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Author Topic: rdh94's Mods (SHADOWCAT 2.0, LINK MOD COLLAB UPDATE v1.3)  (Read 7610 times)

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« on: November 25, 2019, 09:37pm »
Shadowcat Marvel Heroes Conversion

Assigned Number: 76 (clashes at loadscreen and mannequin with White Ranger mod)

FightMove Count: 32

Hello all! Thanks to new methods of animation combining, I have decided to re-release my first mod with a host of new improvements! Shadowcat now plays very differently altogether, and has new effects, animations, and powers, and is altogether a lot more fluid than before. Gone are the clunky extendable combos, which have been replaced with what I have termed Defensive Combat Moves, which are extra powers that can be activated while blocking.

This elimination of extendable combos, combined with other ideas, has lowered the FightMove count greatly, to 32- down from 47!

The changes to this mod will require you to overwrite a lot of files and start a new game, so be aware of that! The changes are altogether quite substantial, as you will see below.

Without further ado, an overview:

Her Powers

1). Non-Corporeal Beatdown- Shadowcat pummels enemies whilst phasing right through them. If surrounded by multiple enemies, Shadowcat phases the ground, causing enemies to falter and stunning them, she then phases underneath and reappears to deliver a phasing uppercut. While phased, Shadowcat is immune to damage.
2). Spitballs- Kitty directs Lockheed to shoot an explosive fireball at the target, causing Fire DMG.
3). Disciplined Strike- Shadowcat uses her katanas to perform a deadly multi-hit sword attack. 
4). Heartbreaker- Kitty phases her hand through foes, giving their heart a squeeze, with a chance for a critical hit. While this attack is being used, Shadowcat is immune to all attacks.
5). Turn Up The Heat- Lockheed sets enemies ablaze, acting as Kittyís personal flamethrower.
6). Shadowcat's Pirouette- Shadowcat uses her dancing skills to perform spin attacks with her katanas.
7). Walking Through Walls- Kitty becomes intangible, allowing enemies and objects to pass through her. Attacking, Jumping, blocking, dodging, and using powers turns Kitty solid again.
8). Buddy System- Kitty shares her team-up experience and ninjitsu skills with her team, increasing team DMG and chance for critical hits. She also enters phases upon contact with enemies, shocking enemies with her melee attacks.
9). Soulsword- Kitty wields the Soulsword, giving her basic attacks that deal energy damage. Due to her comparatively limited experience, only her basic light attack and heavy attack are affected.
10). Phased Out - Kitty phases underneath the ground and then pops up all around the battlefield, attacking enemies. She then returns to the center of the battlefield and phases parts of the ground, causing any enemies that falls into those parts to fall through the floor and instantly die, while all others are tripped. 


ALL SKINS BY Aventureiromax and andersonbrazil! Check out their stuff!

1). Astonishing
2). Excalibur
3). Age of Apocalypse
4). Days of Future Past (Movie)

Defensive Combat Moves

1). Lockheed Rush (Block + Grab)- Kitty sends out Lockheed to attack enemies around the battlefield; controls like Cap's SHIELD and can be cancelled out of by blocking, dodging, using light or heavy attacks, and powers. Upgrading Spitballs increases the damage and energy cost of this move.

2). Claw Slash (Block + Light Attack)- Kitty uses Wolverine's bone claw that she carried around with her for a time; does a high amount of damage and has chance for critical hit. Upgrading Disciplined Strike increases the damage and energy cost of this move.

3). Dragon Breath (Block + Heavy Attack)- At Kitty's direction, Lockheed shoots an arc of flame at the ground, doing Fire DMG and leaving a small fire on the ground that burns enemies over time. Upgrading Turn Up The Heat increases the damage and energy cost of this move.

4). Phasing Ninja (Block + Jump)- Kitty phases underneath the ground and appears underneath enemies, bursting through the ground with her katana. The opening of this move counts as a dodge as she phases underground. Upgrading Shadowcat's Pirouette increases the damage and energy cost of this move.


