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A more obscure member of Spider-Man's rogues gallery, the Molten Man started off life as scientist Mark Raxton.

Hired by Doctor Spencer Smythe to assist in development of a new liquid metallic alloy for his Spider-Slayer robots from a radioactive meteor (in order to improve their overall durability and strength against Spider-Man), Mark quickly became impatient and greedy for how slow the process was taking to get out of the experimental testing phase.

Attempting to steal and sell the liquid metallic alloy for his own profit in spite of Spencer Smythe's warnings, the two ultimately ended up in a fight which led to Mark getting the liquid alloy accidentally spilled all over his entire body and turning golden as it absorbed into his skin.

Initially fearful of his new condition but quickly coming to realize the potential of his new abilities with enhanced strength, durability and a variety of pyrokinetic tricks at his disposal, Mark would take up the codename of Molten Man and turned to a life of crime.

Clashing with Spider-Man several times, Mark would attempt an act of revenge on his step-sister Liz Allan, under the misguided assumption that she had abandoned him as everyone else in his family had upon learning of what had happened to him in the local news as time went on.

But after Spider-Man prevented Mark from harming her and allowing him the chance to calm down, Liz revealed that she had not given up on him at all and only hoped to find a way to return him back to normal.

Reconciling with Liz, Mark would be offered a job at Oscorp by Liz's husband Harry Osborn as head of security and attempt to regain a sense of a normal life on the right side of the law (Harry's infamous supervillain father, Norman Osborn, having had his corporate ties to Oscorp revoked long before).

Accepting the offer while provided with a suit which allowed him to still use his powers without needlessly risking the harm of innocence with accidental radiation exposure, Mark gradually came to forge a strong friendship with Spider-Man over the next few years, the two occasionally coming to each other's aid when supervillains proved too much for Spider-Man to handle alone.

Hearing panicked screams from a nearby city block in spite of Liz's statements that they may have finally developed a cure for his condition, Mark said that they can test it out later as he rushed out to help and see what the commotion was all about, surprised to see a bunch of red-colored ninjas attempting to kidnap citizens in-between fighting a random collection of superheroes.

Deciding to jump in and see if he could get some proper answers, the Molten Man set himself alight and prepared to launch a carefully targeted fireball at one of the deranged cultish ninjas...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might and immunity to fire damage
-3 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Roger Rose's MUA1 voice for Captain Marvel.
-Uses assigned number #104 (will clash with playable Dark Elf Strider, Stacy X and Black Canary in mannequin).

1. Melting Combo: Molten Man performs a two-hit punch combo, igniting an unlucky enemy on fire with a successful charged strike, dealing fire damage.
2. Burning Sensation: Molten Man generates flames from his hands which flows across a wide arc, dealing fire damage to enemies so long as button continues to be held down.
3. Singeing Charge: Molten Man throws a radiated homing projectile of flame at a target, dealing radiation damage over time for a few seconds.
4. Kindled Light: Molten Man generates a quick column of flame which surrounds him and harms any nearby enemies, dealing fire damage.
5. Flaring Blast: Molten Man launches a fireball that explodes on contact and deals fire damage to nearby foes for a time.
6. (Boost) Tactile Thermo: Molten Man generates a very hot aura around himself, dealing fire damage to any threats who come near him. Also adds fire damage to melee attacks.
7. (Boost) Boiling Blood: Molten Man ignites his fists on fire, increasing his overall damage, defence and movement speed.
8. (Xtreme) Combusting Overload: Molten Man unleashes his full power, generating a massive blast of flames which deals heavy fire damage to surrounding enemies.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
Panaka_69- Assistance with Waggens7uP Custom skin
Waggens7uP- All Molten Man skins, HUDs, mannequins

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/xu0gnnr762674zi/Molten_Man_%2528Spider-Man_villain%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file


Originating from a divergent timeline similar to that of the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance reality of Earth-6109, this variant of Nick Fury Senior found himself involved in one of the worst recorded global scandals in history.

Calling in favors from many of the resident heroes of Earth-6109 and manipulating them to issue an unsanctioned attack on Latveria (as a result of the American government refusing to take action themselves and risk damaging ties to Latveria's newest ruler, Lucia Von Bardas, over verifiable evidence suggesting criminal activity), Nick would overstep his bounds and abuse his position of power within SHIELD and the wider superhero community.

Forced to go into hiding to avoid being arrested for his actions against Latveria after they issued a terrorist strike against New York in retaliation for what he had done a year prior, Nick kept a ever-observant eye on the world covertly, as many active superheroes found themselves engaging in a superpowered 'Civil War' between government registration and individual liberties.

Noticing supervillains within the Pro-Registration side who had been forcibly injected with mind-controlling nanites by Iron Man and the newly led SHIELD were beginning to act independent of their handlers, Nick took a chance and convinced a group of heroes who had every right to distrust him to aid him in figuring out this latest mystery, as the Civil War conflict began to cease in overall priority.

