsm flags). Further Info.
Ak2yny – Help with Animated Bolton and further things.

UltraMegaMagnus – Uploading MUA2 Past Gen & Marvel Legends Assets
LukeWarnut – Disney Infinity 2.0 Voice Rips (Sounds-Resource)
Beenox – Original Model from The Amazing Spider-Man 2
ErichGrooms1 – Original Dragonfly Model Edit, Textures & Garry's Mod Porting
NetEase Games – Original Wasp Wings Model
IIIDreamerIII & DatKofGuy (w/ BigChillGhost, Luigi Auriemma & Imagination) – Ripping Wasp's Marvel Super War Model

Leslie Nielsen
Sara Paxton
Kevin Hart
Robert Hays
Marion Ross (well, not exactly but you'll hear for yourself in-game...)
Christopher McDonald (sampled in one of the songs)

None so far.

While not a heavy character himself, when used in a heavy team (Venom, Ronin, Nightcrawler, Deadpool etc.), limits will be exceeded.
This will cause all effects and power sounds to stop coming and cause the game to stop responding on the next loading screen.
I recommend either avoiding such teams or using SPOONY's reducers. However limit will still be exceeded on levels like Spire's Ascent.
He will work fine with a normal / light team (Pretty much everyone else, including my other mods and probably majority of mods).

All characters and used material belong to their respective owners.
This is a mod made for entertainment purposes.

I'm not wearing any diamonds!:

March 12, 2024, 03:57PM #8 Last Edit: March 25, 2024, 07:02AM by SuperMaster10
POSTAL DUDE was just another day in...Paradise? Catharsis? Edensin?...Hasselridge? Postal's Dude Own Brain?....New York City?

Well, where the hell it was, it was sure another day in it for Postal Dude! As he went around, doing his chores...going on a killing spree... and definitely not post office work.

Dude decided to take a "break" on a nearby tree. In his own little world, he suddenly felt a strange presence he felt. "Gah!" he said as he was startled, only to look down...

"Oh great...all over my shoe...can't I catch a break around here?". He said as a zipper was pulled up and he looked at the direction of the presence he felt...only for his expression to drop as he saw a big blue portal standing right before him.

"Well I'll be...did those moronic game designers confuse the name of the game again? Last thing I need is people thinking there's puzzles with actual brainpower required around here..." He complained as the kicked the ground.

But then he thought to himself "Hmm...maybe this could be just what I needed today. Might as well have some fun!" He started walking as he heard a bark. He turned his head to see it was his dog, Champ. He smiled and said to his buddy "Don't worry about me, Champ. I'm just gonna take a little trip and the physical kind this time! You be good now boy!"

He walked into it as the portal closed behind him. Champ just sat there and made a noise and look of confusion.

Eventually this portal lead to...a flying mechanical ship? Dude looked around and whistled, clearly impressed.
"Wow, this place actually looks well made! That's gonna be an interesting change of events..."

He heard the sounds of battle and turned his attention towards it, seeing people in colorful costumes fighting an army of robots. Dude quickly gained a sinister grin as he pulled out his pistol.

"Oh yeah, today is definitely gonna be more fun today!" and he leapt off in their direction...who knew where this would lead to and what would Postal Dude gain out of it...but one thing was for sure, he was gonna have a hell of a time here!

Overall generically censored just in case

UPDATED!: Talents file is changed. Herostat is unchanged.

- Grab Smash damage is mentioned under the stats of the first power.

First skin has been renamed to 16917 to avoid clashes with Plastic Man's skin. Thanks to Outsider for notifying me about this.
- actors folder, huds folder, package files, powerstyle, the huds in the xtras folder and herostat are changed. Powerstyle is changed due to me wanting to improve a combo text on his first power.
I still recommend installing the mod from scratch since it will not get rid of files named 16911, unless you're willing to specifically deleted those after replacing the files.

This character is for mature audiences ONLY and features violence, swearing, urination, recreational use of drugs, objects of a certain shape, unkind treatment of feline creatures and jaywalking.