1). No need to have the original Shadowcat mod in order to play. Be sure to overwrite all existing Shadowcat files with these ones in order for the mod to work properly.

2). If you have the ents_shadow.engb file from the old mod, delete it- otherwise this mod will not work properly.
Known Glitches   

1). Due to the nature of her phase script, you may fall through the floor at times, so I would be very careful using it. In my testing I only fell through the floor if I unphased while inside of an object, so don't do that. Otherwise you should hopefully be fine, but I did not test in every single area.


-Astonishing, Age of Apocalypse, and Days of Future Past move skins by andersonbrazil. Excalibur skin by Aventureiromax.

-Loading screen by Outsider

-Excalibur, AoA, and Astonishing huds by Nando915, Days of Future Past movie hud by me (rdh94).

-power coding, bolton-importing, animation importing, hex-editing, talent coding, sound editing, etc. by me (rdh94).

Special Thanks

-nodoubtjr. and Norrin Rad for the original XML2 and MUA mods.

-Gazillion entertainment for their awesome rendition of Kitty Pryde in MHO, which this is based on.

-Ceamonks890 for providing the Lockheed model from Marvel Heroes, and for convincing me my Lockheed bolton idea wasn't crazy, thus inspiring me to do the mod in the first place.

-UltraMegaMagnus for answering all of my incessant questions and pointing me in the right direction countless times, and for providing all of Kitty's sound files from Marvel Heroes 2015/2016/Omega.

-Cohollow for giving me ideas for how to implement powers and for helping me with her XTREME coding.

-Outsider for helping me with XTREME coding and for his innovations regarding powers used while blocking and grab smash scaling.

-JulioCabral for pointing out what kind of files I needed to start importing Lockheed and for converting the Future Fight model.

-iammingy for the Soulsword bolton.

-andersonbrazil for all of his skins and video tutorials, without which this would not be accomplished. Also thanks to him for early update suggestions (v1.2).

-Nando915 for his fantastic huds.

-Clarityman for figuring out why the Lockheed fireballs weren't working for some people.

-everyone who has ever provided a tutorial here in general, as I looked through so many and they were all helpful in some way.

-anyone else I forgot- will add if I think of more!
Version 2.0 Updates

-Extendable Combos removed and replaced with Defensive Combat Moves.

-Dragon Breath now spawns smaller fires under enemies that spread rather than one big blaze.

-Bone Claw Slash now has a chance for critical hit.

-Soulsword Slash is now her heavy attack during the Soulsword boost.

-Ground Phase is now part of her first power and stuns rather than trips.

-Her stun attack now brings out Lockheed to shoot a small AOE cone of flame. Also has a new kick animation.

-New sounds for Lockheed Rush (Lockheed now roars after he is called out).

-No more duplicate Lockheeds if Lockheed Rush is active. If you activate Spitballs, Turn Up The Heat, Dragon Breath, or her stun, Lockheed will stop flying around and "return" to Kitty's side.

-Non-Corporeal Beatdown now changes according to how surrounded Shadowcat is, being a single target move if only a single enemy is around, and being a multi-target AOE move if surrounded by multiple enemies.

-NCB now always phases through enemies that can be grabbed, and still damages enemies if they can't be grabbed.

-NCB also gives 100% dodge rating during the phase dash through the enemy/during the phase dash underground.

-Spitballs now has a new animation and is faster, with a slightly different fireball effect and Lockheed bolton.

-Disciplined Strike now works properly and can be part of a power combo.

-Heartbreaker now has higher critical hit chance, does extra damage when a critical hit does occur, and gives 100% dodge rating while the move is active.

-Turn Up The Heat is now able to properly be used by the CPU.

-Shadowcat's Pirouette now has a new more graceful animation and can be part of a power combo.

-Walking Through Walls now has new effects.

-Buddy System has a new animation.

-Soulsword has a new effect and the heavy attack is now Soulsword Slash.