Nick and the group of heroes discovering to their horror that the nanites within the Pro-Reg villain ranks weren't controlled by some unknown criminal mastermind behind SHIELD's back, but rather had expanded to such a vast degree that the nanites had formed their own collective consciousness, newly growing with every new individual that found themselves recklessly injected by Iron Man & SHIELD.

Managing to get most of the uninfected heroes out of the Negative Zone prison he had covertly infiltrated earlier with the group of heroes just in time, Nick himself wouldn't be quite so lucky as he was swiftly captured and forced into the malicious nanite collective by its vast army, becoming its official leader and yet another life whose consciousness was contained to the hivemind's makeshift network while it controlled his physical body in the real world.

But while it would be revealed to the surviving heroes that he was alive and well (under the control of the nanite collective against his will), the newly designated 'Nanite Nick Fury' would not be defeated by the heroes as in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 proper and managed to successfully overwhelm their forces, disabling the signal which paralyzed the smallfry of the nanite collective and soon, took control of all of humanity in a matter of months.

Now however, Earth seems almost peaceful in this reality as everyone seemingly got along at first glance, but in actuality, had no individual thought of their own (the true collective consciousness of humanity as a whole imprisoned in the nanite network as it piloted their physical bodies like meat puppets for its own ends).
Entirely guilt-ridden for the part he played in all of these events happening, Nick's sense of consciousness knew he had to find some way to set things right, refusing to believe that this was how it ends.

The nanite network sending out a warning that mysterious dimensional tears were forming across the planet, the nanite hivemind would transfer the majority of its influence to Nanite Nick Fury's now physically immortal body and took off for one of the tears, sensing that they led back to a different universe known as Earth-7150.

Finding itself seemingly back during the time of the 'Masters of Evil' crisis but detecting countless unfamiliar lifeforms who also originated from different universes that weren't present in the original recorded events across the world, the nanite hivemind spoke openly about how perfect this opportunity was with this sudden multiversal chaos and the near limitless reach it could obtain if they managed to reach Odin-empowered Doom, take control of him and then expand to encompass every hero and villain both local and displaced on this world, offering peace on a far greater omniversal scale.

Pushed to the breaking point upon hearing the announcement from within, Nick's real consciousness began to assert itself for the first time in years and took advantage of the nanite's weakened influence as a byproduct of dimensional travel, taking back control of his physical body and deciding to do some good, hoping to redeem himself for everything he had done and potentially be laid to rest when all was said and done, no longer wishing for this hivemind to exist in any universe if he could help it.

Constantly having to fight the nanites' weakened but nevertheless still formidable influence every step of the way, Nanite Nick Fury flew down to the nostalgic Helicarrier and prepared to fight against familiar Ultron sentries...

-7 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, flight, leadership, healing factor, immunity to mind control and psychic damage
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of David Kaye's voice from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
-Uses assigned number #27 (will clash with Rescue, Ka-Zar, Spider-Man Supreme, Claire Redfield and Mortal Kombat's Nightwolf in mannequin).

BLOCK + Jump (Furious Duplicate)- Nanite Nick Fury draws upon the power of Multiple Man from his original universe, commanding clones to attack any nearby enemies in range. Unlocked at Level 5.
BLOCK + Action (Unseen Threat)- Nanite Nick Fury draws upon the vast knowledge and power of superhumans with invisibility, becoming entirely unseen to enemies while increasing his critical hit damage chances and defence. Unlocked at Level 10.
BLOCK + Light Attack (Tiny Counterattack)- Nanite Nick Fury draws upon the vast knowledge of Pym Particles from his original universe, shrinking down temporarily while gaining increased speed, damage and evasion. Unlocked at Level 15.
BLOCK + Heavy Attack (Hivemind Advantage)- Nanite Nick Fury hacks nearby satellites, revealing nearby enemies on map while reducing overall energy cost for powers. Unlocked at Level 20.