- 6 Powers, 3 Boosts and 1 Xtreme.
- 6 hex-edited skins, 6 HUDs (and 2 alt HUDs for Skin 1), 1 loading screen, icons, mannequin and sound/voice file using Rick Hunter's voice from Postal 2 (and death grunts from Postal Redux)
- Announcer call and 3 Breaks for x_voice
- Uses assigned number #169 (clashes with Gun Girls 2, Velocidad & Plastic Man on mannequin and the Loadscreen 1 of Gun Girls 2 & Plastic Man)

They are named and worded differently here to simply avoid crude words and risky references.
And trust me, many of these will make more sense there. If you're familiar with Postal (especially 2) you might guess some of these already.

1. Rightfully Armed: Postal Dude expresses his birth right with both his left and right pistols, you ignorant scum! Also upgrades Grab Smash.
2. Now the Flowers Will Grow: Postal Dude takes a much needed break and ends up hurting the enemies. Enemies caught during this break will wish he just shot them instead.
3. Cat Silencer: Well aren't you a chick magnet? Postal Dude sure thinks so with this shotgun in your face!
4. Can't Keep Me Down: Postal Dude throws officially licensed grenades based on his favorite mascot. That other guy has nothing on this!
5. A True Match: Dude lights and throws a match forward, leaving a little pool of fire. A real match made in hell.
6. Need to Kill a Few Weeds:  Dude takes care of his little lawn problem with his Napalm Launcher! Not recommended inside closed spaces unless you happen to be a Tibetan monk.
7. (Debuff) Would You Like to Sign My Petition?: Dude annoys the enemies and causes them to attack, lowering their defenses. Sign my petition, dammit!
8. (Team Boost) Catnippin' Time: Postal Dude catnips all over the place as time slows down for the whole team.
9. (Boost) Health Pipe: This can't be good for me...but I feel great! Heals Postal Dude without any repercussions...right?
10. (Xtreme) I Regret Nothing: Dude throws several grenades in the air and shoots them to take himself (and possibly his teammates) out, only to end up harming  the enemies instead.
Oh well, I'm sure he'll get it right next time!

SKINS (16911-16916):
1. Postal 2
2. The Gimp
3. Postal 1 / Redux
4. Postal III
5. Postal 4
6. Brain Damaged

Not enough Dudes (and Does?)
GET THE XTRA SKIN PACK HERE!:,11428.msg205197.html#msg205197

Remember, this mod is only as violent as you are!

SuperMaster10 - Mod Creation, Coding, Skins, HUDs, Boltons, Mannequin, Loading Screen, Icons & Banner, Some Effect Customization etc.
Outsider – Coding Help. Upgradable Grab Smash System. FIM-92 Stinger Coding, Values and Entities from Solid Snake. Shotgun Coding from Punisher.
BloodyMares – General Coding & Powerup Help. Teaching me Zsound & Sound Help.
ak2yny – Effect Help & Sound Assistance. Teaching me Zsound.
BLaw & Broly / Tien - Hydro-Man's Hydro-Beam Impact Effect.
Ceamonks890 – Inspiration for the Petition text gag.

UltraMegaMagnus – Uploading MUA2 Past Gen Assets
Avertureiromax – Pistol Boltons
BillyBnMOfficial – Ripping all Postal 2, Redux & 4 Models except otherwise mentioned, Ripping HUD Elements.
Danielgamer9511 & Homer256 – Ripping Postal 2 Dude Model with BillyBnMOfficial
TayKlor – Ripping Postal Redux Dude with BillyBnMOfficial
Spike10164 – Ripping Krotchy
murdfexx – Ripping the Matches
DragonsHidden – Ripping Censored Graphic, Weapon Icons & Item Icons
M16A1 – Ripping Postal Brain Damaged & III Models
tony gunk – Postal III Sunglasses Textures
??? - Original garrysmod org uploader of Postal III Sunglasses
Running with Scissors – Creating Postal 2, III, 4, Redux, Brain Damaged & POOSTALL Royale Models
Trashmasters – Creating Postal III Model
HyperStrange & CreativeForge Games – Creating Postal Brain Damaged Model
Postal Wiki – Ripping Postal Dude Voice Clips
EscapeRouteBritish – Ripping Animal, Weapon and Krotchy Sounds

- If you switch from one power to another too quickly before the animation ends (Say the Flowers one to Shotgun for example). It might cause the bolton of the next power to not appear.
Or cause the bolton of the previous to not despawn (if that happens simply activate the previous power again and let it finish). This is easy to avoid and likely might not even happen to you.
- Custom passive icons for Costume 3 and 4 will display a different icon in the pause menu but show up fine in Character Select.

