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Author Topic: XML2 Skin Thread Catalog  (Read 9691 times)

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XML2 Skin Thread Catalog
« on: September 07, 2020, 09:37am »


By BaconWizard17
Logo by Outsider
Dead Link Assistance by Ceamonks890

This is where you can find different skin threads for skins for X-Men Legends II. They are arranged in alphabetical order by creator. 

Listing individual skins was too cumbersome, so the admins decided to create a catalog of different common skin threads to help direct people.

Disclaimer: some of these skins may be XML2 PC reskins, so they will only work with XML2 PC. Apologies for any confusion this may cause, as a lot of the release threads are mixed

425 Additional Alternate Skins:

apollo's Custom Skins:

BaconWizard17's Custom Models:

BaconWizard17's PS2 Skins:

BLaw's Skins:

BLaw's XML2 Skins:

Cabral's Custom Models:

Deedooo's Skins (xml2):

Enigma's Skin Releases:

hemlot's hideable cel-shade reskins:

Jayglass' Console Mods:

Link-Based Skin Catalog:

Maegawa's Skins:

Maegawa's XML2 Skins:

Marvel Watcher's Skins:

mathw12's XML2 Skins:

Matt710's Skins:

MJ Fan's Skins:

nodoubt_jr's New Skins:

Owl City's Releases:

Owl City's Skins: XML2 Edition:

Quentin Hex's Skins:

Shafcrawler's New Skins and Stuff:

souledge1313's skins:

Spacedude's Out of This World Models:

Teancum's Console-Friendly Models:

UltraMegaMagnus' Stuff (Cross-Compatible Catalog):

Whiteking's skins:
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