1. Rampant Chaos: Nanite Nick Fury pulls out two custom-made SMGs specially crafted by the brightest minds under control of the nanite collective on his original world, blasting away as physical damage is dealt.
2. Chilling Negotiation: Drawing upon the vast power of cryokinetic-empowered superhumans from his original universe, Nanite Nick Fury floats above the ground as a radial blast of cold is generated, freezing enemies and slowing them down as cold damage is dealt.
3. Burning Emotions: Drawing upon the vast power of pyrokinetic-empowered superhumans from his original universe, Nanite Nick Fury generates all-encompassing flame trails from his hands, dealing fire damage to all enemies across a specific radius.
4. Shocking Situation: Drawing upon the vast power of electrokinetic-empowered superhumans from his original universe, Nanite Nick Fury calls down bolts of lightning from above, dealing electricity damage to surrounding threats.
5. Fuming Rumble: Drawing upon the vast power of superhumans with incredible levels of strength from his original universe, Nanite Nick Fury quickly charges forward, knocking any enemies in his path to the ground as physical damage is dealt.
6. Fold Containment: Drawing upon the vast knowledge and power of superhumans with forcefield capabilities, Nanite Nick Fury generates an indestructible shield which traps unlucky targets, draining their health over time.
7. Natural Resistance: Drawing upon the vast power of chlorokinesis-empowered superhumans from his original universe, Nanite Nick Fury spawns large trees which grow fast and attack unlucky enemies, dealing physical damage as they're sent flying into the air.
8. (Debuff) Fear the Fury: Drawing upon the vast power of psychic-empowered superhumans from his original universe, Nanite Nick Fury sends out a potent wave of psychic energy which causes them to be filled with fear, causing them to take periodic mental damage while in sheer terror.
9. (Boost) We Are One: Drawing upon the vast power of superhumans with incredible levels of durability and magic potential from his original universe, Nanite Nick Fury increases skill ranks and resistances for entire team temporarily.
10. (Xtreme) I Fold: Nanite Nick Fury suddenly floats into the air, channeling power before releasing a ton of unseen nanites from his body, dealing damage to all surrounding enemies with a high chance to convert enemies into permanent allies on the current map, becoming newly designated members of the Fold so long as you remain in range.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation, loading screen, icons etc
n-Space- Original coding for several powers
Shabranigdu- Multiple Man booster fighter duplicate coding for Furious Duplicate power
UltraMegaMagnus- Converted MUA2 next-gen Nanite Nick Fury skin, HUD, mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/v4z4gifadufi1xy/Nanite_Nick_Fury_%2528Ceamonks890%2529.7z/file

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One of the Black Panther's greatest villains, Man-Ape was originally known only as M'Baku, a formidable warrior within the African nation of Wakanda whose skill and experience was second only to T'Challa (the future successor to the Black Panther mantle).

But even early on, M'Baku had strong ambitions to overthrow the king of Wakanda, T'Chaka and usurp the throne for himself.

Reviving the infamous White Gorilla cult behind the king's back, M'Baku hunted down and cruelly killed a rare white gorilla living in the jungles near Wakanda, gaining its great mystical strength by the end of it.

Issuing a trial by combat with his enhanced capabilities for control of the throne, M'Baku would cheat and ultimately defeat T'Chaka fatally, horrifying the young T'Challa who vowed revenge against M'Baku.

T'Challa training himself to his overall peak over the next few years before finally granted the right to continue the legacy of the Black Panther mantle anew, he would gain assistance from the then recently formed USA-based Avengers team and succeeded in defeating M'Baku honourably, exiling him from Wakanda as T'Challa became the new King of Wakanda.

However, M'Baku would not give up so easily on ruling Wakanda long term once more (finding himself joining various global supervillain teams to survive and keep a low profile in the meantime).

Among the villains personally contacted by Doctor Doom for a private meeting in Latveria, Man-Ape was informed of the dictator's grand but irritatingly vague plans for the world and ultimately accepted the offer to join, gleefully awaiting a chance at a rematch against Black Panther when the time comes.

Assigned with Scorpion, Winter Soldier, Radioactive Man and Fin Fang Foom to attack the SHIELD Helicarrier scheduled to fly near New York City's airspace while sentries under the command of Ultron served as a distraction, the villains prepared to face off against SHIELD and in theory, bring down the Helicarrier to show the world how the Masters of Evil weren't a force to be reckoned with.

Unfortunately, things wouldn't turn out so simple for the Man-Ape (as dimensional tears would start appearing across various different parts of Earth-7150, dimensionally displacing all sorts of heroes and villains from many different alternate universes to their own).

Encountering one of these unfamiliar visitors on the Helicarrier in the form of a humanoid-looking hedgehog with blue-coloured fur, Man-Ape decided to try and fight the seemingly harmless creature head-on before it seemingly vanished before his eyes, missing his fists with surprising ease.

'Huh, is that the best you've got big guy?' the blue hedgehog said mockingly. 'Come on, I'm over here. I promise I won't move this time.'

Becoming filled with rage, Man-Ape fruitlessly tried to crush the superfast hedgehog again and again, but always kept missing him.

Quickly exhausted from exerting so much energy at one time, Man-Ape got knocked out by the convenient explosion of a pumpkin-shaped bomb and collapsed on the ground, hearing the cocky hedgehog and the unseen male voice talking amongst themselves before running off as Man-Ape fell unconscious.

Eventually waking up with the Helicarrier safely on the ground, Man-Ape received a pre-recorded message from Doctor Doom stating that he would no longer be provided what was originally promised to him at their initial meeting, finding him evidently too unreliable to follow basic orders.

Howling in anger as he crushed Doom's advanced communication device beneath his hand, Man-Ape vowed revenge towards Doom for thinking so low of him, pushing the arrogant dictator newly to the top of his priority list...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Ability of might
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Charles Halford's voice for Gorilla Grodd from Injustice 2
-Uses assigned number #101 (will clash with playable Balder, Thanos, Mortal Kombat's Chameleon and Agent Cain in mannequin).