All characters and used material belong to their respective owners.
This is a mod made for entertainment purposes.

Say, I'm pretty good at this!

April 01, 2024, 06:47AM #9 Last Edit: April 01, 2024, 06:50AM by SuperMaster10

X-23 (UMVC3) Mannequins Pack

Original Mannequin & Skin credits go to Andersonbrazil & Avertureiromax
When Anderson ported made this mannequin back in his Small Pack 6, it had the Captain Universe textures.
I simply replaced them with the default and Striped textures from UMVC3 through his skins from the other pack

Nightcrawler & Jean Grey - Mephisto's Realm Statues Mannequins

Here's a quick silly release for April Fools. I wasn't even expecting this myself to be honest, I was just looking through the files and thought why not?
All credits for the models go to OCP Team and Raven Software. I simply copy-pasted the models and retextured.

April 03, 2024, 06:14PM #10 Last Edit: April 04, 2024, 05:49PM by SuperMaster10

After awakening to her true self and gaining her Persona, Johanna. Makoto joined the Phantom Thieves of Hearts and fought on with a new found resolve and sense of justice, operating under the codename: Queen.

Together, they changed the hearts of corrupt people all over Japan and reforming society one step at a time. They would do this by going into an alternate world known as "MetaVerse", where cognitions and desires take shape, shadows roam and the power of Persona rules. They would get there through a strange app that appeared on it's own on their phones, known as the MetaNav.
It has been some time since Makoto and her allies have changed the hearts of many in Tokyo and eventually all over Japan.

Having arrived home during a summer break from college, Makoto was looking out the window as she sat on the dinner table. Seemingly enjoying the view without much on her mind.
It has been a while since they had seen any action, were her muscles aching for another Metaverse adventure? Who knew...
but what she knew was that she had already made plans with her friends for tomorrow and was gonna enjoy her summer...when suddenly!

Makoto's eyes widened as she felt the presence of something and stood up to see it's a big blue portal standing in front of her.
"Wha...what is this?!" she asked out loud to herself. Looking around as the only other resident in the house, her sister Sae, is nowhere to be seen.
Turning her attention back to the portal, she didn't knew what to make of it..."Things like this don't just pop out in real life, do they?..."
She assumed a thinking expression "Have I somehow went through the MetaVerse and didn't notice?..."

Getting a little scared on what it could mean...Makoto slowly reached over to touch the portal...only for it to quickly suck her and close behind her! Making our heroine vanish without a trace...

Makoto slowly came to...she felt her face resting against something cold and metallic..she opened her eyes and slowly got up, groaning and holding her head. Her eyes widened as she realized her surrondings! She was high up in the air?! She looked around as it seemed like it was some kind of airship..

But the real surprise came when she realized she just felt her mask on her face, she was in her Metaverse outfit! In surprise, she touched her mask once again. "Why am I in my Metaverse suit? Is this a Palace? a Jail?..."...yet something felt different...
she could feel the presence of Johanna and her usual strength in the Metaverse...yet this place didn't feel like Metaverse, nothing about it felt cognitive at all! It felt more..physical...

She was really confused as to how can this all be when she suddenly saw a group of superheroes fighting robots. She looked on in surprise!
It was not the first time she was people in colorful outfits, she had seen western comic book types and the Featherman types, yet something about this group felt different..

Figuring she was already in the outfit and ready to go, she donned her codename of "Queen" once again and decided to follow this team and see where it leads to..

As she took off on her way, her mind went to her friends...she wondered if she'd ever see them again...they had never been seperated like this Joker to lead, no Oracle to show the way, no Skull to bust some heads with
For the first time, she had to take charge and lead herself without the guidance of Joker in the battlefield. She took a breath and nodded to herself with determination. Focusing back on her goal, she took off to catch up to the group of heroes and find some answers...

And kicking the butt of whoever decides to oppose her along the way!

Look out Doom! You will taste JUSTICE!