-Phased Out is now faster, has new animations, and new effects for when Kitty is phasing upwards through the ground and when enemies fall through the floor. As with all phasing moves, parts of the X-Treme (the beginning and end) give 100% dodge rating.

-New and improved skins by andersonbrazil.

-Extra tooltips explaining the new moves.

-Various other minor fixes- see for yourself! :D

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/b2o9nceg76ntz3m/Shadowcat_Mod.zip/file
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Re: rdh94's Mods (Shadowcat MHO Conversion)
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2019, 04:12am »
It looks awesome. I hope for XML II conversion.

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Re: rdh94's Mods (Shadowcat MHO Conversion)
« Reply #2 on: November 26, 2019, 11:40am »
 :applause:, Always good to see new modders release, Lockheed powers are really well done  :applause:

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Re: rdh94's Mods (Shadowcat MHO Conversion)
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2019, 11:58am »
Haven't had a chance to check it out yet, but it certainly sounds like an improvement over the original. Well done.

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Re: rdh94's Mods (Shadowcat MHO Conversion)
« Reply #4 on: November 26, 2019, 06:25pm »
YAY! I was thinking how Shadowcat is an underrated character and should have been in the X-Men Legends games as playable. Glad someone gave her a chance.

Also, I spiced up your first post with an image and some flair to the title text.

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Re: rdh94's Mods (Shadowcat MHO Conversion)
« Reply #5 on: November 26, 2019, 08:56pm »
Nice work! Shadowcat is awesome!

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Re: rdh94's Mods (Shadowcat MHO Conversion)
« Reply #6 on: November 27, 2019, 06:22am »
I tested it and found it a lot of fun ;) Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work  :applause: :jumping: :rockon: :thumbsup2:
Marvel Skins Here

DC Skins And Others Here

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Re: rdh94's Mods (Shadowcat MHO Conversion)
« Reply #7 on: November 27, 2019, 11:18am »
This is awesome! I canít wait to give it a try! Itís so awesome to see new modders

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Welcome to this engaging world of modification for MUA and congratulations! Your first mod is so much fun!
The greatest hero died because of many.

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Link Mod

Assigned Number: 255 (clashes at loadscreen and mannequin with Director Fury mod)

FightMove Count: 29

Installing the full update will need a herostat change, and thus a new game, though one can also install just the actors, powerstyle, and fightstyle files and get all the changes (except for explanation of the deku nut ability).

This mod was a collaborative effort between myself, BaconWizard17,  Outsider, and tubular spacedude! None of this would have been possible without their hard work! Check out their stuff! They are all very talented individuals who more than live up to their reputations! 

Hello all! Introducing the latest addition to the Ultimate Alliance- Link, the protagonist from The Legend of Zelda series!

Some of you may not know, but Link was originally supposed to be in the Wii Version of Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (along with Samus- check out aventureiromax's mod of her here: https://marvelmods.com/forum/index.php/topic,4284.1575.html ), but was cut.

In designing the powers for this mod, I tried my best to adhere both to the little footage we have while also being true to the original Zelda games.

With a character like this, it is difficult to incorporate all aspects, given how many games he's been in and all the things he is able to do. Thus, we decided to stick mainly to Ocarina of Time Link- the Hero of Time- for inspiration.

And so, an overview:

His Powers

1). Sword Beam- Link fires out a beam of light from the Master Sword.
2). Great Spin- Perform a spin attack with the Master Sword.
3). Boomerang- Throws boomerang, stunning enemies.
4). Hero's Bow- Link uses his bow and arrows. Press Light Attack to fire out a normal arrow, which pierces through enemies. Press Heavy Attack to shoot a fire arrow, which sets enemies ablaze and does damage over time. Press Grab to shoot an ice arrow, which freezes an enemy and slows those around them. Press Jump to shoot a light arrow, which instantly kills non-boss enemies at the cost of all your energy. Fire and Ice Arrows also cost additional energy.
5). Bombs- Toss a bomb. Explodes in a radius.
6). Megaton Hammer- Slam the Megaton Hammer into the ground, causing damage in a radius.
7). Din's Fire- Call upon the Goddess of Power, Din, to unleash Din's Fire- an outward blast of flame that burns enemies and also sets fires on the ground.
8). Nayru's Love- Call upon the Goddess of Wisdom, Nayru, providing Link with a magical barrier that blocks all attacks for a limited time.
9). Farore's Wind- Call upon the Goddess of Courage, Farore, to teleport yourself or allies around the map. Damage is also dealt at the destination.
10). Triforce- Complete the Triforce, granting you one wish- to restore peace to the land, smiting foes and reviving allies.