1. Ape Pound: Man-Ape raises his arms and strikes unlucky enemies hard, dealing physical damage.
2. Destructive Shakes: Man-Ape continuously slams the ground, causing surrounding enemies to slip and receive physical damage.
3. Gorilla Beatdown: Man-Ape charges forward, forcibly knocking an enemy to the ground and beating them mercilessly as physical damage is dealt.
4. Determined Grip: Man-Ape grabs an unlucky enemy and swings them around as a makeshift weapon, dealing physical damage to any foes which get too close. Let go of power button to throw away enemy in Man-Ape's hands.
5. Arcane Energies: As a side-effect of earlier resurrections by his gorilla cult after previous deaths, M'Baku channels vast supernatural energies and unleashes a powerful radial blast, dealing energy damage to surrounding enemies.
6. (Boost) Gorilla Fury: Man-Ape's overall attack damage and movement speed is increased temporarily.
7. (Debuff) Towering Fear: Man-Ape physically threatens nearby enemies, slamming his fists together as they run away in fear.
8. (Xtreme) Agile Ape: Man-Ape leaps across the environment and slams the ground akin to an actual gorilla, dealing physical damage as struck foes are knocked into the air.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
Escanor610- Mannequin
n-Space- Original last-gen MUA2 coding and animations for various gameplay elements
SuperMaster10- Power sound rips from last-gen MUA2
Zignutus- Custom Man-Ape skin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/072ixryavwsdhhr/Man-Ape_%2528Black_Panther_villain%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

If there's Bugs Bunny then Opera Elmer is next!... Just kidding.
I just wanted to thank you for making the Dovahkiin!

Mod of kid ômega incrível.

Thank you both for the kind words!

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The most well-known individual to take up the supervillain identity of Jack O'Lantern, Steve Levins found himself frequently facing off against Captain America & Spider-Man primarily.

A mercenary-for-hire, Steve stood out among the samey Goblin-themed villains equipment wise with the ability to channel demonic power at night or whenever he got seriously angry, proving himself a serious threat who was not to be underestimated in his mystically-transformed state.

Hired by the Kingpin as a means of causing a distraction on the streets of New York while the Hand attempted to get what they needed to fulfill their latest twisted attempt at reviving their demonic Beast, Steve could only imagine how big this job would get as many familiar and unfamiliar individuals joined in the pushback against the infamous cult of ninjas...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, flight (hops on his floating platform), 30% resistant to fire, cold and energy damage types
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Steve Blum's voice for Hobgoblin 2099 from Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
-Uses assigned number #108 (will clash with Union Jack, Shuri, Wonder Girl and Buttercup in mannequin).

1. Trick or Treat: Jack O'Lantern performs a powerful fire-enhanced uppercut, knocking struck targets into the air. Charge attack for max fire damage!
2. Spooky Stabbing: Jack O'Lantern throws several sharp blades at once, dealing physical damage to struck targets.
3. Happy Halloween: Jack O'Lantern flings several pumpkin bombs from his available stocks, exploding upon contact with targets and dealing fire damage. Mash button to keep attack going!
4. Hellish Inferno: Jack O'Lantern generates a quick blast of flame underneath enemies, sending them flying as fire damage is dealt.
5. What's Cookin': Jack O'Lantern breathes fire upon enemies, setting them alight as they run around in confusion and making things worse for their allies.
6. (Debuff) Nap Time: Jack O'Lantern generates sleep gas from the wristbands on his suit, stunning surrounding enemies as they find themselves in utter bliss.
7. (Boost) Mystical Stamina: Tapping more into his demonic power, Jack O'Lantern is able to use his powers without any energy cost for a whole minute while increasing his overall damage.
8. (Xtreme) Penance Scream: Making eye contact with on-screen enemies, Jack O'Lantern lets out a spine-chilling scream which has a 50% chance of instant killing threats as they tragically suffocate from the vast demonic power Jack O'Lantern wields.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
Blaw- Custom Jack O'Lantern floating platform bolton
Enigma- Ripped game audio from Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions
Escanor610- Mannequin
Marquis- Custom Jack O'Lantern skin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ulmzn9d2e5go008/Jack_O%2527_Lantern_%2528Marvel_Comics_villain%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

April 25, 2024, 07:36AM #502 Last Edit: April 25, 2024, 06:34PM by Ceamonks890

An obscure villain within Spider-Man's rogues gallery, Scorcher was originally research chemist Steven Hudak.

Wrongfully accused of embezzlement by his original employer, he would create an armored suit fashioned with effective flamethrowers and attacked his former company in revenge.

However, Scorcher would be ultimately stopped and taken to prison by Spider-Man, where he would reside for several years.

Eventually leaving prison after serving time for his crimes, he would be contacted by the Hood and offered a chance to earn a substantial amount of money, in exchange for assisting him in taking down Doctor Doom and his offshoot group calling themselves the Masters of Evil.

Keen to do anything if money was involved, Steven donned his Scorcher armor once more and prepared to follow whatever the Hood and his fellow supervillains had in mind...

-3 powers, 1 boost and an Xtreme
-Abilities of flight and immunity to fire damage
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Keith Ferguson's voice from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
-Uses assigned number #118 (will clash with playable Radioactive Man, Korg and Mortal Kombat's Kano in mannequin).

