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:juggernaut:   Unstoppable Colossus Released!   :colossus:

After a long wait he's finally out. With his release I'd like to make you homies an offer. BUG If Unstoppable Colossus is placed on the same team as Colossus the game will crash. While I've come to be rather adept at working with the codes in the data and the effects, there are still other aspects of a character I dont yet know. This has led to things such as my current issue with the crashing. If anyone is able to find the shared info between Colossus and Unstoppable Colossus that causes the crash for me I can make an update to correct it. If someone is able to detail what the issue is for me and work with me on fixing it, I will send them the prototype of the upcoming Avalanche mod. He is fully functioning and balanced tho he is missing a couple powers and likely has some oddities in the power descriptions. I hope everyone enjoys Unstoppable Colossus and also hope someone can aid me with the existing bug. Have fun beating the snot outta Apocalypse!,

Hemlot's building a new character mod!

I have been assisting Hemlot with the development of his upcoming Flash mod and wanted to let you homies know its on the horizon. He's done rlly great work with it so I hope a lot of u guys will give it go! heres a lil look-see at his powers in action. With the help of baconwizard he will likely release with fresh new skins!

:quicks:   Quicksilver   :quicks:

Since working with Hemlot on his killer Flash mod, I've decided to finally get things going with Quicksilver. Hes currently very early in development but heres some of what we've got so far! Said the man who still hasnt released Avalanche

Oh boy, let them come my dude!

:beast:     Personal Milestones     :beast:

Theres a few dope developments I felt like going over today. I recently passed a couple milestones that I'm super proud of, so here's s some eye candy to celebrate! The first thing is that Angel, Beast, and Scarlet Witch (who needs an update) have all surpassed 100 downloads! The second thing is that this sneak peeks thread has surpassed the XML2 character mod catalog for the most views in the XML2 section! Making mods for one of my favorite games of all time has been a huge positive in my life, and I wanted to thank everyone for their continued interest and support! We've only scratched the surface of what I have planned for this game, and can't wait to bring you more fun mods! Let's keep this train rolling homies!

:beast: About Personal Messages :beast:

I am happy to get PM's with feedback and questions about my projects, and other things going on within marvelmods. I would like to address a small matter that makes it rather difficult to respond tho. I've been unable to respond to a number of messages I've received as their inbox was full. This is likely due to them not having their account fully activated as this limits the messages they can receive. Be sure to check out the welcome section and say hi in the Say Hello! thread to have your account fully activated so that your inbox along with other features are not off limits to you in the future. Be sure to send me a new message once you've done this so I can properly respond. Remember this feature is what helps defend against bots and spam! Thanks for all your interest and feedback, and know that I'm not ignoring your messages!

:cable:   Upcoming XML2 Patch   :cable:

As some of you may know, BaconWizard, hemot, and I have been working on a patch that will greatly improve XML2. It will include bug fixes, new skins, updated effects, icons, an extra character, and so much more. Something else we hope to include are our own builds for the PSP characters, Cannonball, Dark Phoenix, Cable, and X-Man as characters that can be swapped into your roster. If the PSP characters are not finished by the time the rest of the patch is, we will likely release them in a separate mod pack at a later time. Heres a little sample to get people excited about the project we have spent months working very hard on (Bacon especially)! Remember that when my personal mods take extra time to release its due to my work on other projects and boring IRL stuff.
  :quicks: Quicksilver coming soon!

:avalanche:    C'mon let me play the hero already    :avalanche:

Oh look its the character mod I've been sitting on for months. Well I'd say he's done and should be released very soon! I find myself playing with a whole team of new brotherhood characters that i rlly need to get out there.

I'm finally getting Avalanche out there after sitting on him for so bloody long. With Quicksilver on the way I knew I had to get this boulder rollin'. He's had the longest development cycle by far and I wouldn't say im 100% finished with him (tho i don't think Im ever 100% satisfied with anyone). He currently only has 1 boost. One day I'll be going back to him to give him an additional boost and tidy up some of the code and files. That said he's full fleshed out and functional, and I think will be loads of fun to play! Enjoy this April 1st release, and let me know what u think!

p.s. dont be tripped up by the April fools release. hes for real and good to go! :P

:magneto: Return Of Magneto :magneto:

It would seem I failed to fix the Magneto download awhile back. This has been fixed, and Magneto is back up!,10637.msg195715.html#msg195715

Hi, hope everyone is doing fine.

Just re downloaded  :magneto: and :rogue: last night.

Anything I'm doing wrong as they only have 3 models each and saw on the booster files they have lot more files in actor folder.

Thanks in advance.

Quote from: BaconWizard17 on April 20, 2020, 09:47AM
Did you update the herostat entries?

Hi, I complied the herostat on each character booster to the herostat in the main folder.

Had no problem with wolverine as all his provided costumes appears (like the tuxedo one)

Thanks in advance

Do your herostat entries for Magneto and Rogue have more than 3 skin entries in them?

Quote from: BaconWizard17 on April 20, 2020, 12:11PM
Do your herostat entries for Magneto and Rogue have more than 3 skin entries in them?

Yes, it has every model in the herostat with the corresponding number, in fact there where more models in the folder that the ones present in the herostat.

It seems like I can't go over the coded number of skin the character has by default, as I'm having these issues with bishop, rogue, magneto, character that have 3 skins originally.

The boosters are working as I have all the new abilities working so the herostat was compiled fine i guess.

So, any help appreciated.