Other Abilities and Attributes

1). Link has access to the Fairy in a bottle, which has a 25% chance of reviving him from death at a quarter of his health.

2). In addition to this, while blocking you can press light attack and Link will toss a deku nut, stunning enemies for 10 seconds.


All skins by BaconWizard17! Check out his work if you haven't!

1). Hero of Time
2). Goron Tunic
3). Zora Tunic
4). Dark Link


1). Has skin segments rather than boltons for his sword and shield, so be aware of surpassing the skin segment limit. He has four total (two on the back, one in each hand).


-All skins by BaconWizard17.

-Voice file/zss file by tubular spacedude.

-Loading screen by Outsider.

-Power coding, hex editing, icon creation, hud creation, power sounds/zsm file, talent coding by me (rdh94).

Special Thanks

-BaconWizard17 for providing and then importing the models, and tubular spacedude for providing and then doing the sounds. This would not have been possible without you guys!

-Outsider for the loadscreen, and for encouragement/insight regarding releasing the mod, as I had reservations due to rights issues that he put to rest.

-Ceamonks890 for insight regarding rights issues and other such things when I had reservations. He convinced me that if other games can have Nintendo characters, why not us?

-The creators of Project M for making such a perfect model that fits well with the game!

-Whoever originally posted the video of Link in MUA and whoever originally leaked that, as otherwise it would have never occurred me to try and put him into the game.

-Anyone and everyone who has ever done a tutorial on the site.

So, with all that said, and all this info at your disposal, I must ask:


Version 1.1 Update

-Sounds should be louder.

-You can now cancel out of Hero's Bow by blocking or dodging.

Version 1.2 Update

-Minor sound updates.

Version 1.3 Updates

-New Idle animations.

-The AI can no longer use the bow and arrow.

-Ice Arrows now work if Hawkeye is on your team.

-New high quality Dark Link Hud.

-New tooltips explaining Deku Nut ability.

-Huds now have glow.

-Light Arrows now make enemies disappear and don't leave bodies behind.

Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/yd2kvn8iw29daxi/Link_Mod.zip/file
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Glad to see this come to fruition at last! This mod has been an amazing collab overall and I'm happy that at last, the Hero of Time has returned to MUA after over ten years!

Great Work!

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Iím super excited to try him out!

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Oh my god, yes!!! Thank you!!!

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First I'd like to thank you for the new Shadowcat mod! True story, years ago I registered here just to download the original Shadowcat mod- I'm a huge Kitty Pryde fan. From then on, I've been modding MUA for years ever since!

It's such an improvement! On the old mod, I hated that she was overly flippy and kicky. Yeah, I know she's got that ninja training, but I always felt the Claremont punch-you-in-the-face Kitty was underrepresented in the original mod.

The Lockheed powers are especially a nice touch. Speaking of, I thought I'd point out that if anyone has the old mod installed and has ents_shadow.engb in their entities folder, the Lockheed fireballs won't work. It needs to be deleted. You might want to put that in the Readme.

Anyway, thanks again. This is the most fun Kitty Pryde I've played. I hope you keep producing mods!

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Hello all! Posting again to inform everyone of three things:

1). Shadowcat has a major update out which radically changes how she plays and lowers her FM count, so be sure to download and start a new game!

2). Link has a more minor update, so be sure to check that out as well!

3). I am returning to modding! I will be requesting my new character on the CCC shortly and will begin more character mods!

Thank you all for your help and I hope you enjoy the new updates!