1. Burning Ashes: Scorcher generates forward flame trails from his suit's flamethrowers, dealing fire damage to enemies across a specific radius.
2. Intimidating Fireplace: Scorcher generates fireballs from his suit's flamethrowers which deal fire damage to successfully struck targets.
3. Volcanic Circle: Scorcher generates hot flames around his general area, dealing fire damage to any enemies that get too close.
4. (Debuff) Melting Temperatures: Scorcher uses his suit's flamethrowers to create heat so intense that enemy attacks reduce in overall effectiveness temporarily.
5. (Xtreme) Scorching Inferno: Scorcher generates a large blast of intense flame through his flamethrowers, dealing heavy fire damage to all on-screen enemies as they combust from the intense flame.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
Escanor610- Mannequin
jayglass- Converted Scorcher model from last-gen MUA2
n-Space- Original coding and animations for most powers

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/tey40s7qykooxl0/Scorcher_%2528Spider-Man_villain%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file


Originally a simple priest who believed dedication to his faith would help him feel a sense of fulfillment in his life, the unrevealed man who became the mercenary Masacre had his entire worldview turned upside down after listening to Deadpool's confessions for hours.

Deadpool leaving what he believed as an important impression on him, Masacre came to the conclusion that there was no good in the world and declared that morally bankrupt individuals deserved to be punished, renouncing his position as a priest.

Swearing that once he was done 'cleaning up' Mexico of crime, he would travel to the United States and join forces with his idol.

Eventually succeeding in what he considered his long-term goal, Masacre soon joined up with Deadpool upon founding the creatively named 'Mercs for Money'.

With Deadpool getting contacted by Captain America to assist in a vague matter of national security and promised payment if they succeeded, Masacre joined Deadpool and the other Mercs at Stark Tower, getting uncomfortably giddy about this next job...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-3 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and sound file
-Uses assigned number #109 (will clash with playable Uatu the Watcher, Squirrel Girl and Martian Manhunter in mannequin).

1. Machete Uppercut: Masacre slices an enemy upward with one of his machetes, dealing physical damage as they're knocked into the air.
2. Unhinged Slaughter: Masacre rapidly slashes enemies with his machetes, dealing bleed damage.
3. Devout Assassination: Masacre leaps towards the nearest enemy and stabs them with his machetes, dealing physical damage.
4. Warm Welcome: Masacre pulls out a shotgun, firing constantly while strafing around enemies, dealing physical damage to them (so long as button is held down).
5. Special Sauce: Masacre leaps into the air and throws several flammable spicy bottles at surrounding enemies, dealing fire damage.
6. (Boost) Merc for Money: Masacre gains increased damage and combat speed as he starts to become more serious at getting the job done.
7. (Boost) Holy Origins: Masacre throws a vial of holy water on the ground, temporarily providing additional cold damage to entire team's regular attacks.
8. (Xtreme) Bloody Finish: Masacre gets to work as he viciously slices surrounding enemies with his machetes, the game briefly going black to cover up his unholy actions as heavy physical damage is dealt to surrounding targets.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUDs, loading screen, icons etc
Escanor610- Custom Masacre Classic and custom Mercs for Money skins, converted Contest of Champions model, mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/w2t3yq1x215l4i3/Masacre_%2528Deadpool_supporting_character%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

April 28, 2024, 02:37AM #504 Last Edit: April 28, 2024, 07:41PM by Ceamonks890

Born in the Watts ghetto of Los Angeles in California, William 'Bill' Foster's naturally high intelligence and supportive nature enabled him to move out of the volatile area and enroll at California's Institute of Technology in adulthood.

Eventually, Bill found work as a biochemist at one of Tony Stark's Plans and Research Division factories (before getting the attention of Hank Pym and hired to be his lab assistant for some time, helping Hank to develop a cure for his then unstable 'Pym Particles').

Moving to the West Coast to take over leadership for the research and development section of Stark International in LA, Bill decided to put his thorough memorization of Hank Pym's Pym Particle formula to use, in the hopes that he could eliminate its more harmful side-effects.

The process a complete success, Bill set to work on devising a plan in the hopes of winning back his ex-wife, Claire Temple, sending a message to her that he had worked with Hank Pym and replicated his size-changing abilities, but misled her into believing that he was permanently trapped in the size of a giant.

Meeting her at a circus where Bill claimed to be working at in order to continue financing his research, he was unaware that the establishment was under the control of the villainous group known as the Circus of Crime.

Unknowingly, Luke Cage, her current boyfriend of the time, had followed her from New York and mistakenly believed she was cheating on him for Bill, the two fighting for her affection before ultimately putting their dispute aside to save Claire from the forces of the Circus of Crime.

Feeling guilty afterward for what he did to Claire, Bill was left uncertain on what to do with his new talents and costumed identity (Hank Pym's encouragement ultimately leading to him becoming a superhero known as Goliath).

From then on, he fought many villains and went on several adventures (becoming close friends with Ben Grimm of the Fantastic Four and Peter Parker's Spider-Man), fighting alongside his fellow peers throughout many conflicts.

