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Author Topic: COHOLLOW'S X-MEN LEGENDS 2 CATALOG  (Read 362787 times)

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« Reply #210 on: July 31, 2020, 11:38pm »
I love what you did with shared talents. I have been using your Cyclops, Colossus and Storm mods and they are amazing and play very well. I think its super weird that some characters have abilities that scale with strike like colossus and other characters that don't scale with anything like Jean and Cyclops. Jean has fixed stats on her abilties and that kinda criples her IMO. Her kit (like Cyclops') tries to be too much and fail. Only 3 or 4 skills are 'actually viable'.

I get that Jean and Cyclops have 1 or 2 passives to incresed damage on their abilities but still sucks to have an insane ultimate like Optic Rage dealing less damage than a starting power both at max lvl. I quite like Phoenix Force, I just don't like the fiery effect going on in XML2, there is no fire damage. The Phoenix Force xtreme is one of my favorite xtremes in XML1.

In my opinion, skills like Memory Wipe ( I HATE when enemies run from me and I have to chase 2 or 3 of them half a mile away lol), Dark Phoenix (hate the name and the skill), Focused Beam, Fusion Beam (kinda lame because the starting power overshadows it completely) and Optic Slam should have been either part of leveling up other skills or removed entirely from the game because they bring nothing new or exciting when using them on enemies (damage or fun fanctor). Dark Phoenix (Psykick Rupture on PSP) is the lamest skill in the entire game. Optic Flash should have knock back so that optic slam could be deleted from the game as well =p

What I like about your mods is that you find cool uses for a lot of weird and forgotten abilities and ajdust dmg/EP cost numbers for other broken skills.
How My Mods Fix Melee Damage

Unfortunately no matter how hard I math and test, some imbalances are so ingrained into the games design that it will never be perfect. How does one even begin to try and fix the terrible balance that comes with some characters having powers that scale in damage with the striking stat, and other characters that are stuck with a set amount of damage for their powers? I have some ideas but one of the things i try very hard to do is build boosters and character mods that feel in line with the games default characters so that people can combine my mods with the existing characters without ether of them feeling out of place. Trying to build well balanced characters for a game thats infamous for its terrible balance is not an easy task, but I think I've done pretty well so far. I hope that others feel the same and get a lot of fun outta my mods! I also hope people understand how much time is spent just considering all these balancing factors and trying to make all the pieces fit. I wish I could finish them faster than i do, but I dont have it me to turn a blind eye to the things that most people have an easy time overlooking.
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