Enigma's X-Men Legends II Mod Catalog

Started by Enigma, January 26, 2022, 02:10PM

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I released the following new mod:
Human Torch

I released the following new skins:
Human Torch Flame On Silver Age
Human Torch MUA1 Civilian Modern

I updated the following skins:
Forge XML Ultimate Skin
Forge XML1 Ultimate Alternate Skin
Forge Earth-95165 Skin
Forge Classic Skin
Forge Classic Alternate Skin
Forge Modern Skin
Forge Modern Alternate Skin
Morph X-Treme Gear Skin

I released the following skins:
Forge New X-Men Skin
Forge X-Treme Gear Skin

I've updated the following mods:
Captain America
Dark Phoenix

I've updated the following in the Enigma's Voicepacks and Sound Mods thread:
Cyclops MUA2 Wii Voicepack

I've released the following new booster:

I updated the following mods and boosters:
Silver Surfer

I've released the following skins:
Silver Surfer Dark Surfer Skin
Silver Surfer Infinity Gauntlet Skin

February 09, 2024, 09:51PM #173 Last Edit: February 09, 2024, 11:00PM by Enigma
I updated the following mods:
Human Torch

I released the following booster:
Professor X

I've updated the following skins:
Human Torch MUA1 Flame On Skin
Human Torch Marvel Nemesis Dark Skin
Human Torch Flame On Silver Sage Skin

I've released the following skin:
Cyclops XML2 Ultimate Cutscene Skin

I updated New Announcer Callouts.

I updated the following voicepack:
Gambit XML1 and 2 Voicepack

I added the following mod to Enigma's Voicepacks and Sound Mods thread:
X-Men Evolution Theme for Main Menu