Soon retiring after avoiding a dangerously close brush with death brought upon during battle with Spider-Man against a greatly-enhanced Electro, Bill became a teacher of biochemistry and an active part of his nephew Thomas's life, reluctant to take up superheroics again for quite some time.

Receiving an unexpected visit from Hank Pym as he was cleaning up his university classroom one day, Bill was informed by Hank that SHIELD was putting a task force together against the Masters of Evil and needed all hands on deck for this.

Knowing that he had a responsibility to uphold, Bill let out a chuckle and joked to Hank about how he never seems to leave the superhero life behind him for long, packing the suitcase containing his old costume as he went into a car with Hank Pym to Stark Tower...

-5 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Ability of immunity to psychic damage and mind control
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Dave Fennoy's voice from the TellTale Walking Dead games
-Uses assigned number #102 (will clash with Maverick, Strong Guy, Hellboy and Tifa Lockhart in mannequin).

1. Goliath Combo: Taking advantage of his combat training in the military, Bill performs a three-hit punch combo attack on an unlucky enemy, dealing physical damage with a chance to take some of their health.
2. Tense Shockwave: Bill increases to the size of a giant, stomping the ground as enemies are knocked back by the corresponding shockwave.
3. Major Fault: Bill increases to the size of a giant, constantly slamming the ground and dealing extra physical damage to knocked-down enemies.
4. No Holds Barred: Bill increases to the size of a giant, charging up for a formidable attack. Once power button is released, he generates a powerful radial shockwave which deals physical damage to surrounding threats as they're knocked to the ground.
5. Inescapable Lunge: Bill increases to the size of a giant, dashing forward with a dangerous elbow strike, knocking foes to the ground as physical damage is received.
6. (Boost) Particle Senses: As an unexpected side-effect of Pym Particle exposure, Bill uses his enhanced superhuman senses to reveal nearby enemy positions on the map while increasing critical hit damage chances.
7. (Boost) Particle Ingenuity: Bill goes all-out, using the Pym Particles in his system to become giant size for as long as he wants, gaining increased defense and striking at the cost of being unable to regain energy. Press $SMASH for Giant Punch. Activate power again to return to normal size.
8. (Xtreme) Rumbling Clap: Bill increases to the size of a giant, performing a formidable thunderclap which deals heavy physical damage across an impressive radius, before returning to normal size.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
Escanor610- Mannequin
LuTzz- Goliath Modern skin & HUD

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/l9u1qz9hbl6wui5/Goliath_%2528Bill_Foster%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file


One of the Fantastic Four's oldest foes, Doctor Bentley Wittman grew up with an impressive level of intelligence and amassed expertise in a variety of different fields over time involving escape artistry, chess and invention of all sorts of useful technology for his own ends.

Initially taking up the codename of 'the Wizard' as a stage name, he would become selfishly bitter towards the then-newcomer Fantastic Four team (most notably the Human Torch), taking up the vast majority of media attention and became determined from then on to defeat them, engaging in all sorts of schemes which ultimately failed time after time due to the effective teamwork of the Fantastic Four.

Among the villains personally hired by Doctor Doom within his ranks of the Masters of Evil, Wizard would be assigned to accompany Doom alongside Crimson Dynamo, MODOK and AIM's forces to acquire technology at SHIELD's covert Omega Base that Doom required for his greater plans.

Utilizing knockout gas to temporarily incapacitate most of the assigned SHIELD agents, the covert operation was seemingly going smoothly for the Masters of Evil till they received an alert of an incoming Quinjet from the Avengers to investigate.

Acquiring what they were looking for in the Mutant Amplifier, Doctor Doom would leave Wizard and the other assigned villains to deal with the heroes as he teleported back to Latveria, blissfully unaware that many other heroes and temporarily-aligned villains from many different alternate universes were also among the individuals brought on by SHIELD to investigate the Omega Base...

-4 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might and flight
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived audio of Danny Mann's voice from Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2
-Uses assigned number #111 (will clash with Nebula, playable SHIELD Agent, Amazo and Gwen Tennyson in mannequin).

1. Wonder Strength: Using his custom-made 'Wonder Gloves' to mimic the powers of Ben Grimm, Wizard throws a unexpectedly potent punch, dealing physical damage to struck targets as they're knocked to the ground.
2. Wonder Energy: Using his custom-made 'Wonder Gloves', Wizard fires orange-colored energy blasts at a target, dealing energy damage.
3. Anti-Gravity Disc: Wizard throws one of his renowned 'flight discs' at a target, pulling them in for a more up close and personal encounter as physical damage is dealt.
4. Wonder Flame: Using his custom-made 'Wonder Gloves' to mimic the powers of Johnny Storm, Wizard constantly generates flames at enemies (so long as button continues to be held down), dealing fire damage to enemies over time.
5. (Special) ID Machine: Using a greatly modified version of one of his early inventions, Wizard uses this infamous device to forcibly brainwash surrounding enemies to his side and fight for him temporarily.
6. (Boost) Wonder Forcefield: Using his custom-made 'Wonder Gloves' to mimic the powers of Susan Storm, Wizard generates an impenetrable green-colored forcefield, rendering him immune to damage for a full minute.
7. (Xtreme) Typhoon Sphere: Wizard generates a very potent area of buffeting winds which send all surrounding enemies into the air, dealing heavy physical damage.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, loading screen, icons etc
Waggens7uP- Converted Wizard MUA2 skin, HUD, mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/khwzzcekjrpzzkc/The_Wizard_%2528Fantastic_4_villain%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file