MINOR UPDATE (April 5, 2024): Herostat has changed.
- Got rid of an extra space in the powerstyle line of the herostat as this could cause issues with programs like Heroselect, thanks to Shabranigdu for discovering this!
- I revised the bio and fixed it up c:

- 5 Powers, 3 Boosts and 1 Xtreme.
- 6 hex-edited skins, 6 HUDs (with 4 alternate HUDs), 2 loading screens, icons, mannequin and sound/voice file using Cherami Leigh's voice from Persona 5 Royal & Persona 5 Strikers
- 5 Breaks for x_voice
- Uses assigned number #238 (clashes with Cyber & Huntress on Mannequin & Loadscreens)

1. Frei: Makoto casts Frei on nearby enemies, causing Nuclear Damage. Also upgrades Grab Smash and Johanna's Damage when driven.
2. Swift Punishment: Queen strikes with her lightning fast fists, dealing more damage with each hit! ORA ORA ORA! (Press and hold)
3. Sledgehammer: Makoto charges herself up with her inner self's power and deals a sledgehammer blow to the enemy.
4. Flash Bomb: Makoto strikes her opponent with an appetizer punch and finishes off with the REAL explosion.
5. Atomic Flare: Makoto engulfs the enemy in an orb of Nuke with the help of Johanna, dealing major damage!
6. (Debuff) Checkmate: The strategist of Phantom Thieves uses her special debuff. Decreasing the enemies' Attack, Defense and Agility.
7. (Boost) Full Throttle: Makoto boosts her own Attack, Defense and Agility with her inner power.
8. (Team Boost) Mediarama: Makoto supports her team by having Johanna heal all her allies.
9. (Xtreme) Fist of Justice: Makoto charges up into the air and slams down with a powerful punch, punishing all nearby enemies with her own justice! Has a chance to slow them down for a while.

Charge, Johanna! - Press spacebar while blocking to ride Johanna on the battlefield. Press it again to jump off!

Nuclear Immunity - 100% Immune to Radiation Damage
Psy Weakness - 20% Weaker to Mental and Telekinesis Damage

SKINS (23809-23814):
1. Metal Rider
2. Winter Uniform
3. Summer Uniform
4. Swimsuit
5. Winter Clothes
6. Summer Clothes

- She goes by her codename: "Queen" in-game, she will still keep her identity hidden during this operation afterall.
However if you don't like this, you can use the alternate herostat, only thing different there is that the name display in-game is "Makoto Niijima".
Neither choice affects the other files as they all use makoto_niijima or makonij regardless
- While her trigger count is safe (101), using the bike will add 13 extra triggers to it, rising it to 114. However, those extra triggers will always unload when you go to character select or load into another map and will stay that way if you don't use the bike.
- I highly recommend using the bike riding animation used in this mod for your own mods. It's been customized from the Bumper Car animation by ProfEscanor and with it's height and how it works, it allows you to line up the bike without half of it clipping into the ground. Just make sure to credit properly!

SuperMaster10 - Mod Creation, Coding, Skins, HUDs, Boltons, Mannequin, Loading Screen, Icons & Banner, Effect Customization etc.
ProfEscanor – Bike Riding Animation and Help Lining it Up
Ceamonks890 – Help with setting up Hellcycle coding
Outsider – Chun-Li's Hyakuretsukyaku as reference. Ghost Rider's Hellcycle coding and scripts. Blue Fire Textures. Coding Help.
ak2yny – Information about see-through textures
UltraMegaMagnus – Uploading MUA2 Past Gen & Marvel Legends Assets. See-through texture tutorial.

Tubularspaceman – Chargable Gun Animation
Xelandis (DeviantArt) – Model Ripping
Mannequin built off XNALara pose by IKeelYou457
Century_ (Sounds-Resource) - Ripping P5S (English) voices
DeathChaos (Sounds-Resource) - Ripping Persona 5 Royal voices, P5S Battle Sounds
Tatsudojo (Sounds-Resource) – Ripping Persona 5 Skill Sounds
Flandre9999vr (Sounds-Resource) – Ripping Persona 5 Common Lines
? (Sounds-Resource) – Ripping Bike Sound from LEGO Jurassic World
80constant (Spriters-Resource) - Ripping P5R HUD elements & Skill icons
P-Studio, Atlus & Sega – Original Model & Asset Creation

Not recommended to use with a heavy team (Deadpool, Nightcrawler, Venom, Ronin) as it strains the game limits, even reducers only get you so far.
Also the bike breaks and makes the game prone to crashing when used with such a team.

All characters and used material belong to their respective owners.
This is a mod made for entertainment purposes.

Justice has been served!