Originally a capable but retired electrical engineer who maintained a role as a ham radio operator on the side, Robert Hunter would attract attention from a group of renegade Kree scientists who monitored radio transmissions.

The Kree scientists specifically choosing Robert to act as an agent for their Earth-based alien criminal organization known as the 'Lunatic Legion', he was granted great power via advanced genetic experiments, taking up the codename of 'Nitro the Exploding Man' from then on, newly possessing the ability to explode as a blast of energy and reform himself at will from a gaseous state without harming himself.

Getting himself involved in battles with various Earth-based superheroes over time in-between seemingly random crimes (being partially responsible for the eventual death of the original Captain Marvel to cancer), Nitro would be soon hired by the Kingpin alongside Jack O'Lantern to cause a distraction on the streets of New York while the Hand fulfilled their latest twisted attempt to revive the demonic Beast.

Blissfully unaware of the events to come, Nitro would be visibly horrified when he encountered plenty of formidable, unfamiliar individuals brought on board by SHIELD against Doctor Doom and the Masters of Evil for unrelated matters...

-2 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of healing factor and 50% chance of resurrection
-1 hex-edited skin, HUD, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using ripped audio of Travis Willingham's voice for Talon from League of Legends
-Uses assigned number #137 (will clash with Vance Astro, Justice and Crash Bandicoot in mannequin).

1. Explosive Kick: Nitro charges up one of his hands for a powerful attack, unleashing a mini explosion upon an unlucky enemy as physical damage is dealt.
2. Divebomb: Charging up his arms beforehand, Nitro leaps into the air and performs a divebomb, exploding and dealing physical damage with a 50% chance of instant kill!
3. (Debuff) Death Wish: Nitro lets out a knowing evil laugh before enemies, silently threatening to blow up and kill them if they don't get out of his way, causing nearby foes to run away in fear.
4. (Boost) Sentient Gas: Nitro explodes as he becomes completely intangible. Press Jump while idle to become tangible once more!
5. (Xtreme) Exploding Man: Nitro unleashes his full power, exploding and dealing major physical damage to surrounding enemies before reforming his body once more.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation & coding, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
Escanor610- Custom Nitro Classic skin, mannequin

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/0dfx8is8592zp33/Nitro_%2528Captain_Marvel_villain%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file

Cool :) Was actually attempting him once but then figured I'd quit since his only power is blowing up lol. Creative moveset :)
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Newest Release : Raven


Originating from the BioShock franchise, the Big Daddy comes from an alternate reality set in the 1960s, being just one of many interchangeable twisted experiments done under the morally bankrupt Andrew Ryan's watch in his hopes to create a utopia under the sea where isolated members of global society could prosper without necessarily following the unsaid rules they had been raised under on the surface.

Originally human beings with their own aspirations and dreams, the victims that would be unwillingly transformed into Big Daddies had their skin and organs horrifically grafted into a large, armored diving suit to serve as maintenance workers for continued upkeep of 'Rapture' as they were assigned genetically altered 'Little Sisters' to protect that would draw material known as 'ADAM' from the corpses of enhanced individuals who had imbued themselves with power-granting 'plasmids' and allow in theory, Rapture to continually prosper.

However one fateful day, the promising city of Rapture would fall into complete anarchy and chaos as the many regular citizens lost themselves to the incredible power they wielded and the Big Daddies & Little Sisters left to their own devices as they frequently fought off the deranged humans which came across their paths.

But for this particular Big Daddy, their enhancements were far more invasive than most (granting them the same experimental Plasmids early on as a test to see if it was safe to implement in the soon to be doomed general Rapture populace), proving itself a major thorn in anyone's side when threatened.

Loyally following its Little Sister as always while instinctively prepared to fight off any deranged human stupid enough to get close to it or its Little Sister, the Big Daddy's attention would be drawn to a mysterious dimensional tear being generated in Rapture's city center by its equally dutiful Little Sister.

Encouraged by its Little Sister to follow her through, the Big Daddy unquestionably proceeded onward as its monstrous guardian, the tear quickly closing itself behind them as they found themselves in a more comparatively plain base under the sea, viewing an incredible underwater city which looked more naturally built than the city of Rapture had ever been.

Silently admiring the sight, their collective attention would be drawn to the sounds of unfamiliar visitors either dressed in colorful human costumes or an assortment of humanoid creatures (of which they could only look back at them in complete horror at what they just saw before them).

The Big Daddy letting out an intimidating roar as it prepared to fight for the safety of its Little Sister, their minds would be strangely calmed and made more docile by the presence of a mysterious magician calling themselves 'Doctor Voodoo' by his associates (who used his incredible powers to learn what he could about them and where they originally came from in the multiverse).

Visibly horrified at the inhumane treatments that the Big Daddy and Little Sister had been put through via reading their jumbled minds and sharing his findings with his allies behind him, Doctor Voodoo did what he could to reassure them that neither he nor his many allies wished to harm either the Little Sister or the Big Daddy and only wished to save all of existence from complete peril.

Feeling a genuine sense of trust and respect that they hadn't felt in a long time, the Big Daddy and Little Sister silently acknowledged that they understood the mysterious magician's motives and with great caution, followed the various superpowered individuals to a hatch which led to the deep sea city of this world called 'Atlantis.'

Diving under with Doctor Voodoo and his 'ultimate alliance' while the Little Sister was protected by an invisible but impenetrable magical forcefield to keep her alive underwater, the Big Daddy would soon focus its monstrous power on brainwashed Atlanteans which reminded it of the many horrors of Rapture.

Readying its driller arm, the Big Daddy prepared to lunge at these surprisingly durable threats...

-7 powers, 2 boosts and an Xtreme
-Abilities of might, 50% resistance to physical and cold damage types, immunity to stuns, knockback, grabs & finishers
-5 hex-edited skins, HUDs, loading screen, icons and voice/sound file using archived sounds from the BioShock games for the Big Daddy and audio from Juliet Landau for the Little Sister respectively.
-Uses assigned number #167 (will clash with Magik and Nightwatch in mannequin).

Block + Jump (Scout): The Big Daddy uses a cunning Plasmid power to briefly project a 'ghost' that scouts ahead and reveals nearby enemies on the map, increasing overall resistances for entire team.
Block + Action (Electro Bolt): The Big Daddy uses a handy Plasmid power to generate jolts of electricity and deal electric damage to any targeted foes in its path, stunning them. Unlocked at Level 5.
Block + Light Attack (Incinerate!): The Big Daddy uses an efficient Plasmid power to generate an outward blast of flames, dealing fire damage to all enemies across a specific radius. Unlocked at Level 10.
Block + Heavy Attack (Gravity Well): The Big Daddy uses an incredibly dangerous Plasmid ability, generating a gravitational singularity which pulls surrounding enemies into it before they're swiftly blown backward from the strength of the dissipating singularity, dealing heavy physical damage. Unlocked at Level 20.

1. ADAM Gatherer: The Big Daddy carefully aims its Little Sister at a nearby target as she proceeds to stab them with her ADAM extracting syringe, restoring health back for the Big Daddy and its allies if a target is successfully struck.
2. Enraged Frenzy: The Big Daddy enters an enraged state of mind, charging forward and dealing physical damage to anything in its way.
3. Insect Swarm: The Big Daddy utilizes one of the Plasmid powers it was genetically enhanced with, generating a swarm of insects which float around the Big Daddy and attack any threats which come near it, dealing physical damage.
4. Telekinesis: The Big Daddy utilizes one of the Plasmid powers it was genetically enhanced with, lifting an unlucky enemy or an object off the ground before flinging them away with telekinetic abilities, dealing physical damage.
5. Winter Blast: The Big Daddy utilizes one of the Plasmid powers it was genetically enhanced with, generating a projectile of cold and flings it at enemies, freezing them solid briefly and slowing them down as cold damage is dealt.
6. Sonic Boom: The Big Daddy utilizes one of the Plasmid powers it was genetically enhanced with, generating a powerful burst of air in front of it, sending surrounding enemies flying high into the air as they're constantly dealt physical damage while trapped in the strong gusts.
7. Cyclone Trap: The Big Daddy utilizes one of the Plasmid powers it was genetically enhanced with, placing a trap on the ground which spawns a damaging mini-tornado that flings any enemy stupid enough to get close into the air.
8. (Boost) Hypnotize: The Big Daddy utilizes one of the Plasmid powers it was genetically enhanced with, hypnotizing nearby targets to turn on their own allies temporarily.
9. (Boost) Summon Eleanor: The Big Daddy utilizes an incredibly useful Plasmid to temporarily spawn a Big Sister named Eleanor Lamb to assist it in combat temporarily.
10. (Xtreme) Rapture's Legacy: Inspired by its Level 3 Super in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, the Big Daddy inexplicably floods the entire level temporarily with water as surrounding enemies drown while the Big Daddy's allies are protected either by magic, natural abilities or active nanites in their bodies from the events of Atlantis, increasing overall speed and damage for entire team.

Ceamonks890- Mod creation, HUD, loading screen, icons etc
Erik Lensherr- Original Aquaman Xtreme coding
Escanor610- Converted Big Daddy and Big Sister models, mannequin, Little Sister projectile bolton

Download link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/hx5jud2s6cd0kys/Big_Daddy_%2528BioShock%2529-_Ceamonks890